The sun rose on The Cork and a certain cell was being visited. With his back to the door, the fully armored Joe pushed it open, "Rise and shine maggot! I hope ya didn't think you were gonna..." He turned around, tray with a bowl of gruel and spoon present, "Slee..." His good eye darted all around the cell, finally settling on the unbarred window, "Son of a...!" He dropped the tray, gruel slopping on the floor as he turned around and ran back downstairs.

"Boss! Boss!" The scarlet clad warrior cried as he clanked through the halls.

Buck was performing his usual morning routine, a shower and a shave, as the door to his personal bathroom flew open. The abruptness caused him to nick himself and curse, "Consarn it Joe!" He pushed the curtain back, poking his head out, "What's got ya so worked up this damn early?"

Joe huffed and puffed, hands on his knee and hunched over.

Buck tap his foot in annoyance, "Out with it!"

"He's gone!" Joe finally managed to spit out.

"Who?" Buck questioned, continuing to shave.

"Who?!" Joe gasped. "Who do ya think?! KAITO!"

Buck nicked himself again as he came to a sudden stop, "Oh those low down..." He turned off the water, "No good..." Grabbed his towel, "Dirty..." Covered himself, "Yellow bellied..." Then, finally stepped out, dripping wet, "Side-windin' polecats! Tell Rex we're headin' out!"

Joe saluted weakly, rolling his eye before he ran out of the room. Meanwhile, Buck stormed out the bathroom and started drying off, yelling to one of his subordinates outside his room, "Tell the boys ta get the ship ready!" He started to get dress, "And get Brandnew on the horn!" He sat down on his bed, reaching for his boots, "I wanna bounty on their heads by sundown!" He finished slipping on his boot and stomped it down for emphasis.

Meanwhile, the sun also rose over the North Blue. On the deck of newly borrowed ship of the Grinning Shadows, Ryan sat on the stern looking at a black box in his hand, "You are going have to get up earlier in the morning if you want to get the drop on me Kaito."

Kaito stopped in his tracks mid step, "How did you..." He began to question. He had lowered the wind resistance around his body, hoping to sneak up on Ryan and see what he was so absorbed in.

Ryan slipped the box away into his suit, "While you did move quieter, you did not move lightly. Besides, the wind shifted in a very distinct way. As a martial artists, you must be aware of every movement your enemy makes. Especially the subtle one. Also, I heard the door to the deck open." He thumbed over to it.

Kaito crossed his arms, "Hmmm, I guessed you were too busy with that box to notice."

Ryan held up a finger, "A careless one and if you were my enemy, your last."

Kaito waited a moment before continuing, "Speaking of the box, what's in it?"

"Emergency precautions."

With a puzzled look, he inquired, "What type of emergency?"

"The bad kind."

Kaito fell on his face, quickly returning to his feet, "Well duh, most emergencies are."

Ryan shrugged, "My dad said I would know when they happened and I only get five of them. They have to be life or death, my own or my nakama's. Failing that, there is an emergency precaution to the emergency precautions."

Kaito's gaze narrowed as his eyes shifted to the side, under his breath, "I don't suppose you're gonna tell me what that is either..."

"A devil fruit."

"What?!" Kaito exclaimed, "Which one?"

Ryan shrugged again, "That is why it is an emergency precaution to emergency precautions. It is for when I have absolutely nothing to lose. It is such gamble that my life does not matter and the means justified the end. As my father would put it."

Kaito nodded sagely, "Wow. Well, hopefully that won't happen anytime soon."

"Agreed," Ryan fell backwards, hooking his legs around the stern. He begun doing a set of hanging sit-ups, "Also, I meant to ask, why you are up so early?"

Kaito moved over to the helm, "Pfft, I worked at a factory where my dad was my boss. I've been getting up at the ass crack of dawn for years now." He grabbed the wheel, "Since you're in the mood for questions, I got one for you."

Ryan pulled himself above the stern, "Proceed." Then went back down.

"Yesterday, why did you pull your arm out of your coat while fighting Reginald?" Kaito rubbed his chin, "It's been buggin' me."

Ryan came back up, "My suit..." Once more, finishing his set, "Is weighted."

"All of it!?" Kaito proclaimed.

Ryan stood up and shrugged, "Well, it is not just my coat, if that is what you were thinking." With that, he leaped to the main mast.

