"Versus Love"

Chapter 1: "Alloyed"

Disclaimer: Resident Evil and Street Fighter, and all characters thus related, are the property of Capcom. Lee "Alloy" Williams is not mine, either, but a character created by a friend of mine for the Marvel Universe setting. This story is written largely as a favor to him and an experiment for myself, for which I am not monetarily or otherwise compensated by Capcom or Marvel.

Author's note: This is going to be a Marvel vs. Capcom fic in the sense that it's a Marvel-based OC transplanted into the setting(s) of two of Capcom's most popular franchises. It is going to be something of a pairing fic, too, and a bit lemony here and there, but not at the expense of good storytelling and character building/development. If you must know who Lee Williams/Alloy is, I'll let the story handle that for me, and if that's unsatisfactory, you can ask Cloud Link Zero. If you must know, this fic is a birthday present to him and also a way of saying thanks for The Other Exiles' revitalization, so those of you who wanted to see that fic continued can go thank him. In any case, let's get it on!

He was dead. He was sure of it. He had to be. A mutual kill like that was not something anybody could walk away from that easily, not with the forces invoked in said mutual kill.

If that was the case, though, why did he feel so sore? He should have felt numb, if anything, not sore . . . and what was this forest he was in? His road to Nirvana? Valhalla? The Elysian Fields? Heaven?

The young man stared up at the night sky, seeing a big bright moon staring back at him through the trees. He also heard howling wolves in the distance, although they didn't sound nearly as distant as he'd thought, or maybe hoped. Slowly rising to his feet, and realizing that he was not as dressed as he'd hoped, the young man looked out into the darkness for whoever, or whatever, his opponent would turn out to be.

He wasn't exactly expecting diseased-looking wolves with fur falling out in clumps that exposed blood-slick muscle to be that opponent. He wasn't expecting them to be so large, either, roughly the size of a dire wolf or something akin to Asgard's literal dog of war Fenrir . . . just a hundred times more sickening and frightful in appearance.

"Well, shit . . ." the young man muttered to himself, almost literally smelling death emanating from the wolf pack. "You boys look hungry. Mind if I feed you something?" His eyes glowed red as armor began to assemble itself around his rag-clad body, metallic cords of dark navy and off-white wrapping around his limbs and torso and crawling over his face.

In the mansion overlooking the forest in which the strange young man was about to do battle with the deathly wolves, two young women were in dire straits of their own. These two were Interpol agent Chun-Li, who had come in pursuit of the Shadaloo crime lord M. Bison, and Jill Valentine, formerly of S.T.A.R.S. and Raccoon PD, who had come in pursuit of the bioterrorist Albert Wesker, also formerly of S.T.A.R.S. and Umbrella Corp. Both Chun-Li and Jill had been tipped off to the possibility of an alliance between Bison and Wesker, and had worked together to make sure this alliance, whatever it was for, would never come to fruition.

Alas, it had been a trap. Wesker had let the information out through a third party in order to draw out his enemies and lure them to him. He had been hoping for Chris Redfield, as strange as that would sound to anyone else. Of course, Jill Valentine would ultimately lead him to Chris Redfield, so he supposed he could defer that bit of gratification a while longer.

Chun-Li was an unexpected bonus, though, an Interpol agent reputed both for her dogged pursuit of Bison and in the world of street fighting as "The World's Strongest Woman." Through masterful self-control, he kept the smile off his face as he sized her up; with those legs, he supposed that the appellation was understandable, albeit far from accurate in his viewpoint. She would at least be worth a test run with Uroboros, if Jill proved less than viable.

Bison was not bothering to hold back his triumphant smirk as Wesker was. No, the hideously gleeful expression was naked as day on his face, making his glowing eyes beneath the brim of his hat even more forbidding.

"Like bees to honey . . ." he purred sadistically. "You're mine, Chun-Li . . . just like your father! And your friend is going to make a nice Doll, too!"

Wesker cleared his throat and let out a low growl. "That was not part of the deal, Bison."

"What's the matter?" Jill taunted Wesker. "Not so much fun when the knife's in your back, Wesker?"

