Safe In My Arms

Shadow of an Echo

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Rating: Mature

Warnings: Mpreg, graphic childbirth, mentions of past yaoi, and bad language: If I decide to continue this story at some point it will include descriptive yaoi, as well as multi-partner pairings, Hollows are not monogamous you have been warned! However there will not be a whole lot of descriptive sex, this story focuses mostly on family and the bonds between them, sex is implied and mentioned, but not outright described a lot of the time.

A/N This is a writer's block story, meaning it was written as a cure for it. When I get stuck on my serious fanfiction, right now that's Comatose, I have a tendency to write something completely different to what I am currently banging my head against the wall over. This is the result of me getting stuck trying to do a slow burn Yaoi story, so this is a quick and dirty, look what happened kind of story inspired by an odd thought I had, what if Grimmjow found Ichigo when he was in labor? What if the babies were his, but Aizen messed with his memories and he forgot? The first line Ichigo says in here basically inspired the whole 5,000ish word story. This can stand alone, but may be added to if I feel like it in the future, or if people really like the idea of the world I started setting up here. So here you go.

Updated A/N: This story has definitely been continued, and will not be stopped. Meant to come back here and add this for some time, but I forgot, please forgive me.

Chapter One

Safe In My Arms

Grimmjow was wandering Heuco Mundo, like he had done ever since he had reached Adjuchas level and regained a mind not bent on consuming everything in sight. Incidentally, this was also the point in a Hollow's life that reproduction became possible. They were beings made up of many souls, bound together by spiritual pressure, and when two of these heavily spiritual bodies united these energies occasionally meshed and shaped children. Now the Arrancar level had an added advantage of having a Shinigami side, very important. This allowed their children to become more than soulless monsters, because when Shinigami reproduce their children are gifted with the souls too damaged or too young to be placed immediately in soul society. Arrancars, and presumably their counterparts the Visoreds, did retain one quirk from their Hollow history though, a spiritual being made up of many souls male and female alike had no physical gender, mentally they were male or female, but reproductively whichever body was receptive, and strong enough, to carry these newly formed lives within them did so. They released a chemical that dominates of a compatible type were attracted to in order to breed strong young.

Mating between Hollows wasn't gentle, it was driven by instinct, and even the humanoid ones were caught up in the brutal mating lust. Mates strong enough to survive this initial contact were treasured and protected by their alphas until the children of those unions were strong enough to survive unaided.

Did Shinigami know, or even care, that Hollows passed a certain level possessed family loyalty? That they took care of their young, even after their birth? That alphas stood by their betas through the process most of the time? Of course not, they see a Hollow and assume that if you know one you know them all. The small fry in the human world were nothing compared to the truly great beasts content staying in the sandy nighttime desert of Heuco Mundo, why would they bother with taking souls one by one, when it was much more satisfying to hunt other Hollows and feed on multiple souls at once? The Adjuchas, Vasto Lorde, and Arrancar levels all had consumed enough, or been given, souls to fill the void left by their traumatic deaths, creating a stable species that breeds and lives outside of the cycle of consumption low level Hollows faced.

Why was Grimmjow thinking about all this on his nightly walk? Because that bastard Aizen had forbidden the Espada from mating, no not just forbidden, actively forced their compliance. If it wasn't for one silver haired fox tricking the bastard into letting him in his bedroom, Aizen would still be alive, and none of them would have known about Aizen's Bankai. His Shikai was about fooling the senses, his Bankai fooled the mind, every instinct that made Hollows great was carefully controlled by the man. With his death the control had shattered, but it left the Espada with bits of broken memories, left to fit the pieces back together in the once again eternal night of their world.

Grimmjow kept seeing pieces of an encounter, orange hair, determined brown eyes fading into black and amber, blade meeting claws, and then a haze of pheromone induced mating. He remembered fighting Kurosaki, he even remembered releasing Pantera, but the next thing he fully remembers is waking up in Szayel's lab with the news Aizen was dead, as well as several other Espada. Harribel and Nel made it, Szayel and Starrk, Ulquiorra, and finally himself had been salvaged. No one was surprised, these six had been the strongest as Hollows, makes sense they would withstand the most.

