Jinchuriki Bonds: A Life Beyond the Pain – Toto Yoshio

Well I finally got around to writing a crossover fanfic. It's a Naruto and Rosario vampire fanfic. I had been working on this for over month and I actually finish it a few weeks ago, but like an idiot I accidently erased the first chapter. After mentally kicking my own ass for a few hours I decided to rewrite it. It might have been a blessing in disguise because I like this version a lot more than the original. Well anyways I want you guys to know that I decided to try and do this without my beta's help, so if there are any punctual errors I apologize in advance. Oh and another thing, I got this idea from a crossover I read a month ago. But I want everyone to know that my story is completely different as far as the plot is concerned. So I thought I'd just bring that up before anyone thinks I stole the story from someone. Well I'm done rambling, onto the story! R&R

Disclaimer: I'm only going to say this once during the course of this story. I do not own Naruto or Rosario Vampire that much is obvious.

Chapter 1: Hunting The Jinchuriki

Jumping from branch to branch in an uncharted forest, were two young shinobi. The rate they were traveling at was astounding considering how worn out they were. But they didn't have a choice they couldn't stop since there were being chased by masked ninja. They didn't know why but at the moment it was irrelevant. Their main objective was trying to figure out a way to get rid of the ones who were following them. Both of them were low on chakra so they didn't have many options. But dying definitely wasn't one of them.

The red headed teen wore a long sleeved crimson coat underneath his Suna flak jacket. He wore a grey vest over it, which is usually worn over his cloak. His black trousers matched with his black sandal. He also had large gourd strapped on his back. The blonde haired teen wore an orange and black track suit. Wrapped tightly around his forehead, was a headband with a leaf forehead protector.

What are they after? Gaara wondered as he picked up a little bit of speed. Looking to his left, he saw the focused face of his blonde friend. Naruto at first glance looked to be exhausted, which is expected considering all the battles that he took part in. Still that didn't matter because he wasn't one to quit, especially during a war. Gaara then turned his attention back towards the shinobi who were chasing them.

There was a pretty good distance between them, which gave the two teenagers time to come up with a plan. Looking closer he saw a mask that he recognized. The mask had an evil face, with two devil horns sticking out the top of it. I remember that mask. It was the same mask of the man that tried to kill him three years ago. He and a small group of shinobi from Suna, tried to eliminate him when he was on a mission with team 7 from the leaf. Naruto of course was a part of team 7, but it was highly doubtful that he would remember. If he's chasing us that means…

"Gaara!" the blonde shouted to get his friends attention.

"Huh? What?" He replied.

"What's wrong? It's not like you to lose focus." The hyperactive ninja questioned with a look of concern. Gaara was always attentive in situations like this so it was strange to see him zoning out.

Gaara lowered his eyes while hopping onto a sturdy branch. He didn't want to tell him the real reason why they were being chased by shinobi from their own villages. "It's nothing"

The blonde stared at his friend for several seconds. He knew he was hiding something from him, that much was true. The question is what? He thought with narrowed eyebrows. After a while decided to shrug it off and question him about it later. Now they needed to figure out a way to get rid of these assassins. Just what the hell do these guys want with us? He wondered. Right after Gaara sealed Mu, they were ambushed by group of masked shinobi. Whatever it is I'm going to find out. He was probably just as frustrated as Gaara was. Here they are fighting a war and suddenly they get ambushed by allied shinobi. It just didn't make any sense. Nonetheless they needed to do something about their predicament. Naruto didn't have any ideas but he was positive his red headed friend did. "Gaara, do you have a plan to get rid of these clowns?"

The Kazekage nodded his head 'yes'. "Yeah I do, but I need to know how much chakra you have left?" he didn't need to have a lot, but he need to have some.

"To be honest I don't have a whole lot, but if I don't have enough I'll make it enough!" Naruto said with a foxy grin on his face. He always had a positive attitude.

"Well I don't have that much either, but when you use that logic I can't complain." The young leader had a faint smile on his face. "I asked about your chakra levels because we need to finish them quick. And in order for that to happen we need to use our strongest jutsu."

"Hmm I guess I have enough to use the nine-tails chakra mode one more time." Should I use the nine tails chakra or sage mode? Or maybe I should use them both at once. He wondered, while rubbing his chin. Either way he'd defeat them quickly. He stopped his thought process and turned to look at his jinchuriki counterpart. "So what's the plan?"

The red head was quiet for a moment. He was still contemplating on whether it would work or not. Turning his head slightly to the left, Gaara gazed back at the men who were on their tail. They seemed to be a good distance away from them, well enough for them to relax. With his mind made up he turned his head to face Naruto.

"It's simple."

Two vibrant teenagers made their way through a meadow of flowers on their bicycles. They were on their way to school but decided to take a detour. Both of them were students at Yokai Academy and they were excited about starting their junior year. One of them was a skinny brunette boy with brown eyes to match. His name is Tsukune Aono and he is a human. The other teen was a beautiful pink haired girl with emerald colored eyes. Her name is Moka Akashiya and she's happens to be a vampire. She pedaled faster to catch up with Tsukune who was ahead of her.

"Tsukune…" she cheerfully said, while ride up beside him.

"Hi Moka" the boy replied with flushed cheeks


"Oh Moka…"

"Umm Tsukune?" she asked abruptly interrupting there back in forth

"What is it? Do you want to suck my blood again?"

"Actually I want something else?" she said while leaping off her bicycle to tackle him to the ground. When they landed on the ground, they had found themselves in a compromising position. Moka was on the floor while Tsukune was on top of her; his legs entangled with hers. Both of them were now blushing profusely.

"Umm Moka are you sure you want to do this?"

"It's okay as long as it is with you," she replied with an encouraging smile.

The brunette nodded his head before closing his eyes and leaning down. As he got closer, he began puckering up in anticipation of their lips meeting. But before his lips could reach hers he felt a cold chill causing him to open his eyes. When he opened his brown orbs Moka looked completely different. Her hair was now silver instead of pink. Her breasts were slightly bigger and her legs were a tad bit thicker. Those beautiful emerald eyes of hers were now crimson red. Last but not least her vampire fangs were now even sharper. She looked up at him with a devilish grin, while he stared back in terror.

"You got a lot of nerve trying to steal a kiss from me." The silver haired woman smirked at the nervous boy above her.

"Uhh know you got it all wrong!" he said while waving his hands defensively.

"Know your place!" she then kicked him square in the nuts launching him towards the sky.