Wesker just glared at her, his eyes shining an ominous red even with his sunglasses concealing them, while Bison looked unconcerned. "The terms of my and Wesker's alliance won't be mattering to either of you soon enough," Bison remarked. "And you are surrounded, my dears, so be good little girls and surrender."

Indeed, Jill and Chun-Li were surrounded, as glowing red eyes within the darkness could be seen all around them. Stepping out of those shadows were men and women in Shadaloo uniforms, their skin pale and diseased-looking and their eyes shining a hellish crimson. "Like them?" Bison taunted. "This is the combination of my Psycho Drive and Wesker's bioengineering, the first step to creating the ultimate warrior, the ultimate power . . . power that I will control!"

"This is a new low, even for you, Bison," Chun-Li snarled.

"Enough," Bison cut in. "Boys and girls, time to show our guests what you can do."

Immediately, Bison's newly enhanced shock troops lunged for Chun-Li and Jill, only for Jill to shoot one in the head with her Beretta. The bullet crushed itself against the shock troop's forehead but for all its impact failed to penetrate his skull. Beside her, Chun-Li thrust out her hands and shot a Kikoken energy ball at another shock troop, forcing her back some distance but not felling her as easily as Chun-Li would have anticipated.

With nigh-imperceptible speed, Jill's attackers surrounded and struck out at her with punches and kicks of hideous strength, judging by the vibratory shocks created when their blows missed her and struck the ground or the walls. Jill was dodging their attacks to the best of her all-too-human ability and shooting them whenever she could, but they either dodged the bullets or the bullets failed to slow them down by much. She could only hope Chun-Li was having better luck with them than she was.

"Spinning Bird Kick!" Chun-Li called out, doing an upside-down split while spinning rapidly on her hands to deliver a whirling kick with both outstretched legs that hit with the force of a tornado. The kicks struck down pretty much every enhanced Shadaloo trooper in range of her legs, but those same troopers didn't necessarily stay down.

"Very tenacious," Wesker commented amusedly. "This is going to be quite the alliance, and with those two in our hands . . ."

"The world is ours," Bison finished with a triumphant smirk.

When Chun-Li had finished her Spinning Bird Kick and moved back onto her feet, she saw the Shadaloo troopers she had just kicked to the ground standing up as though her attack had been nothing more than love taps. Their eyes burning an even more lurid scarlet, they attacked Chun-Li again with even greater vigor, with inhuman speed and strength challenging her own. This time, Chun-Li attacked one of the troopers with her Hundred-Strike Kick, pummeling him with what literally amounted to a hundred rapid-fire kicks, the last one throwing him into the closest wall.

Jill shot another Shadaloo trooper, only for the trooper to barely react to the bullet crushed against her temple. Instead, with a sinister crack of her neck, she lunged for Jill with the kind of speed that would have otherwise been mistaken for teleportation, going for her jugular. Jill attempted to shoot down her attacker, but her attacker was too quick and had her pinned to the wall by her throat.

Chun-Li hit more Shadaloo troopers with a stronger Kikoken blast, but it barely fazed them, as they moved to swarm her – only to be struck down by a cutting wind from out of nowhere. Chun-Li looked up in surprise at her salvation . . . and at the armored swordfighter that had been responsible, just before he vanished like a ghost.

Despite her lack of oxygen, Jill had the presence of mind to place her gun at her strangler's temple and fire point-blank . . . which did little but destroy her gun from the backfire and injure her hand. Fortunately for her, she didn't have to worry about being choked to death much longer, as her attacker had been cut down in the instant her gun had backfired. Nearly collapsing to her knees, but staying on her feet and rubbing her throat, Jill looked up at her savior, startled at the sight of him.

"One of yours, Albert?" Bison asked.

"No," Wesker answered coldly at the sight of the interloper, a man in sleek, almost liquid navy-and-silver armor. His gauntlets were silver with scalloped cuffs, and his shoulder armor was similarly colored and segmented. The main body of his armor was colored navy, only with four luminescent circular panels framing his chest and ribcage. His helmet was also navy-colored, but with a silver faceplate with a V-shaped indent at the top and a split visor designed as a pair of narrow glowing red slits that widened slightly at each end to resemble eyes. A pair of metallic sheaths rested on his back, and a matching pair of O-katana rested in his hands.

