Author Note: Okay, I know this might be confusing at first, but Clairissa starts out as a five year old in my story, okay? Just wanted to clear up and confusion that might come along…hope everyone likes!

Clairissa ran off the bus like she was on a sugar high. She couldn't wait to get home and tell mommy and daddy about her first day of kinder-what's-it! Clairissa bounded up the patio stairs almost tripping from her speed. She scrambled in her pockets until she found the key mommy had given her. She stood on her tippy toes, like the ballerina she had always dreamed of being, and slid the key into the lock. What was that rhyme again?

"Righty tighty, lefty loosey!" she giggled.

Clairissa pushed open the door, smiling at her success. She ran into the living room where her mommy and daddy would be sitting there playing with her new born baby brother on the couch. But all Clairissa saw were the scattered toys she saw before she left that morning. No mommy, daddy or baby brother to greet…

"Mommy?" she screamed "Daddy?" no response. She looked out the back door to find an empty back yard with only a few tables. She ran upstairs to her parent's room. The thoughts like 'Were they okay?' and 'Where were they' flashed through her head over and over.

She bursted through the door into her parents room without knocking (which she would never do at night ANYMORE) and found her mom lying on the bed and her baby brother Conner, cooing in the crib next to her.

Clairissa felt happiness swell up in her again to know her mommy was okay. She went over to her brother's crib and peeked in. Conner looked over and giggled his cute baby giggle, like she was funny looking to him. Clairissa couldn't help but laugh with him. She looked up back at mommy, expecting her eyes to be closed.

Mommy stared up at the ceiling like the time when Clairissa had drawn on the wall with Sharpie, her eyes wide and her mouth open. Clairissa didn't understand this but thought that she should help her mommy with whatever she was dealing with. She went to the bathroom and got the stool she used to reach the sink. Her small still kinda chubby hands wrapped around the stool, but after dropping it three times, she decided to drag it by the edge. When she finally got the stool back to the bedroom, she placed it by the bed. Clairissa had forgotten how hard it was to get up on her parent's bed. She giggled as she imagined the bed as a mountain, and she was the daring climber. When she got to the top of the bed she gave her own little cheer, fueling her imagination. But what she saw next cut her cheer short…

The bed spread was coved in blood. Mommy's right arm laid half-way on the pillow next to her, detached from her body. Four scratches crossed moms face, one eye was cut open. And what scared Clairissa the most...mommy's tummy was cut open, blood and organs spilled out.

Before Clairissa could cry, she heard a load growl come from her left.

Clairissa turned her head to see three gray silhouettes baring what looked like teeth at her. These things looked extremely evil to Clairissa. She grabbed the pillow with mommies arm on it and threw it at the…things. "They" dodged the pillow with ease and slithered up onto the window sill. Before they left, they looked at Clairissa with eyes that reminded her of black holes, that burned into Clairissa's mind.

Two hours later, daddy turned Clairissa away when they stated to zip mommy up into a black bag.

Okay…I know it's short but actually I did a lot of revising to this so it's a lot longer than what it was, haha! Review please!