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~Voyage of the Rainbow and the Clam~

"How is he?"

"Getting better, I'm sure he'll be asking questions later. What are we going to tell him by then?"

Gamma's face turned solemn at the question "I don't think dodging things and making up stories will help us in our current situation. If Luce-sama is here, what do you think will her decision be?"

"I think she'll do what's right even if there would be some consequences. If it's for the greater good, then sacrificing no matter how hard shouldn't be questioned and I'm sure she'll find the great and good out of the situation, she always does"

"Exactly and that's what we'll do"

"Understood, Sir"



The first generation now watched as their younger descendants trained on the not-really-empty-as-they've-thought field.

…and the mysterious group of teens still haven't answered the question about the random animals coming from out of nowhere or how gooey and slimy substances seem to fall down from the sky. Daemon is pretty sure it's got nothing to do with illusions of any sorts.

Well, they'll find out how, soon.

For now the first generation would have to settle on watching their younger counterparts.

"What the- Ahoshi stop throwing your junks at me!" Hayato almost flared angrily as he just dodge a dried branch with chewed gums stuck to it. "If it were your grenades and I accidentally died my soul is going to haunt you down!"

"Lambo-sama does not know what haunt means! Lambo-sama is hungry now! Lambo-sama must eat now!"

"Lambo it's not nice to throw things at people. Don't worry after we're done training I'm sure they'll let us eat lots and lots" Tsuna calmed the youngest boy down. "Hayato please be patient with Lambo"

"H-hai…I'll try Jyuudaime" Hayato gave Lambo one last glare before deciding to take another way. He cursed rather loudly when he suddenly fell on a pit full of... chocolate pudding? Well at least he's lucky not to receive the same bad luck as Shoichi who fell on a pit filled with decaying vegetables. A nervous shriek of 'I promise to eat my cabbages from now on' came from the boy.

"Ahaha! I forgot the square root of thirty-six" Takeshi laughed as he scratched his head. Man he was happily navigating his way towards the blue flag when this miniature whiteboard came popping out. He took a marker from a nearby table and answered four and a half.

He got showered with icy cold water from up above.

Alaude meanwhile stared at his younger counterpart as the boy effortlessly glided away from an incoming array of arrows being flung at his direction. Kyoya then held one of his tonfa up and strike harshly, hitting a bull that came running into him, tossing the animal to a certain direction. The bull groaned in pain.

That started the boy's hitting spree.




Animals and various metal weapons alike have met their end (not that the weapons are alive to begin with) with one strike from a certain Kyoya Hibari.

"Herbivores. I will bite you to death"

Herbivores? His young ward sure has a rather weird way when it comes to addressing.

How interesting.

However Alaude can't help but frown slightly. Sure his younger look-alike had achieved a lot for such a young age but the boy has imperfections. Flaws.

First, he lacks timing. The boy is by far too impatient and is not someone who would willingly wait for a proper timing. Sure when it comes to a battle, no stupid enemy will wait for an opponent but knowing the right time to strike can rather be beneficial.

Another thing, the boy's blood lust is uncontrollable. He's striking without a care.

Looks like Alaude will have loads of fun tutoring the boy.

The cloud guardian's eyes narrowed when a glare coming from Kyoya is sent to his direction. Seem like the boy noticed him observing.

The cloud guardian smirked.

"Nufufu~ I'm aware that your mini is great but my cute Chrome and magnificent Mukuro is better! Look at them, aren't they just adorable?"

Alaude scoffed but snickered when Mukuro got dumped with sacks and sacks of white flour. "Yes the perfect pineapple pie indeed"

"Nufufu at least we're healthy"

"Ah so you're finally acknowledging that you are a whole line of fruit" Alaude snickered

"Better than a someone having a kinky weapon. Seriously Alaude, handcuffs?"

"Much better than a giant fork" Alaude countered

"It's a trident" Daemon glared.

"Still a giant fork" Alaude glared back.

The rest just ignored the two bickering guardians.

"You know the more I look at Takeshi, the more I see myself when I had been younger. It was like there seems to be a magic mirror and I am seeing who I am in the past" Asari made a comment as he watched Takeshi got poured with another bucket of ice-cold water.

"Haha I forgot! I don't know what a square root is!" Takeshi laughed, uncaring if he's actually soaking wet.

