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Warning: spoilers for 1x14 and 1x15.

Carrie was terrified. Facing down suspects, interrogations, snipers calling for her personally; that was her job, she signed up for it. She did her job and in those split seconds where she decided to do things some might call her brave for, she was really just surviving. It all came down to survival. Oddly enough though, she wasn't just surviving through her job, which was expected; she had gotten to the point, again, where she was just surviving through life. And Carrie knew that if she left Al for herself to go it alone again, she wouldn't get out of it alive.

As Al hugged her against his chest she cried for the first time in years. She wasn't crying just out of anger or sadness; she was also crying out of fear. What was she supposed to do? Soon Al would have to leave and she'd be alone. He had Elaine to attend to, she (Carrie) was the ex, Al had moved past her but she hadn't moved past him. When she was in the shipping yard and Al had gotten her the information to save a man's life she hadn't been kidding when she'd said that she loved him. She still did, the feeling had never faded away. She had flashbacks all of the time when something would remind her of their time together. Unfortunately things like that happened more and more frequently since she couldn't forget anything.

"Hey, talk to me Care. Where did all of these feelings come from huh? What's with the insecurity? It isn't like you. Carrie, you have always been confident in who you are and what you can do. What's gotten into you?" Al asked as her stroked her back in a calming manner. Carrie just shook her head against his shoulder. "C'mon, don't pull that Carrie, you're too smart for that."

"At least one of us thinks so." Carrie muttered quietly to herself."

"What was that?" Al asked suspiciously.

Carrie pulled back a bit and said, "I just said thanks for the vote of confidence."

"Uh huh, sure you did."

"I did!" Carrie exclaimed with a laugh. She stood for a moment then said, "You always know how to cheer me up, don't you Al?"

Al smiled and put his hand on her hair, stroking it soflty, "Doesn't always seem that way does it? I've been a jerk-."

"Nonsense. I'm pig headed and reckless. You're just watching out for me." Carrie said as Al smiled again.

"I just don't want you getting hurt." He paused, "why don't you take tomorrow off? You look like you could use some sleep."

"I won't sleep anyway and you know it." She said wearily.

"Well, maybe I can help with that." Al grinned wickedly.

"Al, what about Elaine?" Carrie asked as she glanced down at her shoes.

Al sighed and ran a hand through his short hair. "We're in kind of a rough slash not going anywhere patch." He admitted softly.


"Don't use that tone when you 'oh.'" Al said warningly.

"What tone? Carrie asked, feigning idiocy.

"You know exactly what tone. That interested in something but you don't want to seem like you're prying but you're gonna ask about it anyway tone."

"I'm not familiar with that tone." (borrowed from 1x15) She smiled.

"There it is again-."

"So what's going on between you two?" She asked seemingly nonchalantly.


"Me?" She exclaimed, "I've only met her once! For a few minutes!"

"Yeah I know, but she seems to think that I'm sleeping with you behind her back. She never was the most trusting person."

"Well, you do seem to attract the non trusting type. Elain, me, what is with that anyway?" Carrie rambled.

"Carrie" Al said warningly.

"What? We both know that I don't trust anyone."

"Why are you being so hard on yourself? All it's ever done is get you into trouble. I just want to know that you're okay Care."

"I'm fine Al, I promise okay?"

"Yeah, just like you promise that you're gonna wait for backup."

"Ah well, you know, they're slow." Carrie said with a cheeky smile.

"Carrie." Al said with a warning but joking tone. He really did care. Carrie knew that. She also knew that the whole team cared about her like a sister. She didn't like letting them down, even if it was just something like say, going after Fred alone and without telling anyone...again. Goodness Al was going to kill her. Ah well, if things continued like they were with Elaine, the make-up would be worth it.

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