"Noooo!" he screamed before falling off his bed and onto the floor. He groaned in pain when his head made contact with the wood. "Oww..." He murmured before picking his self-up off the floor. "It was just a dream?" he questioned as he stood up stretched. Thank god… he thought before yawning. After he wiped the eye crust out of his eyes he gazed at his alarm clock. Once he realized what time it was he shouted "What the hell!"

Five minutes later

Tsukune's mother Kasumi was down stairs cooking breakfast. She had already fried the bacon and eggs, all she needed to do was finish the pancakes and pour glass of orange juice and breakfast would be complete. "I hope Tsukune's hungry." She said while flipping the pancakes that were on the skillet. She then caught them in midair with same black pot. After that she dumped the hot bread on a platter.

As soon as she finished, she heard the sound of thundering footsteps heading down the stairs. Tsukune came dashing down the steps and stumbled into the living room while dropping his shoes in the process.

"Look at the time I gotta go!" he said while picking up his shoes and heading for the door.

"What about breakfast?" Kasumi shouted from the kitchen. Her spatula raised in a questioning manner.

"Uh… uh I'll eat when I get there!" he said before running out the door.

"Just make sure you come home for summer this year!" she shouted to him before he closed the door behind him. She looked at the delicious meal she just created and sighed in frustration. "Well I guess I'll have to wrap it up and save it for his father when he gets home."

Tsukune put his shoes on quickly while he was on the porch. Once they were on and the laces were tied he sprinted towards the gate. Meanwhile a brunette wearing a red jacket and white t-shirt was making her way around the corner. He quickly opened the gate and ran in the opposite direction. He didn't even notice her, but she still felt the need to say hello.

"Hey Tsuki! how longs it been cousin?" the beautiful brunette jumped cheerfully in the air.

"Sorry Kyouko I gotta go!"

With a scowl on her face Kyuoko crossed her arms and huffed. "Geez… thanks for the warm welcome cuz." She was annoyed that he didn't even have the time to say hello. Sure he was in a hurry but that wasn't an excuse to be rude. Whatever... I guess I'll check on auntie, she thought while opening the gate.

Ten minutes later

Arriving just in time, Tsukune ran to the maple colored bus that was about to pull up. The steel doors parted revealing a man in a blue bus uniform. He was the same creepy guy who picked him up during his first year at Yokai Academy. His eye glowed white, while he smiled from ear to ear. Strangely enough Tsukune wasn't in the least bit scared. Maybe he was used to it or he just got used to being around strange people. Calmly he waved to the bus driver and proceeded to walk to the back of the bus. He sat in his usual seat on the left hand side.

As soon as he sat down he gazed out the clear window and began daydreaming. I can't wait to get to Yokai to start the new school year. It's going to be great to see all of my friends again. This year the newspaper club will be twice as good. The young boy was excited to get back to school. It had only been a few weeks but it felt like an eternity to him. But most of all I can't wait to spend some alone time with Moka. Before he could start fantasizing about the pink haired goddess, the bus driver voice pulled him away from his thoughts.

"Hey Kid, have you gotten used to it yet?"

"Yeah I guess so…" Tsukune replied sheepishly while scratching the back of his head.

"Yokai Academy is a school of monster, by monsters, and for monsters. If you can make it there you're no ordinary guy."

"Still watch your back." The man's voice lost its playful tone and became more serious.

Interested in his concern Tsukune asked "why?"

"Because just when you think you got things figured out, that when everything goes straight to hell…" the man chuckled wickedly after his last statement.

Tsukune took his words to heart. He knew how crazy Yokai was, and after what happened last year nothing could surprise him. Besides I've been having this strange sensation since I woke up, like something was off. I have feeling he's right… This year will probably be twice as crazy as the last.

Making their way through the woods they saw some light up ahead. They were getting close to the forest opening. Gaara told Naruto they were going to need a large open space for the plan to be successful. It made sense, fighting with low chakra in a compact forest while being chased by ten assassins wasn't a pleasant thought. Not to mention the fact they probably had reinforcements on the way. With that being said they needed to handle things quickly. Stopping on huge sturdy branch, the two Jinchuriki exchanged parting words. "Alright Naruto this is it…" The red head's spoke softly in his usual deep raspy voice.

The Kyuubi jinchuriki smiled at his friends while giving him thumbs up. "You can count on me!" His voice was filled with the usual enthusiasm. But why wouldn't he? He always had faith in his friends and Gaara was probably his closest one.

"You just be sure to catch up with me when you're finished here." He smirked than proceeded hopping on the branches toward the forest opening.

The Ichibi Jinchuriki stood there while watching his friend head towards the field. He watched the blonde until he was no longer visible. His resolve never ceases to amaze me. Those were his thoughts before he turned back around to face his visitors. Casually he stood there with his arms folded underneath his chest, awaiting their arrival. His green eyes now locked on the approaching ninja.

"Hey one of the demons stopped." A dog masked ninja said.

"Which one is it?" another member asked.

Squinting several times he replied. "I think it's the shukaku."

A man wearing a devil masked smirked underneath his mask. He had been waiting to for another opportunity to kill him since he failed three years ago. Gaara you're all mine. Slowly he lifted his hand in the air and flicked his wrist. He was signaling to the squad behind him, to move ahead. He decided to let them catch the kyuubi. It didn't matter to him, as long as he got credited for eliminating the monster that had been wreaking havoc in his village for years.

The leader of squad B blinked several times before he saw the signal clearly. Why does he want us to go ahead? He wondered. Using his binoculars the man looked ahead. His eyes locked on a red haired teen. Oh I get it, so that's how it is. "Alright men were going around." He abruptly said. His subordinates raised their eyebrows underneath their masks before saying "Yes sir!" They didn't know why they were straying away from the original plan, but orders are orders. The five man squad shifted left and then went straight ahead.

After about thirty seconds of waiting, Gaara found himself surrounded by the ANBU officers. Each of them was hanging on a branch no less than 15 feet away from him. The red head was completely surrounded. However he didn't seem to be phased by this in the least. As usual his face remained expressionless showing no signs of fear. They all had on animal masks of different colors and shapes. But that wasn't what he was interested in as his eyes wondered to each of the ninja that had him surrounded. "1, 2…" he started, his eyes were briefly focused on the two ninjas to the right of him. Both of them had on Suna flak jackets. Next his eyes shifted to the right, where two leaf ninja were standing on a thin branch. "3, 4…" After that he looked at the tall thin man wearing a Suna flak jacket. Cleary he was the captain. And "5" perfect that means the other five went after Naruto, Just as I expected.

