"Ace," Dash pestered. "Is something wrong?"

". . ." Ace stared at his friend for a few seconds, and then turned his gaze back out over the ridge. "I killed her."

Dash froze. "What?"

He whirled around to face the other, making Dash step back a bit and me flinching from my spot atop the gravestone. Shadows covered most of his face, but his eyes were alight with sorrow and guilt.

"I killed her!" He repeated, more forcefully now. "I killed Sola! She dies because of me!"

Dash blinked. "This . . . is the truth . . .?" he asked, shocked. Ace slumped to his knees and nodded once, his body wracking with sobs. "Just kill me already," he whispered, his voice breaking. "I don't deserve to live."

"No," Dash replied flatly. "That would be treason. And . . ." He walked up to Ace and looked down at him. "I would never kill a friend."

Ace looked up at him. "Why . . .?"

That was how it ended . . . I am getting ahead of myself here.

This is how it started . . .