Trigon Tries Again
January/February, 2012

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[Mid-January, 2011]

Edward Barnes writes...

With the Holiday Season over, the Titans have to face another challenge from a returning enemy. This time, though, there's serious backup for this enemy.

This is also my greatest challenge as this enemy, thought dead, isn't dead. Just banished back to the realm in which he came. His first attempt failed, due to his arrogance and pride. He underestimated his daughter and her determined friends.

This time around, though...his daughter is my girlfriend and, well, no one threatens Raven Roth without dealing with the Dragon's rage, especially not...TRIGON THE TERRIBLE.

If you thought the first time through was rough...hang on to your seats as this time, it's going to be personal for the team.

I may not win this one, but, regardless...I have to fight.

Chapter 1
[Titan Tower]

The team had been enjoying a small respite from the general routine of taking down the bad guys, but, it wasn't making Edward happy. He had, for the past several months, been getting more disturbing things through the telepathic link he shared with Raven, his girlfriend.

The glimpses he'd see showed Trigon, Raven's so-called father, in a rage, trying to get back to Earth to take over. He'd enjoyed a temporary victory years before Edward joined the team, but, from what Edward was told, the guy thought he was invulnerable to damage, yet, Slade, of all people, showed Raven that Trigon could be hurt. That allowed Raven to tap into her own powers and sent Trigon packing.

But, now, with things that had happened to Raven recently, Edward feared that the mental barriers she'd had developed were faltering a little bit. Malchior's attack drained Raven badly and while she claimed that everything was all right, what was leaking through the link at night was not fine.

So, Edward headed off towards Raven's room to see what she'd be willing to divulge.

He arrived at her door and politely knocked; knowing that if he didn't, Raven might not appreciate it. She had given him her permissions, months ago, but, he still wanted to respect his girl.

She opened the door a moment later and, well, she looked terrible.

"Hi, Rae," Edward said, "Mind if I come in?"

"For you, not at all," she said sarcastically.

Edward went in and sat down.

"Rae," he said, "I'm getting worried. For one, you look as if you didn't sleep well, and given the nightmares I know you've been having, I fear something bad might happen."

"You've been seeing my dreams again?" she asked.

"Bits and pieces, yeah," he said, "I try to tune those out, but, what I'm seeing could be troublesome for the whole team."

"What are you seeing, hon?" Raven asked.

"Well, some big guy, red, white hair and deer horns," Edward said, "Also, I'm seeing three young men, in their early 20s, with glowing red eyes. Four eyes actually."

Raven paled a bit, "The first one is my father…The others, I don't know right off hand."

"Isn't your father dead?" Edward asked, puzzled.

"I don't know," she said, "I thought he was killed when I got rid of him, but, he might have been banished instead. Those three guys might be other children of Trigon."

"How can we find out?" Edward asked.

"Azarath, dear," she said, "We need to go to where I grew up."

She got out several ingredients and mixed a white powder. When she was done, she spread the stuff on the floor and said, "Be careful, dear. The powder can't be disturbed at all."

"No problem," Edward said.

Raven finished several minutes later and floated above the powder and took Edward's hand.

She chanted in what sounded like ancient Sanskrit to Edward, but, when she said "Azarath, Azarath, AZARATH!" Edward felt like he was being dragged up and out of the Tower.


Edward and Raven came to a sudden stop and looked around. The landscape looked like a nuclear blast had gone off.

Edward felt the sudden waves of grief and anger coming off Raven.

"No!" she screamed and started sobbing, collapsing into a surprised Edward's arms. He held her as she cried heavily. His heart was breaking as well as the empath's emotions were unleashed.

"Rae," Edward said, "We have to see if there are any survivors. Let's see if we can find your mom first."

Raven nodded sadly. Edward took a second to give her a comforting kiss to the forehead and, after altering to his "angel" form, picked Raven up and took to the air.

"I can fly," Raven said a few moments later. She floated off Edward's arms and headed away.

Edward went to his normal mini-dragon and asked, [Where to?]

[Look for a monastery type building,] she replied.

Edward reached out with his mind to search for any life vibrations that would be similar to Raven and found one a distance off.

[I have something,] Edward said and turned toward where he sensed the vibrations coming.

He flew past Raven in the process and headed toward a collapsed building and landed. Raven was not far behind him.

"It's weak, dear, but, the vibration is almost an echo of yours," Edward said, "You might want to stand back as well."

Edward started to dig his way through the mess and a moment later, other sections were covered in Raven's powers and thrown aside.

With them working together, they finally hit a "void" in the rubble and Edward was stunned to see a battered gray woman there who looked like she could be Raven's older sister.

"Mom," Raven whimpered.

"What's her name, dear?" Edward said gently.

"Arella," Raven said, "Will she be OK?"

"I don't know, love," Edward said, lifting more rubble. He wanted to tell Raven to take a short walk, as Arella was badly injured.

Finally, Arella was freed, but, as Edward examined her he discovered a very weak pulse, scraped fingers and several broken bones. He was surprised that the shock alone didn't kill her.

Arella moaned, though.

"Don't try to move, Mom," Raven said, fighting back tears, "I'm here."

Edward had already returned to human form as Arella's eyes opened.

"Daughter?" she said.

"Yeah, it's me, Mom," Raven said, "We're going to get you out of here."

"I'm dying, Raven," she said, "Nothing to do now."

"Arella," Edward said kindly, "We have to try. You're not badly injured. We'll get you to a place of healing?"

"Who are you?" she said, trying to focus on Edward.

"I'm a friend," Edward said, "Save your strength. Raven and I will get you out of here."

Arella's eyes started to close. "Come on, stay awake," Edward said, "We need you here."

[Get some large branches, honey,] Edward said, [We need to make some splints. Her injuries are too bad to heal with my abilities … or yours.]

[All right,] Raven said.

She returned a few minutes later with two large branches and handed them to Edward. He carefully put the branches next to Arella's legs and said, "We'll have you splinted up in a few moments.

"Rae, you'll need to sacrifice a cloak, I'm afraid. I'll try to keep your mom comfortable, though."

"I understand," Raven said.

"Arella, look at me, dear," Edward said, "I'm going to give you something for the pain, but, it won't last long." It wasn't quite a lie as Edward placed his right hand carefully under Arella's neck and bracing himself, started to intercept the pain signals.

Raven let out a strangled groan as well.

"Rae!" Edward said, "Focus past the pain, I can't block all of it from reaching you, sweetie."

Raven nodded, "Thanks." She carefully splinted the broken legs, using her powers to tear her cloak into strips.

Ten long minutes later, Arella was splinted and ready for a teleport to the Tower, but, first, Edward needed to know something.

"Arella," Edward said gently, "Forgive me for this, but, I need to know if there are any other survivors here."

"I don't think so," she said, "I haven't heard anything since he came."

Both Edward and Raven sighed hearing that.

"Let's go, honey," Raven said, "Nothing we can do here."

"I'll carry Arella, babe," Edward said, and carefully picked Arella up, maintaining his intercept of the pain she was in.

Raven placed her hands on Edward and her mother and reversed the chant she used to get them to Azarath…

OK, I changed my mind about posting a new story quickly, but, this one's burning a hole.

Will Arella survive? Can she provide clues to what happened to Azarath? What role will the sons of Trigon play?

That is coming up in the next few chapters.

Also, what role will Edward play in this? Is he part of a new prophecy? Who knows.

However, folks...See that little link below marked "Review this Chapter". I hate to beg, but, I'm finding it harder to overcome any writer's block without something to encourage me, even a little (Yes, I do enjoy the author alerts/story alerts as well..LOL!)