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Character Description:

Name: Isabella Sueng-Wilkinson

Nationality: Korean/American

Mother: Kina Sueng

Father: (Step-Father) Tom Wilkinson

Siblings: None

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Hair color: Dark Brown

Height: 5'4''

Moscow, Baltshcug Kempinski Hotel, 11:45 A.M. Eastern

The Secretary, Tom Wilkinson, sat in his hotel room as he relaxed and enjoyed his glittering glass of brandy. The T.V. gently eased his comfort as his white-noise. He read his daily news report of Moscow. The news was just as the same as his homeland. Every continent was the same. He was not just there for a vacation, but was there to meet with the Military Commander and President. It was a sign of friendship to visit neighboring allies from time to time to keep the treaty of peace in contact.

He had his glass in one hand his paper in the other. Although, the news was original in Russian, luckily, he was able to an English copy. His ripe old age was weakening his chances of learning a new language. How age can cripple a person. His reading glasses sat on the bridge of his nose as his eyes quickly moved across the paragraphs. The night time in Moscow was like a night in the city of Washington. The lights of downtown flickered from the speeding cars. Natives and tourists were enjoying the night time air.

His cell-phone began vibrating. He took a quick glance at the device. This better be good. He sighed as he reached across his desk to pick the rattling electronic.

"Hello, this is Wilkinson speaking."

"Tom, you need to turn on your TV." The president sat with his head in his hand. The president sat alone in his office with his T.V. turned on. The only noise heard was chaos outside of his double doors, but it was just his TV and his thoughts. The Secretary was going to visit Moscow for a friendly meeting of trust and this had to happen. What was to become of this nation?

"Mr. President, what is this all about?" Tom was a little skeptical, but the President urgently asked him to watch the T.V. this was bad news already.

"Turn to the news channel." The President turned away from the T.V. to look outside his window.

"I have it on now sir." The Secretary turned his attention towards the TV.

"In today's news, the Kremlin has been blown up."

"Local police had summed that the cause had been of a gas leak. Yet, they there are no other suspicion as to whether this was a terrorist attack." The Secretary's mouth had dropped in astound. He could not believe what had just heard.

"Tom, the President of Russia found our men fleeing the scene of the explosion. This is an international crisis we need to take care of now. I need you to gather Ethan Hunt and his team for Ghost Protocol. I can't stress this enough, do not allow anyone to know of the circumstance. If they catch you, you will be killed. This will be your last order. Tom? Tom?"

Tom stood, mouth slightly agape, his gaze fixed upon the TV. He couldn't believe this was happening. This was merely part of his problems. There was more at stake for Tom and the Nation.

"Yes, sir, I'll-I'll be on my way. Thank you, sir. " Tom hung up the phone. He ran his hands over his aged face. The wisdom of his years could not calculate this catalytic event that had transpired tonight. The light glared upon a picture frame of his wife and step-daughter. He picked it up. His eyes glazed. He remembered it like yesterday. The whole country was having a field day with the news. The first interracial marriage to set foot in the white house, the third of the county was for it while the other was against it. He smirked at the memory. What will become of our nation and their ignorant ways? He picked up the phone.

"Get me, Analyst, William Brandt." Tom looked back at the TV. How could this have happened? His cell-phone beeped again. Another number was calling in, it was a restricted number. Ethan. "William, I need to ask you a favor. I need you to do something for me..."

Washington D.C, Metropolian, 12:45 P.M. Western

Isabella Sueng- Wilkinson sat at her desk reviewing paper work and rechecking pulled and organized files. It was her everyday life as a DIA employee. Her big brown eyes were determined to do the job right. It was in her blood. It wasn't part of any stereo-type; her family was just a hard worker, even her step-father, Tom Wilkinson, the Secretary of the United States. He was well respected and loyal to this country. She admired him. He was practically there all her life as if he were her real father. He was her inspiration to work for the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) to protect this country. Just because he was her step-father did not mean she wanted to be treated any differently. She was just like every other employee working hard to make this country a better place. She looked at the happy picture of her family. She couldn't ask for a better life. She began typing away important files. The phone began to ring. Well, my day couldn't get any better than paper work?

"DIA representative Isabella speaking, how may I help you?"

"Miss Wilkinson…we are sorry. Your father was assassinated." She sat in shock. The phone slide out of her hand; dropping to the floor.

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