Kaito's jaw nearly dropped, "How much?!"

Ryan shook his head, "Honestly, I have not known for quite some time. That is to say, my father would add more weight and never told me how much it was."

Kaito manned the helm while Ryan continued his morning drills. He was in the middle of doing free-standing press ups on the lower yard of the main mast; adding to the challenge, his legs were in a side split. Kaito watched in amazement as Ryan performed a set of a hundred.

As Ryan finished, Zerje emerged from below deck with bloodshot eyes, rubbing his temple with a white toothbrush in a black cup.

Kaito immediately smirked and yelled out, "G'Morning Captain! Hungover?!"

Zerje winced at the sudden outburst, covering his ears. "What's so mornin' about it?" He grumbled.

Ryan dropped, landing without a sound next to Zerje with crossed arms, "Well, what did you except to happen when you stayed up all night drinking a barrel of Brew by yourself?"

Zerje smiled, moving over to the railing, "Still don't think they're gonna come after us aye?" He started brushing his teeth while Ryan moved over to a gap in the rails next to Zerje and started a set of dips. Ryan quirked a brow at captain, "Would you?"

"Anyway..." Kaito began, "We have a good lead on'em even if they do decide to chase us thanks to the Captain." With all the seriousness he could muster, he continued, "Now, I have an important question...Where the hell are we going?"

Zerje snapped his finger and Lucky appeared on deck with a rolled up scroll in her mouth. She leaped on to the table next to the wheel, unrolling the map with a push of her paw, "Mau."

Zerje chuckled with a mouth fill of foam. He rinsed and spat, "She said 'You're the navigator, you tell me'."

Kaito gave a questioning look, "How can 'mau' mean all that?"

Ryan shook his head, rolling his eyes behind his shades, "Do not ask. Just like many of the other things you will witness in the Grand Line, it is easier just to accept them."

Kaito sighed as he began to eye the map, "Well, we won't need to stop any time soon. There's only three..."

"Mau." Coral interjected.

Kaito's eyes cut to the cat. "Four of us," Kaito corrected himself with mild irritation. "And there was a whole lot of them, so we can skip a few islands and..."

Zerje finished brushing his teeth and joined Kaito, stroking his goatee, "Where's that leave us then?"

"Mau." Coral put a paw on an island.

They both looked at the map. The island in question was in the shape of a mouse. They both narrowed their gaze at Coral, faces hardening.


Zerje cracked a smile, "Don't 'What?' me. You know what. You just wanna go there because it looks like a mouse."


Zerje crossed his arms, "What da'ya mean 'So?'. We're not going!"

Coral hopped down and walked away, indignantly saying, "Mau."

Zerje threw up his arms, glaring at the departing feline, "Good, cause we're not!"

Kaito wondered how he understood her but decided to take Ryan's advice. Returning his attention to the map, he pointed at one in the shape of a star, "That's the one, Five Point Island."

Ryan stopped mid dip, "Wait, is that not the one with..."

Zerje nodded with a wild smile, tilting his head to Ryan but still looking at the map, "Yep, sure is."

Ryan sighed before he continued, "Which means..."

Zerje nodded once more, "Yep again."

He finished his dip, "It always does."

Kaito quirked a brow at the two, "Okay... you two want to fill me in?"

Zerje turned to Kaito with a smile, shaking his head, "No."

Confused, Kaito questioned, "Why not?"

Zerje chuckled, raising his shoulders, "Where's the fun in that? You'll see when we get there."

With knitted brows, Katio stated, "Great." He returned to the wheel, letting out a sigh, "Just... great."

Further along, sitting on the Red Line, Marineford was buzzing with its usual activity. Lieutenant Commander Brandnew sat at his desk, reviewing paperwork when there was a knock at his door, "Enter."

A nondescript officer stepped through the doorway with a denden mushi in hand. "Sir, I have Lieutenant Buckley from the North Blue on the line again."

Brandnew sighed, "If it's about Kaito again, I've already explained..."

"Sir, he said it was and two more."

With slight interest, Brandnew put down his paperwork and motioned his subordinate forward. He set down the den den mushi and Brandnew picked up the receiver, "Report Buckley."

"Ah, finally! Darn it Brandnew, ya know I prefer Buck," he pleaded.

