Fury of the Uzumaki

Chapter: 1
Flowing like white water rapids, His fury knows no equal

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Tsunade stared at her teammate in complete disbelief wanting him to start laughing and tell her that he was joking, she wanted him to be lying to her , hell she would rather him be trying to grope her as opposed to what he was doing….saying nothing.

"Please tell me that you're joking Jiraiya," Tsunade said d softly never once losing her calm façade. If Jiraiya were honest with himself he had expected to be halfway to the stratosphere right now, but of course today would be the one time that he wanted her to him and she hadn't.

"I wish I was Tsunade," his tone was grave, "We were passing through wave and as we were going across the bridge they named after him three ninja appeared…


Jiraiya tensed as three figures landed on the bridge before them. Clad in white cloaks there was nothing that denoted who they were or where they were from save for the swirl pins they had on their cloaks. Naruto however didn't so much as flinch or break stride as he continued walking as though there was nothing there. Jiraiya reached out to grab his shoulder and stop him but the blond he had traveled with for the better part of the last three years swatted his hand away and turned his head to shoot him a deadly glare.

"Jiraiya-sensei," he had taken to calling him that as opposed to Ero-sennin as he had the first two years they traveled together. "I'm afraid that our time together has come to an end." His voice was cold and sent chills down his spine. It was a tone that he had only heard from the blond once and that was in regards to using the chakra of the demon sealed inside him the Kyuubi no Kitsune. He took off the necklace that Tsunade had given the boy when he had convinced her to take the mantle of Hokage. "Knowing of my father, and that my mother was lied to about my survival by the council that wants me dead for saving their lives with every breath I ever took in that village…" the venom and malice in his tone made the toad sage falter and in that instant Naruto gave him a small sad smile. "Save for a few there is nothing left for me there. Tell those I do care about that I apologize for doing this." He handed Jiraiya a scroll. "That is my resignation; I expect it to be handed directly to Tsunade by you." The second Jiraiya took the scroll the boy he had trained for the last three years and the three cloaked figures were gone.

***Flashback end***

Tsunade took the scroll Jiraiya held and opened it feeling her world shattering. She read over what he wrote and of course as Jiraiya had told her it was his resignation as a shinobi of Konoha, along with a seal that she had no doubt held his headband. She also saw that he wrote a personal note to her.


I will never be able to say I'm sorry, however the council, and Konoha in general have wronged not only myself but my mother and all of the newly risen Uzugakure. My mother thought me dead until she heard of all I had accomplished before leaving Konoha with Jiraiya-sensei. From all she has told me I hold no doubt that both my father, Yondaime-sama, and Oji-san would grant me this same as I'm asking you now. I will return one day but only to reveal exactly what They have allowed to be crushed into the dirt for the last time.

I'm sorry Baa-Chan

Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze

Tsunade felt tears well up in her eyes, she could hardly believe that he was gone, that he had went voluntarily but at the same time she could, she of all people knew how the village had treated him when he had been growing up. Even after he became a shinobi he had been the ass end of jokes among the villagers and even some of the shinobi.

She had heard how he had battled the Jinchuriki of the Ichibi during the sand/sound invasion that had left her sensei and predecessor dead. Of course the only ones who had even known that he had defeated the crazed Jinchuriki were his friends who knew if there was anyone they knew who could pull off the impossible it was Naruto, Jiraiya who had seen Gamabunta in the distance and his teammate Uchiha Sasuke who had betrayed the village three years prior for the promise of power from her other former teammate and S ranked shinobi criminal Orochimaru.

Though she had at least hoped that if he did leave that he would at least say goodbye face to face not this way but then given the way that most of the villagers still treated him he could understand if he was so angry that he wouldn't dare. Laws be damned he would probably go for the councils throats without hesitation. Hell he wasn't known at the #1 surprising ninja for nothing there was no telling what he would do.

"Jiraiya," her former teammate watched as Tsunade signed an approval for his resignation and rolled the scroll before sealing it. "Can you have a toad deliver that to Naruto, along with my apologies?" Jiraiya nodded then left the room to give Tsunade some time to herself.