"So do I"G can't help but agree as he observed. Not only does almost all the kids looked eerily like them, even their mannerisms and their attitudes are the same. Heck even the way they speak are almost the same. G can't help but smirk, sure at first he didn't find the idea to be amusing but as the days passed by he can't help but expect what's bound to happen. G watched as the young silver-haired boy ducked what seems to look like a... is that a giant garden gnome? Hayato groaned as he managed to avoid falling back into the pit, he just managed to climb back and it wasn't that easy mind you.

G's eyes momentarily flashed at Reborn and Colonello.

"What?" Reborn raised a brow in a cool and fashionable way, only he's capable of doing.

"A giant garden gnome? Really?"

"Hey don't question our artistic tendencies kora!"

"Artistic? More like throw everything you get your hands on for your own entertainment" G scoffed as his attention went back to his younger counterpart. Hayato just narrowly avoided a...

"Is that a giant wooden spoon?"

"It's a boat paddle. Dumb ass"

"Who are you calling dumb!" A glare is sent on Viper who had been the one to said that.

"You, obviously" The mist then proceeded to ignore the now fuming Vongola guardian and faced Reborn. "You know if you guys just agreed to have my services, this could have been better"

"And get robbed of our money? No way in hell kora!"

"Why get your services if we can do with being resourceful?" Reborn smirked, tipping his fedora.

"You guys are no fun, mou!" The illusionist walked away. Frowning at the fact the she didn't get to rob money out of the two.

"Fuck! Stop sniffing my shoes you asshole of a street rat!"

"Hey, G..." Lampo patted the older man's shoulder "You have raised a fine, boy. He's so just like you, are you sure he's not your son?"

"The hell! How can he be my son when he came more than a hundred years from the future?" G quickly reasoned "though, I don't really mind if he actually is" The last parts being mumbled and no one really understood except the man himself.


"So loud, Knuckle please teach your ward the joy of silence...oh wait, you'll actually need the same lesson" Lampo noted sarcastically as he tried not to flinch from the deafening volume.

Knuckle raised a fist, in a not-so priestly-like manner and cheered his younger counterpart in a really, really -and most definitely annoying- loud voice


-and Ryohei nodding in response, yelled back in an equally loud voice.




Yep Knuckle needs a lesson on silence as much as Ryohei.

"We seriously need to write earplugs on our necessities" Lampo who unfortunately was standing beside Knuckle, had walked over to Giotto, hands in his ears and with a desperate and pleading look.

"I can sell you an item if you want, it's from the future. Very light, easy to carry and works wonders. It can shut everything, anything, and anyone!" Mammon who haven't given up on scamming people of their money offered in a monotonous tone and yet screams 'I can make you believe, just watch and see as you fall for my trap'

And Lampo, fell for it.

"You seriously have a future thing as grand as that?"

"Yes, and it's very valuable. Use it on Knuckle and there would be no noise, guaranteed"


"And, you my friend is in such luck as I happen to have some with me"

"It can shut the noise, right?"


"How much?"

"30 European dollars and with a no return no exchange, unless you pay the minimum fine policy"

"Here" Lampo handed the money, 30 isn't a small amount but anything to shut Knuckle can be worth it, right?

Snickering, Mammon then reached inside her cloak and produced... ta da! A silver duct tape.

"What the hell is that?" Lampo asked in disbelief, he had expected something a lot grander.

"The invention of the future! It can give him speechless all you have to do is wrap it around his lips. Additional payment for the information, please"


"This better be worth it"

"Of course, my products are of absolute best" Mammon snickered knowingly as the mist proceeded to look for a next possible target. Oh look, there's Shimon Primo...

"Enma be careful"

Enma nodded before he tripped. Again.

"Concentrate Enma! You can do it!" Cozart cheered from the sidelines

Enma nodded at his ancestor and smiled. With greater determination, he stood up. He shouldn't fail his grandfather, he needed to be stronger or else he might not be able to help everyone when they get back. The seven year old looked at his friends/brothers, all of them doing their best to get stronger in their own way...yes even if it doesn't look like it.

He should do the same. He needs to get stronger, no more trying to rely on them too much. They've protected him from bullies, now is his time to protect them from the enemies.

Enma closed his eyes and calmed himself down before opening them again.

