So, I feel bad for not updating this... I am working on it but it's not coming as quickly as I want it to. Mainly because I've become obsessed with Tumblr RP-ing so my focus kinda shifted and stayed there. And most recently (for like the past month), I've been in this truly amazing Next Generation One Tree Hill RP that has taken all my attention (helping to fill the void that the show's series finale put in my life and meeting awesome people that love the show as much as I do).

The point of this is: I HAVE BEEN WRITING... just not this.

And I feel bad about it.

So I'm gonna put the link of the RP and my character for it on my profile page so you can not only see that I'm not lying, but you can follow along and enjoy what's happening as well (Or you can go on my twitter because I basically posted this same thing there and linked them both in a tweet). This has literally been one of the best RPs I've joined. The other people involved are amazing writers and interacting with them makes me push harder to get on their level. So this inadvertently benefits you guys as well. They make me better and I put out better content for you . It's a win/win for us all.

Words cannot express how attached I am to this group and how much I love the people there and what we're doing with it. And if you want to, feel free to audition and join us. We're all very nice and welcoming people… Just don't mind the dose of crazy you get in the ooc blog.

But I am going to update very very soon. I already have the chapter planned out. I just need to get out of the emotional wreck I'm in over what's going on in Tree Hill.

I'm also posting the Christmas One Shot below so if you haven't read it, you have the chance to. Lots of Caleb/Brooke insight there that carries over into the main story


Kelsey ran down the stairs of her house and towards the foyer, running into her brother as she approached the doorway. "No matter how old you are, you always get excited for Christmas." Caleb said, wrapping his arm around his younger sister. "And no matter how young you are, you never seem to get why I love it soo much. Where's the Christmas enthusiasm, big brother?" Kelsey asked, sitting on the couch by the already burning fireplace and wrapping herself in the blanket that was draped on the couch. "I am excited, Kels. I'm just not as excited as you." he said, sitting next to her and putting her legs in his lap. "Did you talk to Sarah yet?" Kelsey asked and Caleb nodded. "You talk to Reid?" he asked not looking over at her. "Yeah, I did actually." She said, playfully hitting his shoulder. "Pogue too?" Caleb said, looking at Kelsey with a smirk on his face. "Yeah, he called too." She said, hitting her brother's arm again, this time with a little more force. "Your bias is showing, Cay." Ever since Pogue told Caleb that he wanted to be with Kelsey, Caleb had been surprisingly encouraging and pushing that relationship rather than Kelsey's relationship with Reid, despite his agreement to back off his sister's personal life. He said that he'd respect whatever decision Kelsey decided to make, whether it was to be with Pogue or Reid, but that didn't mean that he couldn't make his opinion known.

"Sorry." he said with a smile on his face, which made Kelsey roll her eyes. "What'd they say?" Caleb asked, turning his head towards the door as he heard footsteps coming towards them from the hallway. "They said they'd meet up with us later at the estate. Ty and Reid are going to pick Brooke up from her grandparents beforehand though. Is Sarah coming?" Kelsey asked her brother, when he turned back to her. "No. She's stuck in Minnesota until about New Year's Eve." he said as their mother walked into the room, packages in her hands.