"Kazekage Gaara, we have you surrounded." the squad captain declared, while smirking underneath his mask. He had his arms resting on his sides, which meant he didn't take the red head seriously. Guessing by his attitude, he was under the assumption that Gaara wasn't a threat anymore since he was low on chakra. "If you'd like will give you a moment to say your last words…"

Gaara didn't respond he just stood there in his usual stance. His arms were folded across his chest and he stood straight with his shoulders parallel with one another. Those green eyes of his were now closed. After what seemed like forever he opened his mouth to speak. "I'll give you one chance. Leave now or you'll regret it…"

Underneath his mask he scowled. He couldn't believe the arrogance of the young Kazekage. "I'm surprised you're so cocky considering the condition you're in. No matter…" The assassin raised his hand towards the sky. Then he dropped without a second of hesitation. Immediately the four men jumped back and through several Kunai with explosive tags that were wrapped on the blade. The red head kept his eyes closed as the explosive objects were about to make contact with his body. On impact they detonated, causing the whole forest to shake momentarily. Fire and smoke was the only thing you could see from Gaara's current position. Flaming pieces of bark spread across the forest floor.

"Time to go in for the kill…" The man said while pulling out a thin scroll. He raised his hands to form a hand sign. There was a small poof and a puppet appeared. The puppet looked like the crow, but instead of having blades it had duel pistols. The puppet aimed at the inferno and then fired. Oozing out of the valve was a thin layer of poisonous gas." Even if he survived that attack, there's no way he could handle this gas. It's the deadliest poison in the sand village." He doused the inferno for about a minute before he stopped.

Right when he ceased fire the flames began to settle. Slowly they simmered down a bit, but there was still quite a bit of smoke so they couldn't see clearly. By watching the smoke cloud they had no idea if the Kazekage was alive or dead. Before the debris could clear up, they heard his voice.

"I warned you" said a deep voice from with within the smoke cloud. Finally the smoke was beginning to clear, but what they saw surprised them beyond belief. Gaara was encased in a hard ball of sand. There small bits of flames still on the hard grit. Slowly the front of the sand began to recede revealing young village leader. His face was still expressionless, but he did seem a little annoyed. "Well now I have no choice…"

Small pieces of sand began to drop out of his shield. In mid-air the small pieces of sand began to take the form of sharp needles. "This is the end…" he said before whispering, "Sand Shower: Barrage…"

The squad captain recognized this jutsu and new how deadly it could be. "You guys take cover!" He screamed, but by the time he finished his sentence it was too late.

Instantly the sharp needles shot out at the speed of bullets from a shot gun. The men tried to jump away, but the speed they traveled at was too great. Not even a second had passed since he fired his sand bullets and least one of them had pierced a target. He could tell by the different screams he was hearing. Blood spurted out of their flesh and onto the oak trees. All of them fell backwards off their tree and dropped dead towards the forest floor. The bullets were so powerful that when they hit the trees a dust cloud was created.

The bullets that pierced each member were shot at an unbelievable speed. Most of the time, his sand bullets reach their target within a second, but these travel by milliseconds. There was no hope of dodging them. Their chance of survival was 5 percent at best. This assault continued for thirty seconds. He had to make sure there were no survivors; it would be a nuisance to fight another unnecessary battle. Once he was positive he hit all of his targets he stopped.

It pained him to have to resort to this. The last thing he wanted to do was kill ninja from his own village, but he had no choice in the matter. It had to be done, he wanted to avoid it, but there really was no way around it. There was a war going on that would decide the fate of the world, there was no time for setbacks. He had no idea why they were targeting him in Naruto, but it didn't matter. All he knew was that he didn't have time to waste on them.

The red head looked at debris that was now surrounding the area. Some of it was smoke from the explosion and the rest of it was dust that rose up from the barrage of bullets. He took one final glance at the carnage in front of him. "Forgive me…" he said before taking off in the direction of the forest opening. He had to catch up to Naruto so he could lend him hand. If he needs it… that is.

As the spikey haired boy got further away, the dust began to settle. The attack was obviously far deadlier than it used to be when he was still a child. All the trees in the surrounding area had hundreds of holes in them. Blood was also smudged on the trees. But out of all the carnage there, the worst sight was the 4 corpses that were scattered across the vicinity. Pieces of sand were lodged in their bodies along with bark. There was no chance in hell for anyone to survive that attack from close range.

Well that's what you would expect, however a dark figure emerged on from the settling dust. His body was severely bruised. He had cuts all over his arms and legs. But he had a contusion on his right shoulder, almost rendering it useless. The squad leader was leaning up against the tree since his legs were damaged. He tried to test their stability but he tripped over a piece of bark and landed flat on his face. "Damn it!" His voice was muffled since his face was in the dirt. Slowly he pushed himself up, so could sit on the soft soil. He dug into his weapons pouch and pulled out some bandage wrap. Next he unraveled the necessary amount before cutting it off with his teeth.

Once that was done he proceeded to wrap the bandages around his injured shoulder. The man showed great patience as he calmly tended to his own injuries. He also seemed to be prepared, not many shinobi pack bandage wraps in their weapons pouch. When he was finished the masked assassin sighed in relief. "Fuck… I can't believe I let the shukaku get away." He said while extending his legs. Now that he was done with his arm he needed to take care of his legs. Slowly he placed his palms over his knees. After a few seconds his hands started to emit a green light. Medical ninjutsu was his only option if he wanted to catch up with the one-tail. He wasn't an expert in the field, but he decided to learn a little bit just in case he found himself in a predicament such as this.

When he was finished, he wasted no time in trying to move. "I gotta catch that damn demon!" He said while lifting his left leg off the ground. All of his bones felt stiff, but they were much better. He placed the palm of his hand on his left thigh and then pushed himself up so he was standing on both feet. "It's my responsibility since I failed the last time." Now that his wounds were taken care of, the assassin began walking north. "I'll kill him… If it's the last thing I do."

Arriving at Yokai Academy was a busty blue haired girl, and two her left was a petite brunette. The blue haired girl on the right sported her usual yellow sweater vest, which exposed her large breast. She wore a long sleeve blouse underneath the small vest. Just like the other girls she wore a small checkered skirt.

The small brunette wore a pink top, a pink corset, a pink shawl, and a yellow bow. Clearly pink was her favorite color. On her head she wore a pointy light brown witch hat, with a matching brown cap. She also wore brown shoes and matching knee socks.

Not long after the duo passed the school gates, they were surrounded by freshmen girls. All of the first year students gazed at them with pure admiration. It seemed they had heard about them during their last year in junior high. The girls screamed with excitement before they began groping the unsuspecting females. Their hands wondered from their breast to their legs and then their behinds.

