Chapter 03

Of all the sides involved in the management of the Tri-Wizard Tournament (or 'the useless and brainless idiots behind it' as Harry called them usually), one side was not happy with the Quidditch tournament and no one was able to figure out why: Fudge.

The Monday after the tryouts, during which Harry reconsidered the idea more than a few times seeing what it was, the Minister sent his Undersecretary to 'put order into the tournament as it was already out of control'.

So there was a meeting at Albus' officer between her, the three headmasters, the four champions, the officers involved and Peeves and Hermione.

The woman didn't seem to like to deal either with Peeves and Hermione, and reluctantly made the same mistake that Crouch did: she decided to choose Hermione. As soon as it had happened, Harry, who was there along the other champions, called Dobby and asked him for popcorn.

"I wasn't ready last time for the show." The teen explained the other champions with a smile and offered them some. The other 3 smirked discreetly and sat to watch the show.

"And Madam may I ask why is the ministry now opposed to the Quidditch tournament?" Hermione asked Delores with a sweet smile. Before Umbridge could answer, she continued: "I'm sorry to inform you of this, but the Minister's office is not involved in the management. The rules clearly state that any decision concerning the event, must be taken by the school's heads and the Offices of Magical Sports and International Cooperation of the three countries. That means that as long as all of them agree on something, it can be done."

"And we agreed." Dumbledore said seriously, getting nods of the other adults.

"And if the Minister thinks that this is out of control, as you claim, Madam. He should have intervened at the first moment and not now, days after the son of one of his most influential supporter's son was sent to Azkaban for a murder attempt." Hermione stated before she commented to the others: "I don't know about the rest of you, but this looks too casual if you ask me."

"Too casual indeed." Cedric muttered to Harry, who started to cough to hide a sneer.

"You want to talk about mistakes? There is a LONG list of them committed by all the sides here, starting by officials of your own Ministry." Hermione said starting her tirade once more.

"Which mistakes?" Crouch demanded angrily.

"It's a little one, Mr. Crouch. Let me read it for you." Hermione said taking the book of the rule and starting to read one of them:

"The contract binding the champions' magic to the goblet will start to take effect after the first 12 hours. At that time, if any of the selected students want to drop it, he or she will do it without any consequence to their magic.

"The reasons that can be called for this are the next: illness; death; injuries; proof that they didn't enter the name and it was done by a third person without their knowledge and permission; decision from their parents or guardians. This list might include other reasons which will be discussed between the judges and the champion." She let them take a few seconds to realize the meaning before she read another one:

"If any of the champions decide to use their right to drop out of the tournament, the goblet will be turned on once again for 24 hours so students of said school will be able to reenter their names and one will be chosen within 48 hours."

"But that would mean…" Minerva started to say turning to Albus, who looked a bit pale now.

"That Harry should have been withdrawn from the tournament immediately and a replacement should have been chosen." Hermione informed the professor, before she continued:

"And there is another detail here: the goblet recognizes three schools. So for Harry to be chosen as a champion, someone had to make it believe that there was a fourth one. And it's very curious that the headmaster named the three champions along with their schools, but he never mentioned Harry's."

"You said that there was a magical contract that couldn't be broken!" Crouch shouted Dumbledore, as everyone realized the ramifications of the rules.

"And you tell us that you organized an event like this and never read the rules?" Harry asked Barty arching an eyebrow. Then he turned to Umbridge and told her: "Your presence here is unnecessary, Madam. There won't be a tournament till we are able to talk to our ministry."

"What does it mean?" Minerva asked as Umbridge shouted that he represented the British Ministry.

"It means, Professor, that as I represent another school and since I'm not part of Hogwarts any longer, I need to find a new school in a new country with another ministry." Harry informed her with a serious tone of voice.

"And which school is that, if I may ask?" Minerva inquired, knowing that she would end up regretting her question sooner or later.

"We are still working on that. We may need one or two days to finish the details." Hermione explained to her, as everyone looked at them more and more confused, even Peeves.

"We'll explain it later." Harry told the poltergeist, who nodded very curious about what they had in mind now.

Before someone else said a word, there was a knock at the door and a team of ten goblins entered one minute later. Leading it was the highest ranked goblin of Europe and the General Manager of Gringotts: Ragnok.

"Greetings, Ragnok, and I hope your pockets are filled with gold at all times." Harry told the goblin with a slight bow.

"Greetings to you too, Mr. Potter, and I hope that your businesses are as good and profitable as always." The goblin said with a nod to him. Then he turned to another member of the team and nodded to him and he moved towards the teen.

"Mr. Potter, this is the information that you have required from us and all the needed documents for your new business." The goblin told Harry with a bow and giving him a thick folder.

"I appreciate your speed in this, Ragnok." The seeker told the creature with a serious nod.

"We move quickly when our payment is as generous as the one you suggested in your letter." The goblin said with a smile that scared everyone else.

"So we have it settled at ten percent?" The teen asked with a devious smile of his.

"After making quick math, we have decided that even five percent will be more than enough for it." Ragnok said seriously. Then he took another parchment from the other goblin and gave it to Harry, saying: "These are the people that fit your requirement from the list you sent us. They were contacted already and agreed on our prizes."

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?" Umbridge shouted angrily as everyone else looked at them confused and intrigued.

"I'm doing business here, Madam. And it's none of your business what I do or stop doing. So shut your mouth!" Harry shouted her.

When Umbridge made a movement to get her wand, the rest of the goblins had swords pointed to her throat. The woman looked terrified with that and fainted. That made the teens burst out in laughter, while the adults tried to hide a smile.

"Headmaster, we have said all we had to. So we retire from the meeting." Hermione told Dumbledore before she turned to the champions and informed them: "Due to the news you just heard, I'm afraid that from now on I'll only continue being Harry's lawyer. I'm sorry for this but he needs my full attention. Peeves will gladly continue with my job." She looked at the poltergeist, who nodded.

"If that's your decision, we'll have to accept it." Cedric assured her seriously, showing that he understood her reasons. Viktor and Fleur nodded to her.

"Let's go. We need to do the second part of the deal." Harry told the goblins, who nodded and left the office without another word. When he was about to leave, Harry stopped and turned towards the hat and said: "You laugh once again at my expense and I will reduce you to ashes! Am I clear?"