"Interesting party," the armored man remarked, his voice modulated by his mask. "Don't mind me crashing it."

More Psycho-Uroboros-enhanced Shadaloo troops began to emerge from the shadows, surrounding the interloper. "Whoever you are, it is a fool's errand to come here alone!" Bison declared. "If you'd wished to aid these wenches, you should have come here better prepared, and now you will share their fate!"

"Like I didn't get this spiel enough from the baddies back home," the armored intruder remarked coolly. He raised his swords in a combat position that had one held over his head and pointed forward and the other held with its blade sideways beneath his chest while his legs bent like a coiled spring. The united Interpol and BSAA agents looked at their would-be savior's combat stance curiously, Chun-Li noticing that he was surprisingly well-guarded in that stance.

"What does he think he's doing?" Jill asked.

The armored swordsman's visor slits seemed to narrow even more, if that were possible. "Come on," he taunted.

At Bison's order, the Shadaloo shock troops came down on the man in force, who simply blinked in and out of sight, striking down Bison's troops in between blinks. "He . . . he moves like Wesker," Jill uttered in shock. How the hell was anyone that fast without being subjected to the same kind of viral infections and bio-modifications as the ex-S.T.A.R.S. captain had done to make himself unto what he arrogantly deemed "a living god"?

"He's on our side," Chun-Li cut into her partner's thoughts. "And I'm not letting him have all the fun." Wading into the fray, Chun-Li brutally yet gracefully displaced many of the Shadaloo troops with a powerful Spinning Bird Kick, and Jill picked off several of the scattered troops with incendiary rounds built to deal with the more powerful B.O.W.s.

"Psycho Crusher!" Bison's demonic voice roared, charging to strike the armored interloper in the torso with a Psycho-Powered punch. The armored man cried out in pain, his armor bleeding away from his body in wiry tangles of liquid metal circuitry and exposing a scorched torso. Bison intended to strike his advantage with a second Psycho Crusher, only to be blocked by the armored man's O-katana, which turned out to be far stronger than he was anticipating. With a mighty yell, the armored man pushed Bison back with his sword so forcefully that it generated a shockwave from the colliding powers.

As Bison was pushed back, Chun-Li retaliated with a Hundred-Strike Kick, battering him with literally a hundred kicks in the space of mere seconds. On her hundredth kick, she put enough force to send Bison flying backwards, only for the madman to right himself with a forced landing. Just then, Chun-Li heard a gunshot from Jill, who shouted at her, "It's Wesker!"

That warning, sadly, was not enough for Chun-Li to outmaneuver the black-clad schemer's brutal blitz, coming at her so fast he seemed to disappear between seconds. Having downed Chun-Li, Wesker went for Jill, who shot at him seemingly haphazardly but really trying to fire where she anticipated he'd move to evade her bullets. It was really a clever thought, but Wesker was too fast and too smart, as he saw it, to fall for a ploy like that. As he was about to close in on Jill, he found his strike blocked by the flat side of the armored man's O-katana, the armored one looking a little worse for wear despite that his armor had managed to regenerate around his wounded torso.

"You're an interesting one," Wesker remarked, "but not quite enough to hope to beat me."

"The boastful ones go down the hardest," the armored man taunted back, and threw Wesker back with a pulse of kinetic force from his O-katana. As Wesker fell back, the armored man looked past him to see Chun-Li in the throes of battle with M. Bison, who was punishing her with his Psycho-Powered punches while Chun-Li was using all her power to hold her own against him. He turned back to Jill. "She's your partner, right? Think we ought to help?"

That was when Wesker closed in on the armored man. "Worry about yourself, whelp," he snarled as he hit the armored man with a vicious uppercut palm thrust to his masked face, knocking him into the air to tumble haphazardly before crashing to the ground. Jill was about to open fire on Wesker, but Wesker blinked out of the way of her bullets and grabbed her wrists with enough force to make her drop her gun. It didn't exactly stop her from kneeing him in the solar plexus and slamming the full weight of her body into him to try to knock him off-balance; she was made of sterner stuff than to just give in so easily to her worst enemy.