A vein bulged on the side of the Commander's forehead, "I'm going to hang up right now if you don't..."

"Right, right sorry! Look, I know ya think I'm callin' jus'bout Kaito but I ain't. While he did bust out of the hoosegow, he had help by two dirty varmints. They even beat me and Rex in the Pit!"

That caught more of Brandnew interest, "Okay, they were able to beat a Captain and his Lieutenant, helped a prisoner escape incarceration. Anything else?"

"They took down the Hammer Pirates," Buck added.

"Anything of actual note?" He quipped, voicing it with slight amusement. He knew full well that the Hammer Pirates were small fries in the North Blue. They were truly nothing more than ruffians trying to make a name for themselves.

Brandnew could hear Buck scratching his stumble on the other end, "Well... no."

"Fine, send the pictures and give me their names," he reached for a pen.

"Right, their names are Zerje Maximillian Kuryn and Ryan D. Syrus."

Brandnew slammed his free hand on his desk as he shot up from his chair, "Did you say Kuryn and Syrus?!"

"Aye sir!" Buck cried out. He knew Brandnew was as passionate as the next Marine but he never heard him so worked up.

Brandnew sighed heavily, before uttering, "They're supposed to be dead."

"What?! Dead?! Well, they were alive and kickin' sir!"

A sudden graveness entered his tone, "This isn't good." He sat back down, taking a breath, "I'll put out the bounties immediately. If you aren't already, hunt them down!"

Buck couldn't help but smile at the thought of chasing down already dead men, "Ya can count on ol'Gun Rack sir!" With that, he hung up, leaving Brandnew to contemplate the price of two ghost.

He called out to the marine still in the room, "Contact Vice Admiral Tony. He has some explaining to do."

Several days later, on the Grinning Shadow's temporary ship, Zerje had taken the wheel and Kaito sat in the crow's nest. He peered through a telescope, spotting an island on the horizon. What's more, he spotted a castle sitting at the top of it, flying a Jolly Roger. The skull was red, wearing a black ushanka with a red star in the middle and a crossed hook and hammer sitting behind it.

"Guys!" Kaito shouted. "I think we may have a slight problem!"

"Don't worry." Zerje smiled wryly behind the wheel, "We know."

On deck, Ryan and Zerje watched as a fleet of ships with the same flag held position around the entirety of the island.

"The Red Curtain," Ryan stated.

Kaito leaped out of the crow's nest, landing with a slight breeze, "The red what now?"

"Curtain." Ryan said as he pointed towards it, "And they are the Red Star Pirates."

Kaito nodded sagely, "Ah, so this is what you two meant."

Zerje smirked, "Yep and we're gonna cut it."

"Excuse me?" Kaito queried.

"How else are we gonna get to the island?" Zerje inquired with a knowing a smile.

"Well, ya know, I could just fly us over but..." Kaito rolled his eyes, as Zerje joined in, "Where's the fun in that?" Zerje slapped Kaito's shoulder, "Exactly! Now yer gettin' it!"

"We are almost within firing range and they will fire," Ryan causally stated.

"Then, prepare to board the enemy's vessels in the usual fashion," Zerje ordered in an equally casual fashion. Ryan walked off below deck.

Kaito sighed as he rubbed the bridge of his nose. He proceeded to ask, "Okay, because you know I have to... What is the usual fashion or am I gonna have to find out?"

Zerje smirked, "Normally, it involves two balls and a cannon. With you around, looks like we'll just need the balls."

Kaito eyes widened, "I'm not sure I like the sound of that."

"Cannonballs," Ryan clarified after coming back up with one in each hand.

"Oh, much better," Kaito sighed with relief. "I think..."

Zerje pointed to the Red Curtain, "See that warship? That's the main ship. As you can see, even from here, it's a lot nicer. We take it out, with its guards. That's the two..." He pointed to the pair on the left, then the right, "On both of its flanks. A nice big hole for you to sail through, while bein' out of range of the rest of 'em if you stick close to the main ship." He motioned to the Red Curtain before coming back to the five targets, taking a munition from Ryan. "You fire these at those two." He pointed at the pair at the ends of the group, "Then, Ryan and I will take care of the rest. All ya gotta do is protect and steer the ship. Savvy?"

Kaito nodded in agreement, "Huh, that's a lot simpler than I thought it was gonna be. That does beg the question, how are you guys getting over there?"