"I offer my apology for that behavior, Mr. Potter. It won't happen again." The hat said very seriously.

"Good, and one of these days you and I need to have a little chat!" The teen told the hat before leaving.

"Godric, would you mind checking Salazar's family tree once more for me? I still believe that Mr. Potter is related to him!" Alistair informed the founder.

"I'm starting to agree with you, Alistair. I'll have to check that." Gryffindor said with a smile, as the chaos erupted at the Office after the revelations and everyone shouted to each other.

"Call me a coward if you wish, but I think that we should leave while we can." Fleur commented to the other 2 Champions, who took a look at the adults and nodded to her.

Cedric called Minerva's attention with discretion and pointed to the door. McGonagall, who was very angry with the Headmaster, gave him a nod allowing them to leave.

"This is getting better and better everyday!" Cedric told the Champions with a smile as they left. Both foreign students had to agree with that and laughed.

The next morning, Delores Umbridge returned to Hogwarts with intentions of finding out what kind of businesses was done between Harry Potter and the Goblins.

As she was discussing the matter with Dumbledore, Amelia Bones entered in the Hall, with an Auror and holding a parchment in her hand. She took a look around, as if she looked for someone, but couldn't find it so she went to Minerva and showed her the letter.

"Let's see if someone can find some sense on this." The Head of the DMLE told the Professor.

"I'm afraid that this is right, Amelia." Minerva told her as she read the letter, which was a legal sue against all the people behind the Tournament's organization, based on the rules cited by Hermione the previous day.

"Albus, did someone read the rules of the Tournament before you arranged it?" Amelia asked curious arching an eyebrow.

"It seems that only Mr. Potter, along Miss Granger and Peeves as his lawyers, did it." McGonagall told her with a twisted smile.

"Oh, Merlin! Just what we need: Peeves playing lawyer again!" Amelia groaned as she heard the news.

"I had no idea that he was a lawyer." Filius commented.

"If you think that he's bad as Poltergeist, as a lawyer he was worst! He never lost a case in court and the number of those cases is well beyond the 300." Bones explained the tiny Professor.

At that moment, Harry and Hermione walked into the Hall, both wearing a wide grin that scared more than a Professor.

"Professor," Harry started to talk to Minerva very seriously: "After yesterday's revelations, we decided that from this moment, we'll only deal with you as Authority of this School.

"Based on that, we inform you that we already found a new School to attend and represent." The seeker said before Hermione gave her a set of Parchments that she read quickly.

"I had never heard of this School." Minerva said reading the name: Safe School for Wizards and Witches.

"We founded it yesterday!" Both teens said with a wide grin.

"Come again?" Amelia asked them, as everyone else looked at the duo confused.

"We founded a School. We are the Authorities, Professors, students and any other role that is required." Hermione explained to her, giving her another copy of the parchments.

"A School must have a minimal of 10 students to be called one." Amelia informed them, only to get another twisted smile as an answer.

"We haven't sent invitations yet, Madam. And we'll do it now." Harry said before he headed to the Gryffindor Table and handed the envelopes to Neville, the Twins, Angelina, Katie, Alicia and Lee. In the meantime Hermione handed an envelope to Luna at Ravenclaw's.

"Where is this school placed?" Katie asked the duo as she read the formal invitation to join the new School.

"Yesterday we finished the negotiations and got the permission to build it in Honolulu." Harry said with a wide grin.

"When do we travel?" The Chaser asked with a smile like his.

"Where is Honolulu?" The twins asked them very confused.

"Hawaii!" The 3 chorused at the same time.

"I'm in!" The other 2 Chasers shouted at the same time. Neville and Lee didn't waste their time to add themselves too and the Twins wasted less time to join them. Luna just smiled to them and nodded too.

While Hermione explained them what they needed to join the new School, Harry went towards Susan and took a little box from his pockets.

"You know what for." The seeker said with a smile before giving it to her.

The Hufflepuff took a look at it and opened the box, under the watch of the whole House, plus her Aunt and the Auror and everyone else.

"He definitely had taste and style!" Susan exclaimed with a wide smile seeing what was inside: a bottle of one of the best perfumes at the Magical World. There was a note attached that she read for herself:

'I hope you like it. This is my way to thank you for trusting me the other day about my message.


"May I ask…?" Amelia asked her niece.

"Sorry, Auntie, but on this, I use my right to remain silent." The girl told Bones with a secretive smile.

Amelia looked at Hannah, who just pointed first to Harry, then to Susan and then to Cedric but said no word about anything else.

"I won't ask. I only hope it wasn't illegal!" Amelia told the 3 teens involved in whatever happened.

"At this moment, it's hard to find anything legal on this Tournament." Harry stated very seriously, before he added: "My advice is to shut the mouth and act as ignorant as usual. And too many people here do it very naturally." Then he turned to everyone and said: "If any of you is offended, fuck yourselves!"

"Harry, watch your mouth! You are a headmaster and have to set the example!" Hermione lectured her boyfriend.

"You show what to do. I show what NOT to do." The seeker said with a smile.

"He sets the example in a very twisted way." Katie told her friends between the general laughter.

"Calm down everyone, please." Amelia asked the teens seriously. Then she turned to the couple of the new School's authorities: "Questions that I'll probably regret: why the name and where did you get the money needed?"

"The name is a word we liked." Hermione explained her seriously.

"Off the record," Harry said in whisper in her ear: "It's an acronym for 'Screw and Fuck Everyone'."

"I knew I would regret that question." Madam Bones said with a deep sigh. Then she repeated the second question.

"From the 6 Millions of Galleons I got from selling the Basilisk's Carcass to the Goblins." Harry explained everyone, before he went towards Lockheed and handed her a paycheck and telling her: "Due to your services making the necessary calls, we decided to award you with the 5 percent of the sale. Originally it would be the 10, but Gringotts made their deal with the 5, so we used the same percentage for yours."

"I would kiss you if it wasn't that your girlfriend would kill me for doing so!" Marianne exclaimed seeing the paycheck.

"The 5 percent of 6 Millions is 300000 Galleons!" Angelina exclaimed after making a quick math.

"We also saved some of the ingredients of the Basilisk for your personal use. They will be free. There are not a lot of them, but there should be enough for some experiments of your own." Harry said to Marianne seriously.

