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Nat's POV.

I went up to jack and grabbed a burger. I was never really a big eater. I had my eye on Niall Horan which was the small blonde boy. He had always been my favourite and I loved him to bits. I saw him go up to jack pat him on the back and say "Good Man." And then grab amounts and amounts of food, his plate ended up looking like a mountain. I sat down and took a chuck out of my burger. "Is that all your gonna eat babe?" I heard a chuckle. I looked up I saw Niall looking very curious. "Yeahh haha I'm not that big an eater." I answered. "WHAT!" He said as his eyes got wide. I laughed. "Well... you know, you know." I answered. "Hey. I'm Niall. How are you?" He asked. "Hiya babe. I'm Natalie but please call me Nat. And I'm fine how you are?" I said back to him. "I'm great. So how long are you staying here on the beach for?" he asked. "Umm about 2 weeks I think." I giggled "Oh. Same. The boys and I are going on tour soon so Harry's mum and dad booked this holiday for us." He said in his amazing Irish accent "I'm a big fan of One Direction. You boys are amazing." I added. I think Louis heard what I said and jammed in saying "Why of course we are amazing pftt bitch please we are fabulous." He winked. I laughed. Harry came up to me and introduced himself same with all the other boys, it came to meeting Louis and he was giggling he said "If you're not serving carrots then I'm un befriending you." He winked I laughed and answered. "Guess I'll go look for them" I took my plate up to the kitchen looking for the carrots, where I found Eliza and Liam talking. Eliza's face was all lit up and smiley. She was always smiley but I had never seen her smiley before and not shying away.

Eliza POV

"Hello," said a deep voice as I added salad on to my plate I turned around and saw, one of the guys with a shaggy brown hair and big brown eyes. "Hi" I said with a little smile, he smiled back
"I am Liam" he smiled at me then grabbed some food. I thought to myself, time to have the courage to chat to guys and not be a nervous rek, "I am Eliza" I smiled
"You have a nice house here, I like your Australian accent too." he smiled at me I smiled even wider I knew if I could not control my smile I would have cramps in my cheeks. "Thanks, I like your accent, so are you all in a band together?" I asked he smiled and we both walked out to the table talking about the boys and how they are like brothers now. "Everyone this is my little sister Eliza," Jack said and they all said hello with smiles. "So Eliza, I read that you are in the run to be in the Australian Olympic team next year for 2012?" asked Robert Cox, looked at my plate with a little smile. I looked back up and saw Liam impressed with it. "Following in your brothers footsteps." Louis said with laughter. "And she is playing for a London Hockey team so she will be around for a bit." Jack smiled at me.

Nat's POV.

I walked out of the kitchen and out of the house with a plate full of carrots everyone was outside the front of the house sitting under the gazebo. Jack and Kim where sitting next to each other talking to Robert about Jack's football career. "It's a real pleasure to meet someone as talented as you. How is Man United treating you?" I heard Robert and Jack carry on about football. Anne and Kim were talking about well god knows what. Then I turned to Louis and handed him the plate full of carrots. His face lit up, "Well I'm sorry but it looks like your gonna have to stay my friend for a while longer then." He giggled while giving me a hug. I had now met all of the boys except for Liam who was in deep convo with Eliza. But they looked absolutely adorable together so I didn't mind about not meeting Liam.

We had a great time I spent most of the night talking to Niall just getting to know him. He was amazing. He was beautiful his eyes were like crystals and as blue as the ocean that I kept getting lost in. His sandy blonde eyes tickled across his face and his smile melted my heart. "Hey girls. Tomorrow do you guys wanna take the jet ski's for a spin?" Jack asked. Eliza and I both nodded with excitement. "Oh. You guys have Jet Ski's?" said Harry sounding very jealous, "Do you think the boys and I could join you. Not to invite our selves but I have always wanted to go jet skiing." Harry carried on. "I'm sure that we can fit you boys on." Eliza giggled.

It was about 11:30pm when we had finished talking and eating I walked into the kitchen looking for Eliza. "Hey Kim babe. I'll go head and tackle these dishes for you." I said. As I walked into the kitchen I saw Liam and Eliza doing the dishes. Eliza was on drying duty and Liam on washing. "Oh I think Liam has got this one aye." I laughed and added a wink.
"Oh sorry babe. I'll make sure you do them next time." He answered splashing water up at my face with a wink.