He had nothing but a broken memory to go off, and without proof, there was no way of knowing whether he was truly remembering something, or it was the vestiges of one of Aizen's implanted memories. It was confusing and added to Grimmjow's thoughts as he walked. He could go for another fight with the boy, maybe he should go see him and make sure nothing came of the memory he held. It had been a couple months now, if the mating had indeed been successful Kurosaki would either have already given birth or be too far along to hide his condition. That is if those damn Soul Reapers hadn't gotten a hold of them, the thought made Grimmjow growl lowly. If his beta was carrying, he should be next to them, not wandering the desert sands.

That's when he felt it. The steady spike of spiritual pressure coming from the rocky outcrop ahead of him, a place where a cliff side had partially fallen leaving boulders and small caves littering the area. He knew that power, but it felt so odd, it was strained and exhilarated, pained and joyful. Underlying the power, was the sweat and blood smell of a beta in labor. He could feel no other presence near him, why was he alone?

Grimmjow made up his mind to check out the anomaly, if this wasn't who he thought it was by some quirk of fate, this beta's alpha had full right to rip him to shreds. Yet Grimmjow felt no alpha, and even if this wasn't Kurosaki, if Harribel ever found out he left a beta alone in a vulnerable state like this the Tres Espada would use his hide as a throw rug.

It wasn't hard to follow the power trail it was spilling everywhere. The trail lead to a small opening in the cliff face, Grimmjow wondered how a pregnant body had fit through the opening until he saw the carefully layered and dried mud around the opening, this place had been prepared beforehand, and whoever was inside had taken steps to conceal their hiding spot even if they couldn't hide their power.

Even knowing full well what was probably inside Grimmjow was still shocked at what he saw. Kurosaki was indeed the one inside. He was facing the cave entrance, head resting on his folded arms in front of him, kneeling with his legs splayed as far a part as he could get them while rocking slowly side to side. A small whimper escaped his lips, so quiet if he hadn't been inside the cave Grimmjow wouldn't have heard it. He was also not wearing a stitch of clothing, bare skin was coated in sweat, his hair dampened by his exertion. His body was still muscular and hard, but his stomach stretched downward, the skin taut against his swollen abdomen, there wasn't a hint of fat on him but there was no doubt he was very, very, pregnant.

Grimmjow took another step inside, shuffling his feet in the sand to gently get the boy's attention. Kurosaki's head lifted off his arms, Grimmjow startled at the amber on black eyes, his Hollow must be close to the surface. The boy's eyes widened in fright and desperation, forcing words to form through the pain of the contraction wracking his body, "Please…Don't kill me… Baby almost here..." He managed to say between heavy breaths, and a second tiny whimper.

Grimmjow stopped his advance at those words. "I won't hurt you." He said calmly, knowing much more probably wouldn't be absorbed at the moment. He didn't take another step forward, watching for the boy's body to relax out of the contraction.

When it finally did, Kurosaki spoke first, still breathing heavily, but not fighting against pain to speak, "You won't hurt them?" He sounded almost defeated at that, and he hadn't moved an inch since Grimmjow arrived, the Espada had expected him to try and defend himself, or maybe cower in a hard to reach corner, not stay so completely exposed.

"Them?" Grimmjow asked curious whether he simply didn't know the sex, or there was more than one.

The orange haired teen nodded, and was about to respond, when another pain shot through his middle, forcing him back into the gentle sway he had taken up to try to relieve some of the pressure in his lower back and between his legs. Through partially clenched teeth, he hissed out, "Three."

So their mating had produced three young, not surprising, he was feline type, Kurosaki was lizard type, both tended to have litters.

The contraction finally ended, letting Grimmjow ask, "Why are you all alone?" Then he remembered the boy's earlier question, "And no, I won't hurt them."

Ichigo responded tiredly, "I'm an exile." Pause for a few deep breaths, "They wanted me to chose." Longer pause for yet another contraction. "Chose between my babies and Heuco Mundo," Panting breaths, "They deserved a chance."

Grimmjow used Ichigo's next contraction to take another step inside, slowly easing forward so he didn't startle his beta. Ichigo's amber eyes flashed, and a reptilian hiss issued from him, forcing Grimmjow to halt his forward progress. The contraction subsided. "I promise I won't hurt you, or our young." Grimmjow restated, consciously forcing a bit of his dominate pheromones to surface, hoping it would calm the laboring beta. He had finally realized what made Ichigo so nervous, the beta couldn't move, the baby's head was too far down, if he tried to stand up the pelvic bones currently being stretched to their max would snap closed, hurting the baby.