Just as Wesker was about to subdue her, a blade sliced into his back, eliciting a growl of pained anger as the black-clad mastermind whirled upon the new threat. Said threat, the armored man from before, took the opportunity to slash him in the chest with the second O-katana he kept in reserve. Wesker threw Jill aside to focus on the armored man with the twin O-katana, throwing himself into a blitz attack intended to overwhelm his opponent the same way he'd done to Jill and Chun-Li. To his surprise, the armored swordsman was keeping up perfectly with his movements and even countering while moving at the same nigh-imperceptible speed.

With Wesker occupied by the mysterious armored man, Jill turned her attentions to her partner Chun-Li, whom Bison was pushing on the ropes. Chun-Li twisted out of the way while feinting to make it look like a Spinning Bird Kick, leaving Bison open for Jill to open automatic fire on the Shadaloo overlord. Bison let out a roar as blackish-purple energy surged around his body, the aura deflecting Jill's bullets. Of course, it had still served a purpose, namely for the armored man to dodge and leave Wesker to be hit by the ricochets. Wesker's insane speed was based partly on superior perception and prediction of his foes' movements, but against stray bullets or other attacks whose source could not necessarily be determined by his senses, even he would be caught unawares.

Wesker growled furiously as his bullet wounds and sword wounds began to regenerate, albeit slowly. The armored man seized upon the mastermind's weakened condition to press his attack, striking with his swords at such speed that he was creating afterimages. Bison had charged up his Psycho Power and was now ready to finish off Jill and Chun-Li, only for Chun-Li to unleash her Kikosho, a sphere of chi that grew from around her and clashed with Bison's twisted aura before growing enough to suffocate Bison's power.

"What . . . what is this?" Bison roared furiously.

"The power of one such as you never overcomes the power of those of true fighting spirit . . . and true fighting spirit comes from the heart – a heart you don't have!" Chun-Li retorted before directing the Kikosho sphere to blast Bison to the ground.

Meanwhile, the mysterious armored man was finishing his fight with Wesker, blitzing the shaded mastermind in ways even Wesker could not match. By the end of it, Wesker's shades had been knocked off, exposing his unnaturally glowing red eyes and the catlike slits he had for pupils, and he was generally worse for wear. With a furious growl, he charged the armored swordsman, only for Chun-Li to intercede with a dual Hundred-Strike Kick that went through Wesker's charge and sent him into the air with the last kick. Chun-Li flipped up after him and twisted into a Spinning Bird Kick, supercharged if the tornado her whirling body was creating was anything to go by, that brutally felled the aspiring god, knocking him to the ground with a hard tumble as Chun-Li herself landed gracefully.

"Wonder who those chumps were," the swordsman remarked. "They seemed to think pretty big of themselves."

"Albert Wesker and M. Bison," Chun-Li replied. "Interpol's been after them both for years, even though Wesker is typically in the BSAA's jurisdiction, which is why my partner Jill Valentine is here. She was after Wesker, a terrorist using biochemical engineering to create Bio-Organic Weapons, turning humans and animals into monsters, all in the name of making some kind of superhuman species."

"About sums him up," Jill spat, regarding the prone Wesker with the scorn someone would reserve for a rat.

"What about the Nazi?" the swordsman asked. Catching the odd look both Jill and Chun-Li sent his way, he shrugged. "With that uniform, he was just inviting the comparison."

"He's Dictator M. Bison," Chun-Li explained. "Leader of Shadaloo, a crime syndicate whose tentacles have spread all over the world. He uses an extralegal worldwide street fighting tournament as a tool to recruit strong fighters as his enforcers, winning them over with the promise of money, revenge, or getting to do for a living what they love doing for free – if he doesn't just corrupt them with his Psycho Drive to turn them into loyal minions. He's killed many people, ruined many innocent lives . . . it'll be a snowball's chance in hell before he gets to keep doing it . . ."

