Final part, sorry its late. The shortest part!

Setting; At Russia's house, about the same time the day after the meeting. Russia and the Baltic State are discussing what had happened to America.

Lithuania: It's weird how America had his own bomb under his chair huh?

Russia: Yes, very strange.

Estonia: Well, at least you two are ok.

Latvia: I'm glad you didn't make me go this time Russia.

Russia: Why is that?

Latvia: Because every time I go with you something bad happens.

Russia: (puts his hand on Latvia's head) You're just so short.

Latvia: If you would quit pushing on me like that I probably would have grown another ten centimeters.

Russia: Really?

Estonia: I'll go make tea.

Latvia: Gyaaah, he's stretching meeeeee!

Later, same place, after everyone has gone to their own rooms, Russia is by himself.

Russia: That will teach America (drinks some vodka)