Cozart can only stare with bewilderment as his successors normal eyes turned into the infamous compass like irises he would have when he enters hyper dying will mode.

"Did he just..."

"Yes, he entered hyper-dying will mode, albeit partly. Enma's still too young to harness his flames and harmonize with it but he's getting there" Verde who had stood with a clipboard and a quill, stopped scribbling and answered the unfinished but still understandable question.

"What do you mean he's getting there?"

"Him and even Tsuna are being trained to enter HDWM without the help of those pills, so far they've only managed to stay on that mode for a most of three minutes and 29 seconds. Any longer than that their bodies can't take"

"Enma and Tsuna can both achieve Hyper Dying Will in full mode with the use of Dying Will Pills, however without those pills they can only go as far as having their orbs take unto how yours or Giotto-san's would look like and their personality changing into a calmer and more collective version, however they're both having difficulties managing and keeping their flames intact. It, either being their young bodies can't hold it or they stil lack the drive to do so" Fon calmly explained, eyes closed and hands crossed inside the sleeves of his Chinese clothing.

"Not enough drive? With what they've gone thru, isn't the lack of drive too bizarre?" Giotto who had stood beside Cozart has heard the conversation and decided to join, besides they're also talking about his own descendant.

"Please do remember that despite everything, they're still kids. They get tired, bored and a simple change can either push their drive further or have them unmotivated at times . They might know that things are important but not to as how much, they can understand but the question is to which extent?" Luce explained "They might have a better understanding of how cruel and dark the world is compared to other kids their age but they're still not mature enough. Afterall no matter how much we try to deny it, they're still kids"

"What about the others? Their flames?" surprisingly it was Alaude who asked.

"Some of them can manifest their flames at will or without them even taking notice, for example Ryohei who sparkles too much like the sun can actually release his sun flames without him even noticing as for Kyoya's case..." Skull trailed of

Lal inwardly rolled her eyes at the action "Kyoya seemed to have put in his mind that the right way to bring his flames out is to be pissed off" She then muttered something along the lines of clumsy blonds and their not-so-strategical and failed way of teaching.

"Pissed off?" Lampo raised a brow, supposed task of silencing Knuckle temporarily being abandoned.

"It worked well for him so we never really argued much about it, that and he seemed to take the idea much to his own liking" Colonello shrugged the topic away.

"The others too have managed to manifest their own flames during certan uncalled situations. Mukuro's flames awakened during the time where Chrome's life had been endangered and Lambo for the lack of better excuse actually releases streaks of lightning flames from his body whenever he's too afraid. All of them managed to draw their flames out at some point, however none of them can fully control it nor the situations that came across that made them activate their flames can be considered as entirely great ones" Fon added solemnly as if haunting memories came up with the very revelation. Giotto seemed to think that it's exactly that. Just what happened to the kids?

"Is… is there anything we can do? How can we help them? It's one of the reasons why you guys travelled back to the past right?" A nod.

"There is Giotto-san…"

"And that is?"

"You need to teach them how to harness their flames and harmonize with it. Everything you guys know about your flames, we want you to demonstrate them. How to control, use, manipulate. Everything in relation, you must teach them" Luce gave the mafia boss a look that practically yells 'please do it'

"And how are we supposed to do that? Nufufu~"

"You all have to find that key switch that will have them ignite their flames from deep within" Verde added

"Key? If I analyze it completely we are supposed to be the key, right?" Asari asked.

Reborn tipped his fedora "No, you guys are more like the guiding hands while the kids have their own keys within themselves. You all need each other or the door won't yank open"

"How are we going to guide them then?"

"That's something you need to figure out on your own"


"Sir Gamma the kid is awake!"

Lightning Gamma stood from his seat and walked towards the boy's room. Truth to be told, the young albino around the age of twelve looked at him with slightly his lips slightly quirked.

"It's nice to see you're awake. How are you feeling, Byakuran?"

"I got lots of rest but I'm hungry, do you have marshmallows for me?" The boy replied cheerily.

"I can let you have some after dinner" Gamma sat on a chair besides the boy "I know this is far to quick but do learn to understand that we are running out of time"

"You want to know more about the mare rings" It was a statement. Gamma looked slightly surprised before nodding "How did you know?"

"Experience" Byakuran's eyes slightly narrowed "after all I'm not originally supposed to be part of this world"

Gamma stared almost with disbelief.

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