Hey This Story is about two girls who are 18 years old from Australia, Brisbane and r going to England to study! I have lots more chapters already written and dont forget to review xoxo Molly :) btw this story is Written by Eliza and my best friend Nat! ENJOY

Chapter 1

Nat's POV.

"Eliza! Eliza! Where are you? I can't see you!" I screamed. We had just touched down in Heathrow airport and it was jam packed with people. "Nat! Chill. I'm right behind you, you crazy girl." Eliza laughed while staring at me from behind. Eliza was amazing she had long dark hair and she was average height she had huge hazel eyes and an amazing completion. Eliza and I were moving to England for study in medical school. I was studying to become a nurse/midwife and Eliza was studying injury rehabilitation, she had also been accepted on the Olympic hockey team for 2012.

"Nat. Come on. Jack is waiting for us the car park with Kim. He is driving us to the house." Eliza said happily while walking out of the doors into the car park. We were visiting Eliza's brother, Jack and his girlfriend Kim. Jack was a professional football player and played for Manchester United, which was a popular football team in the U.K. "Hey girls." Jack yelled from a couple of cars to the left. "Jack!" Eliza giggled. Jack was surrounded by a couple paparazzi he was quite the superstar.

Kim stood there with a polite and excited look on her face. "Kim. How are you babe?" I walked over to her and gave her a hug. "Nat. What's up?" I turned to Jack giving him a huge hug. We were in the car for a couple of hours. Jack and Kim sat in the front while Eliza and I sat in the back. The car ride went like a flash, probably because we fell asleep. We pulled up to the house it was amazing.

Eliza's POV.

After falling asleep, shoulder on shoulder in the car (due to Jet lag) and stopping at a Few stops on the way we finally made our arrival to our new London home. Nat's face grew with excitement as we saw the massive house in front of us. " girls you can stay in my house here in London, as I live in Manchester " Jack explained with a smile, Nat and I looked at each other with wide eyes and mouths dropped. "Come on, let's start to bring in all your stuff before it becomes dark." Kim smiled opening the door.

Pulling in our suitcase of clothes and shoes in the house, Nat and I were just astonished that jack was practically giving us a house. The two story house was a white and grey coloured with big solid cement fences and an automatic gate at the front. Walking into the clean house, white tiled floors. "On the bottom floor, you have the dining room, living room, kitchen, garage entrance and laundry," Jack explained walking to the back of the house. "The pool, BBQ area and the eating area outside, is here." He smiled, Nat did a little jump in excitement of the adventure that we are about to have in London. Walking up stairs on the wooden stairs Nat and I dragged our heavy suit cases and saw five doors "Okay Nat you may have this beautiful room, Eliza this one, bathrooms here, study and spare room." Jack pointed to us.

"YES!" I screamed walking into my room and pulling in my suitcases. The Room had a big king size bed with a connected bathroom to it, and plenty of room to add in furniture. I ran to Nat's room and saw her room looking even better with a French window looking over the back yard. "Jack I am so jealous of your money." I laughed, walking down the stairs to see Kim and Jack cuddling. I heard Nat's footsteps slowly coming down the stairs.

Nat's POV.

The house was amazing. It felt like I had been here for ages, I knew the place so well. Walking downstairs my loud footsteps hit the ground like heavy metal. I saw Jack and Kim cuddled up on the couch and Eliza was in the kitchen grabbing a glass of water. "Right I am so not in the mood to unpack anyone up for a bit of Nandos." I asked with excitement. "ALWAYS!" Eliza yelled from the kitchen. We ordered Nandos which was my favourite food. It was 11:30 when we finished eating and took ourselves off to bed. Jack and Kim slept on the couch as it was too late for them to drive home and plus it was like a 5 hour drive back to Manchester.

I woke up the next morning at like 12:00pm yup I was a lazy shit. Everyone was already up, had eaten and got dressed. I didn't mind about eating I wasn't a big eater to be honest I hated eating sometimes. "NAT! GUESS WHAT!" Eliza screamed. Jack butted in "Well we can't let two beautiful girls come to England and get straight into working. So as a house warming present Kim and I have booked a house on the beach up north, for us all to go to just for 2 weeks and then you can come back to your sad boring lives." I laughed at what Jack said. I screamed with excitement but I was so tired I had no idea what was going on. We grabbed our stuff from our rooms (we didn't have to pack a thing because we didn't unpack) and carried them all the way back down the stairs. We put all of our bags back in the car and drove on up to the beach house.

When we got there it felt like a dream. Like for real. The beach was amazing there was not a cloud in the sky only sun shine and the water was crystal blue. The beach house was a typical wooden hut that you saw in movies. We all had our own bedrooms and bathrooms though.

Eliza's POV.

Walking outside, the sea water was sparkling with the sun setting. Stepping towards the pontoon that sat on the ocean, moving with the waves. I felt as if this was the best thing that could have happened to me being here with my best friend and my brother. It had been nice seeing my brother who I have not seen in 2 years. "Eliza!" Nat called coming out to me, I stumbled around to see Nat fast walking towards me.

Nat's face was filled with a smile and she was giggling "What?" I smiled; Nat took a deep breath and looked around. "You see the house right next to us," she smiled trying to keep her voice quiet. I followed her eyes that were gazing past the wooden picked fence. "There are super hot boys there!" she giggled I smiled and we both did a little dance of happiness. "So like how many?" I asked Nat. We both smiled at each other and started to look up to the house trying to see if we could see any movement. "Not too sure they were all walking into a house with a man and lady" Nat explained.