"If you even want to start a harem, I'll gladly join it!" Marianne said with a very twisted smile that caused a new round of laughter.

"Marianne, please." Minerva told her colleague, who just smiled sweetly and showed her the paycheck.

"How many times do you have the chance to earn something like that in life?" The Potions' Mistress told the Deputy, who opened her eyes widely seeing the number.

"Sorry for my interruption." McGonagall told her seriously.

"But," Harry continued, this time talking to Minerva, "considering the fact that I killed the Basilisk with the aid of 2 elements that belong to the School, I decided to make a donation for the students of today and the future."

Right on cue, 15 owls delivering packages arrived in the Hall and landed in front of McGonagall and Hooch, who recognized their shape as brooms and 2 big boxes.

"Those are 13 Nimbus 2000 to be used in flying lessons and also to be used by any student that wants to try out at the teams and don't have one of their own The other 2 boxes are 2 new sets of Quidditch Balls, one to be used in training and the other for the matches." Hermione informed both Professors, who were still shocked and nodded in acceptance.

"Anything else we are missing?" Harry asked his girlfriend, who shook her head. Then he turned to Amelia and asked the same question.

"I would like a meeting with the ten of you at earliest convenience." Madam Bones stated pointing to the duo and the other 8 students.

"If a lawyer is required, we have everything booked till next month." Harry stated seriously.

"If one is not required, we can have it in two hours, after we explain them everything." Hermione said pointing the other teens.

"Are you their lawyer, Jonathan?" Amelia asked Peeves, being the first person in years that used the Poltergeist's birth name.

"Nowadays I only represent the other three Champions, Amelia. Miss Granger acts as Mr. Potter's exclusive lawyer." Peeves informed her with a smile.

"How bad is she?" Bones asked with an arched eyebrow.

"She swept the floor when dealing with Barty Crouch and Delores Umbridge and humiliated both of them in less than 10 minutes. Give her some time, and she'll take your place as prosecutor." The Poltergeist said with a sneer.

"Without lawyers!" Amelia informed both teens, not wasting time thinking in the answer, while everyone wondered why the Ghost spoke so well of someone and why Amelia took his word as God's.

"I'll send an elf to pick you as soon as we are done with them. For safety matters, I'm the only person who knows how to access my lair." Harry informed the head of the DMLE, before Dobby popped and the ten disappeared.


"How is it that you trust Peeves' word so much?" Minerva asked Amelia as both women sat at the Professors' Quarters along Flitwick, Sprout and Lockheed, nearly two hours later.

"He taught me every trick in the law about prosecutions and defenses of criminals. He explained me every loophole in the law that exists. I became his student and he's the one who convinced me of the career I chose." Amelia told all of them with a smile of pride. Then she continued: "If Peeves says it's 'A' about anything related to the law, it's 'a'."

"I would have never thought of that side of him." Sprout commented as shocked as everyone else by the revelations.

"But I'm curious about how he finished being the Champions' lawyer. He rarely mentions his previous work to anyone." Amelia commented confused.

"We are as confused as you. The day of the Wands' weighing, Mr. Potter announced that he had hired him as a lawyer and the Squid as his manager. The next time, Peeves showed up with Miss Granger as his assistant and she swept the floor with all the people in charge of the Tournament since then." Minerva said with a smile.

"Paraphrasing the Muggle Movie, it's like the 'The hero, the Ghost and the Muggleborn'. And I'm not sure who the good and bad guy here is." Lockheed said with an ironic smile.

"I need someone to explain me this whole damn thing from the beginning, because I'm lost!" Amelia asked the four Heads of House, who briefed her about all the events that had occurred since Halloween.

"This is another of those questions that I'll regret asking: who is Mr. Potter's Guardian?" Amelia asked Minerva, rubbing her temples.

"That is more than a bit complicated situation. And I'm afraid that I can't reveal it." McGonagall answered seriously.

"Let me rephrase it: is there someone who can take decisions like these and show his or her face?" Madam Bones asked arching an eyebrow.

"Yes, there is and no, it's impossible to do that." The Deputy said as serious as before.

"I won't ask." Amelia stated with a shake of the head. Then she took a deep breath and asked: "Does anyone here have the slightest idea of what games Mr. Potter is playing at?"

"The only idea we have, is that he has in mind to screw and mess with anything related to this Tournament." Marianne commented seriously.

"I guess that helps to understand the name of his school." Bones commented with a sigh. When the Professors looked at her confused, she elaborated: "Safe is an acronym for 'Screw and Fuck Everyone'."

"Why doesn't it surprise me?" Marianne commented with a dry smile.

"I wonder how long before Fudge comes here to claim the money of the Basilisk's sale." Filius said suddenly.

"He'll get nothing." Amelia stated before she explained: "With Jonathan as a lawyer and Gringotts helping him on the sale, Mr. Potter made sure that he would pay no taxes and that no one could touch the money."

"That meeting will be lovely!" Pomona said laughing along her colleagues, before Dobby popped and informed Amelia that the teens were free to meet with her.

"I pray that I survive this." Madam Bones muttered before she and the Elf were gone.

When Amelia arrived to Harry's lair, she found Hermione sat alone reading a book.

"He'll be back in a few minutes. He had to take care of some business." The teen informed her with a twisted smile.

"Legal business?" Amelia asked arching an eyebrow.

"He had to work out some misunderstandings." Hermione said before inviting her to take a seat and ask Dobby to bring something to eat. When the elf brought the food, Harry arrived along a second elf, this one a female one.

"Problems solved. She won't disturb us anymore." Harry said to his girlfriend and taking a seat next to her.

"What have you done?" The brunette asked him arching an eyebrow.

"I tested the charm we saw the other day on her. It worked wonderfully." The Champion said with a wide grin.

"Do I want to know what has happened here?" Amelia asked them arching an eyebrow.

"It has been just a banshee, a howler and my answer to it." The seeker said with a smile.

"And the answer was…" Amelia asked curious, and having a good idea of who was the banshee.

"A timed silencing charm that will last a week!" Harry explained rolling in laughter.

"A week? I thought you said two days!" Hermione shouted to him.

"We had an argument so I retaliated making it longer." He said with another twisted smile.

"I won't ask! I don't want to know!" Amelia announced shaking her head very seriously. Then she asked: "If the banshee is who I think, then you have worked out the transfer of two of the newest students."