"So why don't we just arrest them now?" the swordsman asked. "We have them down for the count. We should take them in while we can."

"And who are you, by the way?" Jill asked. "Not that I mind the help; we'd have been finished without you, but you just came from out of nowhere to bail us out against Wesker and Bison. Just wondering how that happened."

"Wouldn't believe me if I told you," the armored swordsman replied wryly.

Chun-Li gave the armored swordsman a challenging smirk. "I've seen things maybe you wouldn't believe if I told you."

The armored swordsman chuckled slightly. "Point."

Just then, he noticed Wesker rising to his feet, holding a grenade that was missing its pin. He tossed the grenade into the air and with all the strength he could muster in his injured condition, kicked it right at Jill, Chun-Li, and the armored swordsman. The swordsman drew his O-katana to deflect the exploding grenade, and while the twin swords created an impromptu shield for Jill and Chun-Li, the shockwave from the detonation still sent them all flying.

When they'd recovered their bearings, they found themselves outside the now burning mansion. Jill and Chun-Li were a bit scorched and their clothes were slightly torn, but they were mostly intact. As for the armored swordsman, he was on one knee, holding himself up just barely thanks to one of his O-katana. Both agents looked at him with curiosity, noticing that his armor had changed form somewhat, though in the moonlit darkness, it was hard to determine how exactly it had changed. They wouldn't get a chance to look at it more closely, as the armor now seemed to be unraveling into metallic wires and tendrils that were retracting into his body.

The first thing they could see was the face of a young Japanese man who appeared to be in his late teens, about 19 at the most. He had chin-length black hair that hung in a sweaty mess around his face, and his body had no covering other than rags. It was actually rather embarrassing for Chun-Li and Jill, who were both trying not to make note of how well-toned the young man was. Also embarrassing was that he seemed so young compared to them, and he'd still somehow saved them both from being killed or worse by their arch-nemeses.

The young man looked at the two agents. "You got any transport? My armor's kind of beat right now."

"What's your name?" Chun-Li asked.

"I'm called Alloy," the young man replied. "What about you?"

"Chun-Li, and this is my partner Jill Valentine," Chun-Li replied.

"Alloy?" Jill repeated. "Is that some kind of codename?"

"Yeah," Alloy admitted. "After my armor, it's made of an alien metallic bio-mesh that works by bonding with a living organism and amplifying that organism's abilities exponentially."

"What about the swords?" Chun-Li wondered.

"The bio-metal can also absorb metallic objects into itself and re-forge them even stronger," Alloy replied. "The swords were kind of a family heirloom; figured they wouldn't mind me using them to cut up some bad guys."

"We do have transport," Jill admitted. "Just outside this forest."

"That's good," Alloy responded.

The trio made their way into a black SUV with bulletproofed and dark-tinted windows and an armored chassis. "Sweet ride," Alloy piped up.

"In this kind of business, you can't afford much except the best," Jill admitted wryly. "The rest gets you dead."

Alloy climbed into the backseat of the SUV while Jill hopped into the driver's seat and Chun-Li sat next to her in the passenger seat. "So what's your angle?" Alloy asked Chun-Li.

"My angle?" Chun-Li echoed curiously.

"Yeah, it seemed kind of personal between you and that Bison guy," Alloy remarked.

Chun-Li glowered at Alloy through the rearview mirror. "I'd rather not get into that right now."

"Sure," Alloy conceded. "Didn't mean to step on your toes there. Just wondering."

The drive went on largely in silence, with Alloy contemplating the new world he seemed to have ended up in. "Just a question. Where are we?"

"You don't know?" Jill asked.

"Not really," Alloy confessed. "I was just dropped here. Woke up and found these sick wolves staring at me like a piece of meat. Dealt with them, but they weren't like any wolves I'd ever seen before."

"We're in the Canadian Rockies," Jill replied.

"Canada, huh?" Alloy remarked. "Whoa. Looked a bit like a Weapon X facility there."

"Weapon X?" Chun-Li repeated.

"What's 'Weapon X'?" Jill inquired. "It sounds like something Wesker would have come up with."

