Fan-written side-stories for Strays, an AU hosted in the YJ Anon Meme in which all the BatKids (AKA the Flock) get adopted into the family young and while Dick is still Robin. Already posted two stories there, but the thread's getting cluttered with all the other stuff the fans made for it. I stuck it in the Batman section 'cause while the Strays!verse does take place in an alternate version of the animated Young Justice series, the side-stories will most focus on the BatKids.

You don't have to read the original Strays (it's still in progress), but I highly recommend it. It's really well-written, with adorable parts mixed with funny bits and parts that want to make me sob my eyes out.

These side-stories will kinda be all over the place on the timeline. Hope you enjoy!

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"But you're filthy and have nothing to wear, so you can't come to the ball anyways without being a disgrace to us!"Dick said in snooty, high pitched voice.

Cass snuggled closer to Dick, who held the thick picture book of fairy tales in his hands. Jason was on his other side, Tim was on his lap, and Steph was draped over his shoulders. The kids were comfortably nestled on Cass's bed, and they saw how Cinderella was sobbing into her hands as her wicked stepmother and stepsisters went off to the shining castle without her.

"Poor Cinderella," Tim said sadly.

"Whatever," Jason said. "If I was Cinderella, I would've just jacked a carriage and-"

"Shh!" Steph said sternly, putting a finger to his lips.

Tim turned the page, and a kindly old lady holding a magic wand stood before the crying girl.

"I am your fairy godmother. Why are you crying, my dear child?" Dick's voice was now low and motherly. It then went high and breathy as he continued as Cinderella, "I want to go to the ball, but how can I go looking the way I am?"

Tim turned the page again, and with a wave of her wand, the fairy godmother turned the rags into a beautiful dress. On her feet was a lovely pair of glass slippers. Cass let out a small gasp of excitement. Jason rolled his eyes but didn't wipe the good-natured smile on his face. Steph giggled. Dick tousled Jason's hair and poked Steph in the forehead before returning to the book. Jason retorted by sticking out his tongue at him.

"Now fetch me a pumpkin, some mice, a cat, and a dog,"Dick read as the fairy godmother. Another wave of the wand, and it all became a fine carriage with white horses and a driver and a footman.

"Now hurry along and enjoy yourself, but just remember, you must be back before midnight, for then the spell will be over."

"Man, the fairy godmother's kinda useless."

"I said 'Shh'!"

"Gerroff me, Steph!"

Dick, Tim, and Cass watched Jason and Steph roll off the bed as the two grappled each other and pulled at each other's hair.

"Should I keep reading?" Dick asked Cass. She nodded happily.

Steph stopped trying to bite Jason's arm. "Hey, you can't read without us!" she said indignantly before jumping back onto the bed while still clutching onto Jason.

"Will you two behave?" Dick said, attempting to look stern but not really trying to hide the humor on his face.

"Yup!" Steph said cheerfully, holding up her hand. "Scout's honor!"

"Whatever," Jason grumbled before taking his spot again by Dick's side. Steph quickly took hers as well.

Dick coughed slightly before continuing where he went off. "Thank you, thank you so much godmother..."

Cass snuggled even closer as her eyes shone and her mouth smiled, concentrating on nothing but the colorful images on the pages, the way Dick's voice easily switched from one character to the next, and the warmth radiating from her new family.