Summary: Komui, Lavi, Kanda, and Allen are board since they have nothing to suggests Strip poker will happen? First fan fiction!Plz R&


"I'm bored!" Lavi's voice said for the tenth time."Shut it, baka usagi(stupid/retarded rabbit)." Was Kanda's reply."Why don't we play a card game or something? I have a pack of cards right here." Komui asked them. Allen just shrugged, but than he thought he should suggest stripe poker, but Lavi said it before him."Let's play stripe poker!" So, Allen, Kanda, and Komui agreed to play and then started the game.


20 minutes later...

"R-r-royal Stright flush?" Lavi, Komui, Kanda yelled. They had lost almost all of their clothes exept their pants (exept for Lavi, he still had his eye patch and pants) "One more round!" Komui said. About five minutes later..."Another Royal Stright Flush!"Kanda, Lavi, and Komui yelled they grudgingly gave Allen their , Allen had turned black during the second round of gave off a dark laugh that sent shivers down their spines."Give in yet?" he asked gulped and quickly deciaded to give and Kanda deciaded the same day, they learned an important lesson: NEVER, EVER chalange Allen Walker to poker.

Hope You Enjoyed It! :-{)

Super short story...