It wasn't shocking to see that Kurumu Kurono was actually enjoying the sexual attention; she is a succubus after all. However it was surprising to see 12 year old Yukari Sendo relishing the grope fest she was receiving. But then again the young witch was bisexual so it wasn't a complete shock. This went on for a while until a voice broke them away from paradise.

"Uhh… Kurumu… Yukari… what are you doing?" A pink haired girl asked softly.

Hearing the familiar voice, the two girls immediately turned around to see who it was. Once they did they saw none other than Moka Akashiya standing there with a cheerful smile. She had on the standard green jacket that she always seemed to wear. The silver Rosario hung safely between her breasts. Kurumu and Yukari were about to greet their friend, but before they could, the flock of freshmen girls that were groping them stopped and ran towards the unsuspecting vampire.

As soon as they got to her they started asking her questions, while telling her how much they admire her. "You girls must be freshmen huh?" she was obviously embarrassed by all the attention she was receiving. To make matters worse the newcomers began to touch her in private areas. Unlike Kurumu and Yukari she didn't enjoy all that sexual attention. "Stop it!" she screamed while blushing.

"What's with those damn freshmen? One minute there flying all over me than the next there going crazy over Moka!" she scoffed while folding her arms across her chest. It was bad enough she was getting all Tsukune's attention, which Kurumu desperately desired. But now the freshman girls liked her more.

When Moka finally broke away from the rampaging females, she walked over to her friends to greet them. "Nice going Moka… once again you steal the spotlight." The busty succubus was somewhat irritated, but still she was happy to see her friend and rival in romance.

"Sorry Kurumu I didn't mean to…" she replied nervously.

"Moka!" the young witch yelled before jumping on the pink haired girl. "I've missed you!" she shouted while squeezing her female love interest.

"Ha-ha… I've missed you to Yukari…" She said before returning her embrace.

Once Yukari released Moka the three girls began to converse about their summers. For several minutes they discussed all the activities they did to keep themselves busy. The conversation was going well until they noticed that some members from their group weren't present. "Hey have you guys seen Mizore or Tsukune around?" Moka questioned.

"No I haven't, but I'm pretty sure Mizore will show up when we least expect it." Yukari chuckled. That was always the case with the snow woman.

"Who cares about that stalker freak? I'm worried about my beloved Tsukune..." The succubus commented with a smirk. Before Moka could scold her about being nicer to the snow girl this year, an ice shard landed directly between Kurumu's eyes.

Exactly to the left of them about 20 feet away was a young girl leaning against a small a tree. The girl had light purple hair that barely went passed her neck. She wore a white sweatshirt with long blue sleeves and a black singlet underneath. Also she had a gold pendant over neck. Underneath her skirt, she had on a pair of purple and pink stockings. The shy girl had a scowl on her face as she sucked on her vanilla lollipop. "Who are you calling a freak? You big boobed bimbo…"

"Hey Mizore where you been?" Moka waved at the approaching girl.

The snow woman walked towards the group of girls with a bored expression. "I've been running from these annoying freshman girls all morning." She stopped right between the witch and the vampire. "Once I finally gave them the slip I came here…"

Yukari looked up at the ice girl. "Have you seen Tsukune around?"

"No, if I did I'd be stalking him right now, but unfortunately I'm stuck here with you three." After she said that she noticed the glare she was receiving from Moka and Yukari. "No offense…" she added with a smile.

Pulling the ice shard out of her forehead, the sexy succubus growled while glaring at her rival. "I'm going to kick your ass snow skank!" Not wasting anytime, she extracted her wings, claws, and tail. She had been waiting to take Mizore on for a while now. Even though the two of them are friends they're always at each other throats.

"Bring it on Kurumu, once I get rid of you I'll be that much closer to having Tsukune all to myself," Her soft hands took the form of ice claws.

Colorful blue eyes met dark purple ones as they stared down one another. All of the girls including the freshmen were quiet in anticipation of their battle. Yukari seemed amused by this, but Moka had a look of worry. Why do they all ways have to do this? She thought. Her eyes darted back in forth between girls. The long awaited fight between succubus and snow woman was about to take place, but before they could begin they heard something that drawled their attention. They heard a loud feminine scream that was coming from close by.

"You damn pervert!" An angry blonde girl yelled before punching a male student in the face, launching him several feet away. He landed right in the middle of Kurumu and Mizore.

Looking down at the peeping tom he seemed familiar. His eyes were red-violet, and he had short black hair. He wore the standard green jacket like all the other male students, but he had a ride tie on with his shirt open and there was wolf pendant around his neck. His camera lied on his stomach; surprisingly the damage it received was minimal. Only the lens was cracked, but it didn't matter he had many cameras.

The four females shook their heads in shame. It was there newspaper captain in all his perverted glory. "Gin…" they all said simultaneously while staring down at him.

Gin Morioka tried to focus his eyes on the four girls but he was finding it difficult to see with his black eye. "What's up ladies?" The werewolf asked nervously while noticing the annoyed look on their faces.

"Taking pictures of girls again huh pervert?" Kurumu inquired with an irritated look on her face. Out of all the boys on campus Gin had to be the one that annoyed her the most.

"Uhh… No I was actually…" Before he could finish, the blue haired girl kicked him square in the jaw.

"You damn pig!" she screamed.

He groaned in pain while rubbing his throbbing jaw. Unfortunately he didn't have an excuse for his female colleagues. "You don't understand I was doing it for the-" A yellow pot was dropped directly on his head, once again interrupting his explanation.

Yukari lowered her wand after staring shamefully down at the S class monster. "Times like this make me feel glad to be underage."

Before any more damage could be fall the young werewolf, Moka knelt down and tapped him on the shoulder. "Hey Gin…" she spoke softly.

He looked up at the beautiful girl and smiled. "Hey Moka… How's it going?"

"Gin have you seen Tsukune around anywhere?" She asked. Since Gin happened to be a pervert who spent most of his time going around campus taking pictures of naked girls, he might have already seen Tsukune.

"No… I haven't…" he said while picking himself up off the ground. Slowly he patted his clothes in an attempt to get rid of all the dust. "I thought he was with you."

The gorgeous vampire frowned at his answer. She was hoping that one of her friends would have seen him by now. She was going to go search for him but the bell rang. All of them sighed in disappointment before turning around and heading for the main building. Gin, Kurumu, Yukari, and Mizore all headed for class, but Moka just stood there staring at the school entrance. Tsukune… Where are you?

