The snow fell furiously outside. The sky was dark, and a blanket of white covered everything it came into contact with. The wind howled and moaned, rattling the house.

Two figures were curled up under a blanket on the couch. Burning logs crackled merrily in the fireplace, warming the house. The lights were dimmed and gave the den an overall romantic and cozy atmosphere.

The first figure had a book nestled in his hands. His tousled wheaten hair stuck up at odd angles, giving him a boyish appearance, and his deep green eyes were half-closed in concentration, scanning the pages left to right.

The other person had his arms wrapped around the younger male's waist. His long, silky, wavy golden hair was tied back loosely, and his sapphire eyes sparkled contentedly. The older man's head was resting on the other's shoulder.

"Francis, sod off," Arthur swatted Francis's face back as the Frenchman began planting kisses on his partner's neck.

"I am simply showing love for my husband, non?" Francis commented, his smile turning up mischievously at the ends. "Does that mean my husband does not love me? Oh, what a cruel, cold world!" Francis placed his hands on his heart and turned his head away dramatically.

Arthur rolled his eyes and closed his book. He tossed it carelessly on the floor and scooted closer to Francis. He hugged him tightly and kissed his cheek. Arthur grumbled, "You're too dramatic for your own good, Francis."

Francis smiled and kissed Arthur tenderly. "I love you, mon petit lapin," he said softly.

"I love you too, frog," Arthur mumbled.

Francis chuckled and ran his fingers through Arthur's soft, short hair.

Arthur stifled a yawn with his hand and stretched. "I'm tired," he murmured.

"Then go to sleep," Francis returned.

"Not without you," Arthur kissed Francis on the cheek.

Francis laughed softly and sat up, nestling Arthur in his lap. "Do you want to sleep here or upstairs in the bed?" he asked.

"What do you think?" Arthur scoffed.

"The bedroom it is," Francis chirped. He stood up and carried Arthur bridal style in his arms.

"Damn it, stop holding me like a girl!" Arthur screeched. A furious shade of scarlet had bloomed on his face. Truth be told, however, Arthur secretly enjoyed being held like this. It made him feel more loved than usual. Despite his protest, Arthur snuggled in Francis's chest.

Francis merely laughed and kissed Arthur's forehead tenderly. When they got to the bedroom, he laid Arthur down on the bed gently and immediately curled up next to him. Francis wrapped his arms around the younger man's waist. He chuckled softly when he heard Arthur squeak in surprise.

Arthur allowed a few minutes of cuddling before grabbing the covers and pulling them over him. Francis followed suit and scooted even closer. He kissed his husband's cheek.

"Bonsoir, mon chou," Francis whispered before closing his eyes.

Arthur rolled onto his side so that now he was facing the Frenchman. He scooted up and pressed a chaste but loving kiss the older male's lip.

"Good night, frog," Arthur yawned. "And I'm not a cabbage," he mumbled as an afterthought.

Francis smiled softly, his eyes still closed. "It means creampuff too, you know," he murmured into Arthur's ear. But his retort fell on deaf ears. Francis could hear Arthur's soft snoring and feel his heavy, even breaths.

Francis ran his fingers through Arthur's short hair and kissed him again. He smiled and let himself relax. Soon, Francis found himself in the realm of dreams and comfortably asleep.

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