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Batman free falls for a moment before firing his grappling gun on a building and swinging away. He lands on a rooftop and rolls to soften his landing. He sprints across getting a feel for the new environment. As he is heading toward the penthouse he is currently occupying he sees a group of men chasing after a young man. He trails them from the rooftops.

The boy is running for his life. (Damn, I knew I should not have listened to Darrel. Should have gone home sooner.) This brings forth thoughts of his mother forbidding him to go to the party because it was in a dangerous part of town. He being the ever rebellious child snuck out. He dashes into an alley and to his dismay it's a dead end. Wishing to see his mother again and not caring if he got grounded till he was thirty.

"It seems there is no place to run boy," the gang immediately has the exit blocked.

Feeling a chill run his back he turns to his pursuers, "Please guys I promise I won't tell anyone."

The leader of the gang speaks up, "Well I really want believe you but…" he turns to his companions, "my friends here get a little nervous when there is a chance of someone talking to the cops." He brandishes a gun and aims at him, "Any last words?"

The boy can only stare as the barrel of the gun is directed at him and closes his eyes wishing to be back home in his bed. Suddenly there is flash of bright light and a batarang knocks the gun out of the leader's hand. He yelps and clutches his hand and feels blood rushing from a wound. Suddenly he hears the rest of the gang cry in terror as they are being beaten and tossed around. After what seems like seconds he doesn't hear anything he gingerly opens his eyes to view the area around him. Surrounding him is his gang lying limply in piles. He looks for his gun and finds it and walks towards it and as soon as he bends down to pick it a boot plants itself atop. His gaze slowly turns to look at the formidable figure and he takes a step back, "This isn't your city." He states this as believing it would make the figure disappear. Instead it takes a step towards him and smashes his nose in and landing an uppercut knocking some of his teeth out. He lands unceremoniously on the ground his vision going black.

The boy catches this moment as the gang leader who just a moment ago was pointing a gun at him lie crumpled on the floor. His eyes then direct him to the imposing figure to the side he whispers, "Batman." He suddenly turns around to face him and the boy feels a shiver run through his spine and cursing himself for drawing attention. He tries to explain but stutters; "Go home," he hears him say before departing towards the roof. "Thanks," he manages to say in a low voice to the departing figure.


Karen Starr, head of Starr Enterprises, at the moment presiding in a boring meeting to discuss potential business partners on their next venture. As her mind began to wander hoping to be someplace else someone gave a suggestion, "How about Lex Luthor?" "No!," she reacted with such candor that it surprised her staff. She composed herself quickly, "I mean no, and we are not trying to attract the sort of attention LexCorp usually attracts."

Greg who was a senior analyst persisted, "Miss Starr, LexCorp repr-"

"No," Karen stated more forcefully, "Moving on."

With this the staff resumed to discuss further the topic. Eventually the meeting moved towards plans of the future project. With that it came to a close and her staff proceeded towards the exit. She noticed senior project manager Miranda waiting patiently for everyone to leave.

"What is it Miranda?" she asked dreading to hear more talk on the project.

"Well Karen, I was thinking of possible partners for the project," she enthusiastically responds.

"Of course you were," she had known Miranda for awhile that is why she allowed her to address her by her first name when the others weren't around.

"Have you heard, Bruce Wayne, head of Wayne Enterprises is here," she said this dreamily.

"Yes, he is here to attend a gala of some sort," she responded nonchalantly.

"Ahh, so you heard then," crestfallen that she didn't surprised her, "Wait a minute how did you know that I only found about that this morning?" giving her an inquisitive look.

Startled out of her reverie she recovered quickly, "I run a business Mir, I have to keep an ear on where the big players are," answering with such confidence that brooked no more questions on the subject.

"Anyways how about meeting with Bruce about jointly working on the project?"

"What makes you think Wayne Enterprises has the resources we need?" Karen states.

"WayneTech, has made some incredible advancement in the software and hardware world," with a look of someone who has done her research. "Plus he is so hot," with a barely suppressed grin.

Trying very hard to not roll her eyes, "What is so 'hot' about that misogynist?"

"Wha, how can you say that?" she looks at Karen stunned at her remark; "He gives to charity and is doing a lot of philanthropic work. How can someone like that be bad?"

"Only because someone gives to charity doesn't make them a nice person, Mir"

"Well it still doesn't mean we can't use the resources that his company can provide," smiling coyly, "If you want I can always meet him and ask him about it over a dat..I mean lunch."

Looking at Miranda staring starry eye out the window, "No, if he breaks your heart like one of the many ditzy supermodels he goes out with I will have to beat him and no one would want to do business with us." "I got the afternoon off I would meet with him." Seeing this as an opportunity to talk with Bruce about Vitale she contacts her secretary telling her to arrange a luncheon to discuss a possible business deal.

Miranda pouts, "Well if I hear that you went off and married him I'll quit." She crossed her arms across her chest dramatically.

Not being able to contain her laughter she burst giggling covering her mouth hoping to stifle them. After a moment she catches her breath, "Don't worry he is not my type."

"Well okay then," she smiles, "Oh, crap I've got to go and meet with the rest of the group and discuss possible ideas for the project," she dashes off leaving Karen sitting and contemplating her behavior.

She receives a call from her secretary that Bruce would meet her at a nearby restaurant in half an hour to discuss her plans. Karen tells her to send a driver to pick her up and making sure that there is nothing else to do she heads towards the meeting place.