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Pairing: Loki/Darcy. Thor/Jane. Others mentioned.

Summary: Darcy should know that one-night stands never stay that way. Especially when said one-night stand is her best friend's soon to be brother-in-law. And best man to her maid-of-honor. Awkward. AU.

Everything is relative


When you're happy like a fool

Let it take you over

When everything is out

You gotta take it in

Oh this has gotta be the good life

This has gotta be the good life

This could really be a good life, good life

OneRepublic- Good life

Darcy spends three glorious weeks in San Francisco. She makes the trek to Los Angeles and San Diego for a change of scenery but she always ends up coming back home to her parents' open arms. They get high a few times (seriously, thank God for hippie liberal parents). She makes small talk with long lost classmates (she still doesn't like them, but, meh, you can't win them all) and with each passing day, the pain in her heart eases away.

It's when she wakes up to white fog one morning on her third week there; she realizes that she misses Jane, Natasha, Steve, Clint and (yes, even) Tony. It's then she decides it's time to go back to New York. She even acknowledges that she misses Loki because despite how she left things, she really does want him in her life, because he makes her laugh and he really does have talented hands, but most of all because he's Jane's brother-in-law and she's Jane's best friend. They're bound to see each other sooner or later.

She tells her parents at breakfast that it's time for her to go back. Her father nods slowly, tells her that he's so so proud of the person she's become and how she'll always be their little girl. Darcy gets teary eyed because she misses this-she misses them and somehow she'll never get enough of her parents. (Her heart aches for the kids who don't know complete and utter acceptance like she does). Her mother's lip trembles and she throws her arms around Darcy and squeezes.

Her mother helps her pack. They're folding her shirts and listening to Billie Holiday croon through the dust old record player that's probably a hundred years old but still works perfectly. The room is full of laughter and memories, when her mother stops laughing and sits on the bed.

Leah Lewis is a beautiful woman even nearing fifty years old. Her wild black untamable hair is pulled up in a messy ponytail. Her blue eyes are clear and friendly and her body still has the curvy appeal (and damn it, Darcy sincerely hopes she looks like her mom when she turns fifty). "You sure you're ready to do this?" Her mother asks her, smoothing her hands over the bed covers.

Her mother knows everything. That first night in San Francisco, her mother crawled into bed with her, wrapped her arms around Darcy, kissed the top of her head and Darcy told her everything. They didn't sleep that night. They spent it talking in hushed whispers and Darcy's pretty sure that she cried a little bit and she's pretty sure her mom cried a little bit, but then her mom pulled her tighter and told her, "everything will be alright. Everything will be okay. And if it's not, well, you're father always did like New York and beating up your ex-boyfriends. So really, it's a win-win."

Darcy shakes herself out of the memory, smiles at her mother and nods. "Yeah. Yeah, I think I'm ready. This has been a more than nice break but real life beckons."

Her mom laughs and cocks her head to the side, "you know, when I first found out I was pregnant with you, I was terrified. I mean, I was totally and completely out of my mind. Your father, he was composed and calm and so excited but me? I was terrified I would screw you over. I was terrified that you'd hate me and that I'd do a horrible job raising you." She sighs and smiles crookedly at Darcy, "Sometimes, I wonder if I did anything wrong. I see all these other mothers and how they act and I think 'shit, did Darcy miss out on anything?' and that thought scares me."

"Mom," Darcy's voice breaks and she clears her throat. "You and dad, you did great. More than great, awesome. I would never ever trade my childhood or you guys for anything."

Her mom gets up, hugs Darcy and kisses her head. "I know. I stopped doubting myself when you beat up those three girls all those years ago. You know, you're exactly like you're father, both so ready to take on the world and I just get my energy, my strength from the two of you." She pulls back and looks pointedly at Darcy, "but those tits? Oh honey, those are all mine."

Darcy laughs loudly and pulls her mother back to her.

She talks to Jane and Natasha every day and Jane squeals with delight when she hears that Darcy is coming back. As soon as she hangs up with Jane, Tony calls and tells her that he can have the jet ready for her. Darcy thanks him but tells him it's not necessary. She wants to be surrounded by people. She wants to talk to people who don't know her, she wants to scoff at people who are rude and she wants to be around people who just don't give a shit.

He pauses and calls her a plebian and Darcy laughs because hey, at least something's never change.

Her mother weeps at the airport and Darcy hugs both of her parents before she leaves. As soon as she's past security, she turns around to see both her parents standing in the same spot she left them in, arms wrapped around each other and her mother's head leaning against her father's shoulder for support.

She wants a love like that. She knows that she'll get a love like that. It won't be today. It won't even be tomorrow but it'll be someday.

And that's good enough for Darcy.

She hears Clint before she sees him.

"Can you see her?"

"No." Thor answers.

