A War Across Time

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, I do however own the characters that I create.

Summary: The leaf and the other hidden villages have fallen even with the new bond with the Kyuubi (Kurama), Naruto was still unable to defeat Tobi or fake Mandara. So Kurama decides to use his power to send Naruto back to the Valley of the end fight to just before the Chidori/Rasengan clash in hopes of preventing Sasuke from walking down his dark path and defeat Tobi. This is an Eventual NaruSaku story. This is also my first story, constructive criticism would be very helpful.

Human speech

Thoughts/ flashback

Kurama speech/ Jutsu

Kurama Thoughts/ inside Naruto


The ninja world as it was known was destroyed along with most of the strongest shinobi since the formation of the hidden ninja villages. Only one jinchuriki survived this hellish war and this was the number one surprising ninja and hero of the leaf, Naruto Namikaze. However, Naruto knew all hope was lost because everyone he knew and cared about was now dead. "Sakura-chan, Baa-chan, Ero-Sennin, Kakashi-Sensei, Sasuke-teme…" The orange clad ninja thought to himself as he wished that they were still alive to help him and give him strength. "How can I win when everyone I cared about is dead? Tobi has won but I have to stay alive because I cannot allow him to have Kurama to complete the Juubi…" He said aloud this time to no one in particular.

Naruto was currently hiding in a cave just outside what used to be the leaf village he had been on the run for four months now and in that time all of his friends had been killed one by one. The last one to die was Sakura and she had died right in front of him, and when that had happened he felt his heart break in two. Naruto closed his eyes and drifted toward his mind-scape where the Kyuubi which he now called Kurama ever since he told him his real name. "Kurama, I don't know how much longer I can take this running he came very close to capturing us this last time." He said to the Fox sitting in front of him. "Kit, I have been thinking about this predicament that we are currently in and I have come to the decision to send you back in time to a point where you can train and become even stronger than you are currently." Kurama send as he looked down toward his depressed container. Naruto then perked up at this comment and said "Then what are we waiting for? Any time is better than sitting here waiting to die!" Kurama nodded at Naruto's comment and said "Well Kit I will see you on the other end of the time line." Kurama then began doing hand signs and ended with the ram seal "Jikan Ryoko No Jutsu!"

As Kurama said those last words Naruto's world went black and when he awoke he saw something that he never thought he would see again. He saw Sasuke standing in front of him with his curse seal 2 form charging up his Dark Chidori. Suddenly a voice came from within his mind "Hey Kit you still have all of your old jutsu and some of your power from before, unfortunately you will have to train to get them back after this fight because your body will not be able to handle the strain for too long." That's when Naruto got a smirk on his face and he thought "This time teme is not going to win." Instead of forming a normal rasengan he began to gather natural chakra and entered sage mode canceling out Kurama's chakra which made Sasuke raise an eye brow. "What are you doing dobe?" He asked as he saw Naruto open his eyes to see that his irises had gone from being slited to toad looking eyes with yellow outlines. Naruto just smirked and began forming his most powerful attack and when it was done he shouted "Fuuton: Rasen Shuriken!" From there history began to repeat itself as Naruto and Sasuke jumped into the air and they clashed for the second time. "Chidori/Rasen Shuriken!" They shouted at the same time however once the black orb that had formed around them faded away they both fell to the ground unconscious. Then just as the last time Kakasshi showed up this time however both Naruto and Sasuke were present instead of just the former.