"That was the reason of our argument actually. But she understood reason at the end." The teen explained her with a smile.

"And besides the charm, how did you convince her?" Hermione asked arching an eyebrow.

"In the same way that I convinced the judges have the Quidditch Mini Tournament: Blackmail!" The boy said with a wide smile.

"Mr. Potter, I'll suggest you to stop the chat there as I could be forced to press charges if I hear any illegal activity from you or anyone else." Amelia informed both teens very seriously.

"A very good idea, if you ask me is to stop there." Harry said with a nod.

"This question I do it as a guardian of a teenager and will forget my position for the answer." Amelia stated before he asked Harry what had happened between him and Susan.

"She delivered a message to Cedric from my part." The Champion said before he briefed her about the events before the task.

"Is that incident between you and the dragon takers related to what happened at the Task?" Madam Bones asked very seriously now.

"Of the people I fought against, only Charlie Weasley and his boss were in charge of the Dragons' Chains. And I have no reason to suspect either of them." The teen explained seriously, and she nodded understandingly.

"Madam, we have a question that will sound odd, but we have a reason to ask. . We ask you to trust us on this and make no questions for the moment." Hermione said very seriously. Amelia got intrigued and asked her to continue, promising to hear everything before she took any action. Then the teen asked: "Is there any chance of there being two people named Barty Crouch?"

"There is, but it's impossible." Amelia said before she explained: "The Barty Crouch you see at the School had a son named just like him. But he died in Azkaban several years ago." Then she told them the story behind Barty Crouch Jr. being sent to prison. Then she asked the reason behind their question.

"I solemnly swear I'm up to no good." Harry said taking the Marauder's map and activating it. Then he told his guest after explaining to her what it was: "This parchment doesn't exist."

Amelia nodded and started to check everything on it. Suddenly she saw the dot 'Barty Crouch', but there wasn't one, there were two of them at Dumbledore's Office.

"You've seen the name that is out of place. Let's see if you find out which name is missing here." Hermione said very seriously, before the head of the DMLE could say a word.

"To give you a hint, it's not a student." Harry said seriously.

"Where's Alastor Moody's dot?" Amelia exclaimed suddenly after checking the map 3 times and not finding it.

"That, Madam, is the big question here." Harry said before he added: "We heard that some potion ingredients have been missing from Professor Lockheed supplies. Ingredients that are used in one potion mainly: Polyjuice Potion."

"Are you sure of this?" Amelia asked. As the professional that she was, she needed evidences before making an accusation like the one that the teens suggested.

"Right now, we are sure of nothing. We just show you the evidence we have. Your work is to find out what the fucking hell is going on here." Harry stated seriously, before he apologized for his language but Madam Bones waved it off.

"Does anyone else know about this?" Amelia asked the pair seriously.

"Just the three of us." Hermione informed her.

"Give me a few days to investigate this. This is not evidence I can present in court, and need more to take action." Amelia informed both teens after she thought about the situation for several minutes.

"We thank you for that. We are not sure in who we can trust inside the castle besides the students that are here and a few professors, so we are doing everything very slowly and carefully. Call me paranoid, but I don't take any risk after what happened at the Task." Harry assured her seriously.

"How safe is this place?" Amelia asked taking a good look around and making a compliment for it.

"I'm the only person who knows where the main door is. Everyone else uses Dobby and another elf to get in and out. And both of them answer only to me." Harry explained.

At that moment, Dobby popped into the room and informed Harry that his presence was required immediately at Dumbledore's Office.

"Was Fudge there?" The teen asked the elf, who nodded and waited instructions.

"Let's see if they like our little surprise." Hermione told her boyfriend with a twisted smile.

"I have the feeling that I won't like it!" Amelia told both of them seriously before Dobby took the trio to the gargoyle that led to Dumbledore's Office.

"You WILL love it, but they won't!" Harry assured her seriously before the 3 went up to the Office.

"Merlin help us!" Bones muttered to herself as the trio got ready to join the meeting.


"Come in!" Albus invited the knocker, knowing that it would be Harry with Amelia and Hermione. The 3 entered and nodded to Peeves, who had a devious smile on his face, something that scared a lot.

Besides the Poltergeist and the Headmaster, were also Fudge, Lucius Malfoy, Umbridge and Minerva. The Minister immediately demanded the money from the sale of the basilisk claiming that the Ministry had the obligation to manage all the sums of money that were beyond the million of galleons!

"Why do we have a bank then?" Harry asked Amelia and Peeves arching an eyebrow.

"I never bothered wondering that!" The Ghost said with a smirk.

"Now let's calm down and let's talk as civil people, Minister." Harry ordered Fudge seriously, before he pointed to Hermione and informed him: "She's my lawyer and handles any business on my name. Deal with her. If not, deal with Peeves."

"Minister, on which ground do you claim the money?" Hermione wasted no time with her assault and started it immediately. Then she continued without an answer: "Because when the basilisk was free and petrifying students, your answer was to send to prison someone who was freed a month later and to suspend Dumbledore. After that day, you disappeared from the school.

"That means that when my client killed the beast, he got no help from any other being besides the sorting hat and Fawkes, who belong to the school, and he has settled any debt that he could have for that assistance this morning."

"Hem, hem." Umbridge cleared her throat to speak.

"I'm talking to the owner of the circus, so the dog stays in silence till her time is up to act!" Hermione told her with an angry look that made the officer furious with the comparison.

Harry just burst out in laughter and fell from his seat. He tried to avoid it by getting hold of Minerva's who was sitting at his right. Unfortunately, it didn't stop the fall and both seats fell with the Professor included, causing the teen to laugh harder.

"BEHAVE!" Hermione shouted him and he stopped laughing immediately and got up from the floor, helping up to Minerva.

"Sorry, won't happen again." Harry said seriously, sitting again.

"Where was I?" Hermione asked Peeves.

"You were talking about Mr. Potter paying his debt to the School." The ghost informed her with a smile.

"Thanks, Peeves." Hermione nodded to him, before she went on with her assault:

"The Basilisk's carcass remained in the chamber for TWO years before someone decided to retrieve it. My client, who killed the beast, is the owner by law of the remains and can do with them whatever he wishes without asking permission to anyone!"