In the human world a male brunette was standing on the side of the road with his arm extended and his thumb facing upward. While riding in the bus on his way to Yokai the bus suddenly stopped. It took the bus driver about ten minutes to figure out what was wrong with the damn thing. It turned out that the battery was dead. With that being said they needed another car so they could jump it. The bus driver was sort of a creepy fellow, so he couldn't go look for help. However Tsukune volunteered to help, since he needed to get to school. He had already been standing on the road for 20 minutes and so far no one offered to lend a hand. As matter a fact some jerks had passed by in a Mitsubishi and flipped him off. Today was already turning out to be bad. It was already 11 o clock in they hadn't made any progress.

"What the hell! Won't somebody pull over?" Sweat was starting to run down his forehead. At this rate I'm going to miss lunch!

Sitting in the open field, Naruto awaited the arrival of his visitors. The blonde already knew what he wanted to do so there wasn't much to plan. He decided he would once again use the nine-tails chakra mode so he could finish the battle in a matter of seconds. He would use sage mode, but he really didn't feel like building up nature energy. This way was much faster; the only downside was he couldn't stay in Kyuubi mode for long. The chakra he had left was minimal, and the more time he spent in kyuubi mode the nine tails would steal his chakra.

I'm going to have to end this quickly. He knew he didn't have time to mess around. I hope Gaara is alright. He told me he would take care of the first squad and then he'll meet me here as soon as he's done. Those guys didn't seem all that strong, so he should be on his way right now. Stopping his thinking process, he lifted his head to gaze at the forest.

Feeling a presence nearby, he stood up watched the forest in front of him. The bushes were rustling around so that meant some body was about to emerge. Coming out of the forest first was a large man in a dog mask. He wore a leaf flak jacket, and had tan skin. The masked assassin smiled devilishly underneath his mask. "It seems the nine-tails has been awaiting our arrival." He raised his hand signaling for the other men to come out of hiding.

"Alright men stick with the plan; he hardly has any chakra left so there's no excuse for failing. You know the punishment for failing." Three of his subordinates gulped at the thought of their own deaths, while one was still quite unsure about the current situation.

"Umm sir?" one of the men started


"I think it was a bad idea to split up with the other unit…"

"Why is that?" the captain asked with annoyed expression.

"Because I think are chances would have been better if we took on the shukaku and the kyuubi together. They may have low chakra, but they still could be a handful." He explained

"Quiet!" the man yelled. "We won't fail, as long as you do as I say!"

"Yes sir… my apologies…" he jumped.

Before they commenced with their attack, Naruto decided to speak up. Like Gaara, he wanted to avoid killing shinobi from his own village. "You guys should leave, I don't want to fight you!" the blonde shouted from across the field. If possible he wanted to avoid any unnecessary battles.

The Squad leader laughed at his request. "Sorry Nine-tails, but we have a job to do…" he replied mockingly. Now that all the other bullshit was out the way he was ready to begin. Raising his hands the man started to perform several hand signs. The earth underneath the blonde began to shake. Before he could move the ground underneath him shattered. He plummeted downward into the miniature pit. "Now!" he shouted.

On his command the two leaf subordinates dashed toward the miniature pit. The two of them stood on opposite sides of the hole. Next they went through a series of hand signs. "Fire Style: Dragon Flame Jutsu!" were the words they said before releasing long stream of fire from their mouths. As soon as they started the Suna assassins came up from behind them to prepare for a collaboration ninjutsu. Their jutsu didn't require hand signs so as soon as they got to the hole they began. A stream of air came out of their mouths and went into the pit of fire causing the flames to spark up even higher. Wind and fire natural worked well together, so the surprise wasn't at all surprising.

This attack went on for about thirty seconds, until they finally decided it was enough. Staring down at the pit of flames there was no way anyone could survive that. Not even a ninja of Naruto's level, but still that could have been a clone so the squad leader kept his eyes peeled. So far he didn't see or sense anyone else. After a while he was convinced that Naruto was burnt to a crisp. While he was sure Naruto was dead, his men started voicing their own opinions.

"Do you think he's dead?" A Suna ninja asked.

"Of course he is! That brat's toast." One of the leaf shinobi chimed in.

"I think he's right no one could survive such intense heat."

"Well in any case were going to have to drag his body out once the flames settle."

The four men were about to turn around and leave with something shot of the fire. Emerging from the scorching flames was a golden figure. Obviously it was Naruto but he looked completely different. He now had a chakra shroud that was releasing flickering flames. Instead of ocean blue, his eyes were now orange.

Hovering in the air above, the golden genin looked down at the assassins. The four of them were in a formation surrounding the fire. I can't stay like this long… I gotta finish this quickly. Naruto started to create multiple blue spheres using his chakra shroud arms. They were actually a bit smaller than usual. Once the balls were complete he launched them towards their targets. "Rasengan Riot!" He yelled. All four arms hit their targets directly in the abdomen launching all four of them away from their original positions. Their Anbu flak jackets had a stomach hole and there abdomens were burnt.

Naruto then landed hard on the ground with little grace, which was how he usually did things. He looked up at the squad captain. His eyes were full of anger. Instantly he disappeared in a yellow flash and then reappeared right in front of him. Without giving him any time to react, he launched a devastating blow to the man's ribcage.

"GUAAAHHH!" he grunted in pain before falling to his knees. Know hunched over with his hands on his sides. What incredible speed… I didn't even see him coming. The pain was so excruciating, he was forced to remove his porcelain bear mask. As soon as it was off his face he began to cough up blood.

"Who the hell are you guys?" He asked. The fight was over, that last attack left him indisposed. He didn't have a chance in hell of defeating him in his current state. "And why are you targeting us?"

"I'm… Not telling…You shit" he managed to get out.

Annoyed by his stubbornness, Naruto sighed while rolling his crimson eyes. Since the man was defeated he deactivated the Kyuubi mode, so he wouldn't lose any more chakra. He decided it was a waste of time trying to get him to talk. Well I might as well go look for Gaara. Slowly he walked by the defeated Anbu agent and started pacing across the field. Before he could get too far, he sensed a flying projectile heading towards him. He doesn't know when to give up. Using his sharp reflexes he pulled a kunai out from his sleeve to block it but instead a wave of sand swatted it towards the ground.

Suddenly a large amount of sand sprung up from beneath the earth. The sand then encased the man, completely restricting his movements. "What the hell is this?" He shouted. The sand wrapped around his mouth shutting him up while only leaving his eyes and nose visible.

