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Chapter 2

I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all

"Well this is an odd little ditty!" the Doctor giggled picking up one of the swirly, pop out menus. They were standing in the lobby of the restaurant they had entered taking a good look at everything. Brandi noted how easily the Doctor was distracted, always needing to pick something up, and look at it. They failed to notice however that they had guests behind them. Zack however did, and felt himself blush in sheer embarrassment. He turned to the boy with curly brown hair,

"Sorry about them, they're a little" Zack paused as he stared at the Doctor and Brandi, "Odd…"

"S'alright, they remind me of my, erm, friend." He nodded toward the right. Zack turned and saw a tall man in black jeans, and a black button down shirt, with wild curly black hair, and a pain of neon green Ray Bans perched on top of his head, peering closely at the wood work. He smirked, the man appeared to be talking to the wood or whatever this building was made of, he turned back to the other guy.

"So what brings you here?" but he wasn't listening to Zack, he was staring at something. Zack followed his gaze and landed on a tall man with a bow tie and floppy hair. "Do you know him?" The guy simply stared, then, he seemed to snap out of it.

"I'm sorry!" he ran off to his friend in a panic. Zack saw how the man's eyes widened at the sight of the bow-tie clad man but didn't have time to ponder as the aforementioned man was making his way over to him. He had a big grin on his face and stuck out his hand.

"Hello! I'm the Doctor!" Zack frowned.

"No you're not." The grin slipped of the so called Doctor's face.

"Yes I am." He insisted.

"No, you can't be bec—"Suddenly, the real Doctor jumped in.

"Of course he is! Of course you are!" the fake Doctor smiled.


"How is he the Doctor?" Brandi asked.

"How are you Brandi?" The real Doctor retorted, "Anyway, It's quite simple."

"Is it?" Zack asked, "Please explain then."

"There are three Doctors."

"What?" Zack and Brandi exclaimed. The curly haired man came over, as if he'd been listening the entire time, his two friends following behind him.

"Of course! I was a bit befuddled when I saw my past self, but may I ask how are there 3 Doctors? I only count two." The strange man commented. Zack felt his head start to pound.

"Wait, I'm lost. There are 3 of you?" a man with brown hair and a large nose turned to ask Bow-Tie.

"Yes Rory, keep up! But I too am intrigued, who is the 3rd Doctor?"

"Well, you're eleven, he's twelve, and I'm thirteen!" The real Doctor exclaimed. The two fake Doctors stared. Eleven took in this-this impostor. How could this be thirteen? There was no way he was a woman. Yet there stood a woman claiming to be a future version of him. She had long ginger hair, hair he always wanted and she got, slender legs clad in deep red tights and tiny denim shorts on top, a vintage Clash t-shirt with a striped, button down sweater vest on top, and a scarf hanging loosely around her neck. And by gods she was wearing the exact same boots that covered his feet.


"You're a woman?


"Oh, the mind wanders!"


"Sorry Sweetie." They all stood awkwardly for a moment, not quite sure what to say. Finally Amy broke the silence,

"So, you're a woman?"

"YES! A female, with girly bits and the like." Thirteen said for what felt like the hundredth time.

"But, Isn't it weird?" Twelve asked, a hand gripping the roots of his hair as he stared at her.

"Actually no, I've always been there. You know how they say 'there's a woman inside of all of us', well its true. I showed up the most in Eleven," Eleven's face twisted at that, "Oh come one, can't stand to see children cry? That was so me! Nine would have ditched the kid as soon as possible, and there is no way he would have let Amy and Rory travel with him. He was the manliest of us all. Even Ten would have been a bit wary of them. And getting married? Please, you didn't even want to marry Rose, and now you have a family, Mr. 'I Don't Do Domestic'. I definitely showed up the most in you! But, I was just tickled pink when I got my own body, of course I didn't feel like I'd ever been a man, more like, I had twelve older brothers who have all finally moved out leaving me free to shine! It's quite nice; I have developed a shoe fetish as bad as his hat fetish. I never wear them; I just have a lot of shoes. And the things you can do with this body!" Thirteen giggled, throwing River a flirty look "I won't go into details," She winked at Twelve who was starting to resemble a tomato or a bright red apple.

"Right, well, that's interesting," The other boy, Zack failed to discover who he was, said.

"Ok, well who is everyone? I'm assuming you know us, but we don't know you! However, just in case you don't, Amy, Rory, River, Doctor!" Eleven said clapping his hands together.

"Well, I'm Zack; I'm from St. Albans, England that is."

"I'm Brandi, I'm from Florida-Earth Florida, and St. Albans"


"Liam." He was the other guy with the Doctor and Archer.

"And that's every one? Yes? Good!" Twelve nodded, "Now, what the hell do we do?" Everyone just stood there, no one really sure what they should be doing. Finally Archer spoke,

"Figure out why exactly we are here. That's what I think." Everyone hummed in approval except for River.

"Or we could solve this newer problem first."

"What are you talking about?" Amy asked. River pointed at the group that had just entered. All the Doctors paled, number 10 and crew were coming straight for them.

"Oh, great, now I have to explain this again." Thirteen grumbled.

"Hello, me and my friends here are lost, and well we just were wondering…" Twelve cut him off,

"Actually Doctor, I think its best you stick with us."

"Says who?" Ten slid into defensive mode.

"Says us," Eleven piped in.

"It's for your own good really," Thirteen added.

"And how would you know what's best for us?" Rose demanded.

"Simple," Eleven, Twelve, and Thirteen glanced at each other, an identical grin making its way on their faces. Then in unison,

"I'm the Doctor!" Thirteen giggled, as Twelve and Eleven grinned broadly.


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