The Legend of Kaiser

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Chapter 80

Ghosts of the Past

Vegeta shifted his gaze to and from the three war advisors. There were only four people in his vast empire who had witnessed a galactic war. One of them took on an entire army himself and vanquished them in moments but this was going to be much more complicated than that.

Broly, Lila and Bardock reread the battle plan Vegeta had devised. They could not find a flaw but they didn't expect anything less. Vegeta was a war veteran and he was responsible for drawing up battle plans for Frieza. He wondered if he hadn't drawn such effective battle plans, would Frieza still be alive? Most likely.

"So?" Vegeta asked.

"It's flawless, as far as I can tell." Broly said as he inspected the battle plan another time. "When I destroyed the army of the galaxy I vanquished, I didn't just blast them to nothingness. I had to strategically destroy them. I hate to admit it but their weapons were quite powerful."

"I also do not see any flaws in this plan." Lila said calmly. "I was only an intermediate when it came to strategic planning but I cannot see any weaknesses in this plan."

Vegeta nodded and said, "The plan is more or less self-explanatory. Each of us will put into a group of two and lead our a battalion and fight. Seeing as we are surrounded, we are going to be separated. Each of us will fight in one side of the galaxy."

"Are we not overestimating our enemy?" Broly asked openly. "They may have the advantage of numbers but nothing else."

"That may be true but let's not underestimate them. We do not know who they are and we do not know what they're capable of." Vegeta grunted. "We are at war and we must prepare ourselves for the fullest."

"We can't even use our full power without putting the galaxy at risk." Bardock added.

"Something tells me that there is more than we know." Lila sighed.


"So it has come to this huh?" Gohan sighed as he poured water in a glass.

"I have experienced war in a minor scale but nothing else." Brila said.

Rosaria, Videl, Brila and Gohan were stood in the kitchen of Capsule Corp. while the kids played together in the lounge.

"I got nothing. I have only seen some on TV but that's it." Rosaria said.

"The closest we got to war was when my dad went ape shit." Videl said with a grin.

"But this is going to be something else." Gohan said. "This is going to be an all-out galactic war."

The tension was thick in the room. At a time like this, Kaiser's presence was missed. He always lightened the mood but he wasn't here anymore and they had to accept it.

"I wish Kaiser was here." Brila said, admitting defeat. She could only hold back so much.

"We all do." Gohan admitted. "But he is not and it's up to us to protect his legacy." He continued calmly.

Brila nodded, regained her composure and said. "A battle plan is being devised as we speak. Let's just hope that battle plan will lead us to victory."

"What about the kids?" Videl asked.

"The kids are strong but they won't fight. I won't allow it." Rosaria said strictly.

"They really are something." Gohan said with a grin. "I am sure Vegeta won't make them fight and he'll make the members of the Earth Council stay and guard the planet."

"Yep, I'll stay on the planet so there's no need to worry." Videl said with a wide grin.

"That's right!" Lila said as she and the rest of the best strategic minds entered the room.

"The Earth Council will remain on Earth and defend it." Vegeta grunted. "However, you won't have to do any defending. The enemy won't be able to attack the planet."

"And why is that?" Gohan asked.

"My brat and Kakabrat number two will be defending this solar system." He said.

"What about the rest of us?" Gohan asked.

This time Bardock spoke. "It's simple. We'll all split into groups of two except you. You will help out wherever help is needed. Lila and I will take one side of the galaxy, Rosaria and the blue boy will take one, my brat and veggie will take another…" He said earning a glare and a growl from the King. Bardock smirked and continued, "And the last will be taken Brila and Grumpy." This time Broly glared and growled.

Lila laughed softly and said, "We will all have our own battalions that will accompany us. They will be of various races. Some strong, others not so strong but they will have their uses." Lila explained.

"Will we fight?" Rosario asked, successfully hiding his presence. He managed to overhear their conversation and he wanted in. He wanted to protect his father's home.

Vegeta frowned. He didn't sense Rosario nearby. This brat was just as troublesome as his father. Vegeta sighed inaudibly and said, "No."

Rosario narrowed his eyes and glared at the King defiantly. "I can fight! You told me yourself! You told me that I am a prodigy! You said I am even stronger than dad when he was my age."

"You lack experience." Vegeta said calmly. "You are powerful but you haven't been in a life and death situation and you're also too young."

"Speak for yourself!" Rosario retorted angrily. "You started killing when you were my age!"

The temperature dropped immediately as soon as those words left Rosario's mouth. Faster than the boy could see, Vegeta grabbed the boy by the collar of his shirt and lifted him off the ground.

"You think I wanted to?" The King asked coldly. "I grew up too fast and I was forced to kill. I did not have a choice. I had to watch my mother die at the hands of Frieza and if I helped her or cried for her, Frieza said he would kill me. I had to kill my emotions and…" He stopped as his expression softened. "And I don't want you to grow up like I did. I don't want you to grow up killing people."