"Merry Christmas." she said, sitting on the couch next to Caleb. "Merry Christmas, Mother." Both Caleb and Kelsey said as the kitchen staff started bringing breakfast in the room. "Present time?" Kelsey asked, her eyes lighting up like she was 6 instead of 16. Caleb and Evelyn laughed and nodded, as Kelsey began clapping and got up from of the couch to get packages from under their Christmas tree. "These are for you." she said, handing two small boxes to him. "What is it?" he asked, shaking each box, but Kelsey just moved her arms around and, signaling him to open them. "Kels." he said looking inside the first box and pulling out a watch from one box and a key from the other. "The key isn't just from me. Mom and I picked it out." she said, looking over at Evelyn with a warm smile. "Picked out what?" Caleb asked hesitantly. "A new car sweetheart." Evelyn said and Caleb's eyes got wide. "Your car got trashed when that fight with Chase happened and I'm tired of watching you drive around in that your beat up gray BMW Cay. No amount of magic will fix it." Kelsey said and Caleb smiled to himself. "Thank you both." he said to his mother and sister. Then, he moved and pulled two presents from under the tree and handed one to Kelsey and the other to Evelyn. "I love presents." Kelsey sang to herself as she opened the box and pulled out a designer bag. "Almost as much as I love you big brother!" she said, moving from her seat by the tree to hug Caleb for her gift. "This won't even be out until spring." Evelyn smiled and hugged her son after opening the bracelet he got her. "Before I forget, this is for you mother." Kelsey said, pushing a box out from behind the tree and over towards her mother. "Kelsey, you didn't have to get me anything." Evelyn said, opening the gift. "I know, but I wanted to." she said, sitting back on the couch next to Caleb. "Sweetheart, it's beautiful." Evelyn said, revealing a blown up picture of herself, Caleb, and Kelsey in front of the staircase taken at this past thanksgiving. "It was one of the few times that I actually felt like we were an actual family and I wanted to remember it. The only thing that would have made it better was..." Kelsey trailed off and Evelyn nodded knowingly. "I miss him too, sweetheart." she said and Kelsey nodded. "Anyway, I thought you'd want to put it in the study or in your office maybe." she said pointing at the picture. "What a wonderful idea. Thank you Kelsey." Evelyn said, reaching for her daughter's hand from behind the couch. "The small purple box is yours Kelsey." Evelyn said and Kelsey picked up the box and opened it, revealing a key similar to her brothers. "You didn't think I'd buy your brother a car and not get you one too? You've had that car since you got your learner's permit and it's seen better days." Evelyn said and Caleb agreed. "That's for sure." He said, recalling the many times Kelsey crashed her car while she was learning to drive. "Caleb's car is gray and yours is blue." Evelyn said, and both Caleb and Kelsey nodded. "Let's keep going with presents. I know you guys are meeting up with your friends later and I have final arrangements for the Christmas Party to organize." She said and they kept going with their Christmas morning.

After a few hours of more presents and breakfast, Caleb and Kelsey got ready to meet up with their friends at the old Danver's estate. They were dressed for the party, because the plan was to go their straight from meeting their friends. "One last ride in the old car before we start with the upgrades?" Kelsey asked, pointing to her brother's old car as they walked outside with their friends presents in their hands. "Sounds like a plan." Caleb said, putting the bags in the back and getting in the driver's side as Kelsey got in the passenger side.

"So what'd you get for Sarah?" Kelsey asked as Caleb started driving the familiar road to their family's old house. "Tell me it's not jewelry." Caleb lifted an eyebrow and questioned his sister. "And what if it is?" He asked and Kelsey let out a heavy sigh. "You'll scare her away. I mean yeah, you guys like each other and you can never go wrong with diamonds, but you've only known her for a few months. That might give off the whole 'let's get serious too fast vibe'." Kelsey said and Caleb nodded. "I didn't get her jewelry. I got her a bag like yours. Different designer though, I think." He said and Kelsey looked at the pile of presents in the back seat. "Then who's the little box from Tiffany's from?" She asked and Caleb looked forward. "Brooke." He said and Kelsey's eyes grew wide. "My best friend Brooke?" She asked and Caleb nodded. "But you're dating Sarah. And she's with Tyler." Kelsey said and Caleb nodded. "I know. But I saw it while I was shopping and it reminded me of Brooke. So I bought it for her. It's no big deal." He said and Kelsey rolled her eyes and sighed. "You are such a guy. You have no idea what the power of jewelry has over the opposite sex." She said and Caleb laughed. "It's just a bracelet, Kels." He said and Kelsey shook her head. "That's what you think, Caleb. But it's soo much more than that. And even if that's how your brain works, think about this: Why didn't you get your girlfriend the bracelet and Brooke the bag?" She asked as they pulled into the driveway, seeing that the others were already there.

"Merry Christmas!" Kelsey called into the room filled with her friends and instantly hugged her best friend. "Merry Christmas, Kels." Brooke said as the two girls spun around the room. "Did you die when you saw the bag Caleb got you?" She asked and Kelsey looked at her questioningly. "How'd you know what he got me?" She asked and Brooke sighed. "He asked me for help to get you and Sarah's presents." She said and Kelsey looked back at her brother. "Did he now?" She asked and Brooke nodded. "Yeah he did. Now is it present time or what, because it's cold and we have that Christmas party thing and it's freezing out here. Especially in a dress." Brooke said and they all nodded.

