Hilda was the best at what she did. So it wasn't hard to remember what a small bit of demon power felt like when Aoi let some loose. Aoi, though not evil, wasn't particular keen on her, and Hilda knew a potential enemy when she saw one. SO she decided to keep an eye on her.

So Hilda immediately noticed the small spikes in demonic energy. She was not amused.

"Vermin," Hilda murmured at the Tengu in her hand. Aoi looked surprised at Hilda's quickness, and didn't make a move, but Hilda made sure not to lower her guard.

"You're way better than Aoi here!" the low level demon squirmed, his hands outstretched as if to fondle her breasts. Oga appeared at her side, poking at it.

"Gross," he muttered, his nose scrunching up.

"I suppose such a low level demon is befitting of you," Hilda murmured, wrapping her malignant swirling energy around his neck. The Tengu froze, shivering before a much higher level demon.

"You may remain with her," Hilda said, throwing him back at Aoi. She barely caught him in time to stop him from hitting her face.


"You have bad taste in demons," Oga informed, picking his ear with his pinky. Aoi blushed at that and punched the tengu to keep him from squirming.

"He's just lending me his power," Aoi explained herself.

"With such a lower level demon? You'll be lucky to defeat Furuichi with him." Hilda retorted, keeping her trained eye on the creature. It looked like it realized who it was in the presence of, and held an almost worshiping look on his face. It made Hilda smirk.

"Yep," Oga agreed, patting Beel's head.


"Meh, it's none of your business anyway," Oga said, handing Baby Beel over to Hilda. She was pleased by both the gesture, and the sudden development. "Demon's have nothing to do with you so you ain't got nothing to worry about."

"I-I have a right to defend myself!" Aoi yelled indignantly. Oga shrugged, not caring one way or the other.

"And that's the only reason I'll let you stay with her," Hilda said staring the tengu down with her visible eye. He nodded reverently, his eyes shining as they roamed her form. Oga was so creeped by the perverted leer, that he decided it was time to go.

"Misaki said something about food and shopping," he informed Hilda.

"Ah , then we should leave right away," she said already walking, Oga was right beside her.

"It's annoyinh how my sister doesn't see you for the demon you are..." Aoi heard Oga complain before they were too far to be audible to her ears.

"Hilda-sama," the tengu sighed like a girl in love. Aoi sweat dropped.

Somehow, she was liking Hilda even less than before.

A little something I wrote a while ago. Some time around when manga chapter 111 came out, I think. Don't quote me on that though.