"Listen, Granger…" Malfoy started to speak furious.

"Am I talking to you?" Hermione asked the blond looking at him with eyes full of fury. When Lucius shut his mouth and took a few steps back, she said: "Then be a good boy and sit and shut up!"

"I love this!" Harry whispered to Minerva as Hermione went on with her rant.

"Any chance to see those three humiliated like this is something worthy of seeing." McGonagall answered with a smile.

"But" Hermione said taking a break from her tirades, "We understand that when there are so high sums of money involved in any sale, there are taxes to be paid to the Ministry." Here Fudge and his companions looked happy as they could still get some money. But Hermione had another trick on her sleeve: "As Peeves has informed me, those taxes can be forgotten if the people involved in the sale, make a donation to either a ministry office or department and/or any other beneficial cause."

"Indeed." Amelia said, as she wondered what the duo had in mind. It was more than obvious that they weren't going to give money to Fudge or his cronies.

"Madam Bones, I want to ask you to give this paycheck for the sum of 50000 galleons to Saint Mungo's and their most critical wings. This other one of the same sum will go for ten orphanages in all the British Islands, five magical and five Muggles. I hope you can have this arranged with much discretion." Harry told Amelia, giving her two paychecks. Madam Bones looked at them with wide eyes and pocketed them immediately, promising Harry to do it in the morning.

"We also wish to make a second donation, this one of the ministry's offices." Hermione said taking a box from her pocket and enlarging it. Then she explained Amelia: "Inside the box you'll find 20 body armor suits for aurors done based on muggle designs and made with the best dragon skins available and ready to be used in battle and training."

"They are highly appreciated and will be used very well." Amelia informed the teens after giving a quick look in the box and what was inside.

"With nothing else to add, we leave the meeting." Hermione announced going to the door with her boyfriend.

"And, Mr. Malfoy." Harry said before they left and added: "If I were you, I would very careful with what you do. Because I can make sure that you get a ticket to Azkaban and a cell next to your son's. So don't tempt me by opening your mouth and speaking."

"Is that a threat?" The blond asked furiously.

"A fair warning. And it will be the only one you get." Said this, Harry turned around and left the Office slamming the door.

"Alistair." Godric Gryffindor's portrait called the Hat as the Chaos erupted.

"I was right, wasn't I?" The Hat asked the Founder with a smirk.

"Indeed you were, indeed you were." The Founder said with a smile.

"The hat has been claiming that he believed that Mr. Potter and Salazar were related and asked Godric to check it." Peeves informed Amelia with a smile.

"You continue being as good teacher as always, Jonathan. That girl has your signature." Madam Bones said as she left the meeting with the box and the ghost followed her to the exit.

"She just needed someone to show them what and where to look for. I learnt about 'Safe' at the same time that the whole school." Peeves said with a smile.

"You know what they say: sooner or later, the student beats the teacher." Amelia said with a smile, before she asked him: "I need a favor: I want you to ask the ghosts to keep a close eye on Moody and tell me anything odd immediately."

"What's the matter?" Peeves asked in a serious tone, promising her to pass the message.

"I don't know for sure, but there are some clues that say that Alastor is not Alastor but someone using polyjuice. The evidence can't be shown in court so I can't make a move without proof. I need you to gather some as discreetly as possible. I don't want to risk the students." Amelia said as serious as usual.

"You can count on us. If anything odd happens, I'll show at your office or at your House." The poltergeist assured her. Then they nodded to each and departed ways.


The next morning, Amelia gathered the whole force of aurors and informed them about the donation that they had received the previous day.

"Since when do we receive any DMD?" Kingsley asked arching an eyebrow.

DMD was the acronym for 'Dirty Money Donation', or what was the same, the 'bribes' that the Ministry got to forget any cause against any pureblood Family, namely Malfoy.

"We do it since this one comes from Harry Potter's sale of a basilisk's carcass that earned him 6 million galleons and he's not interested in giving a knut to Fudge." Amelia informed everyone with a twisted smile.

"Go, Potter!" An Auror shouted laughing, and was followed by everyone else.

"Ok, let's calm down." Madam Bones asked, and the laughter died immediately. Then she continued: "This armor will be used only in situations of high risk and not for everyday missions. As there are only 20, we need to save them for necessary occasions. Because I doubt we'll have more chances of receiving more of them."

"With Fudge in office, we won't get anything except more budget cuts." Someone muttered angrily, and got agreement from the others.

"Kingsley, Tonks, both follow me. The rest of you are dismissed." Amelia announced ending the meeting and going to her office along the two Aurors.

"Make sure no one bothers us for a while." Bones ordered her secretary, that nodded and the trio entered the office. Then she set several privacy wards and invited both Officers to sit, and started to speak: "This doesn't leave this office." After their nods, she briefed them about what Harry and Hermione had told her in their meeting and explained why she couldn't make any movement.

"From today, you two will be joining Crouch's personal bodyguard team. I want you two to keep a very close eye on anything that happens to him at all time. I have someone of my complete trust doing the same at the school and he'll have backup on that. You won't take any unnecessary risks. If you smell something wrong, you get away immediately and call me." Amelia explained both seriously before she asked if there was any question.

"How bad is the situation if the suspicions are right?" Tonks asked seriously.

"If the person replacing Alastor Moody is by any chance Barty Crouch Jr. as we suspect, then it's not good." Madam Bones said before she briefed both in what was known about the man.

"Who's helping at Hogwarts and how much can he or she be trusted?" Kingsley asked thinking in all the information.

"The person who taught me every trick and loophole in the law: Peeves. And I trust in him more than in many alive people." The Head of the DMLE said without doubts at all in her voice.

"When do we start with this assignment?" Kingsley asked nodding to her: if Amelia trusted the poltergeist, he would not question her reasons, even if he was curious about them.

"On Monday, after I take care of some matters." Amelia informed both before adding: "This situation is critical and no one must know it."

"You can trust in us." Tonks assured her seriously, happy that she got a really important assignment. Then both Aurors left and Amelia went to pay a visit to another department head: Arthur Weasley.

When she arrived at her destination, the person she wanted to meet was talking to another head, Amos Diggory, and they were discussing the latest Prophet's article on the campaign against Harry Potter.