"You're enemy… agh, damn this hurts… why trust… you." Ichigo had forced the words passed the pain, swaying a bit more forcibly, the pressure building and building.

Grimmjow let him come out of the contraction before replying, "Aizen was your enemy, I just enjoy a good fight, and the occasional fuck. Relax. Alpha's care for their betas, you're safe."

Ichigo tried to look him in the eye to confirm his sincerity, but the next pain came and took his breath away. This time it wasn't a whimper but a groan, and finally he felt a pop deep inside and liquid gushed onto the sand beneath his spread knees. Grimmjow watched his body visibly sag in relief before an odd look of shock and urgency flashed onto Ichigo's face. The baby's head was pressing against the opening his Hollow possessed soul had formed for the delivery. "It's coming," Ichigo managed to say straining to keep himself from pushing his baby into danger, before Grimmjow finally lost patience.

Approaching his beta, pumping as much pheromone into the air as he could, he first went up to Ichigo's head, nuzzling his face and neck, licking the scarred over bite mark he had left at their mating. Before growling out, "I will help you, don't fight it, go ahead and let the baby come."

Ichigo looked like he wanted to speak, maybe to protest or agree, Grimmjow didn't know, but he was thwarted by a contraction, and the urge to push. Grimmjow moved slowly, letting his hand trail down Ichigo's spine to get him used to his touch, and pushing down on his lower back where the muscles knotted together from the strain. He moved carefully behind Ichigo, not prepared to see the baby's head already fully crowned, the birth canal situated between his limply hanging manhood and his anal passage. "Push gently Ichigo, you'll hurt yourself if you rush," Grimmjow ordered, watching as Ichigo's body tensed and the baby's head started to push passed the tight circle of skin, causing Ichigo to groan with the burning pain.

Placing his hands next to the emerging head, Grimmjow cradled the budding life, "That's it, this one will be here soon, keep going." He encouraged, as another pained sound issued from Ichigo, finally sagging slightly as the contraction ended.

"How close is it?" Ichigo asked, struggling to regain his breath for the next push.

"A little more and I will be able to see its ears." Grimmjow replied, "This one has my hair." He said softly, gently petting the baby's sticky blue hair.

For once Ichigo went into a contraction with a smile, the baby sliding out even more, Ichigo still nervous about Grimmjow but unable to deny the need to push. He could hurt his baby more by holding back, if Grimmjow wanted to hurt them, he would have when he realized Ichigo was too far into labor to move.

"Very good, one more and the head will be out. Remember, gentle, you still have two more to go." Grimmjow reminded, cradling the head with one hand, rubbing Ichigo's lower back with the other.

"I know," Ichigo whimpered, not in a contraction, but feeling uncomfortably stretched and hurting, there was moisture in his eyes already and this was only the first baby.

"You can do this, you've carried them alone till now, but I'm here and I won't leave you." Grimmjow reassured, still rubbing the tense muscles of his back, the baby's head sliding fully into view, plus a bit of the first shoulder.

Ichigo gasped harshly as the contraction left him, he had felt a lot of pressure release with that push, "The baby's head is out right?" He asked as if afraid of the answer.

"Yes, now one more for the shoulders," Grimmjow let him know, not telling him this was a big baby, even once the shoulders were out it might still be difficult to push the child out.

Ichigo pushed himself up onto his hands instead of his crossed arms, trying to get a better angle, pushing his baby as smoothly as he could manage, he knew his full strength could be too much pressure on the baby's delicate body. Plus he was a little scared he could hurt the other two babies if he pushed too hard for the first one. He felt the constriction around the baby loosen with the position, the child sliding even faster, making his eyes widen in shock and his mouth opened in a soundless scream. He panted deeply as the contraction ended, feeling his baby half out and half still inside him. "I know, almost here," He grunted out, trying to breathe in as much air as he could.

"You moved to a good spot, one more like that and we will know whether we have a son or daughter," Grimmjow was almost smiling, now needing both hands to support the child emerging from Ichigo.

Ichigo smiled again, a true smile, as it hit him he was about to meet his baby. The look on his face making Grimmjow grin with pride, his beta was a strong mate, but soon his thoughts were derailed by the next contraction.

