Summary–What would this character say to that character? Let's find out. Random drabbles between the Dance Central cast. Friendship, family, (possible flirtation), humor, general.

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Title–All the small things

Chapter 4–Too much glitter in my eyes

By–Moon Prynces


It had to be the most pleasant meeting he'd ever endured.

Emilia had introduced everybody that didn't know each other and then most of them peeled off toward the dancefloor with a few hitting the bar. His sister had gone off to observe the club and its dancers, not promising anything.

So here he stood near a tall table with this Oblio guy, both without drinks and any real reason to be taking up a table at all.

The guy was stoic. He hadn't moved a single facial muscle, only nodded in greeting to everyone.

It was perfect. Kerith didn't have a reason to complain or something to pick on.

The music was loud but decent and the lights weren't seizure-inducing. The people weren't completely disagreeable, as shown by his current company.

He smirked at the outfit that some sucker passed by in. Couldn't wait to bring it up later with Jaryn, who would understand his distaste.

Ten minutes passed with the two of them standing there, irritating nearby girls who were hoping they'd leave the table (as they couldn't seem to hold their drinks steady). Kerith placed his arms on the table somewhat possessively, as if to say they were using it in some way. Oblio just folded his arms and tilted his head back, regarding everyone and everything with a carefully expressionless gaze.

It was quite admirable.

After a few minutes Kerith glanced over out of the corner of his eyes.

He frowned.

Did the guy even blink?


Maybe silence wasn't what he really wanted.

Maybe he actually wanted someone to taunt and mock.

For whatever reason, the quiet was getting to him. Heck, even Jaryn's deceivingly soft voice was preferable to nothing but the ambient sounds of the club.

This was why he tried to pay attention to the music, the people, the dancing! Yes, the dancing...


Then he snorted as a nearby conversation was clearly loud enough to be heard though meant to be private.

Oblio didn't respond to the embarrassing piece of gossip. In fact, it seemed as though he hadn't heard anything at all.


Hm...Kerith tapped his chin with a single finger in thought.

Maybe there was a reason he wasn't speaking.

Maybe he just didn't have anything to say.

Maybe the poor guy was too intimidated to say anything to someone so vastly superior to him.

He glanced over vaguely at his companion.

The guy stood tall with perfect posture. He wore tight clothes that showcased not just a dancer's form but obviously a martial artist's body. He sure as hell didn't seem intimidated – in fact looking quite confident and self-assured.


Maybe he was trying to be the cooler one here, all silent and solemn.

Maybe... (gasp!) Maybe he thought he was better than a member of the Glitterati!

Ugh! That little piece of dirt.

Kerith tried not to let his irritation show, had to iron out his features consciously to seem unaffected.

Tch. Well, then he'd just have to go and put on a show. Have the entire club watch his performance and see as this guy's face crumbles in shock and awe as he realizes that he's nothing but a worthless backup dancer!

...All he needed to do was find Jaryn and get the DJ to play one of their songs.

Now which one was his favorite?


Some minutes passed as the blonde pondered this and then he looked over casually to the introvert.

Was this guy even breathing?

That was when Oblio turned his head to stare back at Kerith, sunglasses hiding his eyes.

And finally, Kerith lost it. He slammed his fists onto the table in anger and glared.

Thinks he's so cool with his shades on in a dark club, he thought to himself.

He opened his mouth to say something biting, but paused and rethought this approach.

It wasn't everyday that he lost his head. It wasn't just anyone who could get under his skin. This guy was truly a worthy opponent – but not for long.

And a true member of the Glitterati acknowledges all challenges, battles and decent opponents.

...Before beating them, crushing hearts, souls and dreams.

After a few moments and some deep breaths later he was back to calm, cool and collected.

"Well played," he said with an acknowledging nod.

To this, Oblio responded by just raising a slightly curious brow. He didn't say anything or remove his glasses or even unfold his damned arms!

One deep breath made the fire ignite again, brows twitching as they slowly came together.

Who the hell was this guy?




Alright, let's face it: things have been bad lately and I feel like crap and I'm unable to write anything. But I so wanna update this and I had this chapter written already so I'll just post it even though I'd written Kerith in not too long ago.

This was basically brought on because I figured, out of the two Kerith might be more likely to snap in their interaction. His ego and pride would kind of suffocate him into a funny scene. Chapter title is inspired by the move glitter walk and Kerith being blinded by his self-infatuation. XD

After I upload this I'm gonna try to write another chapter to have ready soon. Requests are nice and all but please don't ask for romance. This isn't about romance really, just friendship and family and humor and such... Also, more than a random pair would be helpful. Like an idea or theme.

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