"Well…can you see her now?"

"Clint," Natasha says through clenched teeth, "shut-up."

"It's not my fault I'm kind of vertically challenged."

Jane starts to say something before she sees her and Darcy can hear the shriek that makes people stop dead in their tracks and suddenly Darcy's arms are full of Jane.

"You know," Tony says, his sunglasses still on his face, "I have no idea why I consider you guys my friends."

"You love us." Darcy says quickly, she pulls him into a hug despite his protests. He hugs her anyways (that big teddy bear).

Clint and Steve sandwich her, "what'd do you get me?" Clint asks excitedly.

Natasha smiles brightly and hugs her tightly.

Thor picks her up and swings her side to side.

"I didn't know I was so loved." Darcy teases as soon as her feet hit the ground.

"Speaking of love," Steve says softly, he guts his chin out and Darcy whirls around to see Loki.

He looks the same. Still tall with black hair and piercing green eyes.

"Right." Jane says clapping her hands, "we'll be…what I mean is that…or you know what? We'll be over there."

They shuffle further to the side, leaving her and Loki standing in front of each other and in the middle of everyone else at JFK Airport. "Hi." She breathes.

He smiles lightly. "Hi. How was your trip?"

"It was good." She responds. "It was really good."

There's a slight pause when he starts talking again. "I'm a private man. I don't like sharing and maybe I could have handled the situation differently. Maybe if I'd been upfront about everything, things would be different, but here's the thing, I don't regret it. I do regret making you cry. That was never my intention but I'm a private man and you're not a private woman and I truly love that about you, that you can be so candidly honest and this probably isn't what you expected-"

"Actually," Darcy interrupts, "this is kind of exactly what I expected. I know I overreacted, I mean, the chick obviously did a number on you and you're not over it which is normal. I think I'd probably be worried if you were over it. And I get that you're a private man and I respect that, I really do. I don't want to change you."

He lets out a small laugh and runs his hands through his hair. "We've made a right mess, haven't we?"

She shakes her head. "Nah, this is fixable." She blows a few strands of hair out of her eyes and bites her lip. "I think we got off on the wrong foot. Actually, I'm pretty sure it was a mind-blowing but probably not how we should have started it, so I'm like, I don't know, invoking the rules of parlay or something." At his quizzical stare, Darcy shrugs, "my mind is still a bit jet-lag and I have no idea what the word I'm looking for is but I do know I'm not calling it a truce because we know we can't get that right-and don't judge! I just watched Pirates of the Caribbean. How about we start over…as friends." She pauses, "Oh! Compromise! It's called a compromise. Right?"

And Loki laughs and it's like a harmony, so soothing. "Yes. Yes, I suppose we can use compromise."

Darcy grins and sticks out her hand. "Hi! I'm Darcy Lewis, Jane's bitch and yes, these-" she says as she points to her breasts, "are real."

He puts his hand in hers and pumps it twice. "Loki Odinson. Thor's better-at-everything little brother-" "Hey!" "and no, my accent, is not fake. You know, I do really like you and maybe someday, when we're both ready, we'll give this-us-another shot."

"Oh," Darcy says seriously, "dude, I'm counting on it."

"Seriously?" Clint calls out, "this is what I came here for? No bitch slapping, no crying, no gouging eyes-OW! Tony, what the fuck man?"

Darcy shakes her head, grabs hold of her luggage and shrugs her shoulders. "You'll get used to us eventually." She tells Loki.

He smiles, "looking forward to it."

"Me too."

She falls into step with Jane and Natasha as they walk through the airport to their respective vehicles. They're laughing, Clint is arguing, Tony is mocking him, Steve is rolling his eyes, Thor has his arm wrapped around Jane's shoulder, and Loki, well Loki fuels Clint's argument. "No. No! Dude, that's just wrong. Who the hell likes super villains anyways? Superheroes are where it's at."

"They have no depth." Loki says.

"Who needs depth? They're comics!"

Darcy shakes her head and looks around at her group of friends. Although, she supposes that they're a little more than that. Because for as much as she loves her mother and father, the people in front of her have, for all intents and purposes, become her family away from family. They're her home away from home. "Hey," Darcy calls out, "anyone up for Solomon's?"

She's met with enthusiasm and Clint practically trips over his feet to get to the car. "I call shotgun!"

She looks beside her when Loki comes to stand next to her. "I don't think I'll ever get used to that." He admits.

"Meh, you just end up becoming numb to him. He's like a boomerang. He keeps coming back."

Loki shakes his head and Darcy feels her heart quicken. Okay, so, she's still attracted to him. Who wouldn't be? But she knows what she's doing. He knows what he's doing and maybe someday, they'll actually give their relationship another go. It won't be today. It won't even be tomorrow, but it'll be someday.

And to be honest, that's good enough for Darcy.

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