Ichigo took a deep breath, gathered his scattered thoughts, and pushed, gently urging the baby from his body. Grimmjow thought his face would crack in two with the grin as his son fell wetly into his arms a loud wail clearing his lungs. "Ichigo lean back on me, and I will pass him to you." Grimmjow told his tired beta, gently handing Ichigo the baby through his parted legs as Ichigo leaned back against Grimmjow's solid body. Relieved to hear his baby cry, and it felt almost as good to take the pressure off his knees, he had been stuck like that since his son had dropped into position.

"He looks like you," Ichigo said proudly, ignoring the continuing contractions for the moment, the second baby wasn't quite ready to come yet, they had a few minutes to talk.

The little one did look like Grimmjow, his blue hair was plastered to his skull, once cleaned from the birth it would be the same shade as Grimmjow's. The tiny ears were elongated and pointed, and Ichigo felt something on his son's back, sliding a hand down he cautiously confirmed that the little one had a tail. "He looks like your released form."

"He does," Grimmjow was so proud he could burst as he started down at his not so tiny son, no wonder as strong as Ichigo was it took so long for him to come. Then he noticed a wince on Ichigo's face, "The second one coming already?"

Ichigo shook his head slowly, "No, but Shiro thinks each baby is going to have it's own afterbirth, that's probably what's happening." The contraction he just had was a smaller one, just enough to nudge him away from his happy meeting with his son.

"Shiro is your Hollow I take it?" Grimmjow didn't really need to ask, but thought it was better that than assume something wrong.

Ichigo nodded, "Yeah, he is the reason I made it this far. He took over while I was pregnant, he made sure we had sustenance and shelter. He is the reason I knew not to move, even when you came in." Ichigo clenched his eyes shut again, that one was a little stronger than the last. "You need to take him, I feel like I need to push, but the other babies are too high up, Shiro was right."

"We need to cut his cord, you are probably going to need some room to move," Grimmjow halted him before he could get too far. Quickly ripping three strips of fabric off his sleeve he tied off the cord in two places, using the third strip to neatly sever the cord.

Cuddling his son in his hands, he watched as Ichigo slid forward, once more kneeling but not supporting himself with his hands. Ichigo waited for the next muscle clenching contraction, he gave a series of soft pushes until he heard a wet plop and felt another rush of fluid leave with the afterbirth. He felt the next baby drop down with the placenta from the first baby out of the way. "Not much time… next baby… bury that… give me… baby." Ichigo forced out, his contractions coming back full force with the engagement of the next baby.

Grimmjow wasn't sure Ichigo could hold onto the baby through the pain, but he knew what Ichigo meant. Clean up from this birth before the next one decided to come. Seeing Ichigo hold out his arms, Grimmjow caved, and handed the still softly crying child to his beta. Ichigo shushed the baby, rocking him gently. Giving Grimmjow a pointed look, yes he could handle it for a few contractions, but he better hurry up.

Grimmjow quickly dug a shallow pit in order to bury the evidence of the first birth, watching out of the corner of his eye as Ichigo squirmed around trying to find a comfortable position while holding onto his son.

"Ungh," Ichigo vocalized, feeling the baby drop even more, being upright speeding up the process, "Hurry." Grimmjow didn't have to be told twice.

"Give him back, I will wrap him up and he can rest while his siblings are born." Grimmjow encouraged, taking the baby from Ichigo's arms. He removed his own jacket, doing his best to wipe off the baby and get him wrapped up.

Ichigo was hunching over his abdomen, groaning with the next contraction, feeling the familiar pressure build between his legs. Not wanting to pull Grimmjow away from his son until the baby was comfortable Ichigo didn't tell him when the pressure finally let up and his water broke again. Though he was sure the pained whimper when the second baby crowned should have drawn his attention. The next contraction had an urge to push with it so strong all thoughts of gentle vanished as gravity helped the baby come down.

Grimmjow got his son wrapped and settled, turned around, and he saw Ichigo kneeling as he panted, the second head completely out. Returning to his beta he saw the panicked look in Ichigo's eyes, "Its alright, this one is smaller than the first, that's why it's coming so fast." He soothed.

"Nnah, ugh, damn hurts so bad…" Ichigo was beyond coherent words at this point, the speed of his second baby's decent sending him into mild shock.

Grimmjow knelt down in front of Ichigo, leaning forward so he could catch this one, "Lean on me if you need to, push when you feel the urge." He felt Ichigo lean forward, putting his weight on him, this close Grimmjow could feel the tensing of Ichigo's muscles as the contraction rippled through him and he pushed. The baby slithered out of Ichigo with a faint mew, the first baby paved the way for the smaller infant.

