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...I promise to write an actual story. Eventually.

"Dickface, c'mon! You're late and I want to go patrolling alrea-" Jason was cut off as Dick suddenly threw himself at him, clutching him with a fierce desperation.

"Never," Jason could hear Dick muttering into his head like a mantra. "I'll never put the mission first. Never."

"The northern cardinal, also known as the redbird or the common cardinal, is a mid-sized songbird with a body length of 21 centimeters," Conner recited to Robin's youngest brother, Babybird, who sitting on his lap and giving him his utmost attention. "It has a distinctive crest..."

"'re that girl I met. At one of Dad's 'meetings'," Artemis realized with a start. Cass inclined her head slightly, a small smile playing on her lips. Artemis smirked back.

"Nice to know both of us got away."

"Ollie, I know about Conner and Robert and I'm proud of how you're handling them, but give it to me straight. Did you or did you not take in Mia and Cissie just because Batman has a bunch of kids of his own?"

"Dinah, can't you just believe that I took in the girls out of the goodness of my heart?"


"Okay, maybe a little. But there was a lot of heart involved, I swear!"

"FOR FUCK'S SAKE, CUT IT OUT!" Jason screamed as he jumped back to dodge a swipe from Damian's katana.

"I WILL CUT YOU! YOU STEPPED ON ALPHONSE'S TAIL!" Damian screeched back, readying his sword again before Cass appeared out of nowhere behind him, plucking the sword out of his hands.

"Batman's a busy guy, you know. He doesn't have time for everyone," Tim pointed out, moving a piece across the chessboard.

"Good thing you kids are there to pick up the slack then," Edward Nigma said as his knight captured one of Tim's.

"Stay still, Caroline," Steph said, the hand applying the makeup impressively steady despite the fact that she was obviously trying to fight back the laughter. Tim gave her his best glare. Cassandra then held up the specially padded bra. Tim whimpered.

In hindsight, it was a really bad idea to let Dick live on his own. It wasn't that his skills in hero-ing were lacking in anyway; it was just that now that he was alone, there was no one to keep his habits in check. It hadn't even been half a year when Alfred opened the door to find a grinning Dick accompanied by a tiny child in his arms.

"I know what you did at Robinson Park for all those orphans, Ivy. How'd you like a place just for you and them?" Nightwing asked, holding out his hand.

At first, Damian was rather excited to be part of a team that wasn't the Flock, but then he realized with horror that the new team would be mostly comprised of girls. Puberty had just started to set in and already it was not kind to him.