Over and Out

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After Fry had left Jack and Imam started filling the second bottle as well

"That's the last I could find" said Jack in a low tone

"You did good kid, you did real good" I said to her, voice no higher than a whisper, and in return I got a small sad smile.

Sometime had passed with us all sitting in silence and as we sat a scratching noise was heard and the boulder covering the entrance started to wiggle and move. I crawled on the floor dragging myself to the back wall as Imam and Jack backed up to the same wall. After what seemed like an eternity the rock moved to reveal Fry… and she had Riddick with her.

A smile crossed everyone's face "never had a doubt" said Jack

"Anyone not ready for this" questioned Riddick

"There is my god, Mr. Riddick" said Imam

"I knew I had placed my hope and faith in the right man" I said to Riddick as he walked over to pick me up

"That's not what you said earlier"

"My way of voicing past disappointment in you".

The run to the skiff was uncomfortable to say the least as I was carried bridal style by Riddick, even if he did his best to avoid most of my back. I kept finding myself snuggling into his chest for warmth and comfort. He smelt of blood, dirt, and sweat, everything you would expect except for one underlining smell that reminded me of family.

Holding me tighter Riddick made a dash for cover hiding next to a wall, it was hard to tell what was going on as I zoned in and out. All at once everyone made a mad dash through some creatures, everyone crawling up a muddy hill. Riddick started backing up having a difficult time with me in his arms but he managed after switching me to his back and was running once again, this time through the abandoned camp.

"Riddick this game of red light green light is no fun, please stop" I asked him in a voice resembling being half asleep, ignorant of the two creatures on either side of us. The creatures attacked Riddick slashing his leg forcing out a scream from the man who dropped me in his pain, they were toying with us. Scratching us here and there, but play with your food to long and it gets away.

While the two seemed to be arguing Riddick whispered "crawl" to me as he limped while quite literally dragging me in the direction of our escape. That is till he fell next to me and out of seemingly nowhere Fry showed up trying to help him back to his feet.

"Come on I said I'd die for them not you, come on", trying to help him stand, "shit I can't help you both".

"Go… just go" I whispered from the ground.

From my place on the ground I watched as Fry was grabbed from behind and pulled away from Riddick but I just couldn't focus enough to fully comprehend what had just happend.

Fry's death seemed to give Riddick some hidden strength as he bent down and threw one of my arms around his shoulders holding me to his side as we both struggled to make it back to the skiff.

I could barely feel my legs as it was so I'm not sure if I was even putting weight on my legs or if they were just dragging behind me as I started to drift a sleep, 'a small nap can't hurt, just a little rest to pick up my strength'.

"Stay awake you hear me, don't you dare close your eyes", called the man at my side.

"Please, I just… I just wanna…", I could finish even one sentence till a gentle smack to my face woke me up enough to see a light up a head.

"Riddick! Alana!" Jack yelled when she saw us

"Where is Fry?" asked Imam

"They got her", my voice no better than a squeak.

I know I should be upset or sad, at the very least a comfort to Jack but I just don't have the mental capacity to be bothered.

Once in the skiff Riddick set me softly in one of the chairs to go and pilot the skiff and I soon found, as I slumped forward, that I could even hold myself up.

"Alana what's wrong?" Jack was forever a worrier.

"Just… not up to snuff, give me a while… and I'll be… right as rain", I said between pants for breath as well as flashing her a weak smile.

Perhaps out of habit she put a hand to my forehead, "you're burning up!" she exclaimed.

"The wound on her back… its infected", said Riddick from the front.

"What do we do?"

"When we get into orbit we shall do what we can. Till then help me to buckle her in" answered Imam as they worked to get me into one of the seats and buckled in.

"So much pain, in such little time", I mumbled.

"With so much prayer to make up for, I scarcely know where to begin" said Imam

"I know where I would start" spoke Jack.

Before we could shoot off I heard the skiff die down and noticed the lights go off as well.

'Oh no, don't tell me it was all for nothing'

"Riddick, what are you doing?" questioned Jack as the creatures attacked the skiff trying to get in.

"Can we just get the hell out of here now?" begged Jack

"We can't leave-"

"And why the hell not"

"- without saying good night" and at that moment he put the engines to full blast frying anything behind the jets. The screeching and wailing was painful even to my muffled ears, and we hit even more of them as we rocketed away from the planets surface.

Once in space I fought to stay conscious, catching most of what was being said and guessing at what I missed as Imam looked for stuff to help me.

"A lot of questions, whoever we run into. Could even be a merc ship. So, what the hell do we tell them about you?" asked Jack

"Tell 'em Riddick's dead. He died somewhere on that planet" answered Riddick.

"Hey Riddick, what would you do if I started calling you Rick, or Richard, or how about Richie? I like Richie" I mumbled from the back in a delusional rant.

"I'd beat the hell outta ya", the way he said it begged to differ.

"Ok… Richard" I said as I fell asleep.

Time Jump

We've been on Hellon Prime for a few weeks now, Riddick playing nice with the local yokels while I heal. But its only till I'm healed, you can't keep a man like Richard in one place for to long.

Now for those of you who don't know of the five worlds in the Hellon system, Hellon Prime is the inner most planet… closest to the sun. Rich in light it uses its great solar beacons to gather and export that light to the other worlds of the system, the colder worlds. Though it first offered sunlight as a commodity, Hellon Prime is now a beacon of light to anyone seeking refuge from the darkness of space.

It's a super religious planet covered in people who worship whatever god or religion they wish to follow. Hellon Prime is home to many people of many cultures who have managed to coexist in peace, united by a purity of spirit. Everyone here believes so much that they can see the good in others that they are blind to the bad. It's a perfect place for some one of my… talents; to bad I swore I'd go legit.

*the end*

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