"I wonder if they'll ever write something true." The redhead muttered with a sigh, before he saw Bones and greeted her: "Amelia, what a surprise. Is there any problem?" Amos smiled to her and conjured a seat for her to join both.

"Besides Harry Potter is embracing his Slytherin side and screwing everyone? Not much!" She laughed before telling both Heads about the meeting at Dumbledore's office of the previous day,

"I want a pensieve memory of that!" Amos said laughing along Arthur.

"How is Molly dealing with his charm?" Amelia asked, as she placed several privacy wards, and the other two got the hint: private and secret meeting that never happened officially.

"Not too well, I'm afraid. But let me tell you that I welcome the peace and silence." Arthur said before he asked her what was going on.

"Where do you want me to start?" Amelia asked rhetorically, before she informed both of EVERYTHING she had learnt about Harry's inclusion in the Tournament and how he answered to them now.

"You mean to tell us that no one read the rules?" Amos asked confused and shocked by the revelation.

"So far, only three people seem to have done it: Harry Potter and his two lawyers. And I've learned everything I know from one of them and saw the other in action. And NO ONE wants to mess with those two." Amelia said with a serious tone of voice.

"Who's that lawyer? Cedric owled me saying that he had hired one to deal with the Media and the Ministry but never mentioned the name." Diggory Sr. said curiously.

"Jonathan Blackus." Amelia said before she added seeing their confusion: "Known nowadays as Peeves, the person who was my mentor and knows more about the law and their loopholes better than anyone on this building and the Wizengamont."

"Let me tell you that it's a rather particular trio: Harry Potter, the hero of the Magical world; Hermione Granger, the most intelligent witch of the generation; and to close the group the worst lawyer in the world, who happens to be a poltergeist. Oh Merlin!" Arthur said laughing as she explained both men what they should know about Peeves as a lawyer and his story of the cases.

"And the best part of the whole thing, is that anyone who tries to mess with them, ends being screwed worst!" Madam Bones said as she started to tell them all the meetings between the trio and the ministry officers.

"He founded a school?" Amos asked in disbelief.

"With him and Miss Granger as authorities, professors, student and whatever else both are needed to be. The number of students plus them: eight. The whole list is: Neville Longbottom; Lee Jordan; Fred and George Weasley; Alicia Spinnet, Angelina Johnson; Katie Bell and Luna Lovegood." Amelia listed.

"Ok I can find sense in at least six of them." Arthur said thinking in the list and continuing: "The twins and the three girls are his teammates. Lee is a close friend of them. But I can't understand the other two."

"It seems that Augusta's Grandson replaced your son as best friends and Miss Lovegood was part of the incident with Malfoy and his cronies. She and Miss Granger's presences were covered up." Amelia explained Arthur.

In the official version that was released, it was the ghosts who heard the three former students planning the attack and one of them informed the Professors and the other went to the Infirmary. It was the only change that the story suffered as both girls weren't available to talk to them in those moments: Luna was resting and Hermione was in Harry's lair.

"Now what?" Amos asked seriously.

"Delores and Cornelius will be more than a bit angry with yesterday's happenings and will try to make pressure on the Champion that they can get hold of: your son." Amelia informed him seriously before she continued: "Harry Potter is out of anyone's control and I still have to find out who has his custody!"

"Would it surprise you if he has been emancipated?" Arthur asked her with a twisted smile.

"Arthur, at this right moment, few things would surprise me. That is NOT one!" Amelia said with a sigh.

"How did he get the money for the school?" Amos asked her curiously.

"He sold a basilisk's carcass to Gringotts for 6 million Galleons. And he gave them five percent to find anything to prevent anyone from getting a knut from the sale and to have the school up and working in Honolulu." Madam Bones said with a smile.

"Isn't Honolulu in…?" Arthur asked, shocked with the news.

"Your twin sons will live in Hawaii after the end of the School Year." Amelia said with a wide smile that caused the redhead to burst into laughter.

"This is too much!" Arthur said as he recovered his breath.

"I'll grant him something: when he picks a place, he didn't look anywhere cold in winter." Amos said laughing too. At that moment someone knocked the door and Amelia lifted the charms before Arthur invited the knocked to enter.

"I'll see you at lunch." Amelia said when Delores entered and handing a folder to Mr. Weasley: it was a report from one of her Aurors that had to be delivered to his office and would work as an excuse for that visit if someone asked.

"I'll take a look at it immediately, Amelia." The redhead said seriously, as she nodded to both him and Amos and left the office.

"Hey, Arthur, my wife asked me if you still have that book on muggle dogs. She's interested in buying one to replace her cat." Amelia heard Amos asking Arthur and she had to make great efforts to not burst out in laughter imagining Umbridge's face with that sentence.


"Madam Bones, Madam Longbottom has called and asked if it was possible for you to meet with her for dinner tonight." Amelia's secretary informed her as soon as she was back at her office.

A quick floo call confirmed Amelia her suspicions about the reason of the meeting: Augusta, plus all the other parents of the eight new SAFE students were interested in information about the School.

"And about what the hell Harry Potter is playing!" Madam Longbottom said seriously.

"That's simple, Augusta: he's trying to see how much he can screw and fuck the magical world and anyone with authority on it." Madam Bones said with a smile before she added: "Our hero embraced his Slytherin side."

"How bad is it?" Augusta asked arching an eyebrow.

"Jonathan was his lawyer and he trained his new and exclusive one." Amelia said with another wide and twisted smile.

"Oh, Merlin!" Madam Longbottom said as all answer, as she knew who was Jonathan and how could be any of his trainees.

"Add Gringotts getting 300000 galleons for their help in selling a basilisk's carcass, and you get a nice picture of the current situation."

"I'll see you tonight. I'm sure I'll love this meeting!" Neville's Grandmother said laughing before ending the call.

Next, Amelia sent an owl to Harry Potter and asked him for the pensieve memories of the meeting she missed, explaining about the meeting that night. She also asked if he and Hermione could attend it.

His answer arrived just before she left for the day and informed her that both would be there for the dinner and everything would be explained, including his long term plans.

"This will be a long dinner." The woman thought with a sigh before she left the building to get ready for the dinner at Longbottom's Manor.