Emerging from the woods was a trail of sand blowing through the wind. The grains of sand appeared in front of Naruto and began to take human form. Once the sand completely took form, it revealed a red headed teen. "Gaara…"

"Naruto…"The Kazekage looked at him for a brief moment than turned his attention toward the assassin he had just trapped in his chakra fused sand. Is he the only one left? He wondered before turning around to survey the rest of the plain. The first thing he noticed was the small pit of fire which raised a few questions. Next his eyes went to the 4 unconscious men that were scattered around the area. They're alive but at least they're out of commission. He turned once again to face his fellow jinchuriki. "It seems you've finished up here."

The blonde smiled while scratching his head "I told you I'd take care of it. Since you're here I'm guessing you finished the other squad."

"Yes" He replied with a blank expression.

"Well I guess we could head back now." Naruto said with a foxy grin.

"Not yet…" He responded. "There is still one more thing that I need to take care of before we go," The young leader turned to glare at the quiet forest in front of them. It was like he was waiting for something to happen.

Naruto also turned to gaze at the quiet forest, but didn't see anything. "What are we supposed to be seeing?"

Gaara's only answer was "Watch…"

This time Naruto didn't have to look, he can already tell something was heading straight for them he could feel it. There is definitely something heading straight for us. The question is what? If Naruto had the kyuubi mode activate or even sage mode for that matter he would have been noticed there approach. It's strange I didn't even sense Gaara's presence. Damn! I must be extremely exhausted for me not to notice. Still that didn't mean he was going to surrender. He would fight until there wasn't a breath left in his body. Still panting Naruto stood his ground and got in his usual battle stance. "I don't know whose coming… and I don't care! There's no way… I'm going down without a fight!" On his face was a determined expression.

At the sound of his declaration, Gaara turned to look at his fellow jinchuriki. He had obvious bruises and small burn marks on his arms. He was also panting uncontrollably. He's still determined to fight in that condition? He raised an invisible eyebrow. Naruto Uzumaki, you haven't changed at all. The Kazekage smiled at his friend's determination. "Naruto there's no need for you to fight. You've done enough... let me handle this…"

Still panting from exhaustion, the 16 year old genin gazed back it his friend with narrowed eyes. "Gaara you're crazy if you think I'm going to stand by and watch you fight!" The tone of his voice went up a few levels. "Don't let my appearance fool you; I haven't reached my limit yet!"

"Naruto if you don't take a breather now you're going to die." Gaara told him without hesitating. His determination was indeed admirable but if he lost any more chakra, he would certainly die. Gaara was almost out of chakra as well, but he still had more than Naruto. Also he had better chakra control so it would be a smaller risk if he took care of it. "Just stay back, I'll finish this..."

At this moment, he was in no condition to argue. He had his pride, so he hated the idea of sitting back and letting his comrades fight while he did nothing. Still Gaara had a point; in his current condition he'd be lucky to create a shadow clone or maybe two at best. Sighing in defeat the blonde turned to his friend. "Alright fine… I guess I have no choice. But next time we're in a situation like this, I get to have the fun."

"Agreed." Gaara nodded his head before refocusing on the forest up ahead.

The lush green bushes started swaying back in forth. Suddenly a strong gust of leaves came out of the forest and onto the open plain. The leaves swirled around in a small tornado for several seconds before coming to a halt. Wind the tornado was completely gone, a tall lanky man wearing a black cloak and a rabbit mask. From the style of his body flicker technique you can tell he's from the leaf. He looked at the two young men across the field. Immediately he recognized them both as the jinchuriki they had been looking for. Naruto Uzumaki and Gaara of the desert, they're together perfect... He smiled devilishly under his mask. There obviously worn out from all the battles they took part in, with their chakra reserves they don't have a chance in hell. But even though he had the upper hand he wanted to make this as swift as possible. "Naruto, Gaara you two should just surrender. It will make things much easier if you do."

Naruto narrowed his eyes and growled at the masked man's request. "Go to hell you bastard!" He was infuriated by the man's arrogance. "There's no way in hell we're giving up! So you shouldn't waste time trying to convince us." The young sage wasn't going to quit, there was too much at stake. The fate of the world depended on the outcome of this war. If he quit now, he would be failing everyone.

Yes it's true that he was low on chakra. In such a short time, he had already fought some of the world's strongest shinobi, like the Third Raikage for example. The resurrected kage was arguably the strongest ninja he had ever had the pleasure of fighting. That one battle had taken a lot out of him, not to mention the other ones. We can't quit there are far too many people counting on us. Looking to his right, he gazed at his red headed friend. He stood there quietly observing their opponent. Gaara said he could handle it alone, but he has to be just as exhausted as I am. Gaara's face looked extremely focused, in the last thirty seconds he probably only blinked once.

"Come on you might as well surrender; you're going to die either way." The ANBU captain laughed menacingly. "If you accept death, than you will be saving the shinobi world from destruction.

As horrible as it sounded it was true. With the Shukaku, Kyuubi, and Hachibi eliminated the eye of the moon plan would fail. Though this was a fact, the five great nations had decided to take other courses of action. The plan was to put Killer B and Naruto in hiding. Gaara on the other hand didn't go, since he was a kage and a commander, he needed to be present on the battlefield.

Staring at the talkative ANBU agent, Gaara finally decided to speak. "So your plan is to kill us so Madara's eye of the moon plan won't come to fruition?" His facial expression remained calm and complacent. The masked man silence gave him his answer. Narrowing his eyes the red head replied, "Well then if you wish to take our lives...Come…"

"Oh I intend to." He responded. "We already have another unit chasing Killer Bee." His voice was full of arrogance. There was no doubt in his mind that he was in complete control. "It's only a matter of time before the Hachibi is caught, and eliminated."

When he mentioned killer Bee Naruto growled, but decided to remain quiet .Getting upset wouldn't make things better. Fuck there after Bee to! Who the hell do these guys work for? Over the short time he spent with the rapping cloud ninja, the older man had become somewhat of a mentor to him. The only thing he could do is have faith in the rapping ninja. There's no way he'll lose! Not to these losers…

"With that being said, I think it's about time we wrap things up here." He raised his right arm in the air and then flicked his wrist. Immediately 50 masked shinobi emerged from the forest and onto the clearing. These assassins dressed different than ones they had fought before. All of them wore the traditional black and grey armor, with metal arms guards and gloves. One thing that was different was that these ANBU didn't have the spiral tattoo on their shoulders. Instead each of them had a symbol of one of the five shinobi villages. They were evenly divided; ten were ten ninja from each village.

"Who the hell are they?" Naruto shouted in frustration. It was driving him crazy; someone was pulling the strings but the question was who. Naruto was still pretty dense, but he is a lot smarter than he used to be. From the time they were targeted something didn't sit right. "And how were they able to find us?"