He gently set Rosario down and kneeled to match the young hybrid's height. "Besides, if it really comes to it, I would want you to stay and defend this planet. Your home."

"That is what your father would've wanted." Rosaria added to support Vegeta's statement.

Rosario looked at his mother and grandfather with guilt because of what he said.

"Sorry…" He mumbled in a childlike manner.

Vegeta let a small smile appear on his lips and nodded. "You will be stationed on Earth along with the Earth Council and you will only fight when you're ordered to." Vegeta said in commanding voice as he fixed a stern stare at Rosario. "Are we clear?"

The hybrid gulped uneasily as he shivered under the King's stare. He managed an affirmative nod and said, "Y-Yes s-sir."

"Good. Now go and relay this message to the rest of the kids." Vegeta commanded and Rosario obeyed as he rushed to the other room.

"Was that wise?" Lila asked the King.

"If Kaiser asked me the same question if he was the same age, I would've said the same thing." Vegeta said coolly.

"Right. When do we tell the people?" Broly asked, bringing up another issue that had to be resolved.

"Leave that to me and Kakarot." Vegeta answered. "We'll take care of that in the following days but for now I must tell you all to train."

"Train?" Gohan asked. "I don't mind training but why are you telling us to train?"

"Because we have to prepare for the worst. We know nothing about our enemy or what they're capable of." Vegeta answered as he walked off.

"He's right." Broly agreed and vanished from sight.

Lila and Bardock followed his actions and vanished too, leaving Gohan, Videl, Brila and Rosario in the room.

"Should we train the kids?" Videl asked.

"I think we should. Vegeta did say to prepare for the worst." Brila said.

"Then it's settled, we'll each train the kids a few of our techniques." Rosaria said.

"Right…" Brila said with a sigh. "When all this is over, let's take the kids to Yardrat. They need to see Kaiser's birthplace." She said with a smile.

Everyone gave her a nod and started preparing for war.

The next few days were very hectic. For the Royal Family, all the councils and the people of Earth. Unlike other races, the humans panicked too easily. They believed that the declaration of an inter galactic war meant the destruction of their home planet.

There were riots, conspiracy theories and other things that Vegeta considered troublesome but they were all put to rest after the Royal Family ended all riots and answered all questions.

After settling all similar matters in the whole of his empire, Vegeta started to put together the battalions and stationed each member of the council on each corner of the galaxy. Soba and Piccolo were put on rotation meaning that they would fly around the galaxy and help out wherever they could. He was going to station himself along with his rival in front of the big red dot on the screen. The flagship.

He wasn't too worried about his home planet, seeing how Videl and the rest of the Earth Council was there to protect it…now his head was filled with Krillin and Yamcha… He was starting to worry now but decided not to do anything about it because Trunks and Goten were still going to be station in that solar system so Earth was in safe hands.

With the battle plan he had come up with would surely help him to win this war. There was nothing that could go wrong but still there was this uneasy feeling in his gut. The King ignored this feeling and assembled his fighting gear.

Right now he was wondering if he should go to the battlefield with his cape on or without.

"It would look pretty badass but it would be slightly more difficult…but then again, I doubt that there will be any strong opponent for me to fight."

He was brought out of his musings when the door swished open and Bulma walked in, with the blood drain off of her face.

"V-Vegeta!" She said in a horrified tone. "T-The…T-The enemy fleet has crossed the border! They've already vaporized several planets!"

Vegeta nodded wordlessly. He could understand her fear but he was prepared for this. He hoped he was. He began making his way out of the door when he was brought to a halt. Two arms threw themselves onto him from behind.

"Please. Please be safe." Bulma said in between her ragged breaths.

Vegeta pushed her arms off of him and turned around to face her. The woman he loved more than anything else. He gently took a hold of her face and pressed his lips against hers.

The kiss didn't last as long as Bulma wanted but what the King said was something she would never forget.

"Dinner better be ready when I get back."

Bulma burst out laughing. "I love you Vegeta."

Vegeta smirked as he walked out of Capsule Corp. turning back one last time before he headed for war.


Broly, Brila and Rosaria were in space right now, behind them were their battalion they were supposed to lead. Breathing in space had become easy for them as Bulma provided them with a new kind of drug that allowed them to breath in space. Rosaria parted ways from Brila and joined Soba and headed towards the location of the flagship.

Right now, the two princesses of the Saiyan Empire were leading their troops to the edge of their galaxy but the war wasn't the primary worry in their mind.

They made sure that the entire Earth Council was ready in case the enemy managed to get here. Videl assured both of them that she would handle anything that attacked them. Tien, Yamcha, Chaotzu and Krillin's presence also gave the two mothers some assurance.

The kids and the Earth Council were all based in the capital of Earth, West City. The Earth Council stood around the giant dome while the kids sat restlessly inside. They might be young but they understood the meaning of war. Not what it felt like and that is something their parents wanted to keep that way.

They just hoped that this would end with everyone back safe and sound.

In their young lives, they had never been so wrong.

