chappy 4

Claude's pov

Does Harry really think that little of himself? Why? He's the best thing that's ever happened to this time period. Am I… could I be… falling for Harry?

Hmm, time to start wooing then.

When I heard the sound of bullets, I looked over to see that Michaelis had been hit by bullets and Harry had cried out. I held him back and whisper to him that Michaelis is fine. It'll take a lot more than that to kill a demon.

Harry's pov

I should really trust Claude on his word (he is a demon as well…), but I can't help but be worried. If it wasn't for Sebastian, I would probably be dead by now. I mean, he found me when I was at my weakest and I know he wasn't using me considering I was a kitten at the time. It had to have been real.

But, I can't just forget about Claude. He brought me in, didn't yell at me, and even let me ramble on about my life. I think I'm falling for them both and I am so screwed!

I looked over at Ciel and I realize Sebastian has gotten up but now Vanel has a gun to Ciel's head. Claude looked distracted and I decided to take a chance. I melted back into a human, transfigured the curtains on the ground behind me into a cloak, buttoned it up, and snuck up behind them. The mafia man had all his attention focused on Sebastian and threatening Ciel, but I could smell his fearThe rancid scent from his crotch meant that he had already peed himself!

The moment he started to pull the trigger I rammed myself into him, making the bullet miss Ciel by a fraction of an inch. The two demons let out a light gasp but I'm already bending the man's arm backwards while sitting on his other arms elbow. Yeah, that's gotta hurt.

I leant over and, ignoring the glares being sent my way by Sebastian and Claude, whisper in his ear, "You seem to like hurting people and making them feel useless. I wonder how it would make you feel. How do you like it? Huh? How do you like feeling useless? You know, I've killed more terrifying idiots then you. You're not even worth killing so I'll leave you a little gift."

Saying that I snapped both his wrists and ankles, got up, and tried walking towards the door. 'Tried', being the operative word. Needless to say, I fell, only to be caught by Sebastian.

Sebastian's pov

I cannot believe I just saw him do that. Little innocent Harry! The boy who looks like he couldn't hurt a fly, who has such an innocent personality, was able to snap someone's wrist.

After I caught him, the Italian gingerly picked up his gun and shot. I caught the bullet carelessly and then gladly tossed it to clause, who put it in the man's pocket. The spider demon took great pleasure in twisting his arm around (the exact thing that happened in the episode people!). Then I reluctantly let Claude hold Harry, who had drifted off, and picked Ciel up off the ground. My master was still in shock at seeing what Harry had done.

After that we all walked off and headed back to our respective mansions. A constant watch was set up for our respective boys and a meeting place was created between the two properties. Negotiations on Harry were continued there from there on out.