Outside the door he stopped Shizune as she was about to enter with a small stack of paperwork. "Now is not the time Shizune," Jiraiya said.

"I take it since you're hear that Naruto is in there with her?" Tsunade's first apprentice asked the toad sage who only shook his head and started walking away.

"No and for what this village has done to him I don't blame him one bit."


Set on the largest of islands in a chain of a short ways north of wave Uzugakure was protected from invasion by the torrential whirlpools that surrounded the island. Only the bravest of the shipping merchants would even dare to cross those waters and for a time that had kept Uzugakure from being little more than a smaller village. Of course their vast knowledge of seals soon brought that to an end.

Since it was impractical for most to get to the island by sea the seal masters in Uzugakure had come up with a seal that would enable teleportation. Similar to the seals that made the Yondaime Hokage's Hiraishin jutsu possible it manipulated time and space to instantly transfer a body from one seal to another.

Naruto now wore a white cloak and though his mother, Kushina, and his half siblings, Mikoto, a sister two years younger than himself, and Lian, a brother three almost four years Naruto's junior had lowered their hoods Naruto had kept his up. Used to being hated for being a Jinchuriki it wouldn't take someone well versed in the sealing arts to notice the whisker marks on his cheeks that were a dead giveaway to who he was. He didn't want the glares to start when he was trying to start anew. Kushina had said that he wouldn't be hated that here Jinchuriki were honored for their sacrifice since they suffered their entire lives for the benefit of others.

Naruto wanted to believe that but even he didn't trust blindly like most thought he did. He sighed as they passed through the civilian sector and were halted at the gate to the shinobi quarter. Only shinobi were allowed beyond the gates and those who had approval from the village council or those who had business with the village leader. Then there was Naruto himself who was considered a special case in Uzugakure's eyes.

"Kushina-Taicho," one of the guards began as he raised a hand for the group to stop. "He will have to lower his hood." He pointed at Naruto who sighed before complying, his eyes sharp, alert, and cold. Those blue pools seemed like ice to the guards who regarded him with shock.

"As you can see, just from his looks alone, he is my son." Kushina said bringing the two guards out of their stupor. "Now may we pass?" the two guards stepped aside giving Naruto a small bow of respect.

"Our apologizes Uzumaki-sama," the guard spoke softly as Naruto passed him startling the blond who glanced over at him.

"Don't worry about it." Naruto said in a neutral tone before following after Kushina and his siblings.

A tower stood in the center of the Shinobi quarter and it was there that they headed. Inside everyone that they passed stepped aside for them giving the four of them bows of respect and short welcoming greetings. Naruto was confused by this action, and voiced his confusion to Mikoto.

"We are part of the founding family of the original Uzugakure village. So here we are offered respect though we don't ask for it. They will respect you more so when they realize who you are, Naruto-Nii," Mikoto replied with a small smile that caused her elder brother to smile in return to her. She was so shocked that she stared and tripped over seeing a true smile from the blond for the first time.

Naruto caught her arm with a speed that was surprising; nodding her head to him in thanks they turned their attention back in front of them before they entered the leader's office.

"Welcome back Rasen," the leader began before he realized that there was one more person than expected with them and looked to Kushina for an explanation. "I see you've found your son,"

Kushina nodded then glanced back at Naruto who had a guarded expression on his face. "He was training with the Toad sage, Jiraiya. From the looks of things Minato's seal is working perfectly as well."

"That doesn't explain why Naruto-san is here Kushina," the leader said, his eyes were a vibrant green to rival the Yamanaka's, his hair though was dark red same as Kushina's and his siblings. He gave off an air of authority that Naruto compared as equal to that of the Sandaime, Sarutobi. "He is a registered ninja of the greatest of the Five and him being here as a missing nin is more than enough for Konoha to attack to reclaim him.

