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The Fight Against Karma

In a shiny white castle, there was a young man packing his belongings. His bright blue eyes were cloudy and hidden underneath his long black hair. He wore the softest silk shirt with rough texture pants and black boots. The king, judging by the golden crown upon his head that his grayish-black hair curled underneath it, had a worried expression over his face and the queen had a hand over her heart. Both of them weren't ready for their little boy to depart them. The queen allowed two single tears on each side before quickly wiping them away.

"Mom, Dad! I'll be fine. I've sailed the seas before and I've fought the sea-drinkers." The prince tried to explain to his mother and father, sadly they are as stubborn as he is. 'Joy,' Daniel thought annoyed.

"Danny, we know. It's just," The king starts and places a hand on the prince's shoulder, "we, your mother and I, want to discuss marriage." As soon as he finish the sentence, the prince stops moving to pack to stare bitterly at his parents.

"Marriage?" Scoffs the prince before laughing sarcastically, "Really?"

"Yes really." The queen voiced as she held the prince's hands, "Your father and I gotten married, had you and your sister, ran the kingdom but," She held both sides of the prince's face, "sweetie we're old. My hair is graying into white, for goodness sake! But honey, you're the next heir," Her violet eyes looks the prince deeply into his eyes- everyone needs you to run the kingdom.

"Mom, no offense to you nor dad, but love is for fools!" Daniel explained, "Love is for Commoners, Peasants, and idiots." He backs away from his parents and continue packing, "Though I believe in attraction. I hope, I do have a strong attraction to a woman but now; I'm simply enjoying my freedom."

"Everything comes with the title prince, Daniel. You're a Fenton! Karma always come and bit us in our butts!" His dad further explained.

"And I'll take it and make it right…" The prince replies lazily.

"We may never know;" The queen encountered before squealing, "he may fall in love with a woman on the seas." The elderly couple walks out as the prince rolls his eyes. 'I need a better life,' Daniel thought as he continues to pack.

The prince and crewmen loads the dark brown wooden boat. A woman walks up to another and the two hugs. The first woman had a long blond headed with bright blue eyes. She wore a tight, ice blue, dress yet it flowed around her feet, where little heels graced her feet. The second woman had long black hair and unusual purple eyes. Her dress was short that reach her knees and were lose around the shoulders.

"Hey Sammy!" Said the blonde head woman with a smile on her bright pink lips.

"Hey Elizabeth," Said the woman with the unusual purple with a frown upon her lips, "The name is Sam. S-A-M."

"Fine Sam, but only if you call me something cool too!" Elizabeth grumble before her eyes widen, "Like, like, Moona or-or-or COMET!"

"How about Star?" Sam asked, "Beautiful and bright as the night-time stars above."

"Star it is! Oh look its prince Daniel." Squealed Star as she points to Daniel with a lovesick face-

"Honey," Sam groan rolling eyes, "Puh- and - lease! Prince Daniel, outta all people?" Sam asked with her eyebrow raised.

"Because he's so cute!" Star admitted openly with a daze smile.

"Cute?" Sam repeated crossed eyed.

"Yep no questions asked!" Star giggled

"Hey," Sam smiles deviously at Star, "who has a plan to get you close to the prince?" Sam points her thumbs toward herself, "This girl!"

The prince is at the head of his boat driving, when a nicely dress crew worker came to him. The sky is a bright and clear as the sea. The man had long black hair in a low pony tail, pink juicy lips, amethyst eyes and wore a puffy black shirt with black pants and matching boots. All the black made him seem to glow, the prince seem to be in daze as the worker talked to him.

"Hello prince." The worker greeted.

"Hey, I don't believe I recognize you. I'm Daniel and you are?" The Prince asked smiling.

"Uh um err- I'm unimportant." The worker announces looking away nervously, "I found a freeloader at the bow of the ship, and it's a female.

"I guess she'll have to stay." The prince said sighing, "We're too far in the sea to turn back." The Prince glances at the man, "I want to know your name."

The worker slowly walks away but turn to the prince's words, "Samuel but call me Sam."

Samuel enters the room with Star sitting on his bed and laughs. He shakes his head out of the low ponytail and grin toothily. Samuel looked at Star with a big grin.

"He brought it." Samuel said in a girl voice.

"Samantha, you. Are. AMAZING! So what now?" Star asked looking for a dress to wear.

"SAM!" Samuel aka Samantha announced with a glare, "And we prepare ourselves for dinner and we find common interest in you two".

Prince drinks out of his glass, to his left an African American male. The dark skinned man smiled as his moss green eye dance in amusement watching Star. Samuel was to the right of Daniel; Star was sitting next to Samuel, love struck expression, watching the prince. The prince watch Samuel intensely, especially his lips. The prince leans forward, with his lips pucker and…

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