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Everyone stopped moving; Jimalyn is dead. The blood floating around the body of Jimalyn was the sign of her life cut short. Sam eyes started at water as she shook in anger, her eyes bright with tears streaming down her face. Sam walked up to Valerie; her hand balled up into a fist and punched her dead in the nose. Valerie quickly tilted her head up slowing the blood flow, Valerie moan in pain as fell to the ground.

"You had to kill her?" Sam asked Valerie's blood inbewteen her fingers making them stick to one another.

"… She's dieing. She isn't dead yet." Valerie said as she watched Jimalyn's body sank down, "She's dead now."

"You little!" Sam attempted to jump on the wounded Valerie only to be pulled away by Steph and Devon.

"SHE'S NOT WORTH IT!" They scream to Sam. Danny walked beside them and hooks his arm around Sam's slender waist.

"Valerie Gray is disqualified." Danny said anger easily detected in his voice.

"No she's not." Vlad said walking toward him, "Ms. Gray simply pushed the buoy and Jimalyn should've tried to cheat." Valerie went to clean her face and came back her face clean and a huge red nose.

"Besides Daniel," Valerie said slyly, moving closer to him, "You use to love me like Romeo loved Juliet." With that she kissed him. Danny groaned struggling to get her off him; his hand balled up her dress and pulled her up. Valerie was keeping the kiss alive by playing in Danny's long lock, grabbing his neck and such. Sam ran into the castle crying, her long black hair flying behind her as she blindly ran in.

"Sam!" The Panda Team screamed, then chase her all expect Carmen who just frown.

"There we go." Valerie said releasing the Prince from the kiss, "You're not a bad kisser"

"DISQUIFIED! Get your belongings and leave." The prince ordered before stalking back into his home. He didn't notice Jazz giving Valerie a thumps up….

A knock at the Prince's door made him jump as stopped pacing. Currently, Danny was thinking of ways to get Sam when Samuel knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" He asked walking toward the door.

"Samuel." The voice answers as he open the door.

"Hey Sam." Danny said letting the cute boy walk in and sit on his bed.

"Hey how's my little sister? Is she behaving?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, why?" Danny asked, his stomach ached; something bad was about to happen or be said.

"I'm signing her out of this contest. She isn't happy here."

"WHAT? You can't! I can fix everything please give me a chance. I love her!" Danny said falling on to his knees and throwing himself at the mercy's of Samuel's.

"Daniel give a good reason to let Samantha stay here if she unhappy?" Samuel said crossing his arms over his chest.

"What if I told you a huge secret? I haven't told anyone this." Danny pleaded.

"Fine go ahead." Sam said smiling.

"Yes," Danny cheered, "Okay going ghost!" Sam eyes bugged out his head watch the black hair blue-eyed prince turn white hair with electric green eyes. He's eyes glazed over every inch of muscle popping out of the black and white spandex. Danny failed to notice Samuel's jeweled purple eye turn pink with hearts before returning back to normal. Sam held Danny's head in his hands and kissed him; tongue and all.

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