Meloetta and Gothorita were circling around in the dense forest, not being able to get anything done. Mel examined everything with her magnifying glass, while Goth had her hands behind the back of her head, obviously bored and out of it.

"We've been here for hours, Mel..." Goth groaned as she let out a yawn. "Maybe we should head back and forget about this whole thing..."

"WRONG!" Mel exclaimed, going right into Goth's face, placing the magnifying glass onto her face. "We're here to solve a mystery, and it's not gonna get solved if we just quit on the spot!"

Goth folded her arms and pouted. "It feels better if we did... we're accomplishing nothing..."

Mel paused, hearing something coming from the west. She turned to Goth. "Did you hear that?"

Goth rolled her eyes. "That was probably my stomach. We didn't eat anything for a while." She sighed as she rubbed her stomach.

Mel shook her head, turning to the west. "Not that. I hear a loud clank..." She snapped her fingertips... if she had any. "That's it! Come on, Goth!" She grabbed Goth by the arm and started dashing westward, much to Goth's dismay.