Chapter 1

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Warnings! Graphic mention of abortion

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He was out of time.

That was the main thought going through Loki's head as his lair shook from another blow to the main entrance. Dust poured from the ceiling catching in his eyes as he tried yet again to open one of the secret pathways out to no avail. It was useless of course, he knew that. He'd made these 'emergency exits' to be impossible to open by a mortal so that if his sanctuary was ever discovered, none could follow his escape. Not that it would be of any help to him now as he was.

Out of frustration he tried once more to reach for his magic to open the gateway, but received nothing.

Loki had to forcibly clamp down on the panic that threatened to overcome him when he felt the building give another powerful shudder. It wouldn't be long now. They would be inside soon and he was trapped, left to scurry from corner to corner like a small rodent trying desperately and uselessly to escape. They would get in, there was so little to keep them out now. All of his spells, so carefully and meticulously constructed into the very stonework of his domain to make it completely impenetrable, gone. Fallen into so many pieces like glass. It wasn't long after they had fallen that they had come. His brother and his mortal friends.

He heard the main entrance take another blow and finally give a little. He was out of time. He glanced around helplessly for something that might aid him, anything at all. His eyes scanned over mountains of spell books that were about as useful to him now as his secret exits. The rest of the objects just as much so. Bowls and herbs for more complex spells littered a nearby table. But then his eyes caught sight of a glimmer of metal among the dried vegetation. Reaching for it he found a small blade, useful more for chopping ingredients rather than defense but he'd take anything he could get. All of his more glamorous weapons were entirely out of his reach. Fingering the blade absently he considered the instrument. It would be a rather barbaric means to end of at least one part of his situation. In all the occurrences before he'd had time, time to brew a potion to end it.

His mind flashed back to memories of the taste of death in his mouth, the crippling pain that would seize his insides and the mess of blood and half formed bones between his legs, diluted by bitter tears.

A thunderous crash brought him back to the present, signaling the entrance of the Avengers. He considered hiding, it wasn't like he had anything left to lose. But in the end he stood his ground, sliding his meager weapon up one of his long sleeves. It didn't take long for them to find him.

Thor was first, eyeing his still form warily before the rest of them marched in, weapons drawn and looking nervous. Good. At least he'd done that much. They all stood there for a moment, each side waiting for the other to make the first move, and despite the panic that threatened to consume him, he found their stupidly baffled expressions humorous.

Eventually it was the shield wielding captain that spoke first, claiming that he was under arrest. He also mentioned something about coming along quietly. As if he had a choice in the matter. But almost all of his attention was on Thor.

His brother noticed the attention and narrowed his eyes in suspicion. "What are you up to brother?" he asked suddenly.

"I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean." Loki said, feeling rather proud that his voice betrayed none if his emotions. He sounded just as he ever did. But Thor just shook his head and took a step forward. Loki stayed exactly where he was despite the fact that every instinct within him was demanding that he run. It didn't matter where to, as long as it wasn't here, with him.

"You are acting unusual. Even for you."

"Well I'd hate to think I'd become predictable." Loki countered as Thor drew closer. His teammates watched the exchange with sharp eyes, their weapons never wavering.

"There is something different about you." Thor observed, and of course he could see it. Despite his distaste of magic, Thor was Asgardian, and was just as sensitive to the dramatic changes in the invisible power as the rest of his kind. That wasn't to say he knew what it meant of course, just that he knew that something about Loki was now fundamentally different.

Feeling his panic spike he allowed himself a step backwards but froze at the barked order of "Don't move!" from the single woman on the team. She had a gun trained in him, a weapon that normally would be completely useless on him, but now... now his mind saw the danger and his body reacted as instinct compelled him to, even as his mind screamed that he was giving himself away. His left arm shifted to hold his midsection, shielding it from the perceived threat and every eye in the room caught the movement. Only one knew what it meant though. Thors eyes widened suddenly and then became very sad.

"Again brother?"

Loki felt his pulse speed up as Thor realized the truth. He felt cornered, completely helpless and he knew there was no escaping his fate.

Thor was addressing his teammates now, though he couldn't hear the words over the roaring in his ears. He could see him though; saw how his brother had turned his back on him to face the others. Acting on panic and instinct and a basic knowledge that Thor would bring him the worst pain of all, he let the small knife fall into his hand and made the plunge it into Thors neck. He forgot about the others, only the threat of his brother existed in his mind. So when a dart landed on his bicep, he froze in shock. The knife fell from suddenly numb fingers, clattering uselessly to the floor. And then he was joining it, his world blacking out.


Tony looked over the prone form on the floor. All his sensors told him Loki was out cold but experience had taught him to always be cautious when it came to this particular enemy.

"Define gone." Clint was asking.

"Yeah," he added. "I'm kinda liking the fact that we can take him out with a single tranq."

Thor was looking at his brother with a pitying expression but made no attempt to move him yet. "His magic is gone completely, he is mortal for now. That is likely how we were suddenly able to find him."

"For now?" Natasha repeated, glaring wearily at the still body. "It will come back?"

Thor nodded. "When the child is born."

All the earth born Avengers shared a look, silently asking who wanted to take this one. Finally Tony took his eyes off his unconscious enemy to face Thor. "What child?"

The blonde warrior grimaced. "The one by brother is carrying, although I suppose child would be a kind term."

"He's- Thor are you telling us your brother, your male brother, is pregnant?"


There was a stunned silence before Clint raised his hand. "Uh, not that I'm doubting you here, but how do you know this?"

"This is not the first time my brother has done this, though I still can't imagine why he continues to do so. In any matter, he is unable to use his magic at all until he gives birth. Actually from what I remember from last time it took almost a month after Hela was born before he was able to cast anything."

Tony jerked in surprise. "Hela? You mean all the stories are true? Even the one with the horse?" Thor grimaced again but nodded. "Huh. Kinky."

"What horse?" Steve asked.

"I'll tell you later." Tony promised as Natasha sent him one of her no nonsense glares. "So since I've never actually read the Avenger manual, what's the protocol for dealing with knocked up Norse guys?"

"Same as before, we're bringing him in." she answered swiftly. Tony half expected Thor to argue with her, but he was unusually silent, and just picked his brother up from the floor. As they made their way back to the helicarrier, Tony was struck with the feeling that this was only the beginning.

For anyone who followed me from my last story More than Friends, this is not. I repeat, NOT the story I was mentioning at the end of my last chapter. This is and entirely new fic altogether

This is not going to be Tony/Loki, its not going to have any pairing at all. The reason for this fic is this. I was on norsekink and found a thread that ruined me. Basically the prompt was that Loki gets pregnant and gives birth only to kill the infant before the Avengers arrive because he would rather the child be given a merciful death than be taken away by Odin like the rest of his kids. This prompt was filled not once but four times. Did I read those fills? Yes I did. Did I weep uncontrollably? You bet your sweet kester I did. And after reading all these terribly sad stories I was left feeling extremely morose and desperate for a happy ending. So I'm writing it.

So be warned! This fic may not have any romance but its going to be fluffy. Because I need this fluff like Thor needs a haircut. If you dont want fluff, just keep on walking because I will not apologize for this fic. Its therapy for my soul and for all the fictional babies Loki had to kill. I'll try my very best to keep everyone in character, and please let me know if you think I'm not.

I hope you all like it!