"Sorry," Alloy replied. "Just trying to see if this was my world or not. Then again, even if it was, Weapon X was top secret. Nothing people in general would know about."

"You're trying to say you're from another universe?" Jill surmised.

"Yeah, you could say that," Alloy admitted.

They eventually reached a building that reminded Alloy of the Stark Towers facility that the Avengers had used as a base. Jill drove the armored SUV into an adjacent "basement" parking lot and parked it in what looked like a reserved space. After that, she, Chun-Li, and Alloy got out of the SUV and walked over to the elevator, which Jill opened with a key card before stepping in with Chun-Li and Alloy. Jill pressed the button for the top floor and then the elevator proceeded to ascend rather quickly to the top floor, where it stopped but a minute later.

A minute that felt like an eternity, given the tension Alloy felt at his new surroundings and that Jill and Chun-Li felt at the presence of their impromptu guest . . . who was nearly naked in his rags. Once the elevator door opened, Jill went out first, followed by Chun-Li and Alloy, who had let Chun-Li go first with an insouciant, "Ladies first."

Now the three of them were heading for what Alloy could tell was the War Room, where Alloy nearly had a gun pointed at him. "The hell, man?"

"Who's he?" a tall, well-muscled man in body armor interrogated.

"He calls himself Alloy," Jill replied. "And relax, Chris. He saved us."

Chris inhaled deeply and then holstered his gun again. "Sorry. It's just . . . I worry."

"Like a house husband waiting for his wife to get back from work," a wiry man with a fringe of dark blond hair hanging over his face wryly observed, prompting a dismissive scoff from Chris.

"Where'd you get him from?" inquired a lithe but well-muscled petite blonde woman in a sleeveless green leotard with camouflage paint on her legs and a red beret on her head.

"He just showed up," Chun-Li replied. "And saved us from Wesker and Bison."

"Impressive," the blonde remarked, and Alloy noted a British accent in her tone.

"This guy saved you?" scoffed a well-tanned redhead with her hair tied in a long braid and dressed in a cleavage-baring power suit with a pair of yellow-tinted glasses covering her eyes. "He doesn't look like he could save himself."

"I could show you," Alloy offered. "Suit's recovered by now, I think." Concentrating a moment, liquid metal uncoiled from within his body in the form of wires and tendrils that wrapped around his limbs, torso, and head, reforming into his armor. The dual visor slits flashed scarlet before returning to their customary dim red glow, and Alloy flicked his wrists, letting sword hilts extend from them before they were followed by six-foot katana blades. Once they were done extending, Alloy held the twin swords by their hilts.

"What the hell kind of suit is that?" the tanned redhead exclaimed in astonishment.

"An extraterrestrial hyper-adaptive bio-metallic mesh," Alloy replied simply, as though it were an everyday thing for him . . . which it pretty much was.

Chris looked at Alloy in slight disbelief. "Swords?"

"Swords don't run out of ammo," Alloy answered. "All you have to do is keep them sharp, and they can keep going."

"He kept up with Wesker," Jill explained. "I saw it with my own eyes. He's that fast."

"So what was Wesker up to?" Chris asked, his eyes lit with intensity when Jill brought their archenemy up.

"He and Bison were combining Bison's Psycho Drive with Wesker's viruses to create super-soldiers," Jill replied. "And Bison wanted to turn me into a Doll. Would have done it, too, if it weren't for this guy here. He helped us beat back their super-soldiers."

"I suppose I owe you one, kid," Chris remarked to Alloy.

"No need," Alloy responded. "Wait, what's a Doll?" Almost as soon as he'd asked the question, he noticed the blonde stiffen imperceptibly. At least, it'd be imperceptible to someone whose senses weren't as acute as his while the armor was active . . . or someone who didn't know her that well.

"A Doll is a brainwashed agent of M. Bison," the blonde explained. "And he always picks girls to act as his Dolls."

Alloy gripped his swords a little more tightly, and his visor began to glow a little more intensely. "Sick bastard . . . I should have gutted him."

