Chapter 1

"Gin, I know he's your brother but I don't know if I can be with him anymore." Hermione said before taking a sip of tea.

"I understand Mione, that's how I feel about Harry." replied Ginny before sitting across from Hermione at the kitchen table in the flat they shared.

It's been almost one year since the war ended and even though they were safe from Voldemort and his minions, they weren't happy. Harry, Ron and Hermione decided not to return to Hogwarts after the final battle. Ginny also decided that returning to Hogwarts wasn't in her future. Harry took the Ministry's Head of Auror offer and was currently training to replace the current Head Auror. Ron, on the other hand, decided to further his Quidditch career and was now professionally playing for the Chudley Cannons. Hermione and Ginny found work in Diagon Alley at Flourish and Blotts and Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes respectively.

They weren't unhappy because of where they worked. No, they were unhappy because of the men in their lives. Ron and Hermione began dating right after the war ended and at first everything was going good, but then they changed. Ron began pressuring Hermione for sex, and she just wasn't ready. It wasn't that she didn't love him, she loved him with all her heart, she just wasn't mentally ready. Ron just didn't understand that. How could the brightest witch of our age not be mentally ready for something? He would constantly ask her when she would reject him. He just didn't understand that sex was more than a physical action, it was an emotional one as well and she just didn't know if she was in love with him anymore or if she had ever been.

Ginny and Harry on the other hand, have been dating on and off ever since the end of Harry's 6th year and right now they were on going off. They constantly fought over everything from who ate the last dinner roll to who was looking at someone from the opposite sex to why they fought so much. They fought constantly. They were quickly learning that they weren't compatible with each other but they stayed together because the Wizarding World would have a field day if the Chosen One and his chosen one ever split.

"Yeah, how are you two? That last row you two had was the mother of all rows. What was it about this time?" Hermione inquired before taking a sip of tea.

"I don't even remember. I'm just tired of the constant fighting. It's beginning to wear me out. I'm not sure how much more I can take honestly." she began. "You know, I've been thinking about ending it for a while. I just can't take the fighting anymore."

"Wow, that's how I feel about Ron, he just doesn't get why I wont have sex with him. He always says 'How could the brightest witch of our age not be mentally ready for something?'" Hermione said imitating Ron's voice. "His pressure is just beginning to bother me. It was okay in the beginning, but now it's almost everyday that he asks me and I've run out of ways to gently turn him down. Honestly, I just don't know if I'm in love with him. I know I love him, but I don't think I'm in love with him. I don't even know if I ever was. I wish this was easier."

"If you don't know if you're in love with him, then I say wait. Don't give in to his pressure, you'll only come to regret it if you find that you're not in love with him." Ginny offered.

The girls finished the rest of their tea in silence, both lost in their own thoughts. When they finished, they decided to head to the Burrow for the mandatory Sunday dinner. On their way there they decided to Floo to Harry and Ron's flat to see if they were ready to go also. When they entered the flat was dark so they thought the boys had already left, but before they could leave they heard a noise coming from on of the rooms in the back. Knowing that it had to be one of the guys, they decided to head back to see what the noise was. The closer they got to the back, the more they realized what the noise was and where it were coming from. Reaching Ron's room, they heard the voices of Pansy Parkinson and Ronald Weasley and the unmistakable sounds of people having sex. Quietly opening the door, their suspicions were confirmed. There right in front of them was Pansy and Ron in the middle of having sex on Ron's bed.

"Well Gin," Hermione began, startling the couple in front of her, "it looks like I've made up my mind about that break-up I was thinking about. No actually, it looks like Ron made up my mind for me."

"Hermione, it's not what it looks like. It-" Ron began.

"Save it Ronald, it's over. Parkinson, have fun." she spat before turning and all but dragging Ginny back to the Floo, and calling out "The Burrow" before erupting in emerald flames. Ginny, knowing that Hermione seemed just a little too calm for this to be good, quickly followed after Hermione, nearly tumbling over her when she reached the fireplace at the Burrow.

"Hermione? Ginny? Is that you?" Molly called from the kitchen.

"Come on Mione, we shouldn't be here after that. Let's go home." Ginny whispered to Hermione, gently standing her up from the crumpled lump on he floor.

"No, I want to stay. I'm fine. I don't even know why I'm crying, I was going to dump him anyway. I'm fine, I swear." she said, wiping the tears from her eyes.

"It doesn't matter that you were going to end things with him, he had no right to cheat on you." Ginny said drawing best friend into a hug.

"Oh, it is you two. What's wrong with Hermione?" Molly asked.

"Oh, nothing Mrs. Weasley, I just tripped coming out of the Floo, that's all." Hermione smiled knowing that the woman she considered her second mother could see right through her lie.

"Well alright, be careful next time wont you." Mrs. Weasley said before turning to head back to the kitchen. "Harry, Fred, George, Teddy, Remus, Sirius, and Arthur are here. They're out back. Why don't you two head out there until dinner's done." she called over her shoulder.

"You okay?" Ginny inquired once again checking to see if her friend was alright.

"Yeah Gin, I'm fine. Lets go out back." Hermione replied, she wasn't going to let Ron put a damper on her life. His loss, if all he wanted was someone to screw then he could screw anybody he wanted as long as it wasn't Hermione Jean Granger.