"We have a daughter," Grimmjow told him, passing Ichigo their newest baby.

Ichigo smiled softly, "She looks like me." He played with a lock of her damp orange hair, not sure what to think when she also had a tail, this one thicker with a jagged red stripe like his own when in full Hollow form. She let out a hearty scream to clear her lungs, before settling against his chest, lulled by his heartbeat.

"We better get her and you ready, she came a little too fast for us, I don't want to be caught in such a surprise for the next one." Grimmjow remarked, Ichigo nodding in agreement.

Grimmjow made quick work of his daughter's cord, Ichigo giving a few pushes to deliver the afterbirth. As he grunted and heard the plop he realized it had taken more time to deliver the afterbirth than the baby. As Grimmjow took care of their little girl he quickly got back on his hands and knees because that was a gentler way to deliver the third baby than how his daughter had entered the world.

That's when he felt it. The slow build of pressure signaling the third baby was coming, but something just felt off. Not like the other two. He couldn't place it, and in the middle of a contraction, couldn't voice it. He whimpered his frustration, Grimmjow hearing the subtle change from pain to worry, "What's wrong?"

Ichigo shuddered, and shook his head, finally feeling the contraction recede, "Don't know, something doesn't feel the same with this one."

Grimmjow narrowed his eyes, running his hands along Ichigo's smaller, but still swollen belly. He pressed the sore flesh gently, probing for any thing that might be off, it didn't take long, "Ichigo the baby is backwards, it's head is up here." Grimmjow said, pressing near Ichigo's navel.

Ichigo gasped in fear, his eyes flashing amber again as his Hollow, Shiro, came forward to calm him. "Is the baby lying sideways, or just upside down?" The odd echoing quality of his voice told Grimmjow he was not talking to Ichigo right then.

Grimmjow prodded a bit more, making Ichigo wince, and pausing when a contraction rippled through the muscle. "Just upside down, not sideways."

"Good, Ichigo is strong, he can handle a breach, tell him to go slow and push like he did with the first. I will do what I can internally to keep the baby going until he can get the baby out. This one is bigger than the first don't let him hurt himself. The baby will be alright, but if he tears himself open they could both get hurt." Shiro was definitely in charge, and the way he was talking, Ichigo couldn't hear him.

"Why are you doing this?" He didn't know anything about the entity that shared a soul with his beta.

"Because he is the King, but these are our children, part of me in them too. Now your child wants out, remember what I said." Shiro warned, receding to the background, leaving only the eyes as a sign he was watching over the process.

"Ichigo did you hear?" Grimmjow asked before he lost him to a contraction. Ichigo shook his head weakly in reply. "The baby is going to be ok, you need to calm down and push slowly. Shiro said this one is big, you could both get hurt if you push too fast." Grimmjow informed, watched his muscles tense.

"Don't let…him get… hurt," Ichigo mumbled through the now familiar pain of a contraction. His water still hadn't broken for this baby, more pressure than pain was involved and he wanted it over with.

"I will do all I can, for both of you." Grimmjow promised, beginning to kneed the tight muscles of Ichigo's back again, it seemed to give his beta a little relief anyway.

Ichigo started to rock back and forth, as he had done through most of his early labor, he felt the odd sensation of this one moving deeper inside of him. There was no doubt this was not going to be the same as his previous deliveries. He groaned and whimpered as the contractions came, and the pressure grew and grew, for the first one he'd had Grimmjow's arrival to distract him, and the second was so fast there wasn't much lead-time. This one seemed to be taking its time.

Three contractions later, he got the urge to push, but doing so with his water intact caused tears to come to his eyes, dear Kami it hurt. "Grimm… help me…please…pressure too much…" Ichigo didn't know what he was asking for, but it was too painful to take.

"You want me to try and break your water?" Grimmjow asked, seeing the glistening membrane beginning to bubble at the entrance to the birth canal. Ichigo nodded, desperately trying to keep himself from crying, he was so tired after delivering two babies already.

Grimmjow didn't know exactly what he was doing. He had seen births before, as an Adjuchas he was a strong alpha and abandoned betas flocked to him. This was different though, this was his beta and his child, if he messed up it was his loss. Knowing just reaching in and poking the bag might hurt the baby, he gently pulled the membrane away from the emerging baby, using his sharp nails he punctured the bag, releasing his hold on the membranes he was rewarded with a gush of fluid and Ichigo's sigh of relief.