Zerje smiled, "With these." He raised the cannonball.

Kaito, confused, stated, "Okay..."

"Jus' fire 'em," Zerje sighed with a roll of his eyes. He turned to Ryan, "Meet ya in the middle." Zerje confirmed.

Ryan nodded back, "Roger that."

"Aye aye, captain." Kaito said as he controlled the wind, floating the two spheres, "Fuonryuudou." He made a pair of slipstreams to his targets, "Well, if you two are ready... Time to get some! Aori Hou!" The two rounds left the ship as suddenly as a gust of wind.

They leaped from the deck on to the cannonballs and rode them to the Red Curtain. Kaito just let out a sharp whistle, "Damn, how do they keep surprisin' me?"

On the enemy's main vessel, the lookout spotted the Grinning Shadow's ship. He held his black wool ushanka with a red star in place as he leaned over the crow's nest, "Pirade zhip ep-proaching from zee forward bow!" The Red Star's attire consisted of a red, double breasted overcoat with brass buttons, black pants, leather gloves, boots and a wool ushanka with a red star in the center.

The commanding officer of the deck turned to the north, spotting the ship on the horizon, "Jusd one?! Fah, fire ze cannonz!"

"Zey elready haf!"

In the sky, the pair of pirates rode their ammo into battle before a resounding, twin cry rang out, "Pearl Cannon!"

The two iron rations screamed through the air, splintering the ships from the deck to bilge. Satisfied, the Grinning Shadow and his First Mate landed on their intended target's topsides. The crew of each ship, dumbfounded, gazed wide eyed in disbelief.

Zerje gave his patented smile, while he tapped the back of his cutlass against his shoulder. He stopped and frowned before immediately smirking, then spread his arms with a slight shrug, "Well, I'm waitin'."

"Ged him!" The commanding officer shrieked.

Knocked out of their stupor, the crew scrambled for their blades and firearms. The others booked down stairs to start bucketing the water.

Zerje took a duelist stance; right to his enemy, left tucked behind his back, "Good. That's more like it!"

All eyes were on Ryan as he casually strolled across the main deck, hands in his jacket pockets. He stopped at the mainmast and swung his leg back like a lumberjack. With one, skillful kick, he 'chopped' down the tallest spar.

The whole ship churned as the kick reverberated throughout the ship, followed by the snapping of rigging and the groan of the deck as the mast fell into the ocean with a violent splash.

The onlooker's eyes bulged at the spectacle of strength, before turning to their commanding officer who was sporting the same look. He quickly composed himself, clearing his throat, "Ja, fery imprezzive bud vordlezz."

Ryan quirked a brow, turning to the speaker, "Wait, verdles?"

"VORDLEZZ!" The man fumed as his face redden.

Ryan's gaze narrowed in annoyance, "Whatever. Your ship is taking on water and dead in the water. If you are not going to surrender..." He pulled his hands out his pockets, "We have nothing left to discuss." He put a hand to his neck as he adjusted it with a crack, "Prepare yourselves."

Back on Zerje's ship, he was expertly parrying and deflecting a dozen enemy's attacks, "I don't know why I was exceptin' anythin' outta ya greenhorns. Ya don't even know how'da hold your swords right, let alone attack. Like..." With deft swordplay, he dropped the privates in a flurry of slashes, "That. Next."

The others around him shied away, knowing full well they were no match for his superior swordsmanship. That didn't stop the riflemen in the back from taking aim.

Zerje cut his eyes at the row of riflemen, "Suigin." Suddenly, one of the armed soldiers felt something hard pressed against the back of his head. "I'll squeeze mine if you squeeze yours," Zerje exuberantly threatened with a smirk. The others turned their rifles to Zerje as they heard him.

The solider dropped his rifle and reached for the sky and Zerje cold clocked him with butt of his pistol, "Yeah, I thought so." He was quickly shot at for his actions but was gone with the word 'Suigin' once more, continuing to take out the riflemen one by one. Left on deck by himself, Zerje waxed bittersweetly, "Ah, too easy. Maybe the next one..." With that, he leapt off to his next target in a blur of moment.

Meanwhile, Ryan fulfilled his first objective as well. The deck was littered with the unconscious bodies of the Red Star's 5th Battalion. With not so much as a wrinkle on his suit, Ryan sighed, "Of course, it was to be expected." With a running start, he leapt to his next objective.