"That won't happen," Naruto spoke up drawing a harsh stare from the leader, Naruto however didn't flinch nor did he cower under the impressive killing intent of the man before him. "I sent a resignation to Tsunade-sama herself to be delivered by Jiraiya to her personally. I have no doubt that she will sign…" a puff of smoke interrupted him and a toad Naruto's height wearing a tanto on his back like his father appeared.

"Hey kid got a message for you from Tsunade." The toad said looking at him. "Also she sends her apologies for everything."

"Thank you Gamakichi." Naruto said taking the offered scroll and unrolling it revealing Tsunade's signature and the stamp of the Hokage.

"And Naruto," Gamakichi said, "In the future the Toads will always side with you. That comes straight from my father. You are great just like your predecessor and master, and you will only grow greater." With that the toad disappeared the same way he appeared.

Naruto stepped forward handing the scroll to the leader of Uzugakure before stepping back. "As you can now see I am no longer a shinobi of Konoha." And regardless of what the council will want they can do nothing to bring me back to Konoha."

The leader stood and walked around his desk to stand before Naruto, and offered his hand. "I am Takahito Uzumaki," he said as Naruto took his offered hand. "Leader of Uzugakure and commander of the Shinobi forces of our village. Though I really think that your mother should have that seat."

"Ha, I don't have the patience for the amount of paperwork." Kushina said. "Now about Naruto's rank, in Konoha because of circumstances he has yet to advance beyond genin, but I know for a fact that he is well beyond that."

"Well then I guess it's time for Uzu to join the shinobi world at large." Takahito said softly, "Your children are all genin and the chuunin exams are in two months. Do you think you can get these three to work as a team in such a short time?"

Kushina gave a knowing smirk as did Naruto, then Mikoto, and finally Lian. "Well I say we test them against that team you promoted a few months ago." Kushina said. "Didn't you say they were getting a bit pig headed?"

"You've already been training him in our ways?" Takahito asked to which Kushina nodded. "Has he picked a weapon?"

Kushina glanced to Naruto who stepped back and bit the thumb of his right hand while opening his cloak with his left in a fluid motion he swiped his thumb across the seal there and with a small plume of smoke was holding a jet black naginata in a ready stance. "I started training with one the first year of my training with Jiraiya," Naruto said as he handed the elegant weapon over to Takahito to inspect.

The entire weapon was black and gold, nine bands encircled the shaft randomly the gold hilt was in the shape of an opened mouth of a fox, the blade was as black as the rest of the weapon. "That one I had made last year out of special materials that would be able to channel Kyuubi's chakra." At Naruto's words the room all started and looked at him.

"Are you saying that Kyuubi's chakra can be infused in this blade?" Takahito asked looking at the blond in pure shock. "Without shattering?" Naruto nodded and as Takahito handed him back the weapon Naruto dropped his gaze to the weapon admiring it fondly.

"perhaps I'll demonstrate one day but for now…" Naruto trailed off before he resealed the weapon.

"Is your mistrust so great that you would deny an order?" Takahito said softly, he might have well shouted as Naruto snarled angrily before the room was flooded with his killing intent, his younger siblings were instantly kneeling on the floor gasping for breath while Kushina wavered on her feet. Takahito however was floored; face red from the effort it took just to breathe.

"Don't think that just because I am grateful to you and that I want to know what my family is like that I will trust anyone so easily." Naruto hissed. "Trust like respect is given to no one who has not earned it. And let me tell you something old man you have not earned it, neither has anyone else in this room. Out of my generation there are only four people who have my undying respect. Out of the entirety of Konoha there are only seven people I trust, one of them being the Sandaime. I would trust the Jinchuriki of Suna before I trusted anyone here at my back and I know that Gaara wouldn't hesitate to stand with me."

The killing intent dissipated and the other occupants in the room slowly caught their breath. They couldn't believe the amount of pressure he had exerted upon them. and it was all him there wasn't a hint of the Kyuubi's power there wasn't a sliver of that malicious chakra. Kushina was aghast at his power the potency of it. The raw and unbridled fury in it made her want to weep for what her son had gone through in Konoha. She wished he would trust her enough to make up for it, to one day call her something more familiar that her name. That he would bond with his half siblings like he had apparently bonded with the Kazekage.

