Disclaimer= I do not own Victorious.

First off… I'm back!

Secondly, this is a poem about Robbie's thoughts of Tori and Cat during The Breakfast Bunch. Hints were thrown about Rori/Cabbie, quality episode it was. Enjoy reading this poem

You're so conceited ToriYou're so conceited!

I repeat this twice

your pristine Elvis shades mock

the spontaneous singing, making Hollywood Arts shine on a dark Saturday

… I'll never forget the tacos shoved down my pants

The aforementioned was warmth quite nice


She had some green gum being chewed in her pretty mouth

She took it out her mouth and put it in my hand


LAWD I sure felt it!

Her simple goodbye wave was done so cutely

The shivers creeped up and pimpled my skin


You know I kept that green gum tucked in my cheek

You know I wanted to Indian burn Jade's arm for being loud

I like both of them.

What with Tori calling me out for the Cat cut-outs she saw

What with Cat licking her lips when we crawled close to each other during detention

I believe I know who my heart wants me to choose

We ate the same thing when we clearly did not want to.

I suppose I'm lucky, but I'm no Irish

I think she is a girl that's for keeps.