STORY TITLE: One…Two Fingers

AUTHOR: Tinyteffers

RATING: Mature

PARINGS: Gibbs/DiNozzo, McGee/Abby, Palmer/OMC, Ziva/OMC

WARNING: This story talks about all sorts of what people would say 'odd' stuff going on in it. For more information read the info/fact sheet given before the first chapter.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own anybody from the NCIS TV show. Any other characters I take responsibility for since they are my original characters.

SUMMERY: When you lease expect it your life can change forever. The whole NCIS clan realizes this when just one single thing goes wrong altering everything they know.


Thanks to my Beta Nyre The Black Rose for reading over this chapter and giving me great pointers. And also to those of you who have read and reviewed previous chapters!


Meanwhile, in the waiting room, while Gibbs was talking with the doctor and Tony, everybody else was camping out all over the room. Tim McGee was slouched on a couch with his wife Abby's head in his lap. She wasn't asleep even though McGee whished she would relax enough to get at least a few hours of shut-eye. But with her anxiety high around her friends being ill, he would take the fact she was even lying down.

Opposite them on the couch Jimmy Palmer and his husband Brian were sitting with Aystyn and Levi.

"Why would anybody shoot dad like that?" Levi asked Jimmy.

Aystyn chimed in, "He is always getting shot at its part of his job."

"Yeah, but it's not normal for him to get shot off duty in our front yard" Levi spat back. He was getting frustrated with his older brother's attitude.

"You don't have to talk to me like that, Fucker" Aystyn spat back.

"Shut up Ass Wipe."

Jimmy and McGee stood up and got between the boys "That's enough from both of you. Your father is sick, you need to be respectful and be on your best behavior."

"You two better listen to your 'Uncles'" Gibbs said as he walked into the room.

Everybody sat up straight waiting for some news.

"Well Tony is awake…" Gibbs paused and held his hand up to hold off all of the questions "… Right now he seems to be physically fine…"

"But he doesn't remember you daddy" Levi said since he had been in the room when Tony had woke up.

Gibbs glared slightly at his son but let it be and continued his train of thought. "Levi is right, there does seem to be some type of memory loss."

"He won't remember us?" Aystyn questioned sounding really upset.

"As of right now probably not. But we won't know anything until some more tests are done" Gibbs replied as he sat on a chair by his kids. "Which is what they are doing right now."

It was close to two hours later when Doctor Rosen walked out into the waiting room and looked around for Gibbs. "Agent Gibbs can I speak to you for a little bit."

Gibbs was on his feet in a second and walked over to the doctor. They both walked out of the room and down the hall to a small room. The door read 'Consultation Room'. "Do we know what is going on, is this memory loss stuff going to go away?"

Doctor Rosen held his hand up to stop a rather out of character rant from Jethro.

"Agent Gibbs… Jethro, Tony has suffered a significant amount of trauma to his brain, both from the gunshot wound and the lack of oxygen to his brain after the attack.

"So what is going to happen with my husband?" Gibbs asked beginning to get ticked off with this doctor. Sure, he was nice enough but he also wasn't giving him a straight answer.

"With any type of traumatic brain injury it can be different for everybody. Some people snap out of the memory loss in a matter of minutes, days, or even weeks, some take months or even years. What really matters is how you take care of it in the meantime."

Gibbs sighed and nodded "so right now Tony is stuck thinking he's a two year old and there isn't anything that can be done?"

Rosen nodded, "hopefully once more of the swelling in his brain goes down then things will be better but I can't make any guarantees. The brain is a tricky part of the human body. Just one little mix up can change a person's life forever."

"That was really up-lifting, Doc" Gibbs grumbled as he stood up from his seat. "I guess I will go check in with my two-year-old husband and see what is new. I have to get used to this."

"Before you go there are some things I need to make sure you understand. Right now with Tony being so vulnerable I believe it is in his best interest to treat him like the two-year-old he thinks he is. It's rather interesting but I think he really believes that it is forty-one years ago and he is in the hospital as the real life two year old Anthony DiNozzo Jr. He may have questions about his parents but just answer them to the best of your ability. I have already called his father and informed him of the events of the past few days. He may come visit, but he has no intention of coming and taking care of Tony.

"Of course he wouldn't the man is a selfish bastard and was even worse when Tony was little. They shipped him off to boarding school the earliest they possibly could. "There is no way that DiNozzo Sr. would take care of a full grown two year old" Jethro said in anger.

"Yes, that is the impression I got when I talked with him on the phone, but why don't you go see Tony, he kept asking for his parents or Jetho the whole time we were running tests." Doctor Rosen slightly grinned at this. "He might not remember you like he did a few days ago but you have already made a spot in his heart.

"Thanks Doc," Gibbs walked towards the door.

"Agent Gibbs there is one thing that it will be okay to talk to Tony about and that is his mother's death. I got the information from his father that his mother was very sickly ever since Tony's birth and actually did die when Tony was two years old. If Tony asks where his mother is just mention she went up to Heaven. DiNozzo Sr. explained it was what they had been telling him in preparation for the eventual death of his mother.

"Okay Doc, thanks for the information. I am going to go see Tony now and with that he walked out of the small room with a heavy heart and quite frankly, the desire to start crying. Shaking that surge of emotions from his head he went to Tony's room and knocked on the door. When he didn't get a response he simply opened the door and poked his head in.

Tony looked up at the door opening and smiled when he saw Gibbs, "Hi Jetho."