"Alright Ichigo, last one, go ahead and push." Grimmjow urged as he saw the muscles clench for a contraction.

Ichigo dug his fists into the sand, both to help him push and to hold him back from going all out. He needed to control himself, he could feel how tightly constricted the baby was coming through his pelvis, by the end of the contraction he hadn't made much progress, but any faster and he would risk his baby. Breathing deeply, he felt Grimmjow's hands on his back and sides, trying to ease his pain.

Grimmjow could see the baby's bottom on the next push, "I can see the baby Ichigo, you are doing fine, remember Shiro is helping, it will be alright." He reassured, seeing how difficult it was for Ichigo to hold back.

Two more pushes and the legs were freed, they had another little boy, "Half way there Ichigo, keep going just like that."

Ichigo smiled tiredly at that, but he knew the last part would be the hardest, getting the head out. Another contraction tore through him, he gritted his teeth and pushed, a strong, steady push that had his baby out to the top of his shoulders, Grimmjow carefully supporting his body.

Ichigo didn't push the next contraction, he was gathering his breath, he gave a half-hearted shove, but didn't make any progress. When he felt he had his breath back, he bore down with the pain, once again attempting to smooth out the pressure so he delivered his son without hurting him.

Grimmjow felt his son slowly creep into his arms, and with a heart-stopping yowl, the baby announced his birth. Grimmjow stared down and smiled at his son, feeling Ichigo slowly lower himself to the ground, all energy gone from him. "Ichigo I know why this one came backwards." He said softly, wondering if Ichigo was still awake.

"Hmm?" He wouldn't be sleeping until the last of the afterbirth was taken care of. "Why?"

"Because our youngest son has your mask, if he had come out head first he might have ripped you to shreds." He ran his finger along the mask, noticing the way it was flush with the baby's jaw, but jutted above his forehead meant coming out backwards was better for Ichigo, even if it did scare them.

"Correction, he has my mask," The Hollow voice coming from Ichigo shouldn't have surprised him, "King is resting, I will be taking care of the aftermath, he has done enough. What are you planning to do with us now that your children are here?" Shiro barely felt the contractions coming to their shared body to expel the final afterbirth, he was more interested in their long term safety.

"You are coming back to Los Noches with me, Aizen is dead, Gin and Tosen aren't there anymore. It will only be a few Espada. You are one of us now, my Beta, you and the children will be safe there. Nel will be happy to see you I'm sure." Grimmjow had decided what he was going to do the moment he had seen the odd look on Ichigo's face when he felt the first child start coming. He was so excited for his baby, and yet so scared that Grimmjow would harm them he tried to stop himself from delivering. Any beta willing to go that far to protect their young deserved honorable treatment.

"Are we truly your Beta, or just a brood mare?" Shiro asked sharply, his reply harsher then expected as he forced their body to finish the delivery.

"I won't lie and say I would take you in whether those kids were mine or not, but they are, and Ichigo was willing to protect them from their own sire in whatever way he could. That makes you a damn good Beta in my opinion. I won't leave you vulnerable that's for damn sure. If it weren't for Aizen I would have been beside you the whole time not just for the end." Grimmjow explained, his normal cocky attitude returning now that he didn't have a laboring mate to comfort.

"All right, then we will go with you for now. I can't look after the four of us alone, I could give it a good try, but not while constrained by King's body. Speaking of which, if you could carry me away from the children I can do something to heal King." Shiro had no problem making what was undoubtedly a demand.

Grimmjow did as asked, picking up Ichigo's sore and battered body, carrying him away from where the three children napped together curled up in his large jacket.

Backwards might have been the best way, but the mask had still caused damage, and the first two hadn't come quietly either. Ichigo was riddled with pain and lacerations. Wounds it would normally take weeks to heal, but when Grimmjow sat Shiro down, the Hollow started to slowly transform their body. Spreading out the process so he didn't accidently make himself pass out. Grimmjow had no clue what Shiro was doing by transforming, that was until he realized that as a full Hollow Ichigo had regenerative powers.

Shiro only stayed transformed for a few minutes before letting the body peel off like an egg shell, revealing a much healthier looking Ichigo.

"Come on Beta, lets get you some clothes and then we can properly meet our children." Grimmjow finally broke the silence, leading Ichigo back to their children and the pile of clothing Ichigo must have thrown off when his labor got too intense.