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"How much longer are we going to be on this plane?" Sam groaned and turned to face Tucker. The techno-geek glanced at his watch, then gave Sam a blank stare. "We've only been in the air for fifteen minutes." He informed the Goth beside him. Sam let out another groan. "This is going to take forever."

"Are you okay Sam? You look a little pale." Tucker moved her bangs from her face, then lifted a hand to her forehead. "Sam! You're hot!"

All of the heads in the plane turned to stare at the Goth girl and her techno-geek friend. Sam's face turned beat red. "That sounded so wrong." She told him. Tucker shook his head. "That's not what I meant! I mean your forehead. You have a fever or something."

Mr. Lance walked over to the pair. He Tucker's action, and placed his hand on the Goth's forehead. "Mr. Foley is right. Are you feeling okay?" Sam nodded. "I'm fine. Maybe just a little plane-sick or something." Mr. Lancer walked back to his seat, which was right across from Danny's. Danny glared at his two friends behind him.

"Hey Fenton. Think fast!" Danny turned to face Dash, who was in the seat beside him.

A football went flying from the blonde jock, to Kwan two rows ahead. Kwan threw it back to Dash, who threw it at Danny.

"Hey jockstrap! Leave Danny alone!" Sam yelled and slapped Dash on the back of his head. Before feeling sick and sitting back down, she slapped him a second time.

The football collided with the ghost boy's face, making him a very angry halfa.

Dash turned to face the Goth sitting behind him. "Don't slap me you little-"

Danny grabbed the football and popped it in his right hand. His eyes were glowing a dangerous shade of green. "Hit me in the face with anything ever again, and I'll break your leg. Threaten Sam or actually hurt her, and it will be the last thing you will ever do." He warned the jock.

"Gentlemen that is enough." Mr. Lancer's voice called out to them. "Mr. Fenton, switch seats with Miss Sinclair." Danny stood up and glanced around. "Who?" He asked.

"Um… that would be me." A small, thin, pale girl with long brown hair raised her hand. Tucker turned his head at the voice he heard beside him. "Miss Sinclair? I'm Tucker Foley. That's T.F. as in, Too Fine." The girl blushed and pulled a strand of hair behind her ear, revealing bright green eyes behind a pair of purple glasses. "I need to go." Quietly, she got up and walked over to Danny's seat. "Excuse me," she whispered as she walked through the rows of seats.

Danny made his way to his new seat. "Who is that girl? I don't think I've seen her before," Danny whispered to the techno-geek beside him. Tucker shrugged. "I don't know. I've never seen her before either. But she sure is pretty." Tucker stared dreamily at the girl who was now in the seat in front of him. "I guess." Danny said.

"I don't feel too good." Sam mumbled. She jumped from her seat, and ran to the washroom to empty her stomach for the second time that morning. "I'm worried about her. She seems really sick today. Do you think there's something wrong with her?" Tucker asked the ghost boy. Danny shrugged. "I'm sure she'll be fine. She's probably just homesick or something." Tucker sighed. "I hope you're right, Danny. I hope you're right."

Sam jumped off of the plane and smiled. "Finally! Back on the ground! Flying is fun, but not when you're stuck on a plane." Danny smiled at her. "Tell me about it." Tucker ran to catch up with his two friends. "Sam, do you know who that girl is?" He asked, pointing to the girl with brown hair. He watched as she shifted a laptop bag from one shoulder to the other. "I think that's Karissa, or Larissa or something like that. She got transferred to our school last week. She keeps to herself a lot."

The trio walked into the airport and immediately went looking for their suitcases.

"This one's mine!" Sam yelled. "So is this one!" Tucker tossed the smaller suitcase to Sam. "Thanks. This one's yours!" She threw one at Tucker, who failed to catch it. "Thanks Sam." Danny scratched his head. "Where the hell are my suitcases?" "Here." The same brown haired girl from earlier walked over to them. She handed Danny his suitcase, before running off. "Thanks!" Danny called to her. "You're welcome!" She yelled as she disappeared into the mass of students. "Strange girl." Sam commented.

After an hour of trying to reason with Mr. Lancer, Sam finally gave up on trying to convince him to give her a different roommate. There is no way in hell that she would ever, in a million years, EVER willingly agree to share a room with Paulina.

Reluctantly, she grabbed her key card and her suitcases, and stormed off toward the elevator. "Are you coming or not?" Sam asked her new roommate. Paulina shrugged and grabbed her stuff, before following Sam. The elevator opened, and the girls walked out.

"Damn key card! Work!" Sam watched as Danny struggled to get the door open. "Need help?" Tucker asked him. "No! I need a card that fucking works!" Danny yelled. "Dude, I told you it's upside down!" The techno-geek yelled back. "Hey guys." Sam greeted them. "Sam? What are you doing here?" Danny asked icily. "My room is right here." The Goth pointed at a door across from the boy's. "But I have a problem." She grumbled.

"What problem?" Tucker asked his female friend. Sam pointed a finger over her shoulder.

"Hi Paulina!" Danny called. Paulina's face screwed up. "Ew! I'm gonna be surrounded by freaks for an entire month!" She screamed in horror. Tucker glared at the Latina that was following Sam.

The Goth slid her key card into the slot and opened the door. She walked into the room, and held the door open for her roommate. "Nice rooms." Sam commented. The walls of the room were dark purple, and the carpet was black. The room was nicely spaced out, and the beds had black comforters on them.

Paulina frowned. "I can see why you'd say that. It's dark and creepy like you!"

Sam growled. "Ignoring that." The Goth threw her suitcases onto the bed closest to the window.

"Okay then, if you're so smart, you figure it out!" Danny yelled at Tucker. Tucker took Danny's key card and slid it into the slot. He opened the door with little effort. "How the hell did you do that?" The raven haired teen asked his friend. Tucker stared at him. "You had it upside down." Danny brought his hand to his forehead. "You could've said that an hour ago!" Tucker rolled his eyes. "I did. Seven times." The techno-geek walked into the room and dropped his bag onto the bed near the wall. "Hey! I wanted that bed!" Danny yelled. "Too bad! I opened the door, so I get first pick." Tucker told him. The ghost boy sighed and floated to his bed. "I hate you. I'm going to sleep, so wake me up in three hundred years." He mumbled, as he fell onto the bed.

"I can't take it anymore!" Sam screamed from the hall. "Danny, Tucker! Let me in!" Tucker opened the door. "Is something wrong?" He asked. Sam glared daggers at him. "I've been stuck with that shallow puddle of a human for an hour, and I'm ready to hang myself!" She walked over to Tucker's bed and sat down. "Don't get too comfortable. I'm moving in."