Story: Feel My Heartbeat

Rating: T/M

Summery: What would happen if Rouge, Amy's best friend, changed her number without Amy knowing? And what if the guy she's crushing on accidently got Rouge's number for his new one?

Characters: Amy, Rouge, Knuckles, Shadow- main ones mentioned

Parings: ShadAmy, Knuxouge, the works.

A/N: This is just a random one-shot/two-shot/multi-chapter story I thought of when I woke up this morning, texting one of my friends to tell her about boy problems. Gotta love 'em. I got to thinking: "What if (enter friends name here) got her phone number changed and I'm actually talking to someone else?" How embarrassing would that be?

Anyways, I came up with this so- wahlaa! Or how ever the hell you spell it...

They are in high school -big shocker?-, Early March -Hey, new month, why not?- Snow is still on the ground, roads are still frozen, and tree's are still dead.

Amy- 17

Rouge- 18 (Junior, just turned 18)

Knuckles- 19 (Senior, almost 20- he got held back, ok? Plus didn't start school early enough)

Shadow -18 (Junior, just turned 18)

"Amy!" Rouge the white-haired bat called, running up to her slightly depressed pink-quilled best friend, who was currently emptying, what seemed like her locker, into her black and green back pack. The pink hedgehog looked up at her friend with tired eyes. She didn't smile or say hello, just turned back to her locker and continued to pile much needed books and papers and notes and binders.

Rouge slowed down her pace and then stopped all together as she noticed her friend looking drained of energy.

"Are you feeling alright?"

"Fine..." She sighed, her eyes quickly flicking over to her left then resting back down at her backpack as she kicked her locker closed. Rouge looked to where Amy flicked her gaze to and noticed Shadow the Hedgehog coming with his best friend, Knuckles the Echidna. Oh.

"Are you sure you're feeling alright?" Rouge said, worriedly when Shadow and knuckles got close enough, they stopped talking and laughing, noticeably walking quieter and slower.

Amy only scoffed and frowned and distaste. "When am I ever sure about anything?" she said coldly, cutting in front of the guys and striding down the hall in a fast walk. Rouge sighed and waved lightly to the guy's as they passed.

"Hey boys, gotta love Wednesdays, huh?" She gave a weak, and forced, smile as she stared sadly at her friend, who was at the other end of the long hallway and out the door. The metal doors slamming shut.

"Hey, Girlie, what's going on?" The buzzing sound of Amy's phone caught her attention as she looked up from her piles of homework. She reached over her pink DELL laptop for her black touch screen phone. She turned it back on and quickly answered the text. Setting her phone back down. She didn't plan on answering it again for awhile.

"It's none of your concern, I'll tell you later."

She ignored the buzzing and put her headphones in her ears, listening to songs that played over her laptop as she continued working. The blue tint lighting her features in her dark home.

She's home alone. Again.

Amy was awake in the early morning, it was a Saturday. A whole three days later from when she last spoke to Rouge. She didn't go to school after Wednesday. Amy stared blankly up at her plain, white ceiling. Plain. White. Ceiling.

Amy sighed and reached for her cell phone, which was sitting on her bedside table with her simple lamp. She turned on the lamp and her phone and searched through contacts. Looking for Rouge's number.

"Hey, it's Amy, can we talk?"

Amy laid her head back with her phone on her chest. The reason why she said "it's Amy" is because Rouge had an, er... Drinking problem. Just a little one, but when she's buzzed, she's a little unpleasant to talk too.

"Amy... Amy who? How do I know you?"

Well. She's buzzed, but not enough to where she lost all capability of spelling.

"Amy Rose, we go to school together? Same grade?"

Amy sighed as she rested the phone back in it's spot in the middle of her chest. Her radio playing soft music, loud enough to where she could hear it, but only barely.

"Ohh yahh, Amy. What's up?"

Her phone buzzed, Amy answered back quickly. Thankful that Rouge wasn't as gone as she usually was.

"Can we talk? I need to tell someone and no one else will listen."

"Oh yeah, sure... What about?"

"About my crush on Shadow."

"... Shadow?"

"Honestly, Rouge, you can't really be that drunk- wait, never mind."

"Ok, ok. So what about him?" Rouge?

"He won't fucking leave me alone."

"Excuse me?" Say what?

"You misunderstand, jesus, are you really that drunk?"

"Ok, ok. How does he "not leave you alone"?" Curiouser, and curiouser...

"You know how my crushes only last for... Let's say, a little over a few weeks, right?"

"Yeah?" Nope.

"You know how my longest crush was on Sonic?"

"Yup" Huh?

"You remember how I got over him for no reason what-so-ever?"

"Like all your other crushes?"

"Pretty much"

"The point?"

"My crush on Shadow has his everything on my mind all the time. It wont leave me alone and it's been five months now."

"Everything?" Well this got interesting...

"Ew. No. Not that. Horn-hound much?"


"His scent, I know, I know. Sounds creepy?"

"Very." Oh yeah...

"His voice, his actions- You know I don't talk a lot, I'm not very social since, well, you know?"

"Yeah" ... Actually, he didn't.

"I'm an observer. I can't help it. Calculate my next move, see the world differently. You know as well as I do that no one thinks the same way as me." She didn't realize who she was talking too...

"How true" Well this is new.

"His entire being is something new, something comforting to me... I know I don't know him very well, hell, barely spoke two words to each other. But, he seems really nice, and caring, mysterious, incredibly handsome, he seems like he knows what he's doing, he's amazing in sports. His quills are so strange, he has an air of danger, but his eyes- God, I sound like a girl with major crushing issues on the nations hottest boy band..." She took a deep breath, prepared to tell her best friend something she kept secret for a long time.

"Is there more?"

"Oh yes..."


"I... I think I'm in love with him. Basically, a stranger."

Rouge didn't text her back after that. Looking at the time, it was already 4 in the morning. Amy put her phone down and turned her radio off. Closing her eyes, she drifted off into a dreamless sleep.