When she arrived that night, at the house, beside the owner was present: Amanda and Robert Jordan, Lee's Parents; Albert and Mary Spinnet, Alicia's Parents; Molly and Arthur Weasley; Xeno Lovegood, Luna's Father; Jack and Elizabeth Johnson, Angelina's parents. Both Katie and Hermione were Muggleborn and none of the other adults had a way to be invited.

"I'm sorry for the delay, Augusta. I had to attend to some business." Amelia informed Madam Longbottom when she joined the rest. Then she added: "Ask the elves to add two plates. We have another two special guests."

"And who will they be?" Augusta asked arching an eyebrow.

"That would be both of us, I guess." Harry said arriving at that moment with Hermione and Dobby. The elf nodded to the teens and disappeared with a pop.

"I considered it a good idea to invite them to shed some light on this situation." Amelia explained her friend, when she arched an eyebrow again in her direction. Augusta nodded, showing her agreement with that idea.

"Madam Longbottom, it's a pleasure to meet you. Neville has always spoken very well of you." Harry said with a smile and kissing her hand, before he introduced Hermione: "May I introduce you to my girlfriend and deputy, Hermione Granger?"

"I'm pleased to meet both of you too. Neville has always spoken really well of both." Neville's Grandmother said with a smile before she introduced the rest of the adults to the teens and vice versa.

"I'm pleased to meet all of you, even if I met some before." The boy said with a smile and bowed to them; before everyone sat down to eat.

"So is it true about Honolulu?" Lee's mother asked curious to the teens.

"As a matter of fact it is. It's one of the few places where there is no school and it was easy to get the permission." Hermione explained with a smile, as Harry coughed something that sounded like 'Cheap too'.

"How much money do you still have left of the sale?" Amelia asked curious, having heard his comment as well as everyone.

"We have about 3.75 million, add or take a few thousand." The hero informed before he continued:

"We spent 600000 with Gringotts and Professor Lockheed's parts of the deal. We used another 100000 with the donations to Saint Mungo's and the orphanages. The deals for the school's permissions and buildings were about another 25000. We paid another 25000 for the Armor and the brooms. Of the rest, we placed 800000 in vaults for each of the students. And the rest is for us."

"I have curiosity about the vaults." Augusta said seriously.

"It's simple: 'Safe' will last four years, till Luna graduates. After she took her NEWTS, the school is closed." Hermione informed them seriously.

"What about the exams?" Alicia's mother asked.

"We made an agreement to take them at the 'Caribbean School of Wizardry' at the end of each school year." Harry said before he explained:

"As we were informed, that school allows any students that reside in the many Caribbean Islands to take the exams without the need to attend theirs. It seems that there are a lot of little schools and some students home schooled around the area, so each of them can have a title and grades from it."

"It seems a good deal for me." Jack Johnson said thinking for a few moments on their words. There were several nods of agreement to that.

"What subjects will you teach them?" Lee's mother asked the teens.

"The main cores are Sunbathing, scuba diving and Sand Castle Making." Harry said with a twisted smile that caused everyone to burst out in laughter.

"As electives, we have Hula-Hula Dancing." Hermione said with another smile before she added: "The list is not closed though."

"We'll teach the same subjects we study at Hogwarts, adjusting what we see here to what we need to know for the exams there. Some things will be the same for sure, but some others won't and we'll get ready for that." Harry explained the adults as he and Hermione turned serious.

"What caused you to do this?" Lee's father asked seriously.

"And why did you choose only our kids?" Angelina's mother asked, getting everyone's attention, as all of them wanted to know it.

"I'll start with the second." Harry said seriously, before he continued:

"Since I started Hogwarts, everyone has seen me mostly as the 'Boy-Who-Lived'. The people who have seen a bit more than that are few. For each of them, I was something else.

"For your child," here Harry pointed to the Weasley and the Chaser's Parents, "since first year, I became a teammate. I won and lost with them. We suffered Wood together. And on the pitch, for them I was their seeker. They were also of the first people who told me that I had their support and I didn't have to be worried about turning my back to them at any moment." Then he told Lee's parents: "The situation with Lee is pretty much the same."

"That was what I suspected." Alicia's father commented to Angelina's dad, who nodded.

"Although Neville hasn't been part of the trio, I've always considered him a good friend." Harry started to explain to Augusta: "I'll admit that our relationship is not of the best friends, but I always knew that I could trust and count on him. He was also one of the first to show his support."

"What about Luna?" Xeno asked curious.

"Luna was there with Hermione at the Infirmary when Malfoy and his friends tried to kill me. I consider myself in debt to her for that. That's why when Peeves told me that I could avoid talking to the Prophet but I should speak with the media, I owled you with that proposition." The teen explained the Quibbler's Editor seriously.

"That explains half of the matter, but not the other." Augusta commented seriously.

"We brought some pensieve memories to help you understand the whole situation." Hermione said as Dobby brought a pensieve and they added all the memories that would be seen.

"The memories are of all the meetings that I held about the Tournament, except one that would cause problems for everyone involved." Harry said before the adults started to view them.

The memories were on order: the meeting on the ante chamber after being selected by the goblet; the first meeting with Dumbledore about he competing when both finished with wands pointed to each other; Harry being kicked out of the Tower; the teen and Albus' meeting at the Infirmary after he was put the cuff; the first meeting with Peeves where they made plans; the wand weighing; The first task from Hermione's POV; the meeting at Gryffindor Tower after the Task; the attack from Malfoy and the others, also from her POV; the meetings at Dumbledore's office with Crouch and the other Officers; the meeting with Ragnok and lastly, the meeting with Fudge, Umbridge and Malfoy of the previous day. And as a bonus, Harry added the potions class where he kicked Snape out of the School.

"You have a twisted sense of humor!" Lee's Father said laughing very hard with some of the memories, especially Snape's.

"Blame our Slytherin side!" The teens said with a sneer that caused most of them to laugh harder.

"The meeting that you didn't include, was held between your first meeting with Dumbledore and the next at the infirmary, I suppose." Amelia commented as all of them calmed down once more.

"These two memories should explain everything to you. Unfortunately, we can't show it to everyone for the moment." Hermione explained, giving Amelia another two memories that she pocketed in her robes with the promise to see them in private the first chance she had.

"Any other question about why we embraced our Slytherin side?" Harry asked with a smile, and everyone shook the head. Then he turned serious and continued:

"The memories you've just seen, sums everything that happened in the last month. Right now, the only people I can trust are the eight of your children. They seem to be the only ones without a hidden agenda!"