"Wouldn't make much of a difference," Chun-Li admitted ruefully. "Bison always finds a way to come back when you think you've seen the last of him."

"Sounds like some guys I know back where I come from," Alloy dryly remarked.

"Where you come from?" the blond man repeated.

"Alternate universe," Alloy answered.

That got the leotard-clad blonde, the power-suited redhead, the blond man, and Chris looking at him like he'd just grown another head. "An alternate universe?" the redhead scoffed. "Are you fucking with us?"

"I just showed you my armor," Alloy retorted. "You guys are fighting a couple of megalomaniacs with freaking superpowers that want to take over the world. Is me being from an alternate reality really that hard to swallow?"

"Point," the redhead grumbled after many long seconds of thought.

"So who are the rest of you, anyway?" Alloy wondered.

"Chris Redfield of the BSAA," Chris replied. "Jill's partner."

"Leon S. Kennedy, U.S. secret agent," the fringed blond man replied.

"Cammy White of Delta Red," the blonde offered.

"Crimson Viper of the CIA," the power-suited redhead answered.

"That your codename?" Alloy asked Viper.

"I'm not telling you my real one," Crimson Viper replied.

"Sure, sure, but the name kind of reminds me of a woman I used to tangle with," Alloy confessed wryly. "A nice lady she wasn't." With a breath, he partly disengaged his armor, causing his helmet to unravel into tendrils and wires that retracted into his neck, exposing his face once again.

"You ever gonna tell us how you got here?" Leon asked.

"Wouldn't believe me if I told you, but is there anywhere I can go to catch some Z's?" Alloy inquired. "It's been a long night for me."

"Since you two brought him in, you might as well show him," Crimson Viper offered for Jill and Chun-Li.

"Us?" Jill wondered.

"It would only be fair," Chun-Li conceded. "Except somebody should watch over him so he doesn't wander off on his own and get hurt."

"Thanks for the concern," Alloy remarked with a dry tone and a witty smirk.

"I'll do it," Crimson Viper offered. "Watch him for the night. It'd be a good opportunity to see how his suit measures up to mine if he turns out to be trouble."

Chun-Li and Cammy both looked at Crimson Viper curiously, knowing well enough that the redheaded CIA agent had never been so free with her help before. The thought on both their minds was: What is she up to? In Chun-Li's case, it was followed by a feeling of unease that she was almost afraid to put a proper name to.

"Might as well," Alloy remarked. "Went through this with the Avengers a time or two."

"Avengers?" Leon repeated. "Are they a rock band?"

"They're kind of like you guys . . . except they're dressed a little more colorfully," Alloy replied, prompting sidelong looks from Chun-Li and Cammy. "Of course, you two are pretty colorful, too . . ." Chun-Li let out a soft, mellifluous giggle at the bashful comment from Alloy, while Cammy's face took on a soft pink tint.

"Come on, Romeo," Crimson Viper growled. "Let's get you to bed, and maybe we'll get Leon to let you borrow some of his clothes until you can get some of your own. You guys look about the same size."

"Yeah, sure, get me to bed . . ." Alloy commented. "Is that what you're after?"

Crimson Viper let out an irritable snort as she began leading Alloy to his impromptu sleeping quarters, Chun-Li and Jill following to make sure their new guest didn't rub the stern redhead the wrong way. As they walked the corridors of their base, Jill whispered to Chun-Li, "What do you think he's going to tell us when he's rested?"

"It'll be interesting to hear, whatever it is," Chun-Li replied.

"What have I gotten myself into?" Alloy mumbled to himself. "And how am I gonna get back out?"

Endnotes: There you have it, part 1 of a Marvel vs. Capcom fic using an original-generation character native to the Marvel Universe. If you have questions about the nature of Alloy's armor, those will receive answers in the next part or two. Think of it as a three-act structure; this chapter is the first act where they meet each other. The next one will be the second act where they get to know each other and form bonds with one another. The third part will be the third act where the plot is more-or-less resolved and they get together, except who will be getting together, exactly, and will Wesker and Bison come back for more trouble? For the answers to those questions and any others you might have, tune in for the next two chapters, which will be written and released in short order.