Gaara's eye's shifted back to Naruto. "I'm not sure. But one thing is certain these assassins aren't ordinary ANBU agents." That much was obvious to the Kazekage. Naruto raised a good point, how were they able to find us. Suddenly he heard a loud muffling noise. He shifted his eyes to the right to see the large man encased in his sand coffin. The captured ANBU agent was trying his best to break free but to no avail.

Naruto tilted his head dumbly. "I think he's trying to tell us something."

Gaara immediately removed the sand from around the man's mouth. Once the sand was removed, he started spitting out some the small rock minerals. He had to breathe through his nose the whole time, so his breathing was now fluctuating. "I-I.. thought... I was a dead man…" He panted.

When Naruto heard him say that, a foxy grin appeared on his face. "You will be dead if you don't tell us what we want to know." Naruto would never take the life of somebody just because they wouldn't talk, but that didn't mean he wasn't above making idle threats. "If you give us some info on the people you work for, will let you live, hell will even let you escape." He smirked as he patted the shell of sand.

The squad leader shifted his attention to the miniature army that stood directly across the plain. They stood there in aligned formation. Their masked leader just gave them the signal to attack. Even if they manage to kill these two brats, they'll just kill me afterwards for failing the mission and revealing my identity. He was definitely in a tight spot that much was true. He shifted his eyes back to the two jinchuriki. There was no way he could fully trust them to keep their word. One of them was a former village idiot, while the other one used to be psychopath. Things were looking bleak for the leaf ANBU agent.

"What's it going to be?" Gaara whispered. "If you don't talk, you will perish here with your comrades." Naruto might have been bluffing, but the one-tailed jinchuriki was serious. If that man didn't talk he would end his life without hesitation. He's a shinobi from the sand and there a lot more ruthless in battle than the hidden leaf. The only reason he didn't kill him earlier is because they needed some source of information. Growing impatient Gaara started to close his hand, causing the sand to compress.

The man winced as he felt the sand squeeze the life out of him. Grunting he responded, "Fine I'll tell you everything I know!" He hung his head in defeat. There was no other way; this was his only chance for survival. Damn brats!

Gaara watched as the assassins stampeded toward them with their weapons. Many of them had the usual sword while some of the others were planning to use their jutsu. "Good choice." He responded. The chakra fused sand that was confining him dropped.

As soon as he was released he fell to the ground. Apparently his body was still weak from Naruto's attack. Not to mention the fact that he was encased in a tight shell of sand for five minutes. "Naruto I don't think he can walk…"

"Say no more!" Naruto picked up the injured man and drug him away from the charging shinobi. He already had a feeling of what technique his friend was going to use and if he was correct, they needed to be several feet behind him.

Now the charging shinobi were within twenty yards of the two jinchuriki. Which was perfect, because now it was far too late for them escape. Instantaneously, Gaara flashed through several hand signs. The sand from his ground leaked out and tunneled into the earth. He grinded the rocks and minerals that were in the ground, than mixed it with his own sand. The red head slowly started to pant, as the huge wave of sand arose from the ground. "Sand Tsunami!" He shouted as the wave of sand kept rising. Eventually it was about 80 feet in the air, completely towering over the assassins.

Immediately they turned around so they could retreat into the forest, but it was too late. The masked ninjas got a good ten feet away from the wave before it came crashing down swallowing them and everything else in its path. The wave extended all the way back to the forest where the captain of the group was trying to escape. He tried his best to outrun the tidal wave, but the sand kept chasing him. I can't believe that desert rat still has enough chakra to pull off a jutsu like that. As he ran the man accidently slipped on a twig in the ground, which caused him to also be engulfed by the sand. "Oh shit!" he screamed before being swallowed up by the tidal wave.

The tidal wave extended about 60 yards into the forest before it finally came to a halt. The whole field was covered in sand including a small portion of the forest. Gaara had completely changed the landscape into a miniature desert. Naruto was actually surprised that he had this much chakra left. Well I guess I was right to leave it in his hands. The blonde smiled before walking over to his friend who was now on one knee and panting for air. When he got to him he placed his hand on his shoulder. "Take it easy Gaara, it's over now..."

"No not yet" he replied before putting his other knee on the sandy surface. Ready to deliver the final blow, he slammed his hands into the ground. "Giant Sand Burial!" He yelled, his deep voice echoed throughout the region. Powerful shockwaves were created which compressed the sand while crushing anything that was beneath it. Naruto started stumbling as the earth shook violently. Once the ground stopped shaking, the red head sighed in relief. "Now it's over…"

Naruto smirked at his exhausted friend before kneeling down to help him up. He lifted his arm and threw it over his own shoulder. In return the red head did the same for him, sensing that he was also struggling to stand. They stood up and turned around to walk in the opposite direction. The duo trotted over to the injured man who was currently lying on his back. Both of them were panting, but Naruto was breathing better than Gaara was. Stopping right in front of the injured root officer, they gazed down at him expectantly "Alright… You… Jackass...Cough up that information." The knucklehead demanded, while panting between breaths.

The large muscular man gazed at the sky peacefully, while thinking. Should I really tell them the secrets of our organization? How do I know that these brats will keep their word? He wondered as he brought his eyes downward to look at the two teenagers. Both of them had reached their limit. They were completely exhausted, which is understandable considering the skill level of the shinobi they fought before being ambushed by him and the other squad. The red head needs a breather and the blonde is also drained. This would be the perfect opportunity for him to kill them, but then again the last thing he wanted to do was underestimate them. His comrades had just done that and they suffered a horrible fate. The best thing to do in this situation was play it safe. "Okay." He sat up and stared at the two with a devilish smirk. "What do you two brats want to Know?"

Naruto responded with a smirk of his own. "We want to know who you are and who you bastards work for."

Nodding his head in understanding, the leaf shinobi began to talk. "First off my Anbu name is Katsumi and the name of our organization is Root…"

Naruto and Gaara's eyes immediately shot open at the sound of the name. "Hold on how is that even possible?" Naruto shouted loudly. "Sasuke killed Danzo not too long ago!"

The man laughed manically at how naïve the village hero was. "Ha-ha kid that doesn't mean shit. There's always someone who comes along to replace the dead." Which was true, these kind of things happened all the time. When the Third Hokage passed away, one of his students took his place. Tsunade Senju was obviously the one who assumed the position of Hokage. This situation was no different.

"True… So who replaced Danzo?" Gaara asked inquisitively. "I can only imagine the leaders of the foundation would appoint someone he trusted and shared the same political views." There's no way it could be someone outside of the organization who took his place.