"Aunt Myme!" was the first thing she heard when she exited out to the backyard of the Weasley home and her heart filled with joy.

"Teddy!" she smiled reaching down to pick up the little blue haired Metamorphmagus, watching as his hair changed into long brown unruly curls to rival Hermione's. Teddy was almost 1 year old and was the apple of Hermione's eye. When she wasn't working or spending time with her friends, she was spending time with him at Grimmauld Place, along with Remus Lupin and Sirius Black. She even began ditching her friends, all except for Ginny, to go see him. She would drag Ginny along most of the time, and they would end up spending the night at Grimmauld Place. They stayed over so much, they each had their own room there and had an open ended invitation to come over when ever they wanted.

"How's my favorite little guy doing?" Hermione asked him before placing a kiss on his cheek.

"Myme, miss you." Teddy pouted.

"Teddy, I just saw you yesterday." Hermione laughed. "But I did miss you too. Did you see Aunt Ginny?" she asked turning so he could see the redhead next to her.

"Aunt Ninny!" Teddy cried changing his hair to match Ginny's as Hermione placed him into her arms.

"Hi Teddy, did you miss me too? Because I missed you very much." Ginny asked placing a kiss on Teddy's forehead.

Hermione didn't hear his response because at that time her attention was focused on the sandy haired man standing about 10 feet in front of her. Remus Lupin had been Hermione's DADA teacher her third year at Hogwarts and if she was being truthful, she had a minor crush on the older man and she might still have one on him now, a piece of information that only she and Ginny shared. He was also another reason why she spent a lot of time at Grimmauld place.

"Remus," Hermione smiled taking in the image in front of her. This man was perfection, standing at about 5'11" with sandy brown hair, blue eyes that changed to amber, toned abs, muscular, broad but not too broad shoulders, and a very nice arse.

"Hermione," Remus replied looking at Hermione like he was about to devour her any second now. "I see Teddy's found you. I think he knew you were here even before Molly did. How are you?" he asked sweeping Hermione into an almost bone crushing hug.

"Better now," she mumbled before she could stop herself. "I mean, okay I guess considering what just happen-"


She stiffened, 'Ron' she thought 'ugh what could he possibly want.'

"Excuse me Remus, I need to go." she apologized while stepping out of his warm embrace and beginning to make her way to Ron.

"Hermione, you'll be okay?" Ginny asked, more worried about Ron than Hermione.

Hermione laughed, "Of course I'll be okay. The question is, will he?" Turning and making her way back into the Burrow she heard Remus ask Ginny why Ron was yelling and Ginny's reply was "Oh, I'm sure you'll hear. I'm sure we'll all hear."

Reaching the entryway, Ron pulled her in. "We need to talk Mione. It's not what you thought."

"Really Ronald, because it looked like you were FUCKING some whore in your bed. But if that's not what it was then by all means, tell me what it was." She said calmly. For those who didn't know Hermione, they would think she was actually calm, but those who knew her knew better. They knew that she was about half a second from hexing Ron into next week.

"Okay, that's what it was but if you had-" Ron began.

"NO, don't you DARE blame this on me Ronald. I chose not to sleep with you because I wasn't ready and because I wasn't sure if I was in love with you. That was NOT code for 'Go sleep with the first whore you see' Ronald. That was code for 'Wait and see what happens' Ronald. Honestly, I'm glad I never slept with you, you've saved me a lot of heartache and I thank you. Oh, and yes, I was going to dump you but you just made it that much easier. Goodbye Ronald." She said before turning to walk away.

Ron, never knowing when enough was enough, reached for her arm. "I'm not- ARGHHHH!"

"Ronald, you should know by now not to touch me when I'm angry. Your little itching problem should go away in about a week. And I wouldn't try to sleep with anyone until it goes away, it might spread. Now, goodbye Ronald." Hermione said with a smirk that would rival Draco Malfoy's any day.

Hermione returned to the backyard and sought Ginny out. She was standing over by Harry, still holding Teddy who was now sporting short black hair and a lightning bolt scar on his forehead.

"Hey Gin, I think I'm going to head home. I'm not feeling all that great anymore." Hermione said before giving the redhead a hug.

"Night Teddy-Pumpkin, I'll see you soon." she said placing a kiss on the toddlers forehead. "Bye Harry, I'll see you tomorrow." She then made her rounds to the rest of the family. When she reached the twins, they insured her that they would make Ron pay. Chuckling, she reached Remus. He didn't look happy at all, she noticed that his eyes were amber instead of blue and that his fists were clenched. She reached out and gave him a hug and placed a gentle kiss on his cheek. "'Night Remus, I'll try to be over tomorrow but I don't know if I'll be able to. Remus, are you alright?" she asked noticing that his fists were still clenched and his breathing was ragged. "Remus?" she asked once again.

"Moony!" Sirius called, snapping Remus out of his thoughts. "Calm down."

"Sorry Hermione, I don't know where my head was. If you're not able to come tomorrow we'll understand, just owl us and let us know that you're okay. You are okay right?" he asked cupping her cheek with his hand and looking into her eyes. They were blue again.

"Yeah, I'll be fine. I'll owl you all tomorrow. Give Teddy-Pumpkin another kiss goodnight for me." she replied before turning and walking towards the apparition point just outside the wards of the Burrow. When she reached it, she turned once more, and with a wave, she was gone.