My story was influenced by a fan-made masterpiece that touched my heart.

The picture is called Why Are You Crying Faker? by Kycha. It may give away some of the story, so you might want to see the picture once you finish reading it. Just search the name of it on google images or your search engine

Disclaimer: Shadow, say the disclaimer.

Shadow: No

Me: Please?

Shadow: Still no

Sonic: Come on Shads

Shadow: Don't call me that, faker

Sonic: You may not want to call me that

Shadow: Why not, FAKER?

Sonic: *whispers very seductively in Shadow's ear* Because it looks like this is going to be another Sonic and Shadow pairing, cutie

Shadow: *smirks and pulls Sonic's body up against his* Well then let's practice together

Me: Woah, ok I do not own STH


"-no matter how long you struggle, your resistance is FUTILE!" Sonic muffled through a mouth full of chili dogs.

"Go! Go! Munch! Munch! Chew! Chew! Come on, Sonic, you can do it!" Tails, Amy, and Knuckles chanted as they surrounded the hero of Mobius.

A bead of sweat trickle down Sonic's neck. Extending his jaws just a little wider, he managed to fit 3 more chili dogs in his already crammed mouth.

He stood up from his chair, and slammed a fist down onto the circular table.


Sonic's friends got up from their seats while whooping and chearing for Sonic.

"Seventeen and a half chili dogs! Must be a new record." Knuckles chuckled. Tails just gaped in awe as Amy squealed-half appalled, and half impressed.

It was a beautiful Spring noon, and the 4 friends were eating lunch at some public tables next to a chili dog stand. Then, of course Tails asked Sonic how many chili dogs he could fit in his mouth at once, and...that's basically how Sonic figured out he could munch on seventeen and a half chili dogs at the same time.

"Alrighty then, let's all go back to my house." Sonic choked down the chili dogs. Everyone agreed with Sonic, so after tipping the man at the chili dog stand, they made their way to Sonic's house.

Sonic opened the front door to his house to find Silver and Blaze smooching away like star strucked lovers on his couch.

"Eww! Silver!" Tails joked as he entered the home.

"Wh-what? Oh hey guys!" Silver blushed madly as if he just noticed they were there.

"Wow, you guys should have gone with us. You wouldn't believe how ridiculous Sonic can be!" Knuckles gave Silver a friendly punch on the shoulder.

"Yeah!Youshould'veseenhim!Ohmygodthatsalot!Orisitnot?Idontknowiguess-oh hi Blaze!" Amy squeaked.

Sonic groaned. Amy was a real pain sometimes.

"Great timing to come back." Blaze teased.

"Yeah well, me and Blaze just wanted to have a little bit of 'us' time." Silver explained.

"Silver-!" Blaze playfully shoved her boyfriend, clearly embarrassed.

Knuckels sat down on the couch next to the couple to watch some TV, Tails went to the kitchen to probably get a drink, and wherever the hell Amy went, I don't know :P

"Well I'm gonna try to get Shadow out of his house for once. He hasn't come out of there for weeks" Sonic said and dashed out the door.

"Good luck with that." Knuckles mumbled under his breath.


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