Somewhere else in space, two best friends were talking to each other about how much of a waste of time this stupid war was.

"I had a date today! Like right now!" Trunks said as he flailed his arms around. The intergalactic warriors that were under his command sweat dropped. "My first date at that too!"

"Oh come on Trunks. I am sure the moment we get back, girls will be throwing themselves at us." Goten said as he scanned the universe for their enemies. "Why don't you go for a quick date now?"

"Because, Goten, if my dad finds out that I bailed on this war…I don't want to go on." Trunks said, fearing what his father will do if he finds out that he went on a date instead of fighting in this war.

"Ah true that. I could be eating or playing with the kids or signing autographs or-"

"I get it." Trunks cut him off. "We both could be doing something better."

Goten nodded as he put on a more serious expression. "Trunks, you don't think that there will be any casualties do you?"

Trunks turned away from his best friend and explored the galaxy with his eyes. "Not on our watch."

On the other end of the galaxy, Bardock and Lila stood tall in front of their battalion. There was a rumour that these two were the most effective duo in the universe as they could practically read each other's mind. There were only two people who could singlehandedly stand up to this duo. There used to be three.

"How many wars have you been in?"

"Not too many. I wasn't really that strong back then. You?"

"Over a thousand I'd say. Didn't keep track."

Lila sighed. She didn't like wars. She saw many of her comrades die. Just because of one tyrant's greed. She hoped that this would be the last war.

"It will be the last war. After we win this war, no one will dare to attack the Saiyan Empire." Bardock said as he read her mind.

Lila nodded, hoping that he was right.

Soba and Rosaria led their battalion to the edge of the galaxy where the main flag ship was supposed to be and the flight was rather boring so Rosaria decided to do something about it.

"You knew Kaiser since he was kid right?"


"How was he as a child?"




"What do you mean?"

"The boy was always hungry! After sitting around and doing nothing for a few minutes, he says, 'Hey Mr. S! I am hungry!'. You have no idea how annoying that got." Soba groaned.

Rosaria smiled at that but then she frowned. "He always very hungry. Waffles waffles waffles. He wouldn't talk about anything else!"

"Saiyans. Hungry bastards." Soba spat.

Rosaria giggled as the two continued their flight in silence.

Broly and Brila scanned the universe for any foreign ki signature but were perplexed when they found nothing.

"I can't sense any enemy ki." Brila said.

"They must have the ability to hide their ki or maybe they have access to some technology that allows them to do so." Broly said non-caringly. He wasn't too bothered about this war. He was the Legendary Super Saiyan after all.

"Let's be on high alert. We don't know how strong they are." Brila said and Broly nodded wordlessly.


Goku and Vegeta were also trying to pin point the enemy's location but found themselves unable to do so. There was one man in the universe who could've found them with ease but he was no longer with them.

Goku was about to comment when he finally felt countless of Ki signature surround them and two unusually large Ki signatures they knew all too well but found it difficult to believe that it was them.

Goku narrowed his eyes and said, "I killed both of you on Namek and New Namek!"

Gohan, who was elsewhere, also found himself up against someone who he thought was on their side. Apparently, he wasn't. Once a villain, always a villain.

"I always wanted my rematch." Cell hissed as he lunged at the demi Saiyan.

Broly and Brila were met by a very large figure. This person towered over even Broly but the scariest part was that his ki and Broly's ki were identical. None of them knew it but the siblings were in the presence of the first Legendary Super Saiyan.

Goten and Trunks could only watch in horror as they were in front of Evil Buu. Kaihan killed him. Erased him from existence! Then how?!

Rosaria and Soba had found the flagship but they also found a giant army and one being leading them and they could sense a giant power level coming from this guy. He looked humanoid as he had two arms and two legs and a head to go along with it. His body looked a little like Cell except for the fact that most of his body was covered with red padding while abdomen, chest, biceps and lower face were pink. He had five blue oval shaped gems on his body. One on his head, one on each arm, one on his chest and one on each leg. (Google Hatchiyak).

"This isn't going to be easy." Soba said as a bead of sweat made its way down his forehead.

Bardock and Lila stared wide eyed at their opponent. They saw him die by Kaihan's last attack. It just wasn't possible! For the first time since so long, they felt fear because they knew that this opponent was stronger than ever.

"I'll drain your energy and then I'll kill you. Slowly." Super 17 said with a sadistic smirk.

As all the Z-Fighters confronted their opponents, all of them, save for Soba and Rosaria, wondered only one thing.

How are they back?

Inside the Flagship…

Dr. Raichi sat hovered in front of a giant screen and looked at it with indifference. All of his soldiers had been deployed except one. His trump card and now was the time to use his trump card. He glanced at the pod that stood at the far end of the room and inside the pod, slept a ghost of the past.

"Deploy." Raichi said and the pod dematerialized and materialized outside the flagship and without hesitation, it sped to its destination.


"Time for you to wake up and meet your children." Raichi said as he exploded in laughter.

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