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Carrie Wells wasn't a bad person. She was a cop. She paid her bills on time and she volunteered regularly at the nursing home her mother was in. She wasn't a bad person. Sure, she lied some, she played in illegal poker games and she could remember literally everything except the details surrounding her sister's death consequently leaving it unsolved; but that didn't make her a bad person…did it? Sometimes she wasn't so sure.

(24 hrs earlier)

"Morning Carrie."

"Morning Al, Mike, Roe, Nina" Carrie said with a grumble as she walked into the precinct.

"Jeez, what's got your panties in a twist?" Roe said. Both Al and Carrie glared at him.

"What?" Roe exclaimed.

"Leave my underthings out of your conversations if you please, and I'm fine. Is it a crime if I'm not in a good mood?" Carrie asked as her voice continually rose in volume.

"It is if you're in a dangerously bad mood once a month and you take it out on me."

That was when Carrie lost it. "For your information Dipwad my period was two weeks ago, started on a Wednesday ended on a Monday. It has been regular since I was in middle school and I do not get irritable!" As she yelled she lunged for the shorter detective and Al had to grab her waist and hold her back. Her anger just turned towards Al.

"Let me go." She hissed caustically.

"Care, I know it's a bad day but you can't take it out on everyone alright? I thought we moved past that?"

"We didn't move past anything. I was moving past it but then you left."

"Hey! Don't blame all of this on me. You were obsessed and you needed to cool off. You were burnt out; it was taking over your life Carrie! I wasn't going to lose you that way."

"Oh, but losing me on your own terms was okay? I don't think so. Goodbye!"

"My terms? You're the one who left Carrie! Don't put all of this on me." Al called as she walked away.

"Leave it Al." Mike advised as Carrie spun back around.

"Don't. Don't appear back in my life like everything is fine and expect me to forget everything that happened. I can't forget and you know it. Besides, this hurts to much."

She walked away again and as Al moved to follow her Mike put an arm out and said, "Leave her for now man, she needs to cool down."

"Why is today such a bad one?" Nina asked cautiously after everyone was silent for a moment.

"Because," Al explained, "today marks the anniversary of her sister's death."

Everyone was silent as they went back to their paper work.

After Al got off of work that day he went by Carrie's apartment and knocked on the door.

"Care it's me, open up."


"C'mon Carrie please. Look, I'm sorry about everything Roe said and I'm sorry things ended the way they did. I'm sorry about Rachel and I'm sorry about what I said at the precinct."

The door opened.

"Don't be sorry for what you said, you were right." Carrie whispered. Things were silent between the two for a moment when Carrie asked, "Al? Do you think that I'm a bad person?"

"What? Of course not Care. You're a cop, you always visit your mother and look out for her, you're friends with the other patients at the nursing home; where did this come from?"

She didn't answer at first but then said, "Sometimes I'm just not sure." She tried to stem her tears but Al, being one of the only people to ever see her cry, noticed immediately.

"C'mere Care." Al pulled her into a hug as her walked into her apartment and shut the door.

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