"Hi Tony" Gibbs said as he took a seat next to Tony's bed. "What are you coloring?" he asked looking at the coloring page sitting on the tray over Tony's lap.

"Bat Bat" Tony said pointing at the scribble of green, purple and orange on a coloring sheet of Batman.

Gibbs nodded his head "that's right, that is Batman."

"The lady gewe me it" Tony said as he went back to his scribbling.

"That was nice of her" Gibbs figured the Lady was Tony's nurse Taya.

"Are you having a baby?" Tony asked curiously.

Gibbs wasn't sure how to answer this question without giving too much information away. He couldn't exactly say 'Yeah I am, we are having a baby girl, you and I.'

So in response he was as honest as he could be. "I am pregnant. I am having a baby girl. I have five kids already, Aystyn who is thirteen, Levi who is eleven, Jackalyn and Jenyfer who are twins and they are nine, and then Zakaree who is eight."

Tony's eyes went wide at the mention of all the kids, at his house he was the only kid around and nobody really liked to play with him. Even his Nanny Ingrid wouldn't play with his toys and games with him. She was a large lady who quite frankly scared Tony to death as a kid.

"I'm sure they would love to play with you, but not quite yet. They are at home right now, but sometime soon you can play with them." Gibbs said and then added. "Yyou are going to be coming home with me so you can play with them all the time."

"What about Daddy and Mommy?" Tony wanted to know what had happened to his parents.

Again this was a hard question for Gibbs to answer. He too had called DiNozzo Sr. after what happened with Tony. He tried to explain to the older man that Tony was literally forty-one years in the past in his head. This information was too much for the older DiNozzo. Gibbs didn't exactly blame him, he too wasn't sure he what to do with a full sized adult male that was acting, and truly thought he was a two-year-old. He had hoped his discussion with Doctor Rosen would help him understand a bit more about what was going on, but it hadn't. It seems everything was just a guessing game and something they had to wait out. He was due to talk to the hospital social worker in a little while to talk about discharge planning. He hoped that would be more informational and give him some true hard facts about what he was supposed to with Tony once he got him home.

There was one thing he did know and that was he was not going to put Tony in some long term care facility or institution. If he needed some time at one or the other at first that would be different, but he was not leaving his husband to rot away and without people who loved him.

Since he was taking so long to answer Tony was getting nervous and worried. "Where Mommy?"

"Tony mommy can't come see you and you can't go see mommy. She is in Heaven living with God now."

"Oh" Tony said with his lip quivering a little. "Like Gampa" he sniffed but didn't cry. "Mommy sick, she happy now" it was a great thing the DiNozzo's had prepared their son so well for his mother's death from cancer at such a young age. It sure made it easy for Gibbs to explain to the man… well boy.

Gibbs nodded his head "Mommy is with Grandpa in heaven and Daddy is busy with work. I am going to take care of you like Ingrid did."

Tony made a face at that, "But you pay wit me and give me friends like all da kids you gots. I don't have to pay all alone like Ingid made me do?"

"No buddy you can play a lot at our house both with me and the other kids" Gibbs said with a smile. He was going to mention he wasn't going to send Tony off to boarding school but then remembered Tony would have no recollection of what in the world boarding school was.

"Where Ingid now?" The large two-year-old asked.

"Max is busy so he asked me to help take care of you since he thought you would have fun playing with my kids" Gibbs answered.

Tony nodded his head like crazy, "Yeah me pay with yous kids, and Ingid can go bye bye."

Gibbs raised an eyebrow at this one, it was becoming obvious that Tony didn't have any strong attachments to his once nanny.

"My head hurts" Tony said out of the blue and he reached up to rub at the mesh netting he had on his head.

Gibbs reached over and pushed Tony's nurse call button.

Within seconds a female nurse came walking into the room. "How's it going in here?"

"Tony says he has a headache."

The nurse nodded and went to adjust Tony's I.V. meds. "There we go that should help" she smiled "need anything else Tony?"

"My Pee Pee hurts."

Taya nodded again "I can ask the doctor if it's okay to take his Cath out. In our team meeting we were talking about seeing how he is with toileting. We will probably start with putting him in a pair of depends. You never know where a two-year-old is with that kind of stuff."

"Oh believe me I know how that goes, all of my boys took forever. I actually do remember Tony said it took till he was almost four to be toilet trained, so we might take that into consideration."

"Okay good to know, so the Depends should be a good place to start then" Taya said as she went to the door. "I will be back in a second to take the Cath out."

Tony wasn't sure what was going on but hoped it made his Pee Pee feel better. "Jetho what are you kids names again?"

Gibbs smiled "Well there is Aystyn, Levi, Jenyfer, Jackalyn, and Zakaree. They are all older then you but I am sure they would love to play with you."

"Otay" Tony smiled.

There was a knock on the door and Taya came back in. "Okay we have the go-ahead from the doc to take the cath out so Tony I'm going to take this tube out of your penis so it doesn't hurt anymore.

Tony giggled at the word 'penis' like most kids would. It was hard for Gibbs not to smile back.

"Tony do you want Jethro to go bye bye or stay here in the room?"


It took about ten minutes to get the cath out since Tony threw a bit of a fit when it started to hurt. Also Gibbs and Taya got their answer on the Potty Training part when Tony automatically lifted his legs to put the diaper on him.

"There we go all better," Taya said as she took her gloves off and went to wash her hands.

Watching this it really hit Gibbs. Things were changing. His husband and father of his children was now younger then his youngest child, the baby girl in his stomach not included. Yes life was really changing.