When Harry Potter finally destroyed Voldemort he collapsed on the battlefield. A few moment later he felt as if he were being sucked through a portal with the feeling apparation and portkeying mixed into one. He passed out. When he finally woke up he was in an abandoned alley in his animagus form. A kitten. A cute, black house kitten.

He had first found out about his form when Malfoy messed up a shrinking potion by throwing dragon scales into his cauldron. It took a day for a professor to find him up a tree (the womping willow to be exact), hiding from Malfoy. As crazy as it seems, the wimping willow had liked hi since then but he was Harry Potter and odd things happened to him all the time.

Harry walked out of the alley into the street and was REALLY surprised to find himself in 19th century England. How did he know? It wasn't everyday people rode around in carriages and there was a newspaper with the date in front of him anyway.

Suddenly, he was picked up by his front paws, and cuddled. Harry was freaking out. He was cuddled out of nowhere by a man in a butler outfit with black hair, dark as raven feathers, and red eyes, like Voldemort's, but softer. The man also had soft, rose red lips, and slighty pale but still tan skin. All in all, he was the most handsomely beautiful creature he had ever laid eyes on.

Harry focused back onto the fact that he was being cuddled.

"Let me go," he tried[You had tried in all capitals but it makes it stand out too much. Italicizing it is a better way to make it stand out without over emphasizing it.] to say, but all that came out were mewls.

"What a cute neko you are. Soft paws, ever-present smile, and beautiful green eyes that shine like emeralds."

If cats didn't have fur, Harry's blush would have been very evident. No one had ever complimented on his eyes before. He knew he had his mother's eyes. If this man ever met her would he say the same thing?

"My, you are covered in filth! Let's get you cleaned up, shall we?"

And suddenly Harry found himself in front of a giant mansion. Walking through the front door, it looked even bigger on the inside than from the outside. It had fancy rails, a plain, yet somehow elegant looking red carpet. When the door shut, three people came running up looking burnt and covered in soot. The butler sighed.

"What have you done this time?"

The biggest one with a cigarette in his mouth replied, "It wasn't us this time, we swear," the others nodded profusely at this and he continued, "It was Pluto."

The man holding Harry sighed again.

"I'll clean it up, you three try not to burn the place down."

"Yes sir," all of them replied.

The set Harry on the floor and the kitten immediately fell down. His wounds were still bleeding and they hurt. The raven haired man doesn't seem to notice though, and walks away. Harry was able to crawl up the stairs and into one of the bigger rooms in the hallway which had a convenient bed. He didn't want to get the sheets bloody but climbed up anyway, hid under the covers, and fell asleep.

Harry woke up later and realized it was dark out. Then someone came into the room. Harry pretended to be asleep and he heard the man from earlier come in with someone behind him.

"Today's case was interesting to say the least wasn't it, Bocchan?"

"For you maybe. I can still fell that rat's breath in my face."

'Rat? What where they talking about? Bocchan? What the hell is going on?' Harry thought frantically. "Bocchan?"

"Yes, Sebastian?"

'So that was his name. Sebastian sounds like a pretty normal butler name these days.'

"You wouldn't have happened to see a black kitten anywhere have you?"

'He was looking for me? Why?'

"Another stray cat? Why did you bring this one here?"

"Because, Bocchan he's not a normal cat. He's very interesting."

"What are you talking about, Sebastian?"

"Nothing you should worry about, Bocchan."

Harry felt the bed sink next to him. Then the covers moved and a body of a young boy no older than 14-15 slid into bed. The candle went out, and Harry heard, "Goodnight, Bocchan."


Then Sebastian left. The boy rolled over, right onto Harry's tail. He yelped then covered his snout with his paws and buried himself under the pillow so he wouldn't be found.

"Probably my imagination," the boy muttered.

Soon afterwards the child fell asleep. The small kitten crawled out from under the pillow then worked his way onto the pillows and next to the boy's head. The boy's face was very visible moonlight into the room. Dark blue hair, skin as pale as Harry's own, which was a feat in itself, considering he was starved and locked away in a dark cupboard for the first eleven years of his life, then starved every summer before he came of age at 17 and was able to move out. This boy is naturally pale, though and there was a tone in his voice earlier that reminded Harry of Draco Malfoy, and somewhat of Neville Longbottom. Harry ended up curled in a ball by the blue hair fast asleep. He never noticed the glow that encompassed his body and changed him back to his human form along with a couple surprises, of course, because what's life without a few surprises.

The next morning found Harry found himself in his cat form again.

'I was hoping it was all a dream, but it wasn't so.'

He was woken up by Sebastian opening the curtains, and the sleeping boy rolling onto him. The kitten mewed pitifully which woke the boy up. He was definitely surprised to find a bleeding kitten underneath him.

Ciel's pov

I woke to the blinding sun in my eyes. I groaned and rolled over to get up but a pitiful meow stopped me. Looking down I found a black kitten, a very small kitten black kitten with many small wounds and a big white slash on its head in the shape of a lightning bolt. It opened its eyes, and I was surprised to see the brightest emerald green eyes I've ever laid eyes on. But there was something different in its eyes, wisdom that most humans or cats don't have.

Perhaps it was a little like Sebastian? So, I hid it under the covers so Sebastian wouldn't see it. It wouldn't do for my butler to go irritating its wounds now would it?

I went through the usual morning routine with Sebastian dressing me and delivering any news (so far nothing on the burning women case, it was going nowhere fast). I heard rustling, and looked over to see the kitten struggling under the covers, most likely because those covers are thick and it couldn't breath under them. Sebastian pulled down the covers, and I felt the heat rise to my cheeks. I had no reason to be blushing, really, but it just felt like I was a child caught with his hand in the cookie jar.



"Were you trying to hide him from me?"

"Of course not, why would I do something like that for a stupid cat?"

The cat hissed at me and shot out of the room like a bullet. "Sebastian."

"Yes, Bocchan?"

"Catch that cat, and bring him back for medical attention."

"Yes, my lord."

Harry's pov.

I heard Sebastian start talking to the boy, but it started to become hard to breathe. I tried to get to the edge of the blanket to without being seen, but no such luck. The blanket was pulled of and Sebastian said, "Bocchan?"


"Were you trying to hide him from me?"

"Of course not, why would I do something like that for a stupid cat?"

"I take offense to that!" I tried to yell but it only came out a hiss so instead I bolted out the door.

I ran to a stairway, and hid behind a plant that covered my scent. I saw Sebastian walk past without stopping, so I waited until he was out of sight before I worked my way slowly down the stairs. Halfway down, I hear a small cry of, "What a cute kitty!"

It was the short blond boy wearing farmer clothes, a straw hat, and with big blue eyes from earlier. He picked me up, took me down the rest of the stairs, down another flight of stairs to a door to the left of the grand staircase and when he brought me to the bottom of the stairs I knew I was in the servant's quarters.

It was a good thing I learned wandless and wordless magic already, or else I would've been dead because the maid came running, tripping on her shoe laces, sending the boy holding me to the floor. I made myself float over to the nearest table and watched as they struggled to get up. Then the dude who always had a cigarette in his mouth came running in and helped them up. Well, he tried to anyway. He slipped on the liquid from a mop that was left lying on the floor and landed on top of the other two.

I heard, "Ho, ho, ho," and looked over and see a small old man on a cushion, drinking what looked to be tea. I heard the sound of breaking glass and my Gryffindor tendencies kicked in. I went to go investigate and found a man in a long red jacket with long red hair, red shoes, and a black vest with a white shirt underneath the jacket, and with green eyes. Like mine and my mother's eyes. But he had really sharp teeth