Seconds after his killing intent receded there was movement behind Naruto and it took every single bit of control he had not to whirl around as Takahito's guards held him at sword point, one at his throat the other pressed against his back. Hell Naruto didn't even allow himself to stiffen. Despite what he allowed to show he had much more control than anyone realized that he had.

"It's alright, leave us." Takahito order his men who hesitated just a second before stepping back to their previous positions. "My apologies Naruto, I forget myself." Naruto gave him a look that said what would happen if Takahito 'forgot himself' again.

Naruto took a calming breath, "I apologize for my actions," Naruto said softly, "Though I have come a long way from how I was as a kid I still have trouble controlling my temper."

"It's quite alright," Takahito replied with a wave of his hand. "Now I think we've had enough of a discussion for the time being, we will save your evaluation for a couple of days from now. As your new teammates have recently returned from a mission and I can only hazard a guess as to the last time you slept in a decent bed." Naruto nodded then turned to Kushina, and at Takahito's nod the Uzumaki family quit the room.

Takahito stared after them, "So much fury in those four," he whispered to himself. "I hope that it doesn't overcome them."

Konoha: one week later

The council was a cacophony of voices each trying to make their opinion heard over the other. The top of their discussion…Naruto. See just minutes before Tsunade had revealed that received and accepted Naruto's resignation as a Konoha shinobi. Finally fed up with the shouting Tsunade rose and slammed her fist down on the table.

"SILENT ALL OF YOU!" the kage bellowed in a tone that was none too subtly laced with her desire to kill the lot of them…well the civilians anyway.

"Tsunade-sama," the first to speak was a civilian that represented the merchants of the village. "Why is it that you allow that De…" he didn't get any further as Tsunade had snapped her fingers and four anbu stepped from the shadows one putting a blade to the merchant's neck.

"It would do you all well to remember that though the Sandaime is dead, my sensei's law is still in place." Jiraiya said from his spot by the wall. He had had enough of the people in this room, in all honesty he wanted to gut the lot them…again at least the civilians, the shinobi held no animosity against him but they were carefully neutral towards him. They understood what he was but could only do so much to help him when they were only half of the villages' population.

"Now it is my understanding that Naruto intends to join the newly restored Uzugakure, they have already sent a request for an alliance, and their representatives will be here for the chuunin exams next month. They will also be the team escorting Uzugakure's band Rasen here for a concert."

Koharu chose now to speak up, "Tsunade-sama do we know who this team from Uzu will be comprised of?" Tsunade nodded but didn't elaborate.

"Though you all should know that Kushina Uzumaki, will be their sensei." Many eyes on the shinobi side went wide at the name. they all knew that she was Naruto's mother as there was no other woman who had been close to the Yondaime.

Shibi the head of the Aburame clan spoke up now. "I take it that Naruto will also be on this team?"

"To be honest I don't know," Tsunade said looking to Jiraiya who also shook his head.

"I have no spies in Uzu nor do I feel the need to set any there, if they are to be our allies it would be best for us to set a liaison between our villages like we have with Suna as opposed to spying on them." Jiraiya said before looking back to Tsunade. "Also Tsu-hime I think it's time for the civilian council to leave. The only reason you bothered having them here for this meeting was to inform them that the one ninja they fear is gone through the efforts of most of the people present in this room."

Tsunade to the dismay of the civilians nodded but before any of them could complain an anbu burst into the room.

"My apologies for intruding but this is urgent." He said as he knelt at Tsunade's side. "Akatsuki has attacked Suna and has taken the Kazekage."

Tsunade instantly took charge. "Get team Gai and Kakashi and Sakura in my office immediately." She barked at the anbu who disappeared without another word. "Jiraiya I would think it best to send a toad to Naruto, let him know he and Gaara are close," Jiraiya did as he was asked without hesitation.

"I only hope he doesn't do anything stupid when he finds out." Jiraiya said solemnly.