"That was left more than clear." Neville's Grandmother stated as serious as him.

"How will the school be?" Alicia's mom asked, trying to change the topic.

"It will be more a house than a castle. With only ten people, a huge place won't be necessary." Hermione started to explain, before she took a box from inside her clothes and asked Amelia to enlarge it. Then she explained: "We don't want the ministry getting more reasons to want our heads, to add underage magic out of the school to the list."

"I agree." The woman smiled as she enlarged the box and it recovered the normal size.

"This is what the school will look like." Hermione said before she opened it and took what looked like a doll House and placed it over the table.

The House had four stories and ended with a dome. It wasn't as huge as any pureblood manor, but no one could say it was little either. While the adults checked it, Hermione started to separate the four stories and placed them on the table one next to the other, from the first to the last.

"The first floor" she started to explain as she pointed to each room, "Will have the kitchens, the dining hall, two bathrooms, a minor library and the storage room."

"The second will the study floor." Harry started to explain pointing to the room: "It will have three Classrooms: one for potions, one of the theory subjects and the last for any practice class. It will also have a second library. The other rooms will be used for entertainment, as one will hold a cinema and the other games of both magical and muggle kinds."

"The third and fourth will be dorms. The third will be used by guests and the fourth for the students." Hermione said before she asked with an ironic smile: "What? Will you tell us that none of you would use the chance to visit Hawaii using the school as an excuse?"

"I never thought of that!" Angelina's mom said feigning being hurt by her words, as everyone else laughed.

"Fortunately we did!" Harry said with a sneer that caused more laughter. Then he went on with the explanations, pointing to the dome, opening it to reveal a cover. "That will be used for Astronomy. Whenever we need to learn, the dome will be opened to let us see the stars." Then he opened the cover and said: "For rainy or snowy days, the cover will let us do it without getting wet. In normal days, both will be opened."

"We also have built a dock to take us to the beach and a mini quidditch pitch to be used for our entertainment." Hermione said, before she rebuilt the house.

"Any other question, doubts or complaints?" Harry asked them.

"Where do we sign?" Augusta asked the teens with a smile, before Hermione passed them several parchments.

Molly handed Harry a note, as she was still under his charm. The teen took it and read it and burst out in laughter. Hermione saw it and smiled. It read:

'I sign it if you remove the charm."

Harry wrote an answer and gave it back. Molly and Arthur took it and read it too. It said:

'I do it if you stop pestering the twins with the shop and swear to not send me more howlers.'

Molly started to seethe in anger as she wrote her reply and gave it to him. It said:

'That's blackmail!'

Harry laughed again as he wrote his answer and sent it back. Now everyone was watching the exchange confused and curious.

"They are blackmailing each other. The question is who has the best card to beat the other." Hermione explained, as Molly read Harry's answer and sighed in defeat and she and Arthur signed the parchments.

Hermione took a look at the last two replies: Harry's to Molly's previous one, and the Matriarch's answer to his.

Harry's reply said:

'Perhaps, but remember that the twins turn of age in six months and they won't need your permission to join the new School. And how do you think that they'll feel towards you if you don't sign now?'

'You have a deal.' Molly replied to him, seeing that she couldn't beat that argument.

"I won't ask! If I do it, I would have to jail both of you!" Amelia said to Harry and Mrs. Weasley as the teen lifted his charm on her and she recovered her voice once more.

"I love you too, Mrs. Weasley!" Harry laughed hugging her.

"Can you explain us how you finished in Gryffindor?" Arthur asked Harry curiously as his wife returned his hug.

"I was stupid and naïve in that moment. And nowadays, the damn Hat is rolling in laughter with every meeting I have in Dumbledore's office! He asked Gryffindor's painting to see if I'm related to Slytherin!" Harry exclaimed trying to calm his anger before he added: "And the worst of all this, is that he's right!"

"They are related!" Hermione confirmed everyone.

"After seeing the memories, I wouldn't doubt it for a second!" Lee's Father said bursting out in laughter.

"Ok, let's get serious again for 5 minutes." Hermione asked everyone and they calmed down to let her speak: "There is one single rule for any visit of yours to Hawaii: You can't stay at the school for more than 2 weeks!"

"And between visits, there must be a space of time of at least 2 weeks!" Harry added seriously. Then he added as someone was about to protest: "Either you take it or we ban EVERY adult forever!"

"We take it!" Everyone said at the same time.

"We are very glad that you agree to our terms." Hermione said with a devious smile.

"It wasn't that we had a choice on the matter." Molly commented dryly.

"I didn't have it when I was forced into the tournament either." Harry shot her back and the Weasley matriarch wisely kept her opinion to herself.

"Let's calm down." Augusta asked both seriously.

"Everything is ok, Madam. We are just having another argument that won't be settled ever." Harry explained to Neville's grandmother with a smile, before he announced: "I'm afraid that we have to leave. I hope that you got all the answers. If you have any doubt, please owl me. If you have problems or complaints, then talk to my lawyers: Peeves and Hermione."

"We will do it." Arthur promised in name of everyone.

"Till the next we meet then." Hermione said with a nod before both thanked Augusta for the dinner and bid their goodbyes.

"Did you find out…?" Arthur started to ask Amelia, who answered with a devious smile.

"You were right this morning: he's been emancipated at the moment Dumbledore forced him to participate." Madam Bones said before she elaborated as the rest looked curious: "As someone from Gringotts explained me today, the tournament is for people who are of age. Forcing someone to take part of it when isn't adult yet, will automatically turn that person into one. This has to be checked and approved by the Ministry and Wizengamont."

"And as Dumbledore is the head of the Wizengamont…" Augusta started to say as everyone started to laugh.

"He signed and agreed to Mr. Potter being emancipated along Crouch and Bagman as representatives of the Ministry." Amelia said with a nod. Then she added: "And he'll ruin a lot of plans soon."

"How?" Everyone asked curious.

"He won't attend the Yule Ball. The deal was that if there was a quidditch tournament, the four champions would be there, but as Fudge cancelled it, he won't be around for it," the ministry officer said with a smile that caused a new round of laughter.

"I wonder how he convinced the hat to not sort him in Slytherin!" Lee's father said with a twisted smile, causing more laughter.