Chapter 8
This popularity was becoming pretty awesome ! Every weekend i had a party to go to but this one, would be loads of fun! And maybe Harry might even make his move. But of course, to come and wreck all the fun comes my family and their plans to go to my grandparents on the country side. Uber boring and absolutley nothing to do, plus missing out on chance of Harry asking me out! Rachel and her family drove to their grandparents house, but seperatly. Because of the deal Rachel had made with her parents. I she went, she would act like she was having tons of fun and enjoy herself only but only if she could leave early with her car. So, her parents ended up agreeing and let her bring her car.

After the most boing couple of hourse of my life, finally! I get to go home! I took my chance just as my grandparents were planning on watching one of their olden time movies again. Phew ! Was i saved! Rachel kept driving, hoping she would make it back in time to join that popular partyy! Suddenly, the car started to slow down. "Shit, i forgot to get gas!"Rachel quickly took her phone out of her purse, realizing to her lucky, it was dead. What was she going to do now ? She was stranded pretty much in the middle of nowhere, and no cars were coming by to help either. Pretty much a deserted place with many chances of me getting killed by a serial killer, getting raped, or getting attacked by some wild animal! Rachel just waited and waited for a car to come by and sat on the bunker. She looked up and noticed a car coming by, not like they would be much of help. Probably look and just drive by. But oddly, the car started to slow down. It seemed like a very familiar car that she had seen before. As the driver rolled his windows down she realized who it was. It was Harry. Thank God! " Hey Morgan! Oh Sorry! I mean Rachel, what are you doing in the middle of the country side? Running erands?" "No, i was here to visit my grandparents and left early with this piece of crap that i forgot to fill up with gas!" "Well then what are you waiting for? Hop on in! Ill give you a lift!" "Oh my god thank you thank you thank you so much Harry! Your amazing you know that right?" " Sure, now get in!"

Rachel and Harry had a nice long chat and caught up with eachother a bit. "So you didn't go to the party? Cause i'm sure you were invited." asked Rachel. " Yeah i was, but i decided on not going. Who wants to go to a party every single weeekend right? Kinda gets a little too much." "y-yeahh, its so, stupid" Ashley answered back embarassed. Of course she was one of those people who enjoyed these parties very much and freaked out whenever she was invited. "Why do you think I'm some popular jerk?" asked Harry seriousley. "What?" " Yeah, question my popularity like i'm some kind of jerk that doesn't care about other people, im not like that yano." " I never said you were! I just said that i didn't know if I should talk to you when you first came to our high school cause i wasn't sure really what and how to say anything to you, you being so popular just made me think you werent interested in what i had to say." "You could have tried." "How could i when I had such a big crush on you!" Oh no. No way. She didn't just- yep. She just told Harry Styles she has had a crush on him, to his face! "You, you what? You had a crush on me?" "No! I mean i did, i mean long time ago, like i still like you and all, but no not like-" Woahh! Do you hear that" Harry interupted Rachel. " I think theres something wrong with the car, and look it's starting to slow down too!" And sure enough the car stopped moving and they were both stuck in the middle of nowhere once again. " Great now what, my phones dead too. Do you have yours?" "Nopee i left it at home" Harry turned and looked out a window then said "Hey i think thats like a little motel or something right there! Lets go see if we can check in or something!" " Okay let's go!"

They walked there way to the motel and Harry did the all the checking in. "Sir, we've only got the couples suite available, would you like to take that?" asked the receptionist. Harry just smiled, "haha yes of course, we'll take it."
Me and Harry Styles in 1 room... o.m.g. this was gonna be very exciting.

"So i guess this is the room" Rachel said as she and Harry walked into the beautiful suite. "And must also be very expensive, how did you have all the money for this? I can't let you pay for it all, let me split half." "No no it's fine. That rich dad of mine earns his money for a reason,, to spoil me. I don't mind at all." "Thanks Harry, your a really great guy." "I'm not the only great pereson in this room." he answered. Once again one of those flirty moments that he casually walk away to. We both weren't too sleepy yet, so we decided on watching a movie. The only movie they had available was "Love Actually" which ended up being pretty good...actually! Even Harry loved it. " That was a pretty good movie, wasn't it! Aww Harry your getting a little teary eyed now aren't you..." teased Rachel. "What! Nooo Noo im nott!" "Yess you areeee! I can see your eyes watering upp!" "Noo i'm not! well you must not have a heart if you didn't cry at that beautiful scene there! C'mon you can't blame me!"whined Harry. " Excuseee meeee! Get over here!" Rachel chased Harry all around the room and started play fighting till the point they were on the bed tickling eachother so hard they couldn't breathe. They were laughing so hard, and having so much fun they didn't realize how close they were. Hary lifted his head up so his eyes met mine. Our eyes stared into eachother, this was it. This would be the moment where he would finally kiss me. His face got close to mine, both of our noses touched, then as his lips brushed against mine-KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! Of course, someone had to come and interupt now! "Umm, i think i'll get that." said Harry as he awkwardly got off from ontop of Rachel. "Yeah" Hate roomservice since that day...