Naruto was practicing with his naginata when Gamakichi appeared a few feet away from him. "What's up Kichi?" Naruto asked instantly tense. The only reason the toad would be here without Naruto summoning him would be because Jiraiya had sent him if that was the case he was pretty certain that it would be something grave.

"Jiraiya sent me to tell you that Suna was attacked by two members of Akatsuki," the toad said watching as Naruto paled and resealed his weapon. "Gaara of the Desert was taken and Konoha has sent teams to aid Suna." Naruto disappeared in a swirl of leaves. Gamakichi returned to his home.

Takahito jumped as Naruto appeared in from of him his eyes blazing. "Gaara has been captured by Akatsuki." Naruto said Takahito's eyes widened before he signaled for a guard to come forward. He whispered in the man's ear before the man disappeared.

"I see well I guess you want to go do what you can to help him?" Naruto nodded. "Very well, but your team will be coming with you." Naruto growled.

"I can travel faster alone," Naruto argued. "and we don't have much time to waste,"

"We will follow after you Naruto," Kushina said as she stepped into the room Mikoto and Lian were both right on her heels. "Do what you feel you have to." Kushina didn't want to let him go alone but he was her son and just as stubborn as she was at times. He was also Minato's son and if it was in his power he would do everything he could and then some in order to help his friends, just as his father would. "We will be right behind you."

Naruto nodded in thanks and took off, out the window directly behind Takahito. Naruto headed directly towards the gates to the shinobi quarter where there was a seal array that would transport him to the mainland. At the gate the guards there didn't even bother to try and stop him, they had learned quick in the last week that once Naruto Uzumaki set his eyes on something it was going to happen in his favor.

Once on the mainland Naruto bit his thumb and channeled his chakra as he went through the seal sequence that Jiraiya had taught him so long ago. Ironically the same jutsu that had helped him defeat Gaara three years ago was now going to be used in an effort to save him.

"Kuchiyose!" Naruto slammed his hand on the ground and smoke billowed all around him for a few seconds before dispersing to reveal the toad boss himself, Gamabunta.

"Bunta I need to get to the borders of Kaze no Kuni," Naruto said, Bunta looked up at the boy on his head as much as he could, he knew the boy was no longer a Konoha ninja but he also acknowledged that as long as Naruto remained true to himself that he would continue to allow the boy to summon him and his kin. "Gaara has been kidnapped by enemies of all nations."

Bunta said nothing but did as his summoner asked of him and with a might leap began to leap his way towards Kaze no Kuni.


Kakashi blinked at the old woman who had recently held a kunai to his throat. "Do you really think that it is wise to accompany us?" sure he understood why Temari was coming, Gaara was her brother, the only reason that the whole of Suna was rushing to the aid of their kage was because the village could not be left undefended, so those left behind, including Kankuro, would stay and await their return.

"Kankuro was stopped by a puppet controlled by Aka no Sasori." Was the woman's reply. "I'm the best chance anyone has of stopping him."

"Elder Chiyo are you sure that's wise?" this came from Baki one of the elite jounin of Suna, he couldn't stop her if she wanted to go but he just had to make sure.

"I must be done," Chiyo said before turning and starting away in the direction the attackers had taken of in. Kakashi and Sakura were right behind her.

"I hope Gai's team gets here soon." Kakashi muttered to himself. "Hell I wish Naruto was here…"

Sakura heard him but said nothing her thoughts drifting towards anger at the mention of her former blond haired teammate.

Border of Hi no Kuni

Naruto narrowed his eyes on the four Konoha ninja that had hitched a ride on Bunta without his permission. If it wasn't for Rock Lee he wouldn't have hesitated to kick them off and continue on his way.

"So you guys are who Tsunade sent." It was a statement not a question, though he kept his hood up the slight surprise in Neji's eyes showed that the normally stoic Hyuuga prodigy knew who he was.

"Kakashi and Sakura were sent to Suna as soon as we got word; we were on our way back to the village from another mission." Gai reported. Naruto's eyes narrowed on him and the way he had spoken.

