Ten-Worded Thoughts
(CHELLEY [Chell/Wheatley])

1. Angst
Why was this idiot in charge of the test subjects?

2. AU
Wheatley showed the new girl around Aperture Science Boarding School.

3. Crack!fic
Chell held Wheatley's shining silver metal body close to her.

4. Crossover
Wheatley stared at Fawkes, hoping his days were not numbered.

5. First Time
"What now?" a naked Wheatley asked an equally naked Chell.

6. Fluff
Chell giggled softly at the actions of her moronic boyfriend.

7. Humor
"Are you sure a colander doesn't go on your head?"

8. Hurt/Comfort
"I'm serious, Wheatley. Your skinned knee willheal. Calm down."

9. Smut
Chell arched her back and moaned under Wheatley's hesitant touches.

10. UST
Wheatley looked down at the unknown tent in his pants.

It was a lot of fun. The rule is ten ten-or-less-worded thoughts. I took that challenge and they all SHOULD equal ten words exactly, so it made it a lil more difficult. It was a good experiment tho. I'll prolly do it again with a different character or pairing.

It was inspired by shibbyone. livejournal. com/25709. html?view=111725#t111725

Lord Rebecca-Sama