The news was good for Harry. What was he thinking it was bloody great. Tonks was mad about him. He had thought on how everyone would take the news. Hermione, Lupin, and Ron would be happy for him. Mrs. Weasly would definitely disapprove and try to get them apart. And then there was Ginny. Mrs. Weasly had craftily planned for Ginny to be with Harry. To be honest Ginny was too busy acting like a Scarlett woman to focus on Harry. And when she did, she only saw Harry for his fame and wealth. She wouldn't even care to get to know him. And then a scary thing popped into to his head.

What if tonks too only loved him for his fame?

"Harry you okay?" came his father.

"It's…. It's just that what if…. What if Tonks only loves me for my fame and fortune like Ginny?"

It was James's turn to think. It was only cut short by a scoff from Sirius.

"Harry you have got nothing to worry about. She has loved you for a while now. Remember that night that she and the rest of the Order had came to pick you up"


"That night she saw she told me that you yourself had been looking "Hot" for a boy hat had just turned fifteen"

Harry chuckled "Yeah, I heard that scrawny and depressed is the new "sexy"."

"Okay I'll ignore your comment just to continue. She had admitted that you looked good. Then when you came back for winter break when Arthur was attacked by nigini, you had been depressed and Anti-social. She had been crushed to see you like this. It was here that she knew that her crush might be something more than any regular crush. She had told me herself that she might be in love with you. Then came the business with the Department of Mysteries. She had this plan that after school was out that she convinces her love to you. But that was disrupted when the order had heard word that you in the department of mysteries. Tonks was the first one that wanted to rush to your aid. I was even shocked. After I died, I lingered in a ghost form but was invisible to all. I followed you until you flooed back to Hogwarts. And might I add you did well fending old moldy wart out of you."

"Yes I am also proud. You did better than I ever could imagine." Came James.

"Thanks." He turned to Sirius. "Continue"

"I then followed Tonks into . When she awoke she knew that she had failed in protecting me. Then she had this thought that for not protecting me from my dear bitch cousin that you would never love her. She cried for hours on end. I so wanted to tell her it would be okay, but she would not hear me nor see me. Then when she got out she came back to grimmauld on leave to get over grieving. It was a couple days that the only thing she would do was cry and stay sad. Then came Dumbledore. He had flooed over saying that you." He had pointed at Harry "Were inflicting self-harm. Tonks heart nearly broke. She went hysteric. She had a look of anxiety in her eyes. Dumbledore had managed to calm her down. He had told her that he had told both the Weaslys and Moony this and that they were on their way because Dumbledore was bringing Harry back to grimmauld. But it was then my time was up and I went back up there" Sirius had said pointing up from wherever they were. "But from what I had heard you really sent her into a deep anxiety and depression mood."

Harry felt… well he couldn't describe what he felt. Guilt, sadness, need, he couldn't describe any of it. It was all built up and so raw he didn't know what to feel. He looked from wherever he was and then back to his father and godfather.

"I need to go. I need to hear those words from her"

"We understand. But the next time we find you here we are bringing your mother you understand." Said James

"Yes." Replied Harry with a quick nod.

"Now goodbye and go to her now." Said Sirius.

The next thing Harry knew he was awake in a hospital room. It was empty. He had his wrist connected to an IV. His cuts were almost fully healed they were now just raw lines in his skin.

He sat up. Slowly and carefully Harry got dressed. But came another obstacle. How was he to get his shirt on with an IV stuck in his arm?

Then very slowly he had taken it out. It was painful as hell, but to hear Tonks say those words it was all going to be worth it. He had on his jacket when a door opened and in came Hermione. She gave a tiny scream. Then Harry covered her mouth with his hand. He put a hand to his lips and shushed her.

"Where's Tonks? Grimmauld? Just nod to answer."

Hermione nodded.

"Okay forgive me for this but I'm going to tie you up and bind your mouth shut"

Hermione's face was with pure shock.

"Hey, I want to be the one that tells Tonks I'm awake."

Harry put the body bind curse on her and gagged her with her scarf and silently crept out of the hospital.

When he was completely out he headed for the nearest underground stop and rode the train home. When he arrived at grimmauld he found it to be almost dead silent. Harry checked his watch. It was three in the afternoon. It wouldn't be long before they find Hermione and tell everyone. He climbed the stairs to Tonks room. He put his ear to the door. It was the most horrible sound for him to hear. Tonks crying.

"He's left me I know it. He left because I didn't protect Sirius." Then came a hiccup. "I'm useless. Nobody will ever love me. All I ever do is disappoint." Another sob. "I'll die alone, I will never be loved" then came the heartbreaking crying. He couldn't take it. It will be done.

He opened the door silently and peaked in. Tonks was sitting on her bed holding her knees and crying. He silently walked over to the bed and stood in front of her.

"You have got it all wrong. You're not going to die alone. You're not useless. And as sure as hell you are loved." Said Harry

Tonks head shot up her tears suddenly changed from tears of sorrow to tears of joy. She clung onto harry. Never wanting to let go. Then Harry broke the embrace to hold her chin and just kiss her. She was a tears for finally having him. He was at tears for finally being loved. It was all going to be well for the both of them.

AN: Finally. It took ages for me but they kiss. I've been trying to make it look all angst and romantic so it's been a challenge. My original idea was for harry to walk in on Tonks about to hang herself but that made me sound so suicidal for writing this. But still it worked in the end. PLEASE REVIEW!

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