"Oh goodie," Naruto said sarcastically. "I get to be Sakura's whipping boy for a little once this is all over." The bitter tone was definitely not something they were used to hearing from Naruto as he threw his hood back his cerulean eyes hard as he turned away from them.

"Naruto," Neji spoke up approaching the blond who turned and raked him with a withering look. "I see the rumors are true then…" Neji concluded upon seeing the Konoha headband replaced with one of Uzu the whirlpool design etched into the metal.

"If the rumors are that I resigned from Konoha," Naruto began regarding Neji with a calculating look. "Then yes that is the case. Of course finding out that members of the Council not only hid the knowledge of the Yondaime's final wishes for my upbringing and lied to my mother about my surviving the sealing of the Kyuubi inside me I feel that I am completely justified in my decision." Naruto paused looking at Neji. "Do you think otherwise Neji? Or any of you?" Naruto posed the question to all of Team Gai.

None of them said a word but Neji nodded slowly showing his support to the blond, "Of course the council is probably pissing themselves with trying to 'retrieve their Jinchuriki'" there couldn't have been anymore venom in those words.

Team Gai maintained their silence, of course it helped that they could think of nothing to say, Naruto had effectively silenced any possible protests that they could have come up with. Neji and Gai knew the most about how Naruto's life in the village had been and they respected the blond could hold the might of the Kyuubi and still not let loose the demons power and raze Konoha to the ground for how they had wronged him. That he simply chose to leave…well it was a huge blow to the ninja populace, but one they would take and move on from.

They traveled on in silence until they reached the edge of the desert. Naruto dropped down from Bunta after asking the toad to stop. "Thank you Bunta, I think my battle with Gaara three years ago was enough sand for you for a lifetime so we'll go on foot from here." Though he was still tense from having team Gai with him he didn't let that distract him from making the occasional joke.

Bunta laughed, "Very well," he said after a few moments. "Call on me again if you have to, as always my kin and I will fight for you." Naruto nodded and a moment later the large toad disappeared in a plume of smoke.

Naruto didn't say anything and simply started running across the desert. Team Gai hesitated a second at his speed before they took off after the blond enigma. They kept pace in a diamond formation behind Naruto as every time they tried to catch up to him he would speed up. Lee of course wanted to beat him but reserved himself to sticking with his team; it would do them no good if they tired themselves out.

Kakashi's group

Kakashi sped up as he Sakura and Chiyo followed one of his ninja hounds Pakkun who was tracking the kazekage's scent. Kakashi knew that it would take a while for Akatsuki to withdraw the Ichibi from Gaara but also knew that they were running on borrowed time. The entirety of Akatsuki were S ranked missing Nin and even had Uchiha Itachi in their midst. Of course from reports given by the Suna shinobi Itachi wasn't involved with the assault on Suna, that had been Aka no Sasori and an explosive specialist formerly of Iwa named Deidara.

Kakashi paused on a branch and was instantly glad that he did as a torrent of kunai and shuriken tore through the space where he would have been an instant later.

"Glad to see your time away from ANBU hasn't dampened your senses, Senpai." A cold monotone voice said a second before he appeared before them.

"Uchiha Itachi," Kakashi said his name like an explicative. Behind him he sensed Chiyo and Sakura had also stopped. "Sakura you and Chiyo go on ahead. I will handle Itachi." As Sakura and Chiyo made to go around the pair a giant blue man wielding an equally large sword stopped them.

"You two aren't going anywhere." Kisame Hoshigaki said as he grinned a feral grin, his shark like features making Sakura shudder slightly.

Kisame made to attack only to have a green blur intercept him slamming him into the ground with a powerful kick. Team Gai had arrived.

"You are within my range," a voice said from behind Itachi a second before he felt a kunai pierce his back.

"And you are stupid," a cloaked shinobi appeared behind Neji his arm outstretched showing who had thrown the kunai. "Itachi regularly utilizes shadow clones; you're better off helping your sensei with Kisame."