Back on the temporary ship of the Grinning Shadow's, Kaito had his hands full with deflecting cannonballs and steering. Though, he suddenly noticed a sharp drop in the frequency of volleys, figuring Zerje and Ryan had taken care of their first target.

Zerje landed on the next ship gracefully, bowing to the crew. He dipped his blade hand below, then used his other to flare his duster, "Afternoon gentlemen..." He raised his head, sporting a smirk, "Who's first?"

The crew was prepared for the pirate to board their ship. Dozens of riflemen drew a bead on him with itchy trigger fingers. Though, they had their orders. Every one of them were sweating bullets as they held their fire.

A few seconds passed and a tall, barrel chested figure appeared from below deck. His most noticeable feature was his baldness followed by his spiky, brown beard. He carried a hook in his right, a hammer in his left. He looked down at the pirate with contempt, "Ve veel not fall as fast as our broders!"

Zerje snorted, taking his duelist stance, "Heh, I hope not."

With that, the lot of the soldiers open fired as Zerje dashed away at unseen speed at the bearded man. He swung his blade in a solid, rising arc, aiming to cut the man from hip to shoulder.

Fully excepting the pirate to attack, Dmitry caught his opponent's cutlass with his hook. He pursued with a downswing of his hammer at Zerje's crown. Twirling his pistol and grabbing the barrel, Zerje slammed the butt of his gun into his attacker's elbow.

Dmitry immediately winced as the trajectory of his attack was forced aside, then felt the sting of Zerje driving his knee into the bottom of his ribcage. He grunted painfully and swung his weapons furiously in unison.

Zerje flung himself backwards, into a handspring, as the two weapons crossed above him while arcing his foot into the large's man chin. Dmitry's head snapped to the sky as Zerje sprang above him and flipped down with an ax kick to his face.

He followed through and brought Dmitry's face crashing to the deck. The intense rattling of his brain left the captain lying motionless. His crew starred in shock of his swift defeat as Zerje lorded over him. He turned to the rest of the ship's crew, "He lied."

While traveling to his next target, Ryan was greeted with a hail of gunfire. Excepting a corpse to land on their deck, they were greeted by a perfectly intact pirate in a pinstriped suit.

Ryan opened his fist and dropped a few dozen lead balls. Their jaws came next in disbelief, "Zad iz impozzible!"

Ryan sighed, cutting his eyes at the speaker, "Obviously not." He punctuated his statement by slipping his hand into his jean pockets.

"Sdand down!" A voice cried out from above. Ryan turned his gaze to the crow's nest as an officer leapt down. With hard glares, the crew lowered their rifles and backed away.

The Commanding Officer was young, tall, squared jaw and possessed sharp features. He removed his ushanka, revealing his buzzed cut, dirty blonde hair. Next, he removed his over coat and jacket, exposing his broad shoulders, barrel chest and well-muscled arms, "I veel face you." His piercing blue eyes showed a fierce determination for victory. He dropped into a low stance, leaning forward, hands open and waiting. Ryan immediately noted it as a grappler's stance.

With that, the commander lunged forward, feet first, trying to lock one leg around Ryan's stomach and bring the other into the back of his knee, "Sickle Sveep." He found his opponent's abs to be as hard as steel and his knee unbending to his mighty efforts, also feeling something concealed under his opponent's attire.

Ryan quickly swept his free leg to the sky, then let his heel come crashing down on the deck as the enemy rolled away into a three point stance. His gaze narrowed at the suited man. As he rose to his feet and took his stance once more, "My name iz Vlad, Commader of ze Fourd Baddalion."

"Ryan D. Syrus, First Mate of the Grinning Shadow Pirates," Ryan replied in kind, unmoving.

Vlad grunted as he rushed forward, "Rollink Dread." Suddenly, he rolled around to Ryan's back, mounting him from behind, grabbing his arm and flipping them both to the ground. Once again noticing the hidden object, he quickly pulled the hand to his chest, locked his thighs around the elbow, and secured the wrist trying to hyperextend his adversary's elbow, "H.a.H! I veel dake zis arm for ze Red Sdars!" His crew gave an excited yell at their commander's signature move. He was quite pleased with himself until he realized that Ryan's arm wasn't yielding.

