Hi, everybody. This is just a little intro fic. Nothin' really much, though. Here we go.

A girl with brown skin, black and white hair, a black tux, black pants, black shoes, and a yellow left eye and black right eye tapped a pencil to her chin, eraser side, pondering thoughts as she stared at the piece of paper on her desk in her room. Her door knocked, and she said, "Come in."

A boy, her younger brother, walked in. The right half of him was white while the left was black, including his hair. He wore a tux with black and white vertical stripes and had black eyes. "Hey, Nebula. Whatcha doin'?" he asked in a Jamaican accent.

"Oh, hi Jerome. Just doing a little homework. Cruddy poetry. I can never think of what to write about."

"Mmmm… what about stars?"


"Yeah. We live in Star Haven, anyway."

Nebula stood up and looked outside her window at the star-filled space sky, the young Star Kids of Star Haven and Wisps flying around the area. "Hm. Sounds kinda cliché, don't it?"

"I guess so. But considering what we do and where we live, it would be kind of typical, wouldn't it."

"Yeah… I guess." Nebula smiled.

Yeah… I get real bored. Anyway, these are Dimentia and Infinity's kids… yeah. Next time, more Firstborn. Later.