"Well done," Itachi said from behind the cloaked figure as the one that stood in front of Kakashi disappeared in a puff of smoke. "Naruto-kun." Itachi slammed a kunai into Naruto's temple only for Naruto to disappear in smoke.

Itachi sidestepped as a black blade came down right where he had been sliding cleanly through the branch that he was on. Itachi made to kick at Naruto only for the blond to block it before spinning into Itachi's guard and nailing him with an elbow. Itachi leapt back.

Naruto stood on a branch in a ready stance hands gripping the shaft of his naginata, the black blade ringing from the slight breeze. "I hate that jutsu you're using Itachi but I guess it's better than you being here in person." Naruto said relaxing his stance a split second before Kakashi's Chidori pierced through his heart only for his body to transform into someone else entirely, and that person was most definitely dead.

Down on the ground Kisame was 'killed' only to reveal the same jutsu. "damn that kinjutsu." Naruto muttered before turning and running in the direction where he could sense a massive influx of chakra. Kakashi and the others followed suit. "Naruto?" Kakashi asked only to receive a grunt from the blond. "What brings you here?"

"Not Konoha that's for damned sure," Naruto replied bitterly, by now Sakura had begun to pace with them and gave her former teammate a glare that was promptly ignored.

"I don't understand what happened to never going back on your word and protecting Konoha?" Sakura asked heatedly, all three of them knew the unspoken question that belied her words. She wanted to know what he planned to do about Sasuke now that he was an Uzu shinobi.

"Things change Haruno," Naruto's tone was cold. "Finding out that my mother was alive and that she was lied to about my death by people in influential positions in the village, people that she should have been able to trust. I'm sure in my position you would have done the same if not worse," Naruto paused looking over at Sakura his eyes indifferent. "I could always have done worse than just leave…and they know it too."

With that Naruto raised his hands in a familiar cross shape and four shadow clones appeared around him in a diamond formation. "Gai they have the area sealed I saw a tag on my way here, if I'm right the tags will have to be equidistant from a central one you all have radio's I don't it's easier for you all to communicate than it is for me to coordinate my clones. They will accompany you for relay purposes and to back you up if need be. Your team will have to separate but I know you all can handle your own." Gai nodded and without another word Gai's team paired up with a clone and as they entered the clearing they split off to search for the tags that sealed them from getting to the area where Gaara was located and from the feel of things having the Ichibi's chakra extracted from him.

"Seems like you've got things under control Naruto," Kakashi said with an appraising look. "You seemed to have learned a lot while you were training with Jiraiya-sama,"

Naruto gave him a droll stare. "I didn't just train with Jiraiya-sensei, Hatake." Naruto said neutrally. "I also studied under my mother, Uzumaki Kushina." Naruto smirked internally as he watched the silver haired masked jounin pale slightly.

"Kushina you said?" Naruto glanced over at his former sensei giving the man a withering look. "She's alive?" Naruto's expression changed to one of confusion.

"What do you mean 'she's alive?'?" Naruto asked his expression now hardening slightly.

"I was told that she died in childbirth," Kakashi said watching his former student's expression, "The night of the Kyuubi attack." Naruto's face contorted to one of rage.

"Damn those bastards, and you aren't much better." Naruto said in a hissing tone. "You knew my parents?"

"I'll explain everything to you later but now is not the time for this we are on a mission." Kakashi said harshly though on the inside he felt horrible. It would be hard for him to know who Naruto's parents were; hell the Yondaime had trained him he knew Kushina for years. What was going on in the shadows of Konoha's leadership? "Though for what it is worth the lies you were told…both of you were told, I'm sorry for."

Naruto said nothing but nodded in acknowledgement of Kakashi's statement. He knew that it was not the jounin's fault for his parentage being hidden from him, and he sure as hell didn't blame the Sandaime for the choices he made during his second reign as Hokage but he did blame the council for the knowledge that could have at least giving him some bit of comfort when he was alone, and near tears with loneliness.

"It's no fault of yours Hatake." Naruto said after a second, "Besides," and here a tremor of trepidation swept through the Konoha jounin, "I'll see vengeance and justice one day very soon."