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Spoilers: Themes discussed in Childhood memories.

Summary: Explains why Bosco's dad doesn't know his son, and when his parents split.

Rating: PG for violence and child abuse

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Rob blew into his hands and looked up at the heavy door in front of him, a few minutes ago they had heard a woman scream and now they could hear someone coming towards the door.

The door opened still on the chain and a heavyset man with thick brown hair peered out between the crack

" What do you want? " He growled and the Detective stepped forward

" Michael Boscorelli? " The Detective asked and the man shook his head

" Never heard of him" The man spat out and moved to shut the door, the Detective shoved his foot between the doorframe and the open door,

" We need to ask you some questions about a kidnapping earlier tonight may we come in? " He spoke politely and smiled trying to fool Michael into thinking everything was all right.

" Look my kids are asleep come back tomorrow," Michael told the detective but the detective shook his head

" It's best if we do this now it's very important " The man behind the door sighed in defeat and moved to shut the door again the detective's foot stayed where it was.

" You're going to have to move ya foot if you want to come in, " Michael spat at him and the detective slipped his foot out of the doorframe.

The heavy door swung shut and opened fully a moment later, the detective, Rob and Dave moved into the small house.

" I'm Detective Harrison, is your wife home? " Harrison asked introducing himself but purposely not naming the two uniformed men he stood with in case the boy they were looking for had told his Father about them.

The older Boscorelli said nothing for a minute just shot a quick glance to a closed door and jammed his hands deep into the pockets of the coat he was wearing.

" Nah she had to go out and see her Mother the old bag's not doing to good" Michael steered the policemen into the now empty living room.

" Your kids here?" Rob asked looking around and Michael shook his head

" My son's asleep," He explained and Dave looked around the room intently and moved towards the three doors that led off of the small room,

" Which room? " He asked and Michael moved to block the doorway to his son's bedroom

" You leave him out of this and go ahead and ask me your questions" He ordered

" Do you drive a cab?" Harrison asked trying to keep Michael's attention away from Rob who was still moving towards the bedroom,

" No " Michael lied, he moved to turn and look at Rob and make sure he was behaving himself,

" What kind of man beats his son half to death and leaves him alone in a playground? " Dave spat out and Michael turned back to face him anger raging in his deep brown eyes

" Hey I don't know what the hell you're talking about I would never hurt my son" He fired back raising his voice.

Rob pushed open the doorway to the bedroom, the noise from the old hinges causing Michael to turn in anger,

" Hey I told you to stay out of there " Michael yelled as Rob entered the room he followed after the policeman.

Rob flicked on the light and moved towards a figure laying in the bed

" Bosco? " He asked gently and the figure rolled over and a younger version of Bosco peered at him,

" Who are you? " A little voice asked

" Rob, what's your name? " Rob replied before Michael cut him off,

" Mikey go back to sleep " He shouted at the little boy and turned to Rob

" Hey why you gotta wake him up? Get out you're scaring the shit outta him " Rob stared at the other bed in the room the covers were lying bunched at the base of the bed and a nearly empty glass of water stood by the bedside,

" Where's Maurice? " Rob asked angrily and Michael shook his head

" He's with his Mother" Harrison stepped forward catching Michael out in his lie

" I thought you said your name wasn't Boscorelli? " Michael stormed out of the bedroom past the officers

" I want you out of my house now " He demanded shouting and pointed to the front door, the officer's followed him out into where Michael stood fuming in the hallway, Rob gently pulled shut the doorway to the bedroom,

" Where is he? " Dave asked his voice rising with anger,

" Get out!" Michael shouted

" Where's Maurice Michael what did you do to him? " Dave shouted

" I want you out of my house " Michael shouted back

Harrison shook his head

" We're not going anywhere Mr. Boscorelli not until you tell us where Maurice is" Michael stood furious and pointed again at the door,

" Get out of my house " He yelled, Dave noticed the second bedroom door and moved towards it

" Where is he? Is he in here? " He went to open the door, but a quick movement from Michael made him turn suddenly as Michael pulled the gun he had concealed in his coat and waved it around erratically

" Whoa" Rob suddenly called out and moved to un-holster his own weapon

" Don't move " Michael shouted and leveled the gun at Dave,

" We are just trying to help your son Michael, he needs urgent medical attention or he'll die, just tell us where he is and we'll call us even, you'll never see us again" Rob reasoned quietly trying to cut a quick deal with the older man and protect his partner.

" I told you to leave, I warned you " Michael said suddenly his voice very quiet and controlled he smiled and looked at Dave,

" My son's a waste of space he's never going to come to anything good you were wasting your time "

Michael pulled the trigger at the same time a small boy flew across the ground from the kitchen and plowed into his Father somehow using his small weight to knock the older man from his feet.

The shot went wild and caught Dave high up on the outside of his arm instead of the center of his chest. Michael yelled in anger swearing and tried to get back onto his feet but Harrison leapt on Michael knocking the gun from his hand and flipping him onto his back, he wrestled the man' arms around behind his back then slapped the cuffs on harshly.

" Dave!" Rob yelled whilst Harrison wrestled with his prisoner and ran towards his partner who was doubled over grasping at his arm his jaw clenched in pain and blood dripping from between the fingers of the hand he had grasped his wound with.

" You little shit!" Michael roared from the ground at his son Bosco who had remained on the floor the sudden movement needed for his heroic charge having completely drained him, a woman ran from the kitchen to her son.

" Moey " She whispered concerned and sat on the ground next to her gasping son, hauling him into her lap.

" Central this is 47 Oscar I got a man down at my location, I need paramedics out here right away I repeat Officer Down " Harrison yelled into a radio he had grabbed from his belt, he glanced across at Dave and Rob.

" Dave sit down " Rob was ordering Dave who collapsed into a chair, Rob ripped at his partner's coat trying to see the wound his movements frantic and panicked

" Calm down Rob I think it just nicked me but it still hurt like a." He stopped before swearing his gaze settling on Bosco being held in his Mother's lap. The woman had a bloody lip and a large bruise on her cheek and eye and was currently rocking her son gently back and forth gently stroking his back as Bosco tried to get his breathing under control she glanced over at Dave but looked away as soon as eye contact was made.

" Mom? " A small voice asked and Rob turned to see Bosco's brother standing in the doorway to his room,

" It's ok Mikey " Rose whispered and Mikey ran to her coming to a stop behind his Mother upon seeing that her lap was full, he wrapped his arms around his Mother's shoulders and leaned into the side of her face. " It's all right Mikey" She soothed and gave her youngest son a reassuring smile " From now on it's going to be all right "