"That's one thing that I don't know." He shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly. Then he scratched the back of his head to get the remaining sand out of his hair. His thick fingers roughly scratched through the surface of his scalp.

Instead of pressing the topic, Gaara decided to move onto his next question. "Explain something else to us." He started. "Why are the other four hidden villages involved with the foundation? And how long has this been going on?" It was a good question since Root was founded by Danzo. For years that organization has only operated in konoha, so it didn't make since to see them operating outside of the leaf.

"Simple… The new leader decided to reach out to some of the elders in the other four hidden villages several weeks ago. They then recruited young shinobi from their respective villages, which had mutual feelings on the topic of jinchuriki." Katsumi calmly stated while dusting off his flak jacket. "There are always old fools with backwards thinking in every ninja village." The man chuckled to himself.

"You should know this better than anyone Gaara." He stared at the red head with amusement. "I know the elders from the Sand have been trying to get rid of you for years." This was the only thing he could think of to make these two give up on living a normal life, by making them go back to their old ways. He was a sick twisted bastard indeed, but that's how most members of the foundation were.

The Kazekage didn't respond to his statement. He just stood there quietly and contemplated everything he had just heard. After all these years, there are still people in the sand who want me dead? I guess things will never change. Gaara was use to the villagers ostracizing him, so it was nothing new. But like the man said he thought he had proved himself to everyone in the village including the elders. He's the one who saved them from Deidara's explosive clay which had the power to eradicate the entire village in an instant. He used his air sand protective wall to shield the village from the akatsuki member's C3 explosion. The defensive ninjutsu he used required sand that rich with minerals and a lot of chakra. With that being said he had use a lot of energy to create the shield, which ultimately caused him to pass out from exhaustion. In the end the village was saved, but he was captured by the bomb expert. If team guy hadn't a shown up and rescued him he would have been dead for sure. Did the elders on the council even bother to send out a rescue team after me? Negative thoughts were starting to enter his mind, but he managed to push them aside. I'm over thinking this; I shouldn't even be listening to this.

Noticing the young teen was thinking the jerk decided to add fuel to the fire. "I can't imagine how you feel after all these years you finally won over the villagers. It must hurt to find out that there are people around you who still see you as a bad experiment." The evil grin on his face grew even wider. I Might not be able to kill these brats, but I can corrupt their minds a little bit. "It's wrong isn't it? After all you've done to make amends and this is what you get in return…"

Naruto eyebrow quirked up as he listened closely to everything the bastard said. What the hell is this asshole trying to pull? He glared at the man currently sitting Indian style on the soft sand. This 'Katsumi' already had a face that couldn't be trusted, that alone was enough to raise suspicion.

When the ANBU agent felt cold eyes on him he turned his attention to the blue eyed blonde who was glaring daggers at him. "What about you Naruto Uzumaki? You're supposed to be the hero of our village, but there are still a many citizens who despise you. That's why they sent a no good bastard like me to get rid of you." Katsumi loved the anger he saw in Naruto's eyes, even if it was aimed toward him. "They'll never be able to except you for who you are which is unfair; it's not your fault that the monster that took the lives of their loved ones dwells inside you." Amused the large man shook his head to add affect. "Somewhere deep inside your conscious, you have doubts about their trust in you. Am I right?"

Gazing at him with narrowed eyed Naruto responded. "I don't know what kind of mind games you're trying to play on us, but it's not going to work so you should quit now." There was no way in hell he was going to stand there listen to this crap. In a flash, he unhooked his arm that was around Gaara's neck and dashed toward Katsumi. He punched him square in the jaw causing the man to fall back on the grit. Katsumi groaned as his jaw began to throb. Breathing hard, the blonde looked down at the pitiful man. "You don't know crap about the life of a jinchuriki, so don't act like you do!"

Now that he was able to stand on his own the Kazekage started pacing toward the angry genin. "Stay calm Naruto, getting worked up right now will do you no good." Gaara warned him. He slowly turned his head back to the man on the ground. "Thank you for your cooperation." The red head bowed his head in appreciation. The ANBU agent didn't respond so he was most likely unconscious. Nonetheless the red head was grateful. Even though this man was scum, he still gave them some important information that will help them get to the bottom of things once the war is over. "We should probably keep moving."

"Your right." Naruto nodded his head as he gave the unconscious man one more glance before turning around to face his friend. Nonchalantly he put his hands on the back of his head and smiled. "So… Which way do we go?"

Gaara remained quiet for several seconds before he pointed straight ahead. Naruto looked up to see large trees, vines, and plenty of vegetation. The area was so quiet you could hear the crickets chirping. He hung his head low in disappointment. "Damn it… another forest."

"I'm afraid so…" Gaara calmly replied.

"But why? Shouldn't we be heading back to help the others?" Which was true, their main objective was to finish off the root officers, and then return to the battlefield.

"Your right but in our current state, we would be no help to our comrades." Gaara responded. In their condition they wouldn't even be able to protect themselves; let alone their teammates.

Even after his explanation, Naruto still seemed to be a little bit confused. "Uhh… Yeah I understand that part, but why the hell do we have to enter this creepy ass forest?"

Sighing in agitation, the Kazekage elaborated further so he would have a better understanding. "The reason is simple. We need to replenish our chakra." Gaara explained while gazing at the quiet region.

"Oh I get you, so we need to find some fruits and vegetables to eat." He replied casually.

Gaara silently nodded his head in agreement. Well he's a lot smarter than he was when we first met, that's good to know. He thought with a faint smile. As loud and obnoxious as Naruto is, he's still glad to be his friend.

"Well what are we waiting for? Let's go!" Naruto started pacing north towards the forest entrance. A huge grin was evident on his whiskered face.

Silently the Kazekage followed the hyperactive blonde into the mysterious forest. As they walked on the soft soil, the hyperactive ninja felt something. Naruto who was walking in front turned around to look at his friend. He didn't need to say anything to the red head he just stared at him with a serious expression. It was basically like telepathy. There's someone watching us. The blonde thought. Gaara gave Naruto a nod.

Let's keep moving, will handle it later. The Kazekage walked quickly to catch up with his friend. Once they were standing side by side they quietly entered the woods.

The dark figure watched them from across the sandy plain. "Interesting… there entering the forbidden forest." The man stood behind an oak tree and watched the duo embark into the dangerous place. "I really don't want to go in there, but I have no choice." The masked man grinded his sharp teeth in frustration, over the years there have been stories of people who enter that jungle and never return. "I'll kill both of them and drag their bodies back to headquarters!" He then scurried across the miniature desert in pursuit of the jinchuriki.

To be continued…

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