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He's My Little Man

2 Years Later

The sound of children's laughter was in the backyard of the elder Gibbs. Abby, Ziva and Breena were tending to the food inside while the remaining members of Team Gibbs were enjoying beers and sitting on the patio set. At the grill, Gibbs was currently making his famous steak along with hotdogs and hamburgers for the kids.

"You need any help, Dad?" Tony smirked as he leaned his head back to watch his father.

He held out a plate full of hamburgers and hotdogs without even moving his head. "Take this inside." He continued flipping the steak with his other hand.

Tony got up and took the plate without word, taking it inside. It was then Gibbs looked up and turned his head in the direction where his son had just went. The five of them were talking animatedly. He couldn't help but smile, feeling relieved that life was letting them have their peaceful time.

When Tony returned, he looked out in the yard, laughing when the two youngest ones were playfully chasing Zach, who was trying to go at a slower speed so they could tag him. Zach had turned into being a good big brother and nephew. He tried his best to keep the younger two occupied.

Eva stopped and scanned the backyard for Tony, smiling when she found him. He got the unspoken hint to play with her, her brother, and uncle. Walking over to the steps, he hit McGee on the chest, causing the younger man to nearly drop his beer. "Come on, Probie. Time to play." He said with a happy tone and a smile. McGee just glared at him. "Gremlin?"

Jimmy rose. "Okay." He followed Tony joining in the fun.

McGee soon abandoned his beer and joined them.

Gibbs chuckled, glancing at his boys. No matter the age, they were still boys inside. His youngest son, Michael, squealed when his brother started chasing him. Tony had taken the job of being an older brother very seriously, even offering to babysit when they needed a break. Gibbs assumed that his attitude toward the youngest Gibbs came from Tony's earlier childhood when Evan was the doting big brother.

Speaking of Evan, he heard four car doors slam shut. Must be Evan and his family and Fornell and Emily.

"Aunt Ziva! Aunt Ziva!" Evan's twin daughters squealed when they saw their aunt. Tamara and Lily were a year younger than Zach.

"Hello girls!" He heard Ziva say. Glancing into the house, he saw Ziva bending down to hug each girl. "The kids are out back."

It had taken some time, but Tony had convinced him that Evan was different and leading the DiNozzo Enterprises in a good direction. Eventually, Evan was invited into the family.

Evan smiled as he ventured outside, following his running daughters. Hands in pockets, he was still a little intimidated by Gibbs but he was slowly coming around. "Hey Gibbs." He greeted, timidly.

Gibbs just nodded his greeting, putting the finished steaks on the plate set out for it. "How are you doing, DiNozzo?"

Evan looked down, smiling. It would never change. "Good. The girls have their first dance recital next week. Everybody's invited. Business as usual."

"That's good." Gibbs replied with a genuine interest. "Here, take this to the wild group in there."

Evan took the plate and smiled."On it." He took off.

Gibbs turned off the grill, setting the now dirty grillware on the table beside the grill, moving to the rail of the porch. He took a moment to watch the group below, narrowing his eyes on his oldest boy who was currently carrying his brother like a football. Why am I not surprised? Abby and Ziva are gonna kill him. Gibbs thought. "Anthony!"

Tony stopped his movements, cast an ashamed look, and both boys looked up at their father.

"Put Michael down. He's not a football." Gibbs chastised. Tony did as he said, to much Michael's dismay. He addressed the group. "Food's done! Grab your appetite!"

"Are we missing the party?" Fornell's voice made him turn to the door. Emily stood beside him.

"Nope. We were just about to eat." Gibbs let him know, standing upright and taking the potato salad Fornell had brought.

The group soon sat down to eat. As the family ate and slipped into easy conversation, Gibbs watched Tony out of the corner of his eye. Tony's injuries had healed, leaving him with scars. Every night, though, he had applied Neosporin and some kind of scar reducing product that helped with reducing the prominent view of the scars. Personality-wise, Tony hadn't changed much. He'd taken therapy at not only his family's request but NCIS's. It took a while, but he was back out in the field doing what he loves to do. Catching the bad guys and putting them away.

All through what he endured, his spirit and strong-willingness had kept him alive. He survived his demons, just like Gibbs had.

He's my little man. Gibbs thought, smiling. Just like his little brother, and no one can take that away.

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