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Hermione released a loud sigh, staring at her calendar with a date circled in red ink multiple times. Now, normally, if she'd had a choice, she would've been ecstatic that the date was drawing closer, rather than the opposite.

She had a week. Seven days before her opinion on the matter didn't count for anything. Where she had no choice about it for the rest of her days. Where Oliver was in the same boat as her. Where the both of them were completely and utterly lost.

She was meeting his family today. His entire family, actually – or, rather, the ones who could come. He'd grimaced when he told her this before patting her hand and grinning nervously, "It'll be fine," he said, although it looked as if he needed the convincing rather than her.

She was supposed to meet him in Diagon Alley to Apparate her to Scotland, where she'd meet his parents and all of his other relatives in the home he'd grown up in. So, she set out the door of the Burrow, tightening her tan trench coat around her, glad that she'd chosen a nice shirt and skinny jeans on the windy day, before popping away.

Oliver had been running late, due to practice running a bit longer, and had therefore lost track of where Hermione was. Come to think of it, he couldn't remember where they said they'd meet in the first place. Groaning, he thumped his head on the nearest brick wall, frowning to himself and thinking about what a wonderful start they were getting off to. Sighing, he stepped away from the wall and walked down the sidewalk, thinking for a bit with his hands stuffed in his pockets.

They'd have to be married in a week and have a kid in about a year after that. Merlin, the marriage would be awkward enough, but they wanted them to reproduce? The Ministry had been collectively gathered, held in one large hand, and bonked on the heads with the other, he decided, because this was all incredibly insane.

Oliver picked his head up and looked around curiously, as he'd walked towards Knockturn Alley and had heard a muffled sound. There weren't any people out on the street with him, mainly warm in shops, so he stood for a few moments and listened before his ears perked up upon hearing, "Shut yer gab, Sweetheart."

Walking cautiously towards the sounds and the muffled screams, he stepped into a small dead end alley right inside Knockturn and saw that Hermione was being held by four particularly large men. Eyes wide and without thinking to grab his wand first, he grabbed the first man and punched him directly in the face before kicking another in the stomach, Hermione yanking herself free and swinging a leg around to the third, growling before punching the fourth squarely between the eyes as Oliver grabbed his wand and started shooting spells, taking a deep breath once it was still and silent before Hermione gave out a feeble scream, looking at him with big eyes before he reached forward and hugged her, rubbing her back as she shook.

"Dear Merlin," he croaked, "It's a full time job with you, isn't it?" At her glare, he gave a shaky grin, "C'mon, let's get you to Mum's. I'll send a Patronus to the Auror department." Hermione nodded and held on to his arm, still shaking a little but trying to calm herself down.

"Poor lamb!" Oliver's mother cried once she'd heard that Hermione had been attacked, quickly hugging the girl as she looked pleadingly at Oliver with wide eyes. "Oh, poor, dear girl!"

"Uhh, Auntie Martha?" one of Oliver's younger cousins, Travis, interjected, grinning as his sand colored hair threatened to fall into his big blue eyes, freckles covering his cheeks, "I'm fairly sure yah don' call Hermione Granger a 'poor lamb.'" Oliver chuckled and ruffled up the ten year old's hair, making him grin a little bit wider and try to swat him away.

"Also," Travis's mother started with a small smile, "She might be a tad uncomfortable."

"Oh, sorry – I'm a hugger," Martha apologized, finally releasing Hermione as she laughed and swept her hair back.

"It's alright – Missus Weasley did the same to me once," she grinned back. "I've gotten used to it."

"Ah you really Hermione Granger?" Oliver's niece, Adriana, asked, six years old and looking up at her curiously, curly blonde hair tucked behind a headband. At her nod, she beamed and bounced, "Ah wan' tah be like you when ah grow up!"

Oliver pouted at her, "I thought you wanted to be like me when you grew up?"

"Nah," she shook her head, "Hermione's wicked!" Hermione chuckled and barely hid it, grinning back at Oliver as he pouted a bit more.

"Yah took my niece!" he cried, swooping Adriana up into his arms with a dramatic sigh, "Oh, how will I cope?"

"See, he does it again!" Martha exclaimed as Oliver's father walked in, "Three minutes back home, and he's talkin' normal again!"

Luke chuckled and rolled his eyes as Oliver gave a frown, "He's always been like this. We never can tell when it's natural or forced with him."

"Huh?" Hermione asked curiously.