"Well, i bet your pretty tired now, i guess we should head off to bed." said Harry. " Yeah, we shouuldd." We both then realized there was only one bed. " Umm,, okay well how bout you get comfy and sleep on the bed and i'll move my stuff over to the couch, does that sound good." "Yes, thank you once again Harry." "No prob Rach"
We both got comfy and before we knew it we drifted off to sleep.

I didn't realize how long i slept in till, probably because it was so dark and foggy outside. I woke up and found the room all tidied up, all of Harry's sleeping stuff neatly piled in a corner, and the smell of freshly cooked bacon and eggs. I got up and headed for the kitchen to see Harry cooking up a meal, that looked like it would be for the both of us. "Oh hey! Morning! How did you sleep? Fine i hope?" Harry asked with a friendly smile. "Yes thank you, i slept pretty well, but it's hard to believe you might have. See, that couch may look like it's super comfy, but i know it's not." i replied back laughingly. Harry laughed as he finished cooking his bacon and eggs. "Well, this was supposed to be a surprise, kind of like a breakfast in bed type of thing, but since your here, eat up!" Wow. What a perfect guy. He could cook, he kept the place neat and tidy, and was generous enough to sleep very uncomfortably for a girl. he was just... amazing. " Wow Harry! These are delicious! Where did you learn to cook like this? I love it!" "haha! Well i dont know if you knew this but... i actually worked in a bakery! And by working in a bakery, i knew my way around food and ingredients, and knew what type of foods would taste good together. Just something i've always known hot to do. I know it seems girly, but whatever." " No, no not at all! I think it's great you can cook like this! Someday that very special girl will be very lucky to have eaten this amazing food made by you!" Oh great! I did it again! Alll of my attempts to flirt always ended up in showing him i had an even bigger crush on him. But he always laughed it off as if i were just joking.

After we ate, and got freshened up, we sat by the T.v. watching some X Factor. "You know, I've always wanted to be on that show, imagine the whole journey. From auditions, to bootcamp, to judgeshouses, to the live shows! It would just be my dream come true!" said Harry proudly, "Well then why don't you try it out? I'm sure you would be great! But hey i didn't know you enjoyed singing?" I asked curiousley. " Well yeah not too much, just a little bit now and then, and are you kidding me? Actually try it? Lots of people have dreams you know, most of which that are impossible, just like this." " Nothing is impossible Harry, you've got to believe in your self to be able to accomplish these dreams. Course it's gonna take some work, but eventually it should work out!" I answered back noticing Harry looking at me with adoring eyes. For a minute we just locked into eachothers eyes not realizing how close we were sitting to eachother, and how long we were just looking into one anothers eyes. "umm... well, howbout you tell me some other dreams you have that you wish could come true!" I said trying to break the awkward moment we just had. I tend to do that when i get a little nervous. "uhmm, well.. hm.. i dont really know. Oh yee heres one! To go out with Caroline Flack one day, but you aint see that happening now do ya!" We both just laughed! "Well, I've always wanted to become a professional dancer. I'm pretty good at it, but I would like to get better." I told him. "Well, maybe, just maybe you can." Harry replied with a smile. " Oh heres one! Well actually it's not really a dream, more like a thought i've had and always dreamt of actually having experienced one day." "Oh yeah whats that?" "Well, i've always been a little filmy type, so I've always dreamt of the day of kissing a girl passionalty in the rain without caring about whats going on, and who's around us. Putting all of our thoughs and minds into eachother and nothing else." "Well Harry, I can say that you are a boy that really thinks things through, and has a very deep imagination!" " Hahaha! Wel you've got that right Rach!"
I was fiddling around in my purse when Harry came bursting through the room. " Do you realize what hotel were in right now? Were in the "Elle Palace" the most popular hotel of the town that costs like a billion dollars! We've been staring here for 2 nights so far with roomservice, do you know how much money we owe now! A LOT! " "Oh no ! Harry but i thought you had it, i even offered!" "Yes, yes i do have money, just not enough for what this is asking!" "No way! Well, then what are we going to do now?" I asked. Then Harry started looking at me sheepishly. " Okay, call me crazy, but I've got a plan, that may not be the best, but could work...and will be lots of fun.