The two girls both handed each other miniature boxes and laughed when they saw that they had sort of got one another the same thing. "Great minds think alike, I guess." Kelsey said, holding up the charm that Brooke got her for the charm bracelets they exchanged when they were younger. "At least it's not the same charm." Brooke said, putting hers on the bracelet.

"Here you go, Kels." Tyler said, handing her a box. "Please tell me it's what I think it is." She said, opening it. "Now we can play Call of Duty online together and you don't always have to steal my copy of the other one." Tyler said as Kelsey pulled the video game out of the box. "Black Ops and Dead Space 2. Nice, baby boy." Kelsey said, hugging the boy then turning to face Pogue and Reid. "I'll go first." Pogue volunteered, handing Kelsey the box he had in his hand. "Pogue…" Kelsey said, mesmerized by the snow globe that she took out of the box. "And it has butterflies in it." She said, lightly shaking it to see the flurries circle the globe. "Thank you so much." She said, reaching over and hugging him.

"My turn, Mini Danvers." Reid said and Kelsey walked over to her boyfriend. "Merry Christmas." He said, handing her a small box. "Reid." She said, opening the box and revealing a diamond butterfly necklace. "You like it?" He asked and Kelsey shook her head. "I love it." She said wrapping her arms around his neck. "Thank you soo much." She said and Brooke smiled at Caleb.

"Christmas score: Pogue 0; Reid 1." She whispered in his ear and he chuckled. "For now. The night's still young." He said and Brooke glared at him, a smirk on her face. "Yes it is." She said and then cleared her throat. "Put it on her, Garwin. I wanna see how the blingity bling looks." Brooke said walking over towards them and Pogue went over to Caleb. "What was that about?" He asked, and Caleb shrugged his shoulders. "A friendly competition." He said and Pogue laughed. "Friendly my ass. You're into Brooke." He said and Caleb shook his head. "I have a girlfriend. And not to mention, she has a boyfriend." Caleb said and Pogue nodded. "I know. But that doesn't mean that you don't like Brooke either. You don't act like that when Sarah's around, man." He said and Caleb rubbed the back of his neck. "Brooke, do you want your present now or later?" He asked and Brooke stopped admiring the necklace around Kelsey's neck and turned to Caleb. "Later sounds better because I don't have yours right now. Is during the party okay?" She asked and Caleb nodded. "And these are you guys'." Kelsey said, taking three boxes out of the bag she had and handing them to Pogue, Reid and Tyler. "Nice, Kels." Tyler said as the three of them looked at the custom watches she got them. "Let's go to the party before the parental units blow a gasket." Kelsey said and they all headed upstairs, but Kelsey made Brooke walk slightly behind the rest of them.

"Did something happen between you and Sarah to make us not like her anymore? Or did you and Tyler get into some kind of fight and forget to tell me?" she asked and Brooke chuckled. "No. What are you getting at Kels?" Brooke asked and Kelsey sighed. "You and my brother are awfully flirty." Kelsey said and Brooke's eyes got wide in disbelief. "Don't think so, Kels." She said and Kelsey nodded. "Stop being a big fat liar. You're forgetting that I know your flirting tricks like they're my own mainly because some of them are. Since when have you liked my brother?" Kelsey asked and Brooke didn't say anything at first. "Your brother is dating Sarah." She said after a few minutes. "And you really think that she can compete with you if you went after him? Be serious Brooke." Kelsey said and Brooke laughed. "Are you forgetting that I'm dating Tyler?" She asked and Kelsey shook her head. "That doesn't mean that you can't like Caleb too. You can like more than one person you know." Kelsey said and Brooke chuckled. "If anyone knows that, it would be you." She said and Kelsey put her hand on her chest and faked like she was hurt. "Low blow, Brookie." She said and Brooke laughed. "Sorry, Kels." She said, extending her arms to hug her friend and Kelsey reciprocated. "I just don't want you to put yourself in the same situation that I'm in." Kelsey said and Brooke nodded. "And that's not a place I wanna be either." Brooke said then let go of Kelsey and took a step back. "I will admit that there's a little bit of an attraction between me and Caleb but I REALLY like Ty, Kels. I have for a while and I wouldn't do anything to hurt him." She said and Kelsey smiled. "I wouldn't do that to Sarah either. She's been a good friend to both of us through all the chaos going on over the past few months, Kels." She said, looping arms with Kelsey and walking to meet the guys outside. "And if it's a good enough friendship, it'll stay that way no matter what. But if not, we still have each other. Three's a crowd anyway." Kelsey said, as they got to Caleb's car. "Why are you so calm about this?" Brooke asked and Kelsey chuckled. "Because I don't overreact like my older brother does. And besides, I've dreamt about you two getting married since we were little cause it'd make you my sister. But honestly, Tyler's good for you. Perfect for you actually. You're the ying to his yang." She said before Brooke nodded and walked over to Tyler's car. "We're all going to our house right?" Caleb called out and they all nodded. "We'll follow you guys." Tyler said and Reid grabbed the keys from Tyler's hand and jumped in the driver's seat.

