A Boy Like That

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Chapter 1

'I love you' whispered the beautiful blue-eyed boy resting next to him.

Blaine woke up abruptly. Rachel was screaming to the top of her lungs. 'BLAINE, DO YOU HAVE MY HEADPHONES? I'm sure you do!' His sister opened the door. 'Didn't you listen to the beautiful sound of my voice?'

He was already standing, searching for Rachel's headphones in his drawers, in his school bag 'I don't have them my Queen. You must've left them at Finn's' Blaine really loved coming home from Dalton and spending time with her twin-sister but she could be pretty annoying when she wanted to.

'Perhaps. Oh, I must've lent them to Mercedes or Kurt. Sorry Blainers!' Rachel left the room, leaving a frozen Blaine. Kurt. He immediately remembered his dream, diving into those amazing blue eyes, while listening to the three words he thought he'll never listen 'I love- He stopped his train of thoughts, not letting himself even acknowledge the fact that he had dreamt about Kurt Hummel. Those weren't his eyes. He didn't even remember the guy's face! Besides, that superficial straight kidwould never tell him that, he hadn't seen Kurt in a long time, like 6 years since he left to Dalton. He only came home when he knew no one was coming, so he could spend the entire weekend with his two dads and Rachel. Kurt was his sister's best friend, so he spent a great amount of time in his house. Now that he gave the matter a thought, Blaine didn't like his designer clothes and his high-pitched voice, his constant laughter and the fact that everytime Rachel talked about Kurt, she was talking as if he was her son. She didn't know how bad Kurt had made Blaine felt. When they were ten he told Kurt that he liked boys. Not even his twin-sister knew. Kurt looked at him stunned and then ran away. After that "incident", Blaine turned to be a non-friendly person. He transferred to Dalton Academy and stopped coming home so frequently. 'All because of that freaking Kurt Hummel' he thought as he entered the shower.

'Hey! Do you have my headphones? I've been looking for them the entire morning. I already asked Mercedes but she told me you—Are you okay, Kurt?' Rachel looked onto her friend's eyes and saw the sadness flowing through them. Kurt wasn't okay.

'It's been a rough couple of days. I thought I was going to be safe after Karofsky being expelled but the principal called my dad and told him that he is returning to McKinley and I don't know if I—It's so hard. I don't know when he is going to appear, and it's not the slushie facial, it's not being shoved into the lockers, it's his eyes. He looks at me… so… angry. I'm afraid, Rach'

Things were going from bad to worse. Kurt didn't know how much longer he was going to be able to cope with these situations. He needed to find a way out of this life he was living. Maybe…- he was cut by the sound of his celphone in his pocket. 'Hello? Oh hi Dad. Why? I have History, Maths and then Glee rehearsal' Rachel didn't understand a thing 'Right now? I think I can skip History. I'll let someone know. Okay, meet you there. I love you too Dad, bye'.

'Is your father okay?' asked Rachel. By the look in Kurt's eyes everything was all right, but still something was bothering him.

'Yeah, he just wants to have a chat with me. Can you tell Mr. Robertson that I wasn't feeling well? Thanks, Rach. See you at Glee Club'

Kurt hurried himself to his Navigator and started the engine. He drove home, where his father and Carole were expecting him. He didn't have the slightest idea of what this chat would be about.

He opened the door and he found his father and Carole sitting at the living room table, with a bunch of pamphlets and blank application forms on top. 'Join us, Kurt' said Burt moving his hand towards Kurt. 'What is this about? I have to return to the school by 3:30, you know I have Glee— '

'Yes, Kurt, we know, but we have to talk to you about something really important. Far more important than Glee rehearsal' said Burt. He was so serious. Kurt had never seen his father THIS serious, apart from the day he found out that Karofsky was returning to McKinley… 'I hope this has nothing to do with that neanderthal' he said to himself.

'Sweetheart, your dad and I really love you, and because of that we can't let the fear drive your life. We talked to Rachel and Finn, who told us that things are a little bit worse than what you've told us We've made a decision' said Carole in a motherly way. I really liked her, she was nothing like my mom, but she cared about me, I could tell.

'We've decided to pay for the tuition at Dalton. They have a zero tolerance- no bullying policy there Kurt. And I want my kid to be safe, to live a healthy life and to never ever be ashamed of who he is' Kurt could see that Burt was holding the tears as he was speaking. 'I want the best for you, kiddo. I hope you are happy with this decision. If not, we can always look for other schools. Westerville is a two-hour-drive but you have dorms, so you can spend the week there and spend the weekend here with me, Carole and Finn. And eventually Rachel' Burt smiled, but the smile never got to his eyes.

'How are we going to pay for it?' Kurt asked. He couldn't believe he was going to do this. He was going to miss the New Directions but "let fear drive his life" was something he was not going to consider. 'You know that it is too expensive Dad, and I know that you are working really hard at the tire shop but you still haven't fully recovered from your heart attack and I don't want you to be risking your life only to pay Dalton. I would really love to go there, I know I will be safe, but I'd rather spend two years with Karofsky than my whole life without my dad' Kurt's voice broke at the end of the sentence.

'Then, it's settled. You better pack your stuff up kiddo, cause you are going to Dalton tomorrow!

'Hey Sectionals! You just met our opening number!' Yelled Blaine along with a bunch of screaming teens known as The Warblers. Wes was trying to call everyone's attention with his gavel. 'Well as you know my fellow Warblers, this week we will be having some new kids joining the school. So let's just try to be nice and show them around. Blaine will be in charge of telling them about the Warblers, okay Blaine?'

'Yes, sir' Blaine always liked it when someone new joined the group. They were already the number necessary to compete at Sectionals but they were looking for a countertenor, so any opportunity was a great one.