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Summary: Explains why Bosco'd dad doesn't know his son, and when his parents split.
Rating: PG for violence and child abuse
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1982 New York

" I'm telling you he's never going to learn " Officer Dave Corona growled to his partner Robert Spencer, he thumped the side of the patrol car in aggression.

" Once a junkie always a junkie, if Phil wants to shoot his life down that ain't your responsibility" Rob told his partner calmly and glanced across the car taking his eyes of the road to check on his partner, looking at Rob he drew the car to a halt.

" What? " Dave asked glancing around at the dark night

" Someone in the playground " Rob returned pulling his tall frame from the patrol car and pulling his unkempt black hair out of his eyes and tucking it firmly under his hat.

" What are we doing? " Dave growled his own hat tucked under his arm

" I promised Tracey Thurman I'd keep her playground clear of junkies, "

Dave followed his partner across the cold night and pulled his flashlight from his belt he swept the beam over the play equipment and let it settle on a small bundle at one end. He moved quickly across hard ground and over took his partner who demanded an explanation

" What is it? "

" It's a kid " Dave yelled back as he came to kneel beside the bundle, he heard Rob settle on the other side but never took his eyes of the small face in front of him.

Lying on his side was a small boy of around eleven he was curled up in the fetal position and didn't wake when Dave gently shook him. His face was ablaze with bruises and cuts, the left side of his angelic features was almost completely marred by a large purple bruise and a seeping cut on the cheek, his lip was split and blood was dried on his chin and had dried in rivulets streaming from his nose, finally his right eyebrow was broken by a large gash.

" Central this is 67-Oscar requesting a bus for St Christopher's School playground, patient is a minor with severe head injuries and possible hypothermia " Rob requested urgently into his mike.

Dave checked the boy's pulse, then placed a hand on the boy's forehead

" Dammit Rob he's like ice " he stripped his own jacket off and lay it over the boy's tiny form, Rob followed suit and they ignored the wind's sharp bite as they glanced around the park.

" What do you think? " Rob asked suddenly breaking Dave's glance from the deserted school building,

" Tracey leaves at 8, she checks the place for junkies so he's been here since sometime after that "

" There's no signs of a disturbance he was probably dumped, some asshole scared he'd killed him, or maybe he was snatched off the street but I haven't heard anything about a missing kid in this precinct. " Rob added, he checked the boy's pulse again

" We're going to lose him if that bus doesn't get here soon " He tucked the jackets further up around the boy's chin uncovering the boy's shoes in order to preserve heat around the boy's heart.

" Hey look at this " Dave said and pulled a shoe off the boy's foot, on the sole printed neatly in marker was

" Maurice Boscorelli " Dave sighed and felt for a pulse again

" I think we should take him in ourselves, where three minutes out from St Frances "

" Central can we get an ETA on that bus? " Rob yelled into the mike so the dispatch would understand the desperation of the situation

" ETA on paramedics is 5 minutes " A crackling voice answered

" Roger that dispatch cancel that bus we're transporting the minor to St Frances ourselves " Rob yelled again and Dave gently slipped both hands under the boy making sure he was gentle he lifted the child into the air, as he did Maurice moaned

" It's ok Maurice, we're the police and we are here to help you" Dave soothed to the still unconscious form in his arms, he slid as gently into the passenger seat as he could and shifted the boy in his arms so that he could warm him with his own body heat

" Central, could you patch us through to St Francis? " Rob asked as he slid behind the wheel not waiting for the answer before reeling away from the curb and racing towards the hospital.

" St Francis " A voice called out and Dave grabbed the mike

" NYPD is bringing in a kid, he's hypothermic with head injuries, we're out the front in a minute "

" He slammed the mike back in the cradle and looked down at the small body cradled in his arms

" Don't worry Maurice your going to be ok " He said softly, he pressed his finger against the boy's neck

" Rob, "

" What? " His partner asked as he burst through a gap in traffic

" You need to drive faster " Dave warned, as Rob speed through a set of red lights, Rob glanced at him quickly

" He doesn't have a pulse "

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