"You like Brooke don't you?" Kelsey asked while Caleb was driving. "I have a girlfriend and she has a boyfriend." He said and Kelsey sighed. "That's not what I asked you." She said and Caleb laughed. "Me and Brooke are friends." He said, briefly turning to his sister and seeing her look at her phone. "But you want to be more." She said, lifting up her head and looking up at her brother. "I didn't say that." He said, turning back to the road. "There's no need. The sexual tension between you two is obvious." Kelsey said and Caleb chuckled. "Why are you pushing this, Kels?" He asked, and Kelsey laughed. "I'm not. I'm just being a nosy little sister and a concerned friend. It's in my job description." She said as they pulled up to their house. "But since you don't wanna tell me and in case you wanna try anything, just know that I don't recommend doing it. It's been a while since Brooke's been in a relationship and she's really happy with Tyler. Not to mention that you and Sarah have been through a lot in a short period of time and you share a special bond. Don't turn this into a more complicated version of the situation with me, Pogue and Reid. Leave well enough alone, Cay." Kelsey said, getting out the car and walking over to the door and entering the party. "I never intended on doing…" Caleb started but stopped when Kelsey put her hand up and walked to their front door.

Once they were inside and after their mother made a speech about the holidays and family being important, everyone scattered around the party. Caleb scanned the room and saw Brooke talking to a few girls they went to school with. "Can I talk to you?" He asked, leading Brooke over to the door. "This is for you." He said, handing her a small box. "And this is yours." She said, taking a box out her purse. "I thought you didn't have it." He said and she nodded. "I had left it in the Hummer earlier." She said and they both started opening the gifts. "The guy in the store said it was supposed to bring luck." She said, as he took the necklace out the box and stared at it. "Thanks, Brooke." He said and Brooke looked into the box in front of her and gasped. "Caleb, it's gorgeous." She said as Caleb took the bracelet out the box and put it on her wrist. "Thank you." She said, wrapping her arms around his neck and hugging him. Caleb returned the hug and held Brooke closer than he normally would. And when Brooke started to pull away from him, he leaned down and kissed her, lightly at first, but then deeper and more passionately when Brooke reciprocated the kiss. A few minutes later, someone cleared their throats, and Caleb and Brooke quickly pulled apart from each other.

"Your mom is looking for you. She's about to make the Christmas toast." Reid said and Brooke looked up at Caleb. "Don't… Ever do that again." She said before walking back inside the party. "Don't say it, Reid." Caleb said, looking at the look on Reid's face. "Don't worry about it." He said and the two of them walked back into the main room. "Your brother was just making out with Brooke." He said, wrapping his arms around Kelsey's waist. "Yay." She said sarcastically, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him. "I take it that this upsets you?" Reid asked after pulling away after a few minutes. "I told him not to do anything like that because Kelsey and Baby Boy are good together. But obviously he didn't listen to me. And we have our own drama to attend to, so I'm not getting involved in there's." She said, as the waiters starting passing out champagne flutes filled with cider for the toast. "I'll toast to that." He said and they clicked their glasses together. "Do we all have glasses?" Evelyn asked and everyone raised their glasses. "To spending the holiday with family, friends and loved ones. Merry Christmas."