"Have you notice? I let you behind me." Ryan kipped to his feet with ease as Vlad continued to persist. "If I never allow you to extend my elbow in the first place..." He raised his arm slightly before slamming Vlad's skull into the deck with a nauseating crunch. Vlad's eyes rolled back and his grip loosened as he slumped from the First Mate's arm to the deck, "You cannot hyperextend it."

Ryan straightened his sleeve and jacket before peering to the rest of the crew with disinterest. He turned towards his final goal and stepped forward, the entirety of the crew stepping back, "As I thought." With a mighty leap, he was off once more, leaving the crew to breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Meanwhile, Kaito found his route all but clear, except for the flagship. The rest of the ships only began to stir as he closed in and it took little effort for him to deflect their shots. Though, he saw a large, winged shadow ascend from behind the flagship. The shadow loomed above only for moment before heading towards the temporary ship of the Grinning Shadows.

Zerje and Ryan also took note of this fact as they advanced on the last ship. They were easily able to perceive it as an avian creature but something was about its features. It was too long and round. Their suspicions were confirmed as it suddenly fired on Kaito's position.

Their attention was quickly brought back to the ship as the sound of rifle fire pealed out. Zerje diverted the shots with flat of his blade while Ryan simply caught his. They landed on the deck, the Captain cleaving down his firing squad; Pinstripe opted for a reverse roundhouse, flooring the opposition.

Zerje chuckled, "Is that thing firing cannonballs?"

"Yes," affirmed his first mate.

Zerje pointed to the ship, "Well, I'mma let you and Kaito handle that while I scout out the island." He thumbed behind himself with a smile.

Ryan sighed, rolling his eyes, "Roger that." He grabbed a cannonball, pitching it at Zerje. He was already prepared and kicked the round screaming towards the bird, "Pearl Cannon!" Ryan quickly hopped on while his captain leapt off the deck. Zerje closed his eyes in concentration for a moment before landing on the sea like a leaf and dashing across it like it was solid ground.

Kaito looked to the sky with a puzzled look as a bird fired cannonballs at him, "...the hell?" He was knocked back to reality by the rocking of the ship and sea spray, "Right, protect the ship." The wind slowly begun to stir around the navigator as he rose off the ship then shot into the air.

Three men sat on the raven cannon, triplets to be precise. Each garbed in the Red Star's uniform with blue eyes, soft features and cropped blond hair. One was unarmed, leaning to the side with a crazy look in his eyes as he enjoyed the sound of cannon fire. Another carried a rifle, meticulously checking its sight and barrel. The last was armed with a hook and hammer at his side, arms crossed over his chest with a scowl.

Albert continued to watch the sea as a cannonball sailed nearby and Ryan silently landed behind them, "Gentlemen, I must request you cease firing at our means of transportation." Abram grunted as he peered over his shoulder, "Shoot him." Without a second thought, Alexander leveled his rifle at the suited intruder and squeezed the trigger. With impeccable timing, Ryan jolted out of the bullets trajectory, "Obviously, you were not watching any of my previous engagements." Alexander's firing arm dropped as he glared at his missed target. Abram sighed deeply, rubbing the bridge of his nose, "Albert..."

It took a moment for it to register with the 'youngest' triplet. Albert turned as it finally clicked and lunged with grasping hands. With a swift sidestep, Ryan eluded the grapple attempt. He rose his hand before Albert collapsed from a chop to the nape.

Reloaded, Alexander sets his sight on the suited pirate once more. "Hvatit," Abram declared raising a hand as Alexander lowered his. Abram exhaled as he stood up, drawing his weapons. "Good, I tire of wasting my time... Hopefully," Ryan announced. The riflemen glowered, quickly raising his rifle once more. Feeling the scowl of his 'older' brother, he lowered it just as swiftly.

Abram stepped forward, flourishing his weapons, "Da, let's see how long you keep that confidence."


A howling wind followed, causing the raven to tumble end over and fall from the sky. It regained its balance but lost two of its riders, particularly the ones not in a harness.

From his vantage point, Kaito watched as Ryan and another plummeted toward the sea, "Oh shit, sorry man!"

Ryan sighed, already resigned to his situation. He glanced over to Abram who was taking it in equal measures. He nodded towards the main ship on the way down and soon after hitting the water, they swam for it.

To be continued...

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