"Ollie's always been good at doin' accents," Kade grinned, sticking his tongue out at his younger brother before taking his daughter back, "I remember, we went to France once, and he had the natives fooled! 'Course, he doesn't know French, but they were wonderin' if Ma 'nd Da kidnapped a French kid the whole trip."

Hermione laughed while Oliver glared at Kade.

"I hate you," he said as Travis climbed on top of his back, not even breaking away from his glare, "Why yah gotta tell stories like that? I gotta deal with her for the rest of my life – you think I want to hear them every day?"

Luke rolled his eyes and grimaced at Hermione, "We're so very sorry for you, Hermione." Hermione only laughed again before Adriana tugged on her hand to get her attention.

"Ah yah really marryin' Uncle Ollie?" she asked breathlessly, her eyes wide.

"Yes, I am," she smiled back before the little girl beamed and begin to bounce.

"Ah we invited?" she asked.

"Of course," Oliver and Hermione answered at once.

"So – we'll be related?"

Hermione chuckled and nodded, making her give a small scream and hug her around the waist, skipping off to go tell her mother as Hermione blinked a little.

"Why were you so worried about me meeting your family?" Hermione asked Oliver with a small smile as Travis set to messing up his cousin's hair as he blinked at his fiancé.

"Cousin Calyn," Oliver and Travis said glumly, sharing identical looks as Martha swatted at the two with a dishrag.

"Now boys, yah can't go and – "

"Mum, you know what Calyn's like," Oliver said, setting Travis back on the floor as the younger boy nodded his agreement, "Ah don't see why yah had her come."

"Well, she is family Oliver, and she does care about you…deep down," she stated, not looking at him and instead focusing on mixing something on the stove. "Somewhere," she added in a mutter.

"So, what's so bad about Calyn?" Hermione questioned with an arched eyebrow.

"She's very…uhm…she's a stereotypical Pureblood, aside from the inbreeding," Oliver stated slowly with a wince, "I hate her, Travis hates her – basically everyone does, we just can't tell her or her mother. And it's weird – her mother is the nicest person you'll ever meet, and then there's Calyn."

"Uhh, something tells me this will be interesting," Luke said with a grimace, sitting down at the table before motioning for Hermione to sit to his right, "Don' worry, Dear, we'll make sure she doesn't torment you."

"Thank you," she said politely before Travis brightened.

"Ah can get a toad and stick it in her purse again, if yeh want!" he said happily.

"Again?" Hermione questioned before shaking her head and patting his shoulder, "No, Travis, that's fine, I'm sure if push comes to shove, I can take care of things myself."

Oliver bit the inside of his cheek, thinking back to what he'd seen at Knockturn, but kept it to himself.

"Yah know, if yeh get rid of her, we won't feel that sad," Travis stated. "We might even thank yeh."

"Travis!" Luke, Martha and his mother admonished, making him blink before crowing out "Well it's true!"

"Calyn, don't," Oliver started, keeping Hermione behind his back as the young woman seemed to advance on her.

She had soft brown hair and green eyes, her lips pursed as she appraised her cousin before snorting, "Oliver, she isn't like us."

"I'll give yeh that, but it's not a bad thing," he stated with a glare.

They were in the den, the rest of the family in the living room, completely unaware of what was going on with the three. Oliver had been showing Hermione the house, giving his memories and stories that had been told, when Calyn showed up and began to be her nasty self. Hermione had bitten back a retort several times, and Oliver had been trying to get her to leave at first before he resorted to finally standing his ground and glaring at his cousin.

"She's trash, she's – "

"Oh, don't even, Sweetheart," Hermione interjected with a glare, stepping out from behind Oliver and making them both blink, "Look, whatever prejudices you may have, and whatever thoughts or opinions you may have of me, let me make one thing clear – I will not stand by and let you trash-talk me, my family, and a good number of my friends without a fight. This was strike one – that was your only one. Next time, I will not be pleasant."

Calyn only rolled her eyes before smirking, "Aww, look at the cute little Mudblood – she talks the talk, but can she – augh!"

"Hermione!" Oliver said in surprise, reaching out and grabbing her around the middle to pull her back from kicking her again, although she went compliantly with a glare towards the woman.

"I warned you," she said seriously before Oliver gripped her shoulder and towed her out of the den, leaving Calyn to clutch her nose as he poked his head in to the living room and announced hurriedly that they were leaving and that Hermione had a lovely time and he'd Floo and write more often before he dragged her outside to look at her with wide eyes. "I warned her," she said with a shrug before he doubled over laughing.

Once he had sobered up and hooked an arm around her shoulders